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    I needed a trailer so I could take my D-250 to the shows, so I found a $300 6foot by 10 foot trailer but it needed work. I got home and rebuild it, have before and after pictures hope they load right. Still needs a tail gate and a new set of ramps
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    Heres my new roll bar on my D 200.
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    Just received the latest issue of LAGT and there is a 875 on the front page! Great story about the 875 and Indy 500 Cars & Track.
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    Hi everyone, Just here to finally close this post, now that the lighting is installed and she's back to being a true black hood. Some eye candy for y'all. I'll pack it off to old Homer tomorrow so he can admire it and will get some data on the old Horse he tills with. 92 and still uses it so I can't have it. Happy Weekend!
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    New member from Darlington md. We just picked up a 1988 520h with 48 side discharge deck. This is a project for my son and I. Learned a lot in the last week. Lol. We got her running and properly mounted a new battery and new bearings in the Mule drive along with new pto belt. Heat got the best of us today and we are taking it easy the rest of the day. Deck is a little noisy so we will work on that next weekend.
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    '67 Lawn Ranger, RJ58, 655, 857, and two 312-8's
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    A ride thru the woods wind in your face.......a ride on a .front porch glider and the cat in your face,,,,,, a ride up the street on one of the Red machines...or ..taking a ride around the block.....and the wife scratches her head... how you get there changes.........but 1 OF 2 things remains the same.. For alot of us,,,its considered therapy......and the other.?? Squonk is getting older.....dailey.......... Howard 857 Horse in VA
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    A little bit of progress today: axles drawn out and beginning to cut and shape them and the input shaft on the front axle after a bit of machining. . ..
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    Terry and Steve drinking coffee during the parade
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    But I can only install the rears until I find new front wheels! Also moving to Tennessee Thursday-Sunday. I have to make a trip down-back up- and then down again... Not looking forward to the driving...
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    Jim asked me if I thought there was a better way to spend a Saturday .After answering his own question aloud with a couple ideas , I just smiled & thought to myself ..... Nope .
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    Only picture on my phone right now of the 520. I'll get some more tomorrow. Second one is of him finishing up the stator 2 weeks ago on the 25 Briggs & Stratton in the craftsman. Trying to pass down my knowledge to him well I still remember some of the things I've learned. Lol Any day wrenching with him is a good day.
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    God put some awesome people in this world.
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    A country preacher decided to skip services one Sunday and head to the hills to do some bear hunting. As he rounded the corner on a perilous twist in the trail, he and a bear collided, sending him and his rifle tumbling down the mountainside. Before he knew it, his rifle went one way and he went the other, landing on a rock and breaking both legs. That was the good news. The bad news was the ferocious bear was charging at him from a distance, and he couldn't move. "Oh, Lord," the preacher prayed, "I'm so sorry for skipping services today to come out here and hunt. Please forgive me and grant me just one wish: Please make a Christian out of that bear that's coming at me. Please, Lord!" That very instant the bear skidded to a halt, fell to its knees, clasped its paws together and began to pray aloud right at the preacher's feet: "Dear God, bless this food I am about to receive . .
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    Alright, more pictures. Adding those blessed hood decals was a major stress event. Would I get it even? If not and had to remove it partially, would it take paint with it? Hate it. Lined up with painter's tape on the bottom and, job done. One more decal for the front of the hood after the top is painted. Thanks again to everyone!
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    So, time off from work and I can get the hood mounted! Second and final coat on this morning. I actually like the hood as is but will let it cure for a while before adding the black. Decals later in the week. Headlights and latches on order and that should do it. The deck will stay as is unless I want a project over Christmas vacation. She can use a little welding but is fully functional - new pulleys and belt. The wife has committed to springing for an OEM muffler as a Christmas present. Well, there it is! Could not have done it without this list! Thank you!
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    Time off from work this week so I can dote on the C. I splurged for $10 of Lowes non-skid track. Really nice. Attached the still crappy but repaired for use 42" deck and mowed the lawn. That rear discharge made a mess of my baby! Was able to finish it but no restart. Pesky interlock switch. Had to start it like an old Ford! Well, the switch is not one of today's MTD throw-away parts so it was disassembled and cleaned. I blew it out without thinking and lost a spring in the garage so that's gone for good. Lowes had a replacement - just needed a trim. That's done. I've been hammering on the hood with an 8 lb maul - yeah, it was that twisted. It's as good as it's going to get - plastic lights bracket will actually fit rather well now - so stripping that in the GA heat today for painting. Here she is fully operational! 520 pan and 10.5 Deerstones. The fronts are eBay specials that, after removal of a ton of anti-freeze, were good enough to be reused. Pepper shaker muffler aims down - anything else requires ear protection. So much for the quiet version of the K. I might just drop 200 large on the OEM.... As always, super thanks to this list. I could not have worked the trans (Hi/Lo), engine (smoked), wiring (rotten and red-necked), old parts locating, decals, knobs, etc. without your help! More pics when I get that hood finished and mounted.
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    Looking good Steve! And @squonk he really likes it!!!!
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    Help comes in a lot of different forms. It comes in forms where somebody needs physical help, help with money etc. Yesterday during my adventure to Portland I just happened to have a flat tire on my trailer. Well first off it was as I got off at my exit to take about forty miles south on the highway. I approached a Firestone tire store and they told me No right along with the Walmart up the street No was there answer. If it was my truck then sure we will fix you right up. I even tried triple AAA to no avail. This will be there last year for that. At that point I called one of the people I was going to meet, Brandon Schamer came to my rescue. Brandon was looking for some xi attachments which I had a couple extra. Brandon stopped an bought a small floor jack for his car, also to jack up my trailer. Brandon got to me and the journey began. Got the wheel off and made the trip thru downtown Ft. Wayne to another Firestone dealership who actually carried the tire I needed. Got the tire put on and we returned to the Walmart parking lot to reinstall the tire on the trailer. We then unloaded the xi attachments. I have never been so grateful for the Help that I received yesterday Brandon just like I told you Thank you very much!! At that point I sill had a tractor to deliver. I called Derek W. up as he was packing up at Portland well that worked out good too, he told me too set tight and he would see me also at the Walmart parking lot. He came up and picked up the tractor. I am here to tell you when you need help the Wheel Horse people get together there's not a lot of things that can stop them. Brandon and Derek I hope you have a great day Thanks for being there. In case anybody wants to know I am now recovering from my second stroke, Wheel Horse people rule!! Thank you everyone, including Travis the salesman
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    You guys will give me a hard time for this but the other brand of tractors that I'm partial to is IH vintage Cub Cadets (my dad was a service tech for IH back in the day!) My son wanted a dedicated plow tractor and he wanted something with twin vertical stacks. Cub didn't install a twin motor until 1979 with the intro of the KT-17 and the Onan on the red '82 series. Both are "closed engine compartment" tractors with really wide hoods. I don't know how they would look with twin stacks. WH has the transverse mounted twin which doesn't bode well for dual stacks on opposite sides of the hood. Anyway, someone built this beast out of a 1970 vintage CC 107. It has a late model 16hp Briggs Vanguard in it. It has the beefy Sundstrand hydro and AG tires already on it. I got it for less than the price of a used Vanguard. Here is Caleb with the previous owner Bryan. With no mufflers to speak of, it sounds like a small displacement Harley when running. The paint is nice although it has a few scratches and nicks from some years since it was restored which is fine for a plow tractor. I need to develop a rear lift system on it and tweak a few other items and it should be a good tractor for him. I will get a set of Tri ribs for the front and replace the plastic weights with steel ones... I'd like to find a chrome mesh that I can put around the front pipes and secure like the vintage IH 1468 big tractors.
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    Dad and I have been chatting about upgrading our horse hauler. Today we picked up a used 8.5 x 24 trailer to fulfill our needs. This one has an awning and a winch installed in the inside. It needs a good scrubbing, but will be a beauty and fit our needs great. The old 7 x 17 will be for sale soon!
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    Very nice family of 's They just keep on reproducing don't they, kinda like rabbits......
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    Hey everyone I got the recoil starter and the cup installed today. They work perfect. Kohler cup part number. 46 109 01-S Dimensions 1.25 inches deep inside the cup 2.75 inches width outside 2.25 inches width inside This was used in conjunction with a Tecumseh recoil starter # 590420A 59076 16575 Let me know if you need any other info on this.
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    Thank you! Working on finishing hood and original front rims for Ranger today so project will be complete.
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    Steve's waiting for the parade to start
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    8-27-1955 “The Guinness Book of Records” debuts On this day in 1955, the first edition of “The Guinness Book of Records” is published in Great Britain; it quickly proves to be a hit. Now known as the “Guinness World Records” book, the annual publication features a wide range of feats related to humans and animals. To date, the book has sold more than 130 million copies, been translated into more than two dozen languages and is the top-selling copyrighted title in history. The inspiration for the record book can be traced to November 1951, when Sir Hugh Beaver, managing director of the Guinness Brewery (founded in Dublin in 1759), was on a hunting trip in Ireland. After failing to shoot a golden plover, Beaver and the members of his hunting party debated whether the creature was Europe’s fastest game bird but were unable to locate a book with the answer. Thinking that patrons of Britain’s pubs would enjoy a record book which could be used to settle friendly disagreements, Beaver decided to have one produced. He hired twin brothers Norris and Ross McWhirter, the founders of a London-based agency that provided facts and statistics to newspapers and advertisers. The book was intended to be given away for free in pubs to promote the Guinness brand; however, it turned out to be so popular the company started selling it that fall and it became a best-seller. An American edition debuted in 1956 and was soon followed by editions in a number of other countries. The McWhirters traveled the globe to research and verify records. Ross McWhirter was involved in compiling the book until his death in 1975 at the hands of Irish Republican Army gunmen; his brother Norris continued to serve as the book’s editor until 1986. Today, the thousands of official Guinness records include the oldest person ever (Jeanne Louise Calment of France, who died in 1997 at 122 years and 164 days old); the tallest dog ever (a now-deceased Great Dane from Michigan named Zeus, who in 2011 measured 44 inches from foot to withers); and the largest underwater human pyramid (62 people in 2013 in Thailand). Ashrita Furman of New York holds more records than anyone else on the planet. His numerous accomplishments include the longest continuous distance somersaulted (12 miles 390 yards), most apples cut in midair with a samurai sword in 1 minute (29) and fastest mile with a milk bottle balanced on his head (7 minutes 47 seconds)
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    Happy Birthday, we are all glad you were born.
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    True, but long-time happy hubbies know never to speak of such things in polite company...
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    Every wife out there will say "YES" to that question!!!
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    My WH520HC is still cutting and running like a champ(knock on wood). I put about 1.25hrs on it weekly, use my leaf blower to cool it down after every mow, and change my engine oil each season tranny every 2nd season. It is no show tractor as my rattle can restoration has a quite a few flaws but it was always meant to be a worker not a showpiece. Hopefully I will get many more years of use if I maintain it well. This summer I got a snow thrower for it and spruced it up. Can't wait to try it out with first snow. My neighbor, who is a heavy machine mechanic, finally fessed up and admitted the old WH is a pretty sweet machine compared to his box store JD. All metal parts and heavy duty mechanicals are a rarity these days.
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    Thanks John! I know you would have done the same in a heartbeat if you could! It was a pleasure getting to hang out with you for a bit longer than we would have otherwise. I'm glad we missed all those tornadoes on the way home! (P.S. I thought you would like to know, my overall MPG for that entire trip was 29 mpg!) ~Brandon
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    Thanks for the welcoming!
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    Here is how i mounted my winch. If I installed a plug and socket It would be easy to remove. I have a receiver hitch on my on my C-120 so I haven't needed to remove it. I used it as a rear lift on attachments.
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    This is my K91T ,and it looks like it had a recoil on it at some point . My ? Is is there a recoil that fits this cup , or should I just use a techy cup and coil ?
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    The package said Tequila Sunrise Peppers but they sure don't look like what's on the package ? They look good though ....
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    Very nice donuts! Good luck with your move!
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    I have an interesting situation. I have three tractors I got back in March. Each one was/is in various phases of restoration/refurbishment at the time of purchase; and with different parts missing. Recently while researching the ID tags one of the tractor's ID tag rendered confusing results. The decals on the hood of the tractor say it's an "8 - 4 speed", but the ID tag on the side says the Model number is: RM327. Researching the model number results in a 32" rear discharge deck. Am I missing something here? Are there any techniques, or methods to determine the model name/number of a Horse with a missing ID tag? Thank you. Chaplain Manny
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    Love it! I'm leaning in that direction. Thanks for sharing
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    I believe the donor tractor was an early-mid nineties, four-wheel-steer Ranch King. It looked low hours and came apart easily.
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    I have a trailer with 23" tall tires and an overall width of 4'. The box is about 3' x 7' with two stakes at each end. I cut everything about 4" long and pile it crosswise on the trailer. It burns faster than I can cut and haul it. I find material 4' long can be handled easier and it gets cut up before it gets dragged through the dirt. I often haul and cross pile in 4' x 4' piles 6' tall as time allows and then make a full day of hauling and burning. Garry
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    So let me see if I got this right? i have a K91 with a rope pull start on it. I want to put a Techy recoil pull start on it. So I buy a Techy recoil start and a Techy "short" recoil start cup? do you happen to have a part number for that? Thanks
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    Whenever I start a project, and after I have done an initial evaluation, I clean the beast. So, Phase I of C-175 resurrection has now been accomplished. Spent an hour or so scrubbing the tractor down and hosing it off. My philosophy has always been to get whatever machine I am working on, in as clean and presentable condition as possible. It is not near as nasty to work on, and it gives a sense of accomplishment out of the gate. Here is how the tractor looks now, sans mud, leaves, and a whole lot of greasy goo. Note in the photo of the dash, I have already begun the restoration: tractor now sports one of Glenn Pettit's key fobs. Was having so much fun, the 312 decided to join!
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    Here is my 200 series blower being used on my 212-6. Small but gets the job done!
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    So now I am painting and tweaking. Pulled exhaust and carb to adjust valves and they needed it. Checking all linkage and wiring as I have all the panels off. Now that I am fixing the WH up I am not so sure about selling it. So I asked the wife what she thought. Her response was powerful........ She said when she sees the JD it looks like the typical suburban white guy mower(wife of 30 years is Latina), but when she sees the WH that is the man she married. That is her Papi who keeps the old stuff going and working while others junk it and buy new. Now she did give her final call saying it made more sense to keep the JD. I am no longer so sure, as sometimes an objects value is undefinable.
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    So I got the new mower home and thought to myself "self, lets toy around with the horse and see if we can figure it out". So I re-downloaded the demystification guide and started going thru the tests. As I pulled my box of receipts/notes/old parts I noticed a new in box ignition module. I had forgotten that I had ohm metered the old and new ignition modules and found no variance and left the new in box and reinstalled the original. So I started the horse and let it run till it died. I then followed the testing guidelines and found the ignition module was not fluctuating voltage from 12.5 to 1.5 as I turned the crank by hand. Good lord, had I just figured out the problem after dropping decent coin on a new( to me)mower?! So I buttoned everything back up and started her up.......... Erich you called it. I tested the ignition module when motor was cold. Took a few minutes of running to fail. Yup, she ran and kept on running! No quit after warming up.
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