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    looks as though I may have stumbled upon on a rare horse. these tractors were used as promotions by dealers after the races.. so far I have only seen one other official 500 race tractor , which is a C-145.https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10156989740035142.1073741897.564915141&type=1&l=98b1f41333
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    I will be selling gaskets for the round hoods with the Tecumseh gas tanks that have the neck fo filling going through the Wheel Horse tractor round hood. Original Part number is #2767 -these are I am selling a replacement gasket for a Wheel Horse Tractor that currently has or did have a rubber grommet/gasket part #2767. This grommet/gasket surrounded a 2 1/2 inch hole in the Wheel Horse tractor hood surrounding the gas tank cap and neck. This part is not original Wheel Horse/Toro - - but it works great as a replacement to finish off the hood and gas tank cap area. Part # 2767 was listed as a 2 1/2 I.D. grommet that snuggly fits on both sides of the metal hood cutout around the gas tank cap. This will fit on Wheel Horse Lawn Rangers 1964 (34E &34R), 1965 (L-155 and L-105), 1966 (L-156 & L-106), 1967 (L-157 and L-107) and 1968 (1-2631 & 1-1631). It will also fit on Wheel Horse Models 603, 604, 654 and 704 hoods. This part is great to have to finish off that Wheel Horse Restoration you have worked on! I will have a distinctive marketing tool in place so you won't piss out on a chance to get one of these. $5.00 each at the Big Show! Don't forget SAVE THE TRACTORS!
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    6-22-1944 FDR signs G.I. Bill On this day in 1944, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the G.I. Bill, an unprecedented act of legislation designed to compensate returning members of the armed services–known as G.I.s–for their efforts in World War II. As the last of its sweeping New Deal reforms, Roosevelt’s administration created the G.I. Bill–officially the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944–hoping to avoid a relapse into the Great Depression after the war ended. FDR particularly wanted to prevent a repeat of the Bonus March of 1932, when 20,000 unemployed veterans and their families flocked in protest to Washington. The American Legion, a veteran’s organization, successfully fought for many of the provisions included in the bill, which gave returning servicemen access to unemployment compensation, low-interest home and business loans, and–most importantly–funding for education. By giving veterans money for tuition, living expenses, books, supplies and equipment, the G.I. Bill effectively transformed higher education in America. Before the war, college had been an option for only 10-15 percent of young Americans, and university campuses had become known as a haven for the most privileged classes. By 1947, in contrast, vets made up half of the nation’s college enrollment; three years later, nearly 500,000 Americans graduated from college, compared with 160,000 in 1939. As educational institutions opened their doors to this diverse new group of students, overcrowded classrooms and residences prompted widespread improvement and expansion of university facilities and teaching staffs. An array of new vocational courses were developed across the country, including advanced training in education, agriculture, commerce, mining and fishing–skills that had previously been taught only informally. The G.I. Bill became one of the major forces that drove an economic expansion in America that lasted 30 years after World War II. Only 20 percent of the money set aside for unemployment compensation under the bill was given out, as most veterans found jobs or pursued higher education. Low interest home loans enabled millions of American families to move out of urban centers and buy or build homes outside the city, changing the face of the suburbs. Over 50 years, the impact of the G.I. Bill was enormous, with 20 million veterans and dependents using the education benefits and 14 million home loans guaranteed, for a total federal investment of $67 billion. Among the millions of Americans who have taken advantage of the bill are former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Gerald Ford, former Vice President Al Gore and other notables including Johnny Cash, Ed McMahon, Paul Newman 953 nut and Clint Eastwood. Also, on this date a few years later Mrs. 953 Nut was born. Happy Birthday Maggie.
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    You will see several red canopies together in the approximate location below. Usually rmaynard, buckrancher, AMCRules, me and squonk next to each other. Depends on when people arrive, sometimes others shack up with us, but that is the location! I like the preplanned time . . . I missed last year when it changed
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    Dear Lord, I Pray for traveling mercies for all attendees of the Wheel Horse Collector Club show; to and from the show and while enjoying the fellowship and .
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    Fascinating! I've never seen one of those before. The picture in the newspaper clipping does give it some legitimacy. That tractor may be the first one of those Indy 500 specials discovered "in the wild". Snap it up if you can.
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    I think any 12" wheel that has the four holes for wheel weights. Someone will correct me if I`m wrong..
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    There are a BUNCH of other Red Square members scattered around the grounds, so that area is not exclusive, it just happens to be where we do the picture. stevebo, jimt1971, and countless others are all over so you will have a blast. I hesitate to name people because there are SO many there. That's what I love about this show . . . it's laid back and and you can throw down your chair and chat with virtually everyone anywhere on the grounds.
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    Put your socks in your pants pockets. She will never know they are in there.
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    If the mods. determine this is not the proper place to ask for help with this problem, I will understand if it is deleted. Anyway it is related to the WHA problem that we all suffer from, and from past conversations, I know nearly all Red Square members are qualified to offer solutions to this problem. The problem is ... Every summer when I start to wear shorts, Mrs K complains about the dirt, sawdust, and grease on my socks. She has now refused to put them in her washing machine. I have ruled out some potential solutions: 1. stop wearing socks....could be fatal and expensive with no ankle protection...I take blood thinners 2. buy throw away socks .... could get expensive 3. place an ad for a new wash person....lets see 50% of my IRA, 401K and pensions....now that is expensive, and I would miss the blackberry pies. Thanks in advance for any intelligent feasible solutions. edit PS If you do happen to talk to Mrs K, please do not let her know we are working on this problem. She likes surprises.
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    Six hours on the road almost there and the only horse I've seen is the one behind me.
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    Seen this one at a rest stop in Pennsylvania. Wonder how he's going to power that custom.
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    YIPPEE!!! I made it!! Got through DC last night, even at 0330 it was a zoo!! At the motel in Gettysburg a few hours ago, took a nap, now bored waiting til the morning!!!
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    Would gladly stop and let you ride along if we was able to make it, maybe next year lol
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    I'll bring some paper and pens and we can have a sign-in sheet to make this easier., we can break it down into sections like left, left center, right center and right. Each section, the member can sign in (after the picture) to make the identification easier.
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    Somehow, the group picture publishing has become something that I have assumed responsibility for. I don't schedule the time it's taken, but I do the leg work afterwords. After the picture is taken and published on RedSquare, if we don't know who you are, there's no sense in having been in the picture. So PLEASE identify yourself. It's quite a task to figure out who everyone is. I try to number everyone and then list your given name and RedSquare name. Please help me this year by checking in to RedSquare soon after the show, look for the 2016 RedSquare Group Picture thread, ID yourself, and anyone that you can positively identify.
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    Be very careful everyone, Have lots of fun and don't forget
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    To everyone who is going to be traveling to and from the Big Show...safe travels and have a wonderful time. Be sure and post up lots of for the rest of us. Maybe we'll be able to make it up there someday, just pulled it up on my phone and it's 1,398 miles from my house...just a little too far to make it this year.
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    Haa, great question I'm kind of on board with the boys here (and your assumption) . . . a third wife is too costly and will cut into funds that could be used on tractors So, I use a blow gun to get the worst off and chuck that crap in with shop towels and stuff like that myself. Plus I agree on the blueberry pies, which happen to be my favorite, so you gotta have way around it
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    One of my favorite parts of the Wheel Horse Collectors Club annual show is the gathering of so many RedSquare'ers in one place. Each year we gather to take a picture, and it is usually a spur of the moment event where some get left out. So this year, let's plan a couple of times in advance, so I am just going to throw it out there. Friday 11:30am - Meet in the usual spot near the entrance or (RedSquare tent area). I'm open to other times, just wanted to get a time going.
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    I know there are several guys in motorized wheel chairs that are at every show. I'm hoping they may be able to assist you. But...if they can't, you know this bunch of guys will find a way to make it work.
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    By Friday evening you may be out of luck for the electric sites. Don't worry, you won't need A/C at night. Just open the windows and let the cool mountain air in. However, there is a large field that is used for overflow parking. Some guys set up camp out there by the trees, I don't think a generator would bother anyone out there. But, you still would need to clear it with staff.
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    Loaded up and pulling out about 4:00 am.
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    Well, I didn't post anything because I wasn't sure....Until Now!
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    which one is gas? the case is still a diesel, just a newer engine where they can't tinker with the amount of fuel injected. the big fendt is a mid 90's tractor and can be tinkered with to make it roll coal
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    Yea, I hear ya, but the Beast and the Trolley are RAIN FREE and their gonna stay that way!! LOL
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    I'll give it my best shot!! I'm not going down with out a fight for it
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    Now that does appear... to be a very special .
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    And that deck looks like it is headed to CT....
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    Sweet! Hurry up and bring it home... Or to my house! Great find!
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    If the 310 has 12" wheels, they will fit...assuming the 520 has 12" rims.
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    Before and after! All loaded up and ready to head out very early tomorrow morning
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    Finished loading the trailer. Wall to wall horsies! Still room for the one I'm getting from Limited12 and maybe one more if one tries to follow me home. Going to be home for the weekend as well. Now I've got to clean out the truck so the health department doesn't shut me down!
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    Google maps shows 999 miles from my house! You can stop by and pick me up on the way. Well, maybe someday.
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    Get a new carb for that motor - they are better operating with a clean carb and the new ones are cheap on Ebay. Tecumseh's are cold natured motors
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    I hear ya Bob, I got the "STARE" one time when I ran the dishwasher while Mrs K was shopping. I started the dishwasher and retired down stairs to the man cave to finish watching the Phillies / Reds game. I thought I heard some strange noises upstairs, but Pete Rose had just drew a walk from Steve Carlton after fouling off four 3-2 pitches and I had to see if Charlie hustle could steal second off Lefty. He did...and just as Pete safely dove head first into second, I saw the foam roll down the steps like a giant slinky. You would think Maytag would require a seat kill switch for the bar stool to prevent the operator from leaving the kitchen while their equipment is in operation. A few electric eyes to monitor the foam level or a pressure switch to sound a siren before the foam blows the door open would probably have prevented the flood and the resulting "STARE" They should as a minimum be required to post a large sign on the door warning of the dangers of using large amounts of Dawn in their machines. Anyway, I guess it's clear, I will never risk suffering another "STARE" by using any of Mrs Ks appliances. BTW, a large leaf rake works pretty well to remove 6" of foam from the kitchen floor. I have read all your other fine suggestions and will address them as time permits, but now it's time for a bowl of blackberry cobbler for breakfast.
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    You seem to have three main ingredients for a running engine, so on to more questions. Do you have fresh gas? Are you getting too much gas and fouling the plug? Have you tried a different spark plug? These are questions we some times over look. I'm guessing you have a Techy for an engine and I'm not real familiar with any quirks they may have. Keep trying & let us know what you find.
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    Try a new spark plug. They will fire out of the engine but sometimes they won't fire under compression. Garry
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    Well, I guess a can take that extra lawn chair out of the truck now. Been bringing it since 2011. Maybe next year. Safe travels to KY
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    Come to find out ,the guy that has the 1054 went to my church years ago..... . No wax applied yet....lol Do you think I should go pickup my friend's trailer and have it ready????? lol It's NOT easy !!!!!!
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    Been over there to wax it yet?
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    Thanks all! Got it running again, still a little temperamental but the best she's ever run, spent an hour fine tuning the best I can get it!
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    C'mon Ed... who wears the pants in your family?
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    That's what I was thinking, just sneak them in there. Buy a small used washer from CL, put it in the shop and use biodegradable laundry soap if you don't have a drain. Then use it for shop towels and a parts washer too.
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    Don'rt worry guys we'll bring back plentyof and even a video or 3...
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    Well I finally finished mine for the show.
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