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    The winter duty tractors had their normal maintenance this year. I even spent some time going over things AFTER procrastinating to have everything in working order so I didn't have to do anything when it gets cold. Well so much for that! We got a couple inches of snow, ice and a little rain mixed in last week but I wasn't worried. BUT, then found out quickly where the weak spots were on my equipment. First thing to go wrong was the belt shredded on the 2 stage blower. No big deal since I had a spare. After changing the belt, 30 seconds later the chain from the gear box to the shaft came off. ( this could've also been the cause for the belt shredding) The master link's clip must have came off because that's where it let go. No big deal I thought because the little 654 plow tractor was ready to go. At least that's what I thought until the battery died trying to start it. Engine starts right up within a few revolutions WHEN IT"S WARM OUT so I thought nothing about the battery condition. Turns out that battery is crap in the cold. So then I used a jump box to get her going and less then 2 minutes later, the spring for the lift handle button broke. So now it was a PITA because I had to hold the weight of the plow when needed, not to mention there's quite a bit of extra weight added on it. No big deal I thought since it wouldn't take too long to get it done anyway and then while pushing a heavy pile, it spun a rear tire off the rim bead. Tire must've had a slow leak and I didn't notice it was flat since these little tractors don't have enough weight to flatten the bottom of a 4 ply tire. Oh well, I'll just use the walk behind blower. Less then 2 minutes of using that, the cable for the auger engage handle broke! Did a quick temp fix with some wire just so I could finish up. Needless to say I must've looked like a monkey screwing a football out there! Kind of funny now but it wasn't while it was happening! Anyway, I had to spend the day out in the cold getting all my crap together even though we had spring like temps until last week. New #40 chain and new Kevlar belt for the 2 stage. Resurfaced the PTO bell and clutch plate while I was at it too. Sealed the beads on both rear tires, replaced the broken lift handle spring and a new battery for the 654. Ordered a new auger control cable for the Toro walk behind.
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    A little more progress today before having to go away. Maybe I can light er up soon if I get some more garage time.
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    so I finally figured out how to get pics from my phone to my puter to photobucket,so heres a few pics of my new to me 1976 c 160 8 speed.i got her in the early summer,left it at my friends for a few months,just too busy to even tinker with her until the holidays,so I finally got time to put a new battery,new fuel lines,spark plug,tranny flush,oil change,new head gasket so I decarboned her,rear axle seals,front tires and painted the front rims,replaced all the lighting system,even new sockets,shes painted black but its growing on me,i will restore her as she is in real nice shape,tight steering,all body panels are good,but that wont be for a few years,im happy to get this machine to go with my c 160 auto,which I might leave original,both tractors are mechanically perfect,every thing works as should,but the 8 speed will need to be red one day,heres the pics
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    Hi everyone! I have my grandfather's Wheel Horse from the early 1960s. We think it's a 702 (he put the 702 graphics on it as a best guess), but aren't really sure. It has a 7hp Kohler 161, 3-speed with reverse, and a round top. I am hoping to identify the true model and year. My husband, with the help of friends, got it running and refurbished as much as they knew as a gift to me for Christmas. I am hoping this knowledgeable group can help us the rest of the way. I can add more pictures. I just dont have them on me right now. Thank you in advance for any help you can give. Happy New Year! It has an electric start as well.
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    Well most of you guys prolly knows that my wife is a Jeweler and she makes a lot of real nice stuff to customer's.. and sometimes to me lol.. Here is what i got for Xmas in 2014. Over there you prolly call it "sterling silver" (925s) buckle that i have used alot. And in 2015 she gave me this.. Gold horse head as a pendant whit a black diamond in the center of the wheel with a gold necklace to
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    Sounds awesome... hopefully now, it won't snow the rest of the season.
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    kinda bored this evening and finally figured out how to get pics from my android phone so I thought id post a pic or 2 of thee weight rack I made,it slides into my homemade 2 inch receiver,these are weight machine plates from a closed down gym that we worked on,i wish I could have got more but I didn't want to be too greedy,i have about 10 more than in the pic,i like it because I can easily add or remove the whole unit in seconds
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    Thank you gentlemen for the dating the old Stallion. The old Horse we used mowin', pushing snow, plowing the earth. The Ms. did a lot of mowing when I was at work and the children were in school. The rear discharge mower made the Parker (or Jackson) sweeper's job easier. Nowadays the grandsons are infected with Horse disease. Can't keep 'em out of The Barn. The grandsons love snow. They have the Horse addiction real bad!
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    Not sure about the seat...I've seen pics of both 701 and 702's with both types of seats. Mike....
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    I have tears in my eyes from laughing. The Wrath of Ricardo Montalban, I mean Khan was just on TV the other afternoon. We watched it at camp while playing cards! Remember that my Mother's Horizon is driven at least twice a month and she has averaged about 500 miles a year in it since 1994 when my father passed away. Each year that mileage average goes down. Way down! I will do everything in my power to keep it passing inspections and road worthy for her. Even in a small car, all you see is the top of her head and 8 knuckles on the steering wheel when she is driving it! I wouldn't have it any other way! Oh and I know three of us lost years off our life rebuilding that damn carburetor! Thanks for the comments you guys! I know when she drives it to Walmart, people walk up to her in the parking lot and tell her how they used to own one. Or two! That was the only vehicle my father ever bought new. (And he was the head bodyman at a Chevy dealer). Go figure!
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    I agree that the footrests are what a 701 came with...but also the flat faced drivebelt guard is what a 701 used. The indent for the model# decal wasn't introduced till 1962. How about a pic of the engine? Does it have one belt from the starter/gen or two belts? Mike..........
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    I kept waiting for..."and after 2 minutes it was out of gas ".... Mike........
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    Better start working on the mower now!
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    With that kind of luck it's a good thing you didn't get the shovel out. Might of hit a seam in the driveway and hurt yourself where it really counts!!!!!
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    Jim, I have no idea. Probably about the same as MSU, which didn't amount to anything!! At least the Hawkeye's didn't get shut out!! As always, Go Hawkeyes!!!
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    New bucket is on its way to my shop!
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    Many moons ago, one of my 1st Horses. My son was perhaps 14 (?), he is 44 nowadays. Tractor was given to me by a friend, blown engine. The giver, laughed when he saw my "lawn tractor." Told me to learn 'bout real tractors. My sons and I love our Wheel Horses!
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    just thought id show the team for this year,we got hit with the storm Tuesday,as some guys posted it was the heaviest snow ive ever tried to throw or push,i have the plow and thrower on the 414 and c160 auto,both are very capable tractors but the slop was too much for them as I have a large area to clean,had to relieve them with my bobcat skid steer
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    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Here's a tip, if you haven't figured this out yet, use post-it notes around a wheel to keep paint off the tires. Simple, cheap, and a TON easier than using any type of expensive masking tape!! Some guys use 3x5 cards, but their expensive, and hard to reuse. You can get post-it pads 3/$1 at Dollar General, and one pad will do a couple small wheels, or one large wheel.
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    here is my 854 with a new addition HY-2 I restored it about 15 years ago and use it regularly around the yard I am new to this site and I want to say thanks to the members for helping me with this project.
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    You guys that stick with your spouse or partner through thick and thin have the utmost respect from me. I have never been through what some of you deal with on a daily basis, but i can tell you I love my wife very much and i hope and pray that i would always have enough guts and glory to be there for her if something ever did happen. I know that she would be there for me if it was reversed. I whole heartedly agree with Mike about the caring for in sickness and in health, its what we all signed up for when the vows were exchanged. Prayers go out to all of you........
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    That serial number fits right in with Gerry's collection...it is a 701...check this out. Personally, I still want to know about those drain and fill plugs on the trans...please. The fill plug is on the left side of the trans by the axle, the drain plug is on the bottom toward the back. Looking at the manual, it shows a square seat and cushion for the 701, and the round seat with 13 holes on the 401. Thinking you may have had a choice. I don't know. http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/files/file/5170-tractor-1961-serial-numbers/
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    Thank you everyone for your support , encouragement and prayers . We never know what life is going to bring us tomorrow. Richard pretty much describes my feelings about this in a very simple sentence "Many of us have been care givers and and know how frustrating it can be to do all that you can, knowing it will never be enough".
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    Good call Sparky, I saw the lack of indent on the guard...so we need some more pictures. One of the front axle, one of the engine and starter where the fan belts are. If you really want to go for it...to see if it is a 701 or a 702...check out the fill and drain plugs on the transmission. See if the are the same thread size or not. If one is a 1/4" pipe thread and the other is a 3/8", that is a 701 transmission (if original).......if they are both 3/8' pipe thread, that is a 702 transmission (if original). OH OH, look at that serial number...that is not from a 702. Check those trans plugs if you would, and pics of the front axle, and the fan belt thingy. That should do it. Hey sparky, did the 701 have the square seat pan??
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    I'm thinking like Steve. It is a 702. As he mentioned the footrests are 1961 but that was a common swap. The 701 didn't have slots in the hood. The 702 did as yours does but, of course the hoods are interchangable. The 63's still used the one piece tank but the front axle was different. We can't see that. That number would confirm things but if you have the correct front axle I'd say that's enough evidence.
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    Sorry to hear of your woes but momma told us there'd be days like this
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    What do you expect when your top pitchman talks funny and hangs around with a midget in a white suit!
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    It sure looks like a 702 to me. One piece gas tank, square seat pan, correct engine, gas cap, muffler, shifter all look right. The foot rests are not correct though, those are from a couple year earlier horse. The correct ones have a "D" shape. That is a very nice 702. The serial number would be on the top of the tower under the dash plate. Should be like 62-XXXX. Knurled. thumb screws (3) would be what fastens the hood to the tractor, if you are really looking for that Round Hood look. BTW...WELCOME TO RED SQUARE. This is a 502, but it is the best picture I had of the "D" foot rests...
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    I just had the mail man drop off my chains , I ordered them on Friday afternoon / evening wow talk about fast. They came in a priority mail box and inside that they are in a cotton bag. I thought I would show you a picture of the chain. Tomorrow I will put them on the horse. Today I had to change out a drive belt lots of fun with the blower cab on the tractor. The first photo is a little blurry but you can get the idea ok I suspect. They are very heavy and seem as well built as any chain I have ever used. Time will tell I guess.
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    Still looking good !!! Happy New Year
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    January 1 and I needed to swap the snowplow on two tractors. The 520xi was used last Winter (along with the 523Dxi and C-105) with the plow so I decided to use the 518xi this Winter. I hadn't used it since Fall 2014 after breaking my ankle last June. It amazed me that it just needed a little coaxing after sitting for a year to start. After changing the oil and filter, I ran around the yards to basically mulch the remaining leaves. Tomorrow I'll swap the deck for the plow. Who would think to do this on the First of the New Year!
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    You know what upset me more then any of the scores of the games?? The jerk from ESPN with the crew cut that came on after the MSU / Alabama game and just had to say how the black mark was on the Big Ten after that loss. These guys are so biased and full of BS it is not funny. They have been looking for a way to step on the Big Ten, the ACC, the Big 12 and the Pac 12 for a long time. I'm surprised they are not located in Mobile, Al. Sure, MSU got their clock cleaned...and everyone in the Big Ten will tell you that MSU may not have been the best team in the conference. I think Ohio St. is still the best team in the conference, and Alabama is lucky to have not had to play them. They did not show up for the game they needed to, and OSU payed the price. I still think the Big Ten is the best conference Top to Bottom...the Pac 12 and the SEC...would not want to live on the difference...and how about the ACC?? Good for them. Go Clemson. One more rant...........Brent Mussburger (sp) for the play by play for the Rose Bowl...OMG...I will be watching the Rose bowl game with the mute on. This guy is related to Joe buck.
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    My highschool girlfriends parents had a Horizon which I snickered at as it was never running properly. When asked "Well what kind of car do I have" I told them I drove a '76 vette. That kept them quiet for a few weeks until they saw the '76 Chevette. Thats when they began to like me!!!!! Lol
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    I hate to do it, but I'm afraid the time has come to sell my 1984 C-195. My Grandfather bought the tractor new in '84. After he died, my father had it for a bit, but really didn't care for it the way he should have. He eventually gave it to me and I did some minor repairs so it ran pretty well. I used it to plow and mow for a number of years. What's included: 1984 Wheel Horse C-195 black hood edition 19.5 hp twin Kohler engine 3 point hitch (NO rear PTO) 60" heavy plow 51" mower deck (That's without the guide chute attached; not sure if that's considered 60". ) 36" Snow thrower 60x30" wheel horse wagon original owners manual Wheel weights (Tires are also filled, gel I think) Chains on front tires and parts for chains on the rear (rear chains in picture are not available) An assortment of other part, including heavy bar for the snow thrower, a pull chair, spare oil filter, etc. The good: The tractor starts and runs well. It has some cosmetic issues but not what I would call damage. It's big, powerful, and a lot of fun. The bad: It does leak a little oil. It starts, but the current battery is undersized, so while it starts fine in the summer, I've been using my truck to start it in the winter. The easy solution is battery with more cold cranking Amps. The mower deck has been redone with some welding (heavy duty steel) where it rusted through. The center guide wheel it missing. The snow thrower works, but is currently missing a link on the chain, and the sprockets are worn. I moved a few years ago and now have less than an acre to mow. The house I bought came with a very new Cub Cadet and a Toro snow blower, so I haven't had much of a need for the Horse. I've been debating what to do with it for some time. It's a great machine, but needs some TLC, and it needs to come from someone who has more time to put it into it, more experience, more resources, and a better shop than I have. I think this is an ideal restoration project and that's what I would love to see happen to it. I really prefer to sell everything as a set. Please email me if you're interested with "C-195" in the subject line. I live in Upstate NY along the PA line.
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    You can get the manuals here for free. Check the manuals section on the bar towards the top. We're all here to help and not always right or agree but it's your very best source. We have a lot of fun helping folks though.
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    Looking for another photo, I found this one. It is the 417A right after I picked it up this past summer. The tractor had been stored for 13 years and that is the original fan.
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    the weight in the wheel is a real wheel weight,,not sure of the make though
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    Some of my personal stash, never fired yet.
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    Ya know, I was thinking the same thing. I want to "work it" for a season and see if she needs anything else before I do a once over (clean, paint, new decals, etc..) next winter. Right after picking up my Horse I found this Amerind-MacKissic 9-WH Shredder on Craigslist. What a Beast (Dangerous) They Honestly don't make machines or tools like they used to. Thank You people for all your help. Danny
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    Have seen serial 382387 on a K91 but don't know what the engine was on. --The serial here 329003 on the K90 is not that much earlier. ----A difference of 53384 Garry
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    I started buffing with white rouge, it's going to be very shiny
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    When I bought number 40# chain at the store 10 feet will do both wheels with a little left over.PS I tacked the master links just in case. And yes I melted down some lead in small bread pans and hooked it to the front end its 65#. Now looking back I should have poured the lead inside the rim then your NOT being hard on kingpin not the right word an axles. or grease every other time you plow like I do cuz that's a lot of weight on them things. This Is one thing you will never egret !!
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    Okay guys. Thanks for the input! Bypass the mechanical pump and go directly to the carb!! Thanks guys!!
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    Hey Doug, You probably also have the foot control for F/R motion to free up your right hand. I'm now working on a right knee pad control for the hyd lift to free up my left hand so I can dedicate it to donut and coffee control. Now if I could only find some snow to try it out on.
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    Ok just read the whole thread. ......they got their own Bro's club???? Blow Torch Square?? And some think we're nuts for collecting tractors? ?? I suppose to each his own!!
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    Makin some progress, got the frame welded, and the tie rods are layed out waiting for the welder to change the machine over ... different world between aluminum and stainless!! Hopefully tomorrow!!!
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    Lord, please continue to be with all care givers and bring extended family members and community support groups to their aid. Please be with the people who's lives have been turned upside down by illness and help them to be grateful for what they have and bring them comfort. Many of us have been care givers and and know how frustrating it can be to do all that you can, knowing it will never be enough. I will continue to pray for you.
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    Hi guys, thanks for the welcome, much appreciated. I currently own a b111 it's complete and running with good tinwork but I want to give it new paint. I recently acquired a 1991 312-8 complete with WH trailer, WH tiller, and mower deck all good condition. The 312 has just been stripped down for sandblasting and repainting and engine getting rings and gaskets as required. I will get some pics posted soon. My own background is steeped in agriculture working as a tractor driver when I was young then moving into agricultural engineering for the last 30 years . got a small collection of tractors and garden tractors and as I am semi retired I will not be idle. Jim.
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