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    Cut the lawn this afternoon, the wife suggested towing the trailer (having washed it) to give the boy a ride, it wasn't long before the other two showed up! At 13 16 and 19 it made the old horse bark a bit more than it did 5 years ago, but 3rd gear was demanded. There were a few screams but the ear defenders worked a treat. Sorry about the pic, last one like this, I know what to do next time.
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    Today started out with a cold icy rain. I started a fire in the shop and looked in the garage to see what I could get into today. Jacked up the front of the and found the front left wheel had excessive play. Pulled the left front tire off and stuck my finger in the outer bearing to find it was shot. With a 1/2'' dowel and a hammer I knocked out the outer bearing. While I was at it I did cleaned and repacked all the front bearings. I made a few calls, the first to my local Motion Indust. Dist. They were the lowest @ $9.56. Only problem was they were out of stock. Fastenal had a price of $15.63 for the 3/4'' x 1 3/8'' flange bearing needed for my front tire. I went back to the dealer that sold me my 30 yrs. ago. $11.75. This is a third generation operation. This is the sticker that was placed on my tractor back in 86'. Today's receipt. Obviously they no longer have a fuel business. The new bearing placed in position and with the help of a piece of oak and a 20 oz. hammer the new bearing was soundly driven in place. All parts cleaned, plus new cotter pins, assemble began. . Both wheel on. grease was added to the complete construction. Now if the sun would be my friend. I would like to go out in the back yard tomorrow and do something constructive. You know what I mean, Vern. This amounts to everything I did today. I hope it helps somebody. Good night everyone.
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    I may have to get some of this! Cedar Creek The Lawn Ranger Cream Ale Beer Label Find this beer nearby
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    3-25-1958 First flight of Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow The Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow was a delta-winged interceptor aircraft designed and built by Avro Canada. The Arrow is considered to have been an advanced technical and aerodynamic achievement for the Canadian aviation industry. The CF-105 (Mark 2) held the promise of near-Mach 2 speeds at altitudes of 50,000 feet (15,000 m) and was intended to serve as the Royal Canadian Air Force's (RCAF) primary interceptor in the 1960s and beyond. The Arrow was the culmination of a series of design studies begun in 1953 examining improved versions of the Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck. After considerable study, the RCAF selected a dramatically more powerful design, and serious development began in March 1955. Intended to be built directly from the production line, skipping the traditional hand-built prototype phase, the first Arrow Mk. I, RL-201, was rolled out to the public on 4 October 1957, the same day as the launch of Sputnik I. Flight testing began with RL-201 on 25 March 1958, and the design quickly demonstrated excellent handling and overall performance, reaching Mach 1.98. Powered by the Pratt & Whitney J75, another three Mk. Is were completed, RL-202 through -204. The lighter and more powerful Orenda Iroquois engine was soon ready for testing, and the first Mk.II with the Iroquois, RL-206, was ready for taxi testing in preparation for flight and acceptance tests by RCAF pilots by early 1959. On 20 February 1959, the development of the Arrow (and its Iroquois engines) was abruptly halted before the project review had taken place. Two months later, the assembly line, tooling, plans and existing airframes and engines were ordered to be destroyed. The cancellation was the topic of considerable political controversy at the time, and the subsequent destruction of the aircraft in production remains a topic for debate among historians and industry pundits. "This action effectively put Avro out of business and its highly skilled engineering and production personnel scattered
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    The way I look at it...I just saw a commercial for a brand new walk behind mower...$279. $80 for one in great shape that you can ride is a steal for sure. And the A-81 is so cute, you just want to adopt one!!
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    Wonder how many of the Big Box store units with their plastic bushing front tires will be around 30 years from now.
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    Simple solution. Watch from the porch sippin' suds. The boy or a gal drivin'.
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    I've been fighting a sinus infection all week so I haven't felt like going to the shop until today. I did get the tires mounted and had to set them up to see what it's going to look like. Still no bearings or new lug bolts.
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    Get a LOADER. And as Chief Brody once said "I think we need a bigger trailer."
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    Hey @stevasaurus I know it's not truly and I think it's sold , it looks brand new . Just think of the fun you could have for $230 . Sure beats a hover round .
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    This label may be slightly more palatable.
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    I fixed your pictures. It just drives me crazy to look at them on their side.
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    It is. I was trying to figure out how to keep the transmission off the floor or bench so I still had room to work and it was sitting in the corner empty. Works out nice even when u split the case halves for a mobile workbench
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    Squonk: That Genesee Cream Ale must be for what ales you!
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    Whew. For a minute I thought this was about Genesee Cream Ale. Drank a lot of it during my band days. You can also use it to refinish furniture!
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    Decided to add a power plug to the C 105 so I can hook up chargers, spotlight, etc. as well as my portable flashing beacon for night time plowing. My son drives on neighborhood streets to a couple of his plow jobs so flashers are good! Tucked in real nice, out of the weather, and works like a champ!
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    It was, because it was basic and straight forward. (some of my best work is with a BF hammer. . Just kidding. ) It's the same thing I used to do on Uncle Sam's planes. Basic maintenance. I no engine mechanic. You will not see me doing an engine tear down. Not my thing. (Although I guess I could learn again. I did it in H.S. That was 50 yrs. ago. ) If I can help in some way with basic maintenance I feel I have added to this forum. You know what I mean, Vern.
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    It was WH special order part No.001BUNgee-cheap001... Unfortunately, can't seem to find them anywhere but the dollar store... I think my kid likes the power port because he can keep his iPhone charged while plowing / mowing - keeps the tunes coming...
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    Some of my fondest memories as a child are in the trailer of my dads tractor ,, a sears custom,, he used to pull us around ,, i loved it ,, good times and memories,, i put my grand children in mine and take them trick or treating !!
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    That's a great looking broad. Makes me look back loneingly at my own flock. The country life, I think it is a simpler life and also where the young ones learn responsibilities for chores, not only to live stock, but also to other members of the family. Farmer, you are a lucky man.
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    Rear wheels have just been bead blasted and painted. Tires have been cleaned up and I have new tubes. Once the paint cures for a few days I will assemble.
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    Do got to say, I don't miss those days of pitching $4!t . I think more of these kids nowadays should work on a farm for a day , show em what real work is . That's one big pile of poop you have there . Can smell it from here .
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    Started driving this when I was 5 years old, my older brother used it for plowing 3 acres and I'd mow lawn with it. Saved it from my dad scrapping it.When the motor started going bad my dad bought a B-145 electric, that we used for quite a few years before rear end went out. Getting close to finishing it, but flywheel was bent,
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    Start scratching that itch any time your ready. One of us needs an eye exam.
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    or think of it as it actually is.... close your eyes and picture this - well after you read the explanation below - not before you read it because if you close your eyes before you read it - well you won't be able to read what I have written and that would not be helpful in solving your head scratcher of a problem. a bushing [steering wheel] is slipped onto a metal rod [steering wheel shaft] 1/4 hole is drilled thru the bushing.continuing thru the shaft a 1/4 hardened metal pin is inserted into the drilled hole ["pinning" the soft metal bushing to the soft metal rod] - over the years, owner torques bushing on rod hundreds of thousands of times as tractor is jockeyed in and out of garage for weekly polishing your bushing now moves on the shaft - discuss I'm not sure if you checked out or downloaded the parts list for the 520 - it could save you, and others trying to help you, a bunch of time. You are correct, there is a learning curve here - make full use of the tools others have spent endless hours providing. Manual, Google, and the SEARCH button are your friends - and apparently Cleat too as he posted a link to the IPL to save you some effort searching.
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    Most people have to drink large quantities of it in a 24 hr. period every 7 years once the're over 50!
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    I have one now. Thanks to Bert.
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    I do not like the violent sudden engagement of electric PTOs i prefer to feather a manual. Started working on a new to me Electro 12 that had an electric PTO. Look at the PTO key. I have seen damaged keys but this one obviously beat itself over the years. I am not sure what implement she will be married to but I may put on a manual PTO.
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    SART and I went to pool 4 this morning to wet a line. Caught a striper and a few dink all went back in. Thought I would share some pics.
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    There is a 25 % off coupon from HF only good Sunday 3-27-2016 , all you have to do is go on line. Usual freebies and stuff .
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    No I do not think wheel horse made a kit. I am pretty sure its an Onan part number and kit. I will search for dukes snow chucker thread. He is the only one I know to install one. Dealer tells me no need to go drilling the guard. He has been a dealer for a long time. Says keep them clean, serviced and maint. is all that is needed. Even has a 1997 520H new in the box on the shelf. Save your drool people... He will not sell that and will most likely be burried with it. On to the kit. The Onan takes a 3/4 16 thread so I am going to order that kit I beleive from jegs. Should work just fine. The guy that I go to if I ever stumble upon something I cant answer myself says he will buy the kit or eat his hat if that kit doesnt work. I asked him if he wanted it baked or fryed lol Seems like a fun project. Just need to make a bracket to mount the remote oil filter. Oh and also. The onan kit, you remove the oil filter base and install a new machined block with the ports in it for the oil lines. With the jegs kit it just spins on the original oil filter base. Dont quote me on the onan thing till i dig a little more. But if memory serves me correct thats the way it works.
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    Like the battery hold down did that come as standard equipment or did you have to pay extra ? Power plug is a good idea. May install one on worker for snow.
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    Who says you don't need a hammer and piece of wood to do mechanic type stuff. I probably to check bearing on the whole herd.
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    Thanks for all the pics and an step by step buddy !!! Yea i also had plans today was gonna sand and repaint my tiller as the paint is faded,, but being 36 degrees here in PA ,, to cold out there lol..
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    At her first tractor show ever... the Mrs Rules bought her A-81 within 15 minutes of stepping on the big show field. Exactly what she said..."they're so cute"
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    We don't care if the pic is up side down. Those of us that may have grand kids that are in their teens, only sit and smile at those beautiful young faces of ours. You've got a great piece of ground and a great flock. My hat is off to you sir.
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    Although this is definitely right up my alley and I would love to be on a team, I won't be attending this years show. As most of us know, life eventually gets in the way in and it's my turn in the barrel. My oldest is now 16 and in a technical high school for electrical. He has a job lined up for the summer working for a guy I went to school with who is an electrical contractor. He doesn't have his drivers license yet (not getting one anytime soon either), so I have to drive him to the guys house each morning. If he works out my friend will hire him on full time once he graduates. This is something I have to make happen because like me, I don't see him going to college (but thats ok because I think that's a huge waste of money unless your going for a specific degree like an Engineer, Nurse, PT, OT, Doctor etc.). My younger son is planning on following the older one. He has been accepted to the same Technical High School. He also wants to take electrical. So I have a plan formulating in my head. Once the older one finishes his apprentice time and gets his E2 then E1 the younger one will be finished with school and on his way to finishing his apprentice time. When they're both done with all that, I should be ready to retire from the FD and hope to start an electrical contractor business of our own. I'll run the business and help them out while they do the electrical work. It's a "plan" anyway we'll see how things go. In the mean time I have to do all that I can to make it happen and not going to the show this year is just one of those things.
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    Color match is perfect
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    That was my first thought when I saw what was needed but sent it in a flat rate box instead. I would like to ride down that way, I've had the itch for a road trip. But that's something that would take a bit of planning
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    I plan on bringing 2 Dutch Rhubarb pies and a tub of Cool Whip. The "children" will have to behave and eat all their veggies to get some!
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    Wow guys, did Bert really drive 5 hours to come see you!??!?
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    Yer a hoot 857!!....Ed yer a real close 2nd...can't wait! !!
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    I think the sign post makes a lot of " scents" Howard.....even if the crazy Squonkster started the sign thing I have mine finished and loaded in the truck so I don't forget to bring it. Maybe I'll run over to the Fairground after dinner tonight and hang it on the gate so I don't forget where I put it. Now where did I put my keys.........
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    Probably is, an H55D is the correct engine for your tractor. Can't remember the exact spec# but thinking it's like 233? something. I'm sure someone will post it or I can find it if you want it. Man, that little motor did A LOT of work if it turned over 3 acres every year, plus did the mowing too! BOOOOOM, Shynon just hooked you up! That's what this place is all about!
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    Nice horse, from a fellow Minnesotan, your not too far down the road. I think I have flywheel for a 5.5 Lauson
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    Trans is off the horse, clean it up with some degreaser and water this week and I'll be ready to split it
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