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    The day and the life of RJ nuts....
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    I had a good road trip with my wife and kids today ! They let me bring this home with me.
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    well this is bs. i just looked outside and while I'm messing around with this bs, my wife is riding off on the IH......
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    No seat time this winter at all. Was inspired by Vin and Martin's video, so I dug the RJ out of the shed for a ride. No sun so no glare off of the chrome gas cap and polished steering wheel cap. Gotta have some bling! So here's the vid. Sorry about the narrow screen. Got a new phone and if I hold the phone the right way to record, It plays sideways on the phone. Shooting it with the phone upright, It plays it ok on the phone but shows up sideways on the puter. Youtube plays it the right way but with the narrow screen. I will have to experiment with a shorter video to get it right in the future.
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    maybe one day Terry........ (that could be referring to the 682 or the snow, for that matter!!!) neighborhood cleanup....... Jeanine sneaked out there to ride them while i was messing with this stupid youtube upload stalling for what seemed like forever, she didn't want to get on the horses, said they were too clean, but the old one was fair game. They are all for riding i told her......I got her on the plow 416 eventually and only managed to get a little video....... might just have to get some more of the red out now...... She's a keeper for many reasons........
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    FYI You can click on link below to see a local radio station report. You can also click on the radio feed to hear Dale taalking about the American Pickers visit. http://max983.net/2015/10/american-pickers-visit-marshall-county-man/ A fellow Hoosier is going to be on American Pickers on this upcoming Wednesday. Dale Stockman of Plymouth, Indiana is a Wheel Horse owner and a very interesting guy to meet. I highly recommend watching, taping or usetting for DVR to catch this episode of American Pickers. They visted Dale on September 16th, 2015 for a full days taping.
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    while all this was going on, some of the singles kicked up a fuss, so 1057, c125 and c160 came out for a run.......
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    Well, in my neck of the woods, we got about 24", not counting the drifting. Since I am unable to exercise the horses for a while, we headed to Oakland, MD this weekend with all of my grandsons. I said "the heck with 18 degree temperatures and 36" of snow, we're getting in the hot tub". Here's the old man with my four grandsons in the 103 degree water at my daughter's vacation chalet at Deep Creek Lake.
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    Didn't get a ton done this week ..was working on a couple other tractors, but giving a little update. Filled in the holes in the hubs...my dad bought a new mig welder for the body shop that uses silicon bronze. It does a really nice job of sealing things off, he really likes it so far. Finished blasting the front rims, they are in pretty nice shape but still have some minor pitting that will need fixed. Still need to finish the rears Progress so far on the frame...got all the holes welded up and need to finish the filler and weld a new foot pedal on, this 1 was bent and pitted pretty bad. And got the hood clean enough to try and get a friend to do some tig welding on it. Just wire wheeled it very carefully and then beadblasted the top where the repairs need to be done...I will blast the whole thing again before primer.
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    I just broke down and bought one the first of the year. Mainly for the camera, and I don`t have to carry a photo album with me. Now all I have to do is learn how to use it. Besides, I wasn`t ready to have one of those buttons hanging around my neck like my 95 year old mother..
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    and his name is Tony Ruggiero ( a.k.a Doc Wheel Horse) So I was asked to consider taking this position and its more about helping people have a good time out on the water and assist with breakdowns, navigation or any other minor issues. There's no gun, no cuffs and although I do have arrest powers and the ability to write tickets should some jackass decide the rules aren't for them it never happens. Last year 17 "rescues" where made.... I do have to patrol and keep my eyes open (homeland security stuff) and will have a radio to contact the Dept. of Environmental protection officers or the U.S.C.G or the local Wethersfield P.D. should something need more attention than I can give. Its a paid (once per year like volunteer firefighters) position and I do get uniforms and a nice center console boat with a big Yamaha to drive around. If I see a Redsquare sticker attached to the windshield of your boat you get an automatic free pass... Tony
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    Nice day to be out Martin. Your horses still look top notch Mate...and you are right about music to the ears.
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    My entire family on my mothers side were dairy farmers, when her younger brother passed at 94 ( yes, he was actively running the family farm at that age ) we all feared it wouldn't continue. His granddaughter's husband ( a 27 yearn old civil engineer who helped around the farm ) stepped up and became a farmer! He had paid attention to what Uncle Ted had done and was an answered prayer for all of us. That was three years ago and he has upgraded the equipment and increased the size of the dairy herd. Uncle Ted was one of the happiest people in the world, he loved farming; now his grandson-in-law has that same wonderful look of contentment. He gave up a lucrative career that gave him little satisfaction for a life of pride and self-satisfaction. It is too bad that there aren't more young people that want to continue a small business that has served the needs of a community for generations. That was my second trip to the soap box today, got to lighten up.
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    The classic Red Green ending... but no no duct tape, what's up with that?
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    Yep, thats the decal work of my bud, Terry........
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    Another one of my heroes. When I was a youngster, "Our Gang", had a club house built in the lower pasture that we played in every Saturday morning, but when it was time for the Lone Ranger Show, we all ran for the house about a 1/2 mile away. Me being one of the smaller kids, I had trouble keeping up with the older boys. I still remember yelling " don't turn it on till I get there". I didn't want to miss any of the show. Thanks for the memories Dick.
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    If you have to ask , you are! Wear a hat in case of sparks! Great video!
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    312 Hydro I don't own a cell phone either . My wife has a cell phone a flip type. If some one wants me they have my land line phone number , they can leave a message on the answering machine. They can contact me if the have my email address. Do you remember when you could shop in a store and the cashier was not talking or flipping around on the phone while taking your money. One better is when the cashier could make correct change when you handed them $5.26 for a $4.26 bill .
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    I don't own one.........I guess I'm getting old. Actually,I prefer to talk on a phone rather than type and surf. Definitely showing my age as I remember a childhood without computers too.There was also a time without 's .But I must not speak of this as it was a bleak and dismal time devoid of happiness.
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    I feel like the Thin Man after watching that video...like I could fit through 16" center studs on new construction. Jenny Craig comes to mind. Anyway, I saw some snow at 2:50 in the video...you could have plowed that...but you did not have a blade. WTF!!! Were you wearing socks?? A monkey on the hood would have been a nice touch. It was a great video Mike!! I hope everyone knows that I am just kidding. We are in search of snow.
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    Be careful. Water effects us older guys in certain ways!
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    Awesome! Bring on the Kohlers at the show!
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    Yeah, but... wasn't that Tonto's job?
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    A follower of who Alfred E. Newman ? What me worry. Spy vs Spy
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    We had a big old radio that was taller than me. We would sit in front of it about 12 inches from the speaker. I couldn't wait til the Lone Ranger came on. Remember how the Lone Ranger would tell Tonto to go into town to get information about some bad guy ? Seems like he would almost always get caught and they would beat the crap out of him. We would all be yelling ( don't go to town Tonto ) but he never listened. Brings back some good old memories, thanks for sharing.
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    Well I found an old sales flyer with prices from 1999...anyways heading to WV today to see what kind of deal I may or may not strike...I'll keep you posted
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    I don't have an addiction I don't have an addiction I don't have an addiction I don't have an addiction I don't have an addiction But I will have another
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    When I joined, I just picked a name I would remember next time I needed to sign in, figuring I would find some quick info and then leave. Quickly found out I was not only addicted to WH, but to Red Square as well. I was thinking of changing my name, but didn't want to confuse everyone
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    The Chambersburg Comfort Inn ? I made mind about a month ago and was not sure the would have a single when I made it. Now I have to move, all your witty banter maybe disturbing for an Ole Goat like me.
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    Especially Ditto on your last two sentences Jim. Marvin
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    Hello All, wonder how many of you may have experienced similar situations.... I watched my Fathers Texaco station / repair shop close down in 1989 after 76 years in the same spot... my Father owned a small piece and ran it but the owner never paid the taxes and used the money to gamble. The F.B.I showed up one day and told my father and the employees to take what was there's and leave... I watched my Uncles Sunoco station / repair shop close down after 48+ years in 2010... he built it new in 1962 with a $50k loan from his uncle. Town it was in ended up taking it in imminent domain to widen road for tractor trailer traffic---but then they never did it and site is now a grass field. I watched my Great Uncles auto body shop close down in 2012 after he died and my 2nd cousin (his son) ran it straight into the ground and couldn't pay the mortgage he had taken against it. Then comes today.... I received a call from the owner of the boat shop I have hung around since I was 8 or 9 years old (35 years) , he says the shop is closing on May 1st and he needs help buttoning things up. I did work for this guy for several years full time and had to leave to get a full time gig with benefits from the State fixing computers. A big step up $$$ wise but many, many steps down in enjoyment and the respect I received from this man. I went down to help and feared he was going to tell me he is going to be dead soon. Its not that bad but he told me he has COPD and can't breath or do anything anymore and just has to quit, he smoked for 30+ years maybe more and it finally got him. He simply quit too late about 5 years ago (he will be 70 in May) So.... today we backed a dual axle hydraulic dump trailer into the shop and I was instructed to toss everything into it off the shelves.... Wiseco forged pistons in boxes, numerous good used parts, gear sets, flywheels, propellers on and on and on. We then hauled it to the scrap yard and found out there was 7000 lbs worth of mixed aluminum, steel and Stainless.... he was given $632 in cash and we proceeded to the pit, he got out and pushed the button on the trailer and his last words where---"a whole life worth of parts and work " as it crashed into the spot. I along with several other friends and his current mechanics tried to get him not to do it but he wouldn't have it any other way and none of us where willing to touch any of it out of respect. He did give everybody in the shop something that they wanted (I ended up with a 1966 steel crank small journal 327 that I have been looking at for years) Plus he is building me the Volvo Penta duo-prop outdrive I wanted to put on my boat. I fear its worse then he is telling us... and I hope its not, its not a good feeling to watch as the history of your family and life slowly takes a turn in a bad way as time matches on. Enjoy what you have while you have it. Someday you won't...... Tony
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    Good information. I gave my insignificant other one of those for Christmas a few years ago. May put her to work..
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    Super original looking machine... congrats, really nice score.
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    That could be a good negotiating strategy though, get the seller to feel sympathetic!
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    That is a nice haul. I have to leave my wife when I go to look at anything used. Comments and the dagger stares are too much for my tired ole bones.
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    Maybe we`ll see a wheel horse with a flashing red light..
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    That really looks nice. The sun light does bring out the red.
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    Almost like simmering sauce at Grandma's all day Sunday! Gotta keep watch on it so it comes out just right!
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    I liked the sound . Music to lovers ears.
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    right now they are, stupid video. youtube......... we will get there eventually. Im making this look like I've never uploaded a video before......
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    Just booked. Days Inn Chambersburg. Intersection of 81 and 30. Lots of Eateries nearby.
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    It was tough figuring out if the glare was from the torch or your head... Just kidd'n
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    But...with them we do get some great tractor picts.
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    "Before and after" of my first and only restoration, a 1976 C-120.
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