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    Well, it's official-I'm sick in the head! I've been working on the GT14 I bought from limited12. I had to put a head gasket on it and a rectifier. Well I couldn't leave well enough alone and decided to freshen up the engine and surrounding areas. I'll get to re painting the outter panels later on. I'm pretty pleased with the way it's looking - just hope she starts as good as she did before I started this project! Last pic is of her when I got her.
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    Hi All, Had this 1 apart for a while now, started it back in fall of 2014, just worked on it a little at a time, finally wanted to make sure and finish it up this year. Anyways yesterday got it put back together. Still need to add decals and paint the letters but other than that it is done. May add a set of fenders at a later time but like it without them for now. Pictures didn't turn out so good, but here are a few. Pretty happy with how this 1 came out. Thanks, Jake
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    Lucked out yesterday and came across a 40" mid mount grader blade. Paid $150 for it. It is in decent shape overall. The swivel part of the blade is locked right up but I will get it loosened....I hope. I had a heck of a time trying to figure out where the lift link attached to on the 314-8 but after some research on Redsquare I found the answer I needed. It was a bit of a PITA to get it hooked up, but now that I got it figured out the next time it goes on there should be less swearing and scraped knuckles! Pic of blade does not show the lift linkage but I do have it. I am gonna get it all loosened up, test it out on the driveway (when the snow melts....woke up to snow this morning), disassemble it, restore it, and then use it.
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    Bought yesterday, motor runs very good. Pics, then some questions. SN from dataplate 92904
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    So we finally got this finished up. Think it came out great for him. It is not anything close to perfect however my son is proud of it! He will be riding it at the big show
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    Haven't done so well keeping up with my updates, but anyways here is another 1. After doing more of these transmissions I realized there were some more mistakes I made on the trans I redid for this tractor, I put new style gears in and in order to do that I need to put a couple washers in between the case and a mushroom gear, as well as I wished I had flipped the axles as the ones in it wobbled back and forth which I'm sure would of leaked. I had a good trans and bearing set laying around so I just decided to build it, it was quicker than going back and fixing this 1. I will go back through this 1 soon and keep it around for a spare. Here is the trans I built for it. Body work on the hood was finished up early this week and yesterday painted the frame and hood. along with the new trans. And today I began assembly...was able to get it just about done. Tomorrow I need to get a different length belt and touch up the paint in a few places and it should be done other than decals which I haven't bought yet. I also may add a set of fenders to it but I kind of like the look without them for now. Thanks, Jake
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    This is the first one I built, benchtop model, then built a motor building station, all tools in tool box specific to engine rebuilding. I guess I can say I have built quite a few motors.
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    I am too cheap to buy new Throttle cables...That rarely seem to work. One equals fast idle 2 Full throttle. They come in various thicknesses if you want to have different speeds. also use them on the hand throttle of my M37
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    Hydraulic Levers Manual
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    Sales Brochure / Warranty included in my manual bag, I thought it neat, hope it's no redundant. Interesting I bought the tractor 30 miles away (Ohio) and it originally sold here in Fort Wayne.
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    Lowes and Home Depot have a mini-vise-grip in their $1 box usually. it is about 3 or 4" long...I use this on my 702 throttle. Ya know Mike...being in fort Wayne, why don't you come to the Mentone Swap Meet...end of April I'm sure you can find the throttle cable there and also meet some of the members from here on Red Square.
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    Did a little motor assembly today not enough time to finish.
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    Been all but seventy degrees here the past couple days... but, today they're calling for some sixty mile an hour winds. When I looked out the window this morning, I found this instead. I hear the big winds are starting to pick up now though... better batton down them hatches boys-n-girls...
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    Engine and crank back from machine shop, hope to build motor tomorrow. Tires mounted, it's starting to look like a tractor again.
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    I started my day by going to a auction were their was a 312-8 up for bids. I waited 2hrs waiting for the auctioneer to get to the horse and about the time he makes it down the line where the 312 was sitting he skips it and moves into the house to do the furniture so i ended up loading my wife and two littlest kids up and leaving feeling a little down. So on the way home checked the local CL and spotted this sweet thing that had just been posted and looked better and was priced right and the best part was i didn't have to fight i whole group of guys over it. will post better pics after i get it unloaded
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    Well, I needed something to do on a bank holiday Sunday
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    The before picture. Wasn't rusty, but pretty well beat up, all the sheet metal was really rough and engine was really tired and trans needed rebuilt.
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    Got the motor cleaned and primed and the belt guard and brake guard blasted and primed. Need to do some work on the drive belt guard and prime it again before paint. Getting a little Sun.
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    Went and picked up this C-120 auto that has been converted to a 8 speed. It has a bad trans. But has a good 12hp kohler and new ags all the way around and a awesome seat. So my plan is to put all this great stuff on the 312-8 and i will fix the trans on the C-120 later down the road.
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    Mike, we have a place on site for those brochure pictures. Go to the "Reference Section" on the main page...click on "Manuals"...scroll down to "Brochures" and start a thread and put your pictures in there. Also, if @gwest_ca does not have that manual...he would be interested. Thanks.
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    I think someone has done some fabrication...like the running boards. My 876 does not have the running boards and has a control by the left rear tire to engage the hydro. Yours seems to have some hydraulics mounted on the left side. Your throttle would have an arrow showing how to lock it if that is what you have. I happen to have a "T" throttle on mine...it is not supposed to be there to be correct.
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    Here's a better pic
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    40+ years ago a neighbor told me, "When you're not home your boys race your tractors up and down the road." I replied, "So?" I walked.
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    Parts tree has the c-clip you need.I got one for mine and a spare.Those mid mount blades are real handy.Just watch out for the lift lever hitting you in the knee if the blade hits something hard..Just ask me how I know.JAinVA
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    Of course, these late season snow falls make for beautiful picts... but, I feel the greatest aspect of them is...they're here today, and gone tomorrow.
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    Emory has two suburbans of his own that I've fixed for him, but he already says he thinks he wants this one. I bought it to make as a worker for myself, but he's just like I was - if it's mechanical and cool he tries to claim it all for himself! Guess we'll just have to share
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    4-3-1964 Bob Dylan’s first appearance on the UK charts "The Times They Are a-Changin'" is a song written by Bob Dylan and released as the title track of his 1964 album of the same name. Dylan wrote the song as a deliberate attempt to create an anthem of change for the time, influenced by Irish and Scottish ballads. Released as a 45 r.p.m. single in Britain in 1964, it reached number 9 in the British top ten.[1] Ever since its release the song has been very influential to people's views on society, with critics noting the general yet universal lyrics as contributing to the song's everlasting message of change. The song ever since has been an occasional staple in Dylan's concerts. The song has been covered by many different artists, including Nina Simone, The Byrds, Peter, Paul, and Mary, Simon & Garfunkel, The Beach Boys, Joan Baez, Phil Collins, Billy Joel, and Bruce Springsteen. The song was ranked #59 on Rolling Stone's 2004 list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time
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    Just picked up my new special order trailer. 6X10 plus extras.
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    Got the 857 out today and kids did most the driving with messy faces but they loved it! And I didn't have to ask them to smile that just came from driving the horse!
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    As many as i can. Feel like i've spent the whole weekend in my truck.lol I will check i asked the po and he didn't know were it was bought I checked the seat couldn't find any markings. when i take it off i will check bottom.
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    The seat is a custom leather seat made from some really nice leather compliments of someone "in the business" ...
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    My 704 throttle still locks like it should.!
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    I've not seen the sheetmetal foot rest on other 876's I've seen photos of, are they aftermarket? Also, my throttle creeps closed, is there a method so it's static where you pull it to?
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    Happy 87th Salty!!!! What time do you want us all to show up? Will there be belly dancers again this year??? Seriously, congratulations sir! I wish you good health, wealth, and happiness for you and yours for this birthday and many more to come.
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    Mine cracked on my 310 and i just used a thin piece of thin angle and welded ( my sister n law) union pipe fitter ,, welded it into place ,,lol and lasted 7 years so far..
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    Finally got the steering pivot out of the frame. Pin was seized into place with nothing else holding it and it stuck out the bottom. Freed up pin, drilled hole for a cotter key to hold it up. Cut it to length then drilled and tapped a 3/8 hole in the bottom for a puller if ever needed. Pivot itself will go into work for bead blasting and paint.
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    Evening all, well the air around the workshop has been red of late... Nope, not people getting angry, chassis painting instead Two coats of Ford Cardinal red and a couple of clear coats.. Even though the engine cradle was painted at the same time, a different light makes it look a different colour! Out in the sun the red looks quite bright and contrasts well with the black radiator mount. The engine after 2 of 4 coats of black engine enamel. 4 coats of black done and the engine looks a lot better.. I didn't see any point in masking up the valve covers as they need to be stripped of silver paint and polished up.. Just so I could say I've started putting WN back together the king pins/spindles and rear axle were bolted on. When the engine and wheels go back on tomorrow I will really feel like I'm getting somewhere with the reassembly... Well, until I have to start on the bodywork
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    A neighbor got his son, 1st grader, a real Mustang!
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    So, is the blue paint a special primer for engines??? I can learn something, even on a Sun.
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    To think of it, you Horses should be ashamed! You're exposing the youngsters to Wheel Horse Addiction. Incurable and will be with them till their end. Not to mention, or scare you, WHA will be passed on thru their generations. Just thank goodness we won't be greene with envy.
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    Looking good Tom...can't wait to see you drive it.
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    Harbor freight HPLV spray gun
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    Time stands still when I'm doing what I like to do
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    Yep...the view off my back deck was almost summer like the last few weeks and now it's this Mike....
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    We got some of your snow over night.
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    What is looks like after tilling with the 1979 Wheel Horse C-121 8 Speed and 36 inch tiller. My friend Steve Aker and I did about 20 passes on 2/3 of the garden on Tuesday morning this week ( March 29th)j Last photo is of garden yesterday April 1st after the big rain fall we had Thursday night. 022.MOV
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    I just wanted to say thanks again for everyone who replied with posts welcoming me to RS. I did get the 520 in the photos posted by slammer302. I did end up giving the full asking price but I guess it was a fair deal in the end. Kinda strange the way it went down but that's to long a story to bother with here. The thing is, I really never got the chance to REALLY check the machine out, but it turned out okay. I think! By the time it was all said and done, I had only heard it run for about 60 seconds, and had only gone about 6' forward and 6' backwards.. Not the way I usually like to buy any kind of machine. Turns out, better than expected. First thing I did was to start cleaning, so here's a shortlist of what I think I have. 520H, Model 73502, Onan P 220 G, seems to run well, smooth idle, no smoke throughout the RRM range Head, Instrument, and tail lights working Voltmeter and fuel gauge working, tach and vac not so much, Vac line and fittings seem intact, grey wire not landed on the engine electrics,(more on that later) 750 Hours (according to the clock) PTO works (little squeel when engaging the deck) Oil was filthy, but full. Did an oil change, Penzoil 10W - 30 seemed right for my climate Fuel leak near the inline filter, replaced filter and all lines from tank to carb Looks like someone has "worked" on some of the engine electrical in the past, without regard for using the correct parts, or putting them where they belong, Coil loose and sort of floating around in the engine bay in a hole just aft of the carb Regulator (?) sheet metal screwed to the engine shroud, l/h side, top. Misc heat shrink connections here and there, but like I said, its mostly working All the LED indicators seem to work. I flushed out about 1 cubic foot of crud packed into the spaces around the trans and between the fuel tank and the fender pan 3 cans of Gunk and some Simple Green and a LIGHT pressure washing, I have the engine clean enough to work around Might be small oil leak on the r/h side of the block, above where the PTO bolts on, if it was water cooled, I would say it was a freeze plug, but I don't know yet. 48 inch deck, no rust, spindles all turn, don't think its been greased in a while, It wad some poly line wrapped around the spindles, I cut that all out, got the blades sharpened, the belts are probably original so they need replaced. Thats enough for now but PLEASE know this: Two wees ago I knew NOTHING about this machine, or other than what I learned on my 244H, I knew nothing about WH except that were good quality American Made Machines. Anything I have learned, I learned because of you guys sharing your information on this forum. I use to moderate on another form (automotive) so I know that it takes time, and a good group of people with similar interests who not only take information and help, but give it as well. I will move to more appropriate sections and topics with the many questions I am sure I will have and I will try to give back a little of what I get Thanks again! Todd
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    Looks real nice! Better watch out for the speed cops at Zagary because that bad boy has got ticket bait written all over it.. I got pulled over there last yr. myself, and I wasn't even going fast. I'm 47 and the guy was yellin at me like I was a little kid. I was ridin this one at the time, My theory is that if they think it looks fast then you must be goin fast!
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