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    Many thanks to Karl and his family for taking a minute to pose for a picture! THANK YOU for all you do!
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    Do you mean to tell me that a won't run without gas!
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    Thursday has always been "set up" day, but it has recently become more of a show day. Here's my pictures from Thursday. Friday and Saturday to come.
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    I picked up these 1956 and 1957 RJ-35s from R&B Wheel Horse Stables, and I also picked up a 401! The RJs weren't running at first, but thanks to Jason ( @whtractors24 ) he got both of them running great for me by doing some carb and point adjustments. They start on the first or second pull. Thanks a lot Jason I appreciate it! I also picked up an original RJ35 brake kit from Vin ( @VinsRJ ) for my 1956 RJ-35. Thanks Vin! It was very nice meeting all fellow Redsquare members this year. To all Redsquare members, the show had an amazing outcome. Whoever hasn't been to the show yet, I highly suggest you to make it next year, you'll have an amazing time!
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    This 953 jumped on my trailer and said take me home! @GlenPettit was providing goodies for all. @ACman mastered the teeter totterer! @stevasaurus Took the plow frame motor cycle for a spin.
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    Good morning! Beautiful day here at the big show!
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    Thank you for your patience!
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    For those members that could not make the show this year.....enjoy.
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    The Mrs Rules! Kudos to you for the herculean effort you put forth... posting up, in real time...both your Twitter account picts... & the picts you posted here too.
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    Thanks Maynard for your help in locating a charger!
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    Thanks, for sharing these moments at the show for those of us who can't be there. Great pictures. Thanks!
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    As requested here are some more photos of the 1054. Finally had some time after work to give her a clean up for pictures. Missing a few things to be replaced ,but not to bad. Apologize for the shadows in the pictures but I got home late. The last photo is just for grins.... The one on the right is a "lawn mower" This one on the left is a "Lawn Tractor"
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    Oh stop! It was an honor and a pleasure and so much fun to get to meet SO many great people who let me take their pictures to share the joy that and the Big Show brings to us all-both in person and virtually!
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    Thank you, thank you mrs. rules. Great pictures, couldn't be better. Glenn
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    This 953 jumped on my trailer and said take me home! @GlenPettit was providing goodies for all. @ACman mastered the totterer! @stevasaurus Took the plow frame motor cycle for a spin.
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    Thanks for the great pics. Great job !!
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    Thank you, great pic's One of these years I hope to be there!
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    Although I missed out this year on what sounds like a great BIG SHOW, I was sent a picture today and noticed the evolution of the dinosaur We have all seen him on 4 Some have seen him on 3 Many saw him on 2 I wonder will we ever see him on 1? Just had to laugh, thought I'd share it with everyone cause your a great guy Steve!
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    Excellent pictures. Keep 'em coming!
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    A preview of the group pic ...
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    6-25-1956 Last Packard produced The last Packard–the classic American luxury car with the famously enigmatic slogan “Ask the Man Who Owns One”–rolls off the production line at Packard’s plant in Detroit, Michigan on this day in 1956. Mechanical engineer James Ward Packard and his brother, William Dowd Packard, built their first automobile, a buggy-type vehicle with a single cylinder engine, in Warren, Ohio in 1899. The Packard Motor Car Company earned fame early on for a four-cylinder aluminum speedster called the “Gray Wolf,” released in 1904. It became one of the first American racing cars to be available for sale to the general public. With the 1916 release of the Twin Six, with its revolutionary V-12 engine, Packard established itself as the country’s leading luxury-car manufacturer. World War I saw Packard convert to war production earlier than most companies, and the Twin Six was adapted into the Liberty Aircraft engine, by far the most important single output of America’s wartime industry. Packard’s had large, square bodies that suggested an elegant solidity, and the company was renowned for its hand-finished attention to detail. In the 1930s, however, the superior resources of General Motors and the success of its V-16 engine pushed Cadillac past Packard as the premier luxury car in America. Packard diversified by producing a smaller, more affordable model, the One Twenty, which increased the company’s sales. The coming of World War II halted consumer car production in the United States. In the postwar years, Packard struggled as Cadillac maintained a firm hold on the luxury car market and the media saddled the lumbering Packard with names like “bathtub” or “pregnant elephant.” With sales dwindling by the 1950s, Packard merged with the much larger Studebaker Corporation in the hope of cutting its production costs. The new Packard-Studebaker became the fourth largest manufacturer of cars in the nation. Studebaker was struggling as well, however, and eventually dropped all its own big cars as well as the Packard. In 1956, Packard-Studebaker’s then-president, James Nance, made the decision to suspend Packard’s manufacturing operations in Detroit. Though the company would continue to manufacture cars in South Bend, Indiana, until 1958, the final model produced on June 25, 1956, is considered the last true Packard.
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    Hey even got my ugly mug in one!!.....Thanks Mrs.Rules!
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    Yessss ^ Thanks for taking us along !
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    Wasn't that the sledge hammer tractor... just .50 cents a wack. Just sayin' As always, you've got a great eye Bob... thanks for sharing the awesome picts.
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    I was looking at CL while my Boring Mill was running ( don't tell the boss) at Wheel Horse listings. Some of those guys listing think they are GOLD plated.... geeeez
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    Great pictures...looks like a great time was had by everyone...maybe we can make it up next year...thanks for sharing
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    Great pics Mrs. Rules. It's almost as good as being there, almost. Maybe next year I'll be able to meet you and Mr. Rules in person. In the mean time I am really enjoying your work!
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    Thank you Mrs. Rules! Greatly appreciated by those of us who wish we were there!!!
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    The hour meter did not work so it has been thrown out. I think it read around 700 I now have it basically ready to go except for painting the hood and fender and installing new decals. I will eventually convert to to Matt's foot pedal control but for now I will leave it like this so my daughter can drive it (she can't reach the pedals yet). She has been helping to clean it up. I have installed SW gauges I had. For the light panel, it will be like a 516 or 520HC with just the oil pressure light because that it the decal I have and I kind of like the look. Decal is not installed yet. I already got rid of the steering column motion control and put it in the tunnel. That works best for Bailey and also will make it easy to install the foot pedal kit.
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    Super pics , wished I was there . There are some interesting machines here this year .
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