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    So, since I have moved from the farm I lived on and down sized quite a bit, actually a lot! I found a rather large power sports warehouse. The power sports company which for now shall remain unnamed... was once a toro wheel horse dealer... I am going tomorrow, well technically today. So low and behold I was searching craigslist, came across an add for NOS mowers, and found this old NOS gem... as well as some NOS wheel horse attachments which were unfortunately sold. However while speaking to the salesman he mentioned the possibility of an old tractor new in the crate... A Toro 2 Stroke walk behind rear bagging push mower circa 1986/87.
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    my early production 1955 with tank bracket and cable steering rj35(TOP PICTURE) & my 1957 rj35 (BOTTOM PICTURE)
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    3-16-2003 Craven edges out Busch in closest NASCAR finish On this day in 2003, race car driver Ricky Craven wins the Darlington 500, crossing the finish line .002 seconds ahead of Kurt Busch for the closest recorded finish in National Association for Stock Car Racing (NASCAR) history. In May 2009, more than 5,000 racing fans voted Craven’s victory the most memorable moment in the history of South Carolina’s challenging Darlington Raceway, nicknamed “The Track Too Tough to Tame.” The Darlington Raceway opened with the first-ever Southern 500, a 500-lap race, on Labor Day weekend 1950. At the time, NASCAR was in its infancy, having been officially incorporated in February 1948. The 1.366-mile, egg-shaped track at Darlington was the brainchild of South Carolinian Harold Brasington, who was inspired to build the raceway after attending the 1948 Indianapolis 500 race. Darlington was developed on land Brasington purchased from a farmer; one corner of the track is narrow and more steeply banked than other sections because at the time of the track’s construction the farmer didn’t want it to interfere with his fish pond. (Today, cars racing around this tight corner of the track often slam into the wall, resulting in a scrape called the “Darlington stripe.”) At the inaugural Southern 500, some 25,000 fans were on hand to see driver Johnny Mantz win the race with an average speed of 76 mph, out of a starting field of 75 cars. Some of the competitors reportedly ran out of tires and resorted to purchasing them from people in the infield in order to complete the race. The Southern 500 went on to become one of NASCAR’s “crown jewel” events, along with the Daytona 500 at Florida’s Daytona International Speedway, the Winston 500 at Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway and the Coca-Cola 600 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina.
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    Been a bit since I posted any updates. A cold couple months and too many projects will do that. Got the front rims blasted and tri ribs mounted up. Amazing what a set of new shoes will do for the look. Moved the oil drain to the rear of the engine and built a set of HL-5 lights for $120. Still need to go through the steering and install some bushings. After that, it's wiring and patina.
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    I would contact Steve, @wh500special...he lives in O'Fallon also. 1st, he would know what you need to hook that up, and it will take a lot. 2nd, he is thinking about selling some of his collection, and may have the right deck for sale. The right deck attaches in about 5 minutes, and comes back off in the same time. I have a strange feeling that you know Steve. This picture is from RedRanger. A deck like this will also work on your 702, and may be much easier to find.
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    FYI: Only about six companies made Steering Wheels for garden tractors (and boats & golf carts) over the last 60 years, and many of the center inserts–caps are the same, just with different decals or shaped inserts. I'm starting to make a few inserts for the other brands of garden tractors (when I can find a knowledgable collector of that brand who is willing to cooperate, share their originals and test-fits with me). All of the inserts I'll be making have not been available for a long time, and the few goods ones left are hoarded or held for a very high ransom. Karl Lyon is letting me use a direct link to my section #09 ( www.WHRparts.WheelHorseForum.com ) (WHR is Wheel Horse Restoration Parts). If you know of someone else who may need one of these, please let them know where to find them. Working with Terry and he has many of these single decals available now (about $3.50@). Here's some 'other brand tractor' inserts I've made recently: These are for 21/2" openings (a larger size than WH ever used).
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    Had the son throw all the tins and motor on the 702 for some inspiration . Thought I had everything , but air cleaner turned out to be the wrong one . My plan was to restore , but now I'm thinking leaving it dirty . I have a set of aggs for the back , or I could go dual old style truff tires . I found one tractor pretty complete minus some steering, clutch rod , and side tins . Then I located a another 702 roller minus the hood ,seat ,toolbox , and fenders . Turns out All my tractors and all parts were all purchased from Redsquare members . What's your thoughts .
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    Hi all, I have a D-160 that had a bad Onan BF engine (low compression requiring a complete overhaul), so instead of spending a chunk of change to fix it I opted to do an engine swap. I figured I should document some of it here to maybe help someone looking to do the same. The new engine is a Onan Performer 16XSL out of a Lincoln Weldanpower 8000 welder. I picked two of these sets up last summer for $80. One was supposed to have a good engine and the other a good generator. Turns out both engines work and the only thing wrong with the one I pulled for D-160 is it had a weak fuel pump. I put the new motor in last night and hooked it up temporarily to make sure it fit. Differences and similarities between the new and old motor that I've figured out so far: -The new engine bolted exactly in place on the original brackets. Didn't have to re-drill anything. -The hydraulic pump bolts straight up to the new engine with no modifications. -The starter is on the opposite side requiring a longer battery cable and is hooked up directly to from the battery to the starter and has a solenoid on the starter instead of one mounted to the frame. -The choke cable can be used unmodified by flipping over the bracket on the carb to face in the opposite direction. -The throttle will require changing from a push rod/lever/spring setup on the shroud to a throttle cable. The engine has an automatic idle down feature I've been playing around with that I think I can hook into so I can have variable rpms -The muffler had to be removed. It fit tight up against the grill. I'll adapt it to the original mufflers. - The dipstick had to be bent slightly out to clear the hood and the bracket re-drilled. Future problems: -It has a tapered shaft that if I ever use the tractor for a mower or snowblower, I'll have to adapt the crank to a straight shaft. Not an insurmountable issue, but definitely a bit of a pain. Here is the front shot. And one of the side to show how it fits. I ran it for a minute and now that i know I can make it fit properly, I'll finish up the remaining stuff and clean up my wiring a little.
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    You did it perfect gt4. You are #46 and we have a new record.
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    You guys got it all wrong The father of Calvin and Hobbes explains it all
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    I first met John 9 years ago when he traveled hours out of his way to bring me an original tiller decal to replicate. It was a great visit and really opened my eyes to the passion for these tractors. Only one Brrly1 and Lola and I send prayers your way every day. 2 people whom I am very close to suffered very severe strokes last year and have made amazing recoveries as I know you will. Stay strong, work hard and get well soon. Terry & Lola Dennis
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    John posted on Facebook earlier that he gets to go home on Thursday. Great news John!!
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    I dont use the more expensive stuff that I use on my truck. I keep it simple and anyone can do what I just did. I have a random orbital buffer and a high speed buffer. Pads and all kinds cutting compounds. I like to keep it simple when polishing on the tractors but on my new 520H I might go all out....lol. If you hit one spot of oil or grease, it makes a mess really quick of the pads. Plus, on this tractor there is a few chipped paint, rust spots so that can cause issues to. So I go to the hardware store or auto parts store and pick up a few wool buffing wheels with the quarter inch shank. They are around six inches in diameter and cost a few bucks. Then I just use a standard electric drill or even my dewalt battery drill. Also, the paint must be clean of all dirt and grime. Just washing won't work. Clay bar is the best but with this one, I cheaped out and just used a good microfiber and some mean green and really worked small areas until I got it smooth enough that I felt I wasnt going to do more damage then good. To get an idea of the dirt in the paint, take a plastic bag in your hand and run it over the paint. On dirty paint it will sound like your using sand paper. First- always season the wool wheel with whatever you are working with. Make sure the compound is really worked into the pad. Second- Keep a spray bottle of water with you. Spray the paint with a mist and the wool wheel also. Little trick I picked up along the way. Helps to keep things lubricated/lift dirt and also streches the compound a little fruther. Third- Work in small 12"x12' areas or smaller. When you move to a new section, add three or four more drops of polish and a spritz of water. Fourth- Move very slow. About an inch per second or so. You can really cut into the paint even with a drill and wool pad. Be careful, things can get hot but with this setup, its pretty safe. Fifth- Keep a clean microfiber around and wipe as you go. Six- follow up with your favorite wax. So for under twenty bucks and a drill you can get results like that. There is minor scratches when shining under a flash light that could be done better with better prep work and compounds. But I have to admit, I think this one will be moving on down the road. I need space badly. To many tractors....or not enough space. Actually, I used a left over bottle of meguiars scratch remover 2.0 . That stuff works great on old faded paint but again if I was doing something nicer, I would use a cutting compound to fit my needs.
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    I've never seen anyone post "I picked up this 5**xi and I hate it".
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    I'll be there with everything we have for Wheel Horses, looking forward to a great Saturday : Glen When you get near Mentone, just look and go to the giant tall (radio-cell) tower:
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    Found my problem why this would not throttle up. I took the carb back off and cleaned the heck out of it,checked to make sure I had good gas flow through the line,took off the one connection from the fuel pump to the carb and everything is flowing good. So put it all back together turn it over and it did the SAME thing!! ....So I ran a jumper cable from the positive on the coil to the positive on the battery and BINGO!! I could throttle up and down and she runs like a champ. So it turns out all I needed was a new key switch.
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    Wow, that looks like it should be in an 80's ad! I'm still amazed how much NOS stuff is still around these days...
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    Very pleased with how the footrests turned out
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    Looks like Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois are about to get hammered again. Here in the mountains of NC we will have our normal subfreezing overnight and mid 50s daytime, fine by me.
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    My only one. And almost done!
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    All you boys & girls who wanted a late March blizzard have ME to thank ! It will come ... I assure you ! Decided to start tearing down the 'ol '68 for a re-power & total "going through " ALSO : If there's anyone in my immediate area that would like this 6 HP Techy , $ 20.00 , it's yours . Has brand new carburetor , runs , doesn't smoke but it's a 68 & just don't have the time to go through it .
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    Hello everyone. Finally came across a good condition Xi tractor. I couldn't pass it up. Never owned one and curious to hear the pros and cons. I'm thinking about mowing with this and put the zero turn on the chopping block?
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    I am selling my D-160 Tractor, wagon, rear blade, tire chains, 48" mower deck, 48" snow blower, and 54" front blade. I have owned it since 1979 and it has always been stored inside. It runs good, but sometimes smokes after being started and the carb needs to be rebuilt. I can help with delivery to parts of TN, KY, IN, and IL.
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    Gentlemen, I have a mower deck that came off of a 62/63 Lawn Ranger. Will I be able to use it on my 702? Dave
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    I'm with Glenn! I'd rather be mowing with one of these sweet machines instead of being beat to death on a ruff riding zero turn.
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    You are missing a few parts, this is what it should look like.
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    ......what a little polish and buff wheel can do to tired old paint..... Still has a ways to go but should turn out pretty nice.
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    2 bolts go up thru the frame into the oil pan.
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    That's funny. Actually you tied the record. #47 will break it. LOL
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    Yes, Should be a 42 in. deck
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    Terry I don't know if I'm doing this right,but could I get this on a banner when I come down to the show. Thanks.
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    Glad you found the gremlin that was giving you fits.
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    with mew fuel pumps they usually squirt fuel across the garage
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    I remember that race.That was before nascar morphed into another IROC series.Don't watch much anymore.JAinVA
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    Boy, this project sure is taking forever. Is it ever going to be ready for the BIG SHOW???
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    After 3 days of 70+ temps, the ground was right for tilling. So, I put the battery from the 520H snow machine in the 314H and Mad Max Had a ball. The front mount made it easy to cut in new edges around all the buildings and flower and berry beds. Daffydill beds Hosta bed Strawberry beds And the veggie garden
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    That's an excellent find Charles...good to see you still in the game.
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    I've got a 1988 Toro 21 self propelled that I bought new from local Wheel Horse Toro Dealer. Still runs good and starts on the first pull, except after sitting all winter.
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    Have you checked fuel pressure? I had a pump give me a hard time once. Would've sworn it was fine. Finally I used a boat fuel tank and put it on work bench w fuel line going down to carb. She ran perfect on the gravity feed. Replaced fuel line and fuel pump.
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    I had that very mower back in '87. Hard to start...so bad I sent it back to the Toro dealer. They never could get it to start easy either and gave my money back.
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    Here is a list you can refer to using your mower's model number to see if it will work. WH Interchange 1955-2000.pdf
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    If any of you RJ-35 hoarders ever decide to part with one of 'em... would you please let me know?
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    Here is my pic for my banner !! Thank you very much !!!
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    That is the best explanation of the process that I have ever heard. Thanks for that.
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    Here's 2 of mine, one early production 1955 and a regular production 1955. 2 old girls! Also featured is my 1956 RJ35 with the wrong color rims, somebody painted over the original black paint! Sorry the pictures doubled up for some reason, oops!
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    I use two grandsons; Wax On and Wax Off. We're saving electricity but go through a ton of chocolate cake, brownies, Whoppers, French fries, milk shakes, and Milky Ways.
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