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    Got a load going to Chicopee Ma so may as well go a little further. Found this on craigslist and caught up with Wallfish to drop a motor off to him as long as I was that far out Number 9 for C 195's
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    U.S.Army Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler records "Ballad of the Green Berets"
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    When I was about 12 years old I worked for a farmer putting up hay. He also grew sugar cane to make molasses to sell. I would help him and his son cut the cane with large Knives like machetes. ( back breaking work ) Then we loaded the cane on a farm wagon and hauled it to a molasses press that was sitting outside a shed covered with a tarp. The press had a long pole hooked to the top of it and was pulled by a mule. The mule had a shallow trench wore in the ground around the press where it walked.The juice from the cane ran down a sheet of copper into the shed to a large copper pot. That sit on an old wood stove. The juice was boiled to let the water evaporate. When the water was cooked off there was a thick liquid ( molasses ) that looked like motor oil that was poured into mason jars that he sold for $ 4.00 bucks each. My poor old back hurts just thinking about those days.
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    Then I looked at the map, and I am not supposed to get any.
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    I bought myself a red square hat for christmas, covers the gray AND the bald spot. I swear I look 2 years younger. Glenn
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    Not sure yet Didn't need another but the price was right. Won't part it either they go whole or they stay whole There a machine that either you like them or don't. And I'm to lazy to change attachments
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    Although I have temporarily shut down my vendor stores due to back surgery, I sell replacement brake linings. For RedSquare members they are $20.00 delivered. Just PM me if you are interested and I will get my wife to pack one up for you.
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    I haven't forgot about you guys! I promise. Been very busy with finals and school work. My overhaul class will start in January and I will start the tear down of the wheel horse and motor. Motor will be top priority, but while waiting on parts to ship I will do some work on the chassis. Still trying to find some smaller wheels for the rear. And hoping to find chrome rings for the piston also soon.
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    Thanks guys, yep I have complete rebuild kits available for these transmissions. If your interested in finding out more about them just send me a pm. These are pretty simple to go through just can take some patience at times.
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    Glad you got the job done safely. I hope no one takes this as a negative comment on this post, But I feel obligated say this is not an operation I would recommend for anyone that does not have experience in rigging and the operation of a mobile crane. In my 40+ years of manufacturing hydro turbines where lifts in excess of 200 ton were made routinely, I have seen some very nasty accidents and the operators were all trained, experienced, certified operators. Just sayin....s@@@ happens especially when chain saws and suspended loads are involved.
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    I think there is a molasses "farm" near Branson, MO....probably sold at Silver Dollar City....We've got a couple RS guys that live near there that "might" know about such a place....probably more knowledgeable about a "white lightin' still" than a "molasses farm" in hills of southern Missouri!!! I got to help a neighbor make molasses when I was about 12 years old....I got to operate the press that squeezed juice out the sugar cane!!! Definition of press operator:" drive a little tractor around in a circle that turned the press"....the tractor replaced the ole grey mule!....lol
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    My son purchased a house a back in July. Between work and helping him with some remodeling, etc it sure has take my up Horse time! There was a large Cedar Elm tree that had grown to the point that the trunk was actually rubbing the house. The tree trimming companies wanted +/- $2000 to remove it. So we rented a snorkel lift for $200 for the weekend (2 days). Since the tree was over the house we had to cut and lower it down piece by piece. It took us 2 full days and the lift sure was the worth every penny and was definitely the safe way to do it, (we only damaged 1 roof shingle! We saved the bottom trunk of the tree to dry and possible have sawn into a fireplace mantel .
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    I've got 2 commados one with a blade the other with a blower and all I can say is Let them sit Let them sit Let them sit
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    Went Skiing today at Smugglers Notch in Vermont. The only snow is a thin strip down the mountain. We need snow!!!!! The C165 has been sitting with the plow on and the C145 with the blower and cab for the last month and a half....
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    We had over 5 inches of rain in these parts with flash floods and road closures........What a screwy December. I need to buy a squeegee attachment for my 520H's and an extra pair of hip waders.
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    Thats somewhat bizarre that the seal would be missing. if you have the ball bearing you should be able to see the balls in the bearing if the seal is not ther, seal & ball bearing should look like this
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    The ball bearing seal is 1 5/8" OD and the roller bearing seal is 1" OD. Pull the drum and you'll see it.
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    Looks like a professional job to me. You guys could open up a part time tree service now.
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    Just visited the museum at Kitty Hawk this summer. Here are two of my grandsons flying with Orville.
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    I've officially gotten the heebie jeebies about trying to make sure the reservoir on my loader is clean and the valve and pump stay free of debris. I know these loaders came new without filtration measures. However, I'm pretty uneasy about running mine without any. I think I'm going to run a suction strainer at the bottom port of the reservoir upright. Strainers are often used in a suction application on hydraulics. That 80 mesh has 0.007" openings in it. Then, on the return line from the control valve to reservoir upright, I want to plumb in a spin on filter mount like this one: I'll need to weld a short length of channel to the inboard side of the reservoir upright so I can fasten that filter mount. Then I'll be able to run a short hose from the valve to the filter mount and another from the filter mount to the reservoir. The filter I plan on using is a 21 micron spin on with 3/4-16 npt threads. This is about the same specs as the factory Wheel Horse Toro hydro filter, although the factory one is 10 micron. Wix & Napa would be 51410 and 1410 respectively. All told, this adds another $68 to the build. That is, if I can get that filter mount that I've been watching on eBay for the low price I'm hoping for...
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    Not mule powered, but interesting.
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    You got that right AMC! Needless to say we started lifting smaller pieces and worked our way up learning what the lift could handle as we went along! Tying the pieces to the lift in a "balanced" fashion and having a tag line to minimize the swinging was also part of that lesson. When you made that last part of cut and the larger pieces separated from the tree you didn't want them swinging everywhere. On several of the larger pieces we made 3/4 of the cut from the lift with the chain saw, then took the lift above the piece the larger and tied it off and put a little "up" tension with the lift so we were "holding the piece up. Then we finished the last part of the cut with a long pole saw. What @ekennell says about the rigging is very true. Small world, I've spent 37 years maintaining and overhauling hydro turbines at our 6 dams. In the last 20 years we've done major rehab on all 13 turbines. Voith Hydro in York, Pa provided the new turbine runners and refurbished parts for us. I've been to York several times over the years. @ekennell do you happen to work for Voith, or American Hydro across town?
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    It's always interesting how the small question this thread started with dig up our old memories. So here's my "cane sorgum memory" ! As a teenage farm boy I hauled hay for small local farmers in the evenings after my day job (I grew up before round bales). There was a farmer that grew red cane sorghum. The first time I went to his field he has cut and baled everything but about 2 laps around the outside of the field. As we began hauling the baled hay, he cut these outer laps and then fired up the baler and baled it green and wet. ....what was this guy doing bailing it green and wet! Well that partial trailer load of green bales were really heavy to load and I,m sure my buddies and I complained a lot. They were the last load we took to the barn and he had us unload them outside next to an old press and immediately cut them open to "breathe" ...What was this old codger doing? Then he pulled out a quart mason jar of cane cider (white lighting) and my teenage mind understood perfectly. Wish I would have seen him make the cider, boy was it some hi-powered stuff!
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    It sounds to me like the brake linkage may need adjusted or the release spring replaced. It is very unusual for the brakes to grab so tight that it is sliding the wheels. No, The drum is probably not warped, but check to make sure it is smooth and not broken. A rough area or a piece missing could cause the brake to lock up. Oh , to and
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    6' of snow all at once would keep me inside till spring!
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    Better not snow. We're traveling to the Sabres game tomorrow!
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    You do know you can edit your post, right?
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    This is the motion control schematic. The knob for the parking brake is # 21.
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    This is the same anti-infection procedure Mrs. K used prior to her fusion of 3.4.and5 and it was 100% effective. Her surgeon wasn't quite as good of a machinist as yours though. One of the self tapping screws stripped out and he had to put another in beside it. Before the surgery, I asked him if he drilled and tapped for the screws. His comment was ,no, the screws are self drilling and tapping. I wonder if The Machinists Handbook should be one of the surgeons textbooks?
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    Since the picture links are dead & I'm not able to edit the original post. This is the Kolpin 3 point hitch mentioned above. I put it on my C85 for the winter. It sets in Scott's custom HD 2" receiver hitch, cat0, powered by a linear actuator, 2 wire hook up from the battery to a DPDT Momentary switch, that's mounted to a magnet so I can move the 3PH to different tractors or ATV's & down to the actuator. Yes it hangs out the back farther than a typical 3PH at the cost of portability. Pics....
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    Is that you Craig? Looks like it hurt....Ouch
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    Drove by a local mower shop and saw this trailer full of junk "Big Box" plastic tractors. Sadly many of these don't look all that old... So, we Love our older tractors cause ...Wheel Horse made them to last and Kohler keeps them shaking!.
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    Got the big ole u-bolts in the mail today. Went ahead and got the very ends of the subframe members drilled to accept them and then got the subframe officially mounted.
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    I'm not ashamed to admit that would scare the crap out of me, LOL. I have the same situation, many trees that are too close to the house to just drop them, and I am not planning to climb them and cut them down. I thought about a cherry picker, but one tall enough was about $900. Then again, paying someone would be a few thousand, I'm sure. But I am definitely not brave enough nor knowledgable enough to use the lift as a crane while I am on it. I had visions of the tree dropping, then the rope snapping and launching me into space like a slingshot.
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    I didn't know NJ had mountains! The brakes on a and many other garden tractors stop the transmission and the differential will make the tire with the least traction stop, could be what is happening. Sanding the pad on the brake band couldn't hurt. Good luck and let us know how you do.
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    I call my 657 a putter at the shows all day on less that a tank of gas.
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    Well....70 degrees today,,drug out the plow...lucky the weights and chains are mounted on extra wheels....i had to pull off the front weights to check the air...fixin that mistake...Flipped over the cutting edge,,,almost lost a plow....i will add material if i have time maybe next weekend.....Im showing you my rear axle with 2 inch spacers....with out them my chains were hitting my plow frame and wearing it thru..ouch...I do 5 driveways with this...i cannot believe the power a 2 cyl has,,,,this has never stopped.... My neighbors even stop by to see if it is feeling "good" this winter...2 winters ago i blew a head gasket,,,im not sure who was hurting more....them or the 857.... well next weekend 857 #4 comes out of the shed and gets its snow blower........2 hours,,,,,,do the weights ever feel lighter.?????
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    My wife is the greatest women in the world. Brought home a trailer load of wheel horses and she met me at the barn to unload and complimented every single purchase. So I added a 1257 an 856 and a charger 12. Also got a 32" snowblower a plow 18hp twin briggs and some new foot pegs for the suburban. They are all very well weathered but two run amazing. The charger 12 was bought as a parts tractor. Will get more pics when I get back home.not sure of the plan yet but i do know the 1257 is gonna get cleaned up to be my primary mower, pusher worker. Will be posting for a few parts so please look for that post.
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    Dec. 19 Air Force Reserve Celebration Bowl Alcorn State vs. North Carolina A&T Atlanta | Georgia Dome Noon on ABC Cure Bowl San Jose State vs. Georgia State Orlando | Orlando Citrus Bowl Noon on CBSSN Gildan New Mexico Bowl Arizona vs. New Mexico Albuquerque | University Stadium 2 p.m. on ESPN Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl BYU vs. Utah Las Vegas | Sam Boyd Stadium 3:30 p.m. on ABC Raycom Media Camellia Bowl Ohio vs. Appalachian State Montgomery, Alabama | Cramton Bowl 5:30 p.m. on ESPN R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl Arkansas State vs. Louisiana Tech New Orleans | Mercedes-Benz Superdome 9 p.m. on ESPN Dec. 21 Miami Beach Bowl Western Kentucky vs. South Florida Miami, Florida | Marlins Park 2:30 p.m. on ESPN Dec. 22 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Akron vs. Utah State Boise, Idaho | Albertsons Stadium 3:30 p.m. on ESPN Marmot Boca Raton Bowl Toledo vs. Temple Boca Raton, Florida | FAU Stadium 7 p.m. on ESPN Dec. 23 San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl Boise State vs. Northern Illinois San Diego | Qualcomm Stadium 4:30 p.m. on ESPN GoDaddy Bowl Georgia Southern vs. Bowling Green Mobile, Alabama | Ladd-Peebles Stadium 8 p.m. on ESPN Dec. 24 Popeyes Bahamas Bowl Middle Tennessee vs. Western Michigan Nassau, Bahamas | Robinson National Stadium Noon on ESPN Hawai'i Bowl San Diego State vs. Cincinnati Honolulu | Aloha Stadium 8 p.m. on ESPN Dec. 26 St. Petersburg Bowl Connecticut vs. Marshall St. Petersburg, Florida | Tropicana Field 11 a.m. on ESPN Hyundai Sun Bowl Miami vs. Washington State El Paso, Texas | Sun Bowl 2 p.m. on CBS Zaxby's Heart of Dallas Bowl Washington vs. Southern Miss Dallas | Cotton Bowl 2:20 p.m. on ESPN New Era Pinstripe Bowl Indiana vs. Duke Bronx, New York | Yankee Stadium 3:30 p.m. on ABC Camping World Independence Bowl Tulsa vs. Virginia Tech Shreveport, Louisiana | Independence Stadium 5:45 p.m. on ESPN Foster Farms Bowl UCLA vs. Nebraska Santa Clara, California | Levi's Stadium 9:15 p.m. on ESPN Dec. 28 Military Bowl presented By Northrop Grumman Pittsburgh vs. Navy Annapolis, Maryland | Jack Stephens Field at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium 2:30 p.m. on ESPN Quick Lane Bowl Central Michigan vs. Minnesota Detroit | Ford Field 5 p.m. on ESPN2 Dec. 29 Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl California vs. Air Force Ft. Worth, Texas | Amon G. Carter Stadium 2 p.m. on ESPN Russell Athletic Bowl North Carolina vs. Baylor Orlando | Orlando Citrus Bowl 5:30 p.m. on ESPN NOVA Home Loans Arizona Bowl Nevada vs. Colorado State Tucson, Arizona | Arizona Stadium 7:30 p.m. on Campus Insiders AdvoCare V100 Texas Bowl LSU vs. Texas Tech Houston | NRG Stadium 9 p.m. on ESPN Dec. 30 Birmingham Bowl Auburn vs. Memphis Birmingham, Alabama | Legion Field Noon on ESPN Belk Bowl NC State vs. Mississippi State Charlotte, N.C. | Bank of America Stadium 3:30 p.m. on ESPN Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl Texas A&M vs. Louisville Nashville | LP Field 7 p.m. on ESPN Holiday Bowl USC vs. Wisconsin San Diego | Qualcomm Stadium 10:30 p.m. on ESPN Dec. 31 Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Houston vs. Florida State Atlanta | Georgia Dome Noon on ESPN College Football Playoff Semifinal at the Capital One Orange Bowl No. 4 Oklahoma vs. No. 1 Clemson Miami Gardens, Florida | Sun Life Stadium 4 p.m. on ESPN College Football Playoff Semifinal at the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic No. 3 Michigan State vs. No. 2 Alabama Arlington, Texas | AT&T Stadium 8 p.m. on ESPN Jan. 1 Outback Bowl Northwestern vs. Tennessee Tampa | Raymond James Stadium Noon on ESPN2 Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl Michigan vs. Florida Orlando | Orlando Citrus Bowl 1 p.m. on ABC BattleFrog Fiesta Bowl Notre Dame vs. Ohio Glendale, Arizona | University of Phoenix Stadium 1 p.m. on ESPN Rose Bowl Game Presented by Northwestern Mutual: Stanford vs. Iowa Pasadena, California | Rose Bowl 5 p.m. on ESPN Allstate Sugar Bowl Oklahoma State vs. Ole Miss New Orleans | Mercedes-Benz Superdome 8:30 p.m. on ESPN Jan. 2 TaxSlayer Bowl Penn State vs. Georgia Jacksonville, Florida | EverBank Field Noon on ESPN AutoZone Liberty Bowl Kansas State vs. Arkansas Memphis | Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium 3:20 p.m. on ESPN Valero Alamo Bowl Oregon vs. TCU San Antonio, Texas | Alamodome 6:45 p.m. on ESPN Motel 6 Cactus Bowl West Virginia vs. Arizona State Phoenix | Chase Field 10:15 p.m. on ESPN
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    My mom worked for a farmer that made sorghum molasses when I was just 3 or 4 years old. I don't remember much, but I know it involves a bunch of huge vats of boiling sticky liquid, the perfect place for a 3 year old, LOL
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    Sad, but most likely true... When I recently had work done to my '82 Kohler I was told by numerous people - "not worth it...just get a cheap knock off and throw it out when it dies in a few years..." Pathetic! Needless to say, she runs and shakes like a champ!
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    Correct glue that will actually bond depends on the type of plastic. Good luck.
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    I hear that Will! The holidays and kids running around is exactly why I was avoiding a 7 hour round trip myself. If I can leave early and be back by lunchtime, that's not so bad.
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    OK, geez you guys are impatient!! Here's one of the steering axles, needle bearings under the king pins, and the wheel hubs, not shown here, are from go carts. The bolt pattern was mto small, so we welded them directly to the wheels. Sort of a cool rule in the weld shop, there's no such thing as "it doesn't fit!!" LOL
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    I replaced my 3/4" shaft with this 7/8" on an old C-Series snowthrower. http://www.princessauto.com/en/detail/7-8-in-x-3-ft-keyed-shaft/A-p8079741e The 94-7869 shows up as no longer available but if you keep digging it has likely been replaced by 94-7869-01 for $336.42 at Partstree. That is nuts. I also replaced the bearings with 4-bolt cast iron bearing assemblies and moved the shaft back so I could use a larger diameter driven pulley to slow the auger down. PA also has sprockets that can be welded to the hub of your choice to match the shaft and used a taper-lock pulley. All was purchased for less than Toro wanted for 2 bearings. Probably all made in China but has been good now for about 8 years. Garry
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