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    I think i can eventually handle most anything that the horses throw at me with a bit of research and some practice. I like to research some new part or area of work if I'm not completely familiar with it before diving in. I have the opinion that it doesn't matter who you are or what sort of education you have, with some self research or some 'training' from a buddy with some experience, that you can tackle most anything these horses can come up with....... BUT, my biggest strength is making even the most organized shop look like a cluttered mess and my biggest weakness is never being able to completely get it back in order. I think i could do better on having a little more patience when working on the horses though, to be completely honest. Just can't wait to get them back together and use them.
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    Check your breather to make sure it isn't plugged up
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    For the most part I'm able to do most of the work on my Horse's without help, or I'll make a phone call to someone who can explain it to me when I overthink things. I can repair a Kohler single, tear into a carb, work on the transmissions, do some light welding, handle my own wiring....but some things I still & will always struggle with. Painting & or body work. I've never been happy with any of my paint jobs, no I don't use a spray gun....just rattle can. Spray guns seem hopelessly complicated to me, mixing paint & or hardener. This may be more of a patience thing than ability. I've had my best results with Valspar IH Red in rattle can...but TSC no longer carries that brand. Points.....maybe it's my cave man sized hands & or my 47 year old eyes, but I really struggle adjusting points. They are in an awkward to get to place (when on the tractor) & always seem to be at the wrong gap after I snug them down. Why am I writing this? I know others in the hobby who find painting & points simple or enjoyable, but won't touch a Carter N carb or a transmission because they feel it's above there skill level & will be in over there heads if they try to do it. So I'm curious what you other Red Square members may struggle with, find easy & enjoyable to work on where another may not. Or any tips or tricks that can help others. My biggest tip, a clean tractor, clean work space & lot's of light always helps when making repairs.
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    Make notes and take pictures when you take the breather apart so you get it back together properly.
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    I need step by steps with a lot of pictures. After multiple times, I can usually then knock it out. Not a mechanic / machine shop guy, so I need someone else to put it together (i.e. WH at the plant), let me take it apart when it breaks, replace what needs to be replaced (with a clear part number), and then put it back together, step by step... Paint isn't my thing either but the more I do the more I realize most time needs to be spent on the non-paint steps - prep, prep, prep...
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    Had my 2 week follow-up today. Everything looks great according to my surgeon. Here's a picture of the hardware, which will be my entry into the Titanium Club.
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    I in my opinion can handle most anything with my Wheel Horse's. I enjoy rebuilding Kohler's and feel great excitement when I hear them run again. Also enjoy hours in front of the blast cabinet watching paint fly off. So most anything is enjoyable. I like to use them also, spent a lot of hours pulling a 1 bottom plow. My weakness if probably electrical, and anytime I get an empty spot in the garage another one follows me home(Got to save them).
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    I`ve always said I`m not a mechanic, I`m a parts changer. Not real good with the fine tuning. And painting is out of the question with adult ADD. Anything that takes that much time I loose interest in and am off to something else. I`ve got a lot of projects started and not finished. Just ask my insignificant other.
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    My biggest strength is I can fix anything. My weakest is selling off a horse after I fix it.
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    Very interesting points by all. I'm in the same boat. I don't like to be greasy and oily so motors and transmissions are a set aside and get my mind right projects. My problem is putting things back together the way they came apart. With the internet and the manuals available from this site along with all the great people with knowledge and willingness to share I feel that whatever may stump me along the way can be overcome. Of coarse my son who owns his own small engine repair shop bails me out plenty. Painting is my main weakness. I keep practicing to improve. The main tip I can offer from my experience is patience and lots of it. I was taught at a young age that shortcuts is a fast track to a bad end result.
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    I've seen Mapquest get carried away too. The best way to figure it out is take Mapquest and Google maps. Average it out. Then ask your Uncle Leo and an old guy at the barber shop. average them out. Add the 2 figures together. Find the square root of that number and there's your answer.
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    I'm a bluegrass musician but I don't play the fiddle. I have a fiddle and it stays under the bed, and my family is happy about that!
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    My 416-8 I believe has a Nelson / Nelsen muffler to, must check on that, chev just had one for sale in the classifieds a few weeks back. Speaking of the violin / fiddle. My wife has one in is case in her closet. Belive me, if it NEVER came out of the case for her to play for the rest of my life. I would die a happy man, she stinks playing it sooo baaad. Lol Glenn
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    I'm usually capable of doing all my own work. I enjoy painting and what I've done I usually get good results. With painting, it's all in the preparation which requires a lot of time and patience, shooting the gun/rattle can is the easy part. I agree with adjusting the points, the mufflers are in the way on my tractors, B,C series. Getting to the cover screws is the difficult part for me. When I put the B-100 back together this summer after PO did overhaul, I left the muffler loose until I was finished with all adjustments. Adjusting the points is kinda tricky. There is a little slot that you can stick a flat screwdriver in to make the adjustment, to move them in or out slightly after loosening the hold down screw. It takes some trial and error, that's for sure.
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    Yea, check the rear wheel hubs. I can see from your picture that the one on the left seems to have come loose and moved on the axle. Good chance a hub and key will fix that one.
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    Glad to hear you're doing good, Bob!..... What's the torque setting on those screws?
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    Love to see that mounted on the wall
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    Had some fun today... was able to gain access to one of the M60 main battle tanks we have on static display.
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    Russ, I am so sorry for your mishap. You are still capable of healing, and I pray that you will. You have been an inspiration to me and many others. Good luck and Godspeed.
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    Russ, although I never got the chance to have conversation with you, I learned early on you are one of the "Supporting Pillars" of this Wheel Horse collection hobby. You have probably forgotten more than many of us will ever know about Wheel Horses, and I say that with all due respect. I pray that time will take care of getting you back in the Wheel Horse saddle so to speak, and we will see you again at the Big Show in June 2016. I remember when my Dad at the age of 80 crashed his pickup truck head on into a tree and broke his neck. For the first week after doing so he was ready to give up but the old survival instict from WW2 kicked in and he was back driving and lived another 11 years. I hope we will be geting a good report from you soon Russ. Van
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    I too have ADD! The biggest problem I have is with M&M's I have such a hard time getting the peeling off!
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    Boston Tea Party Tax Revolt
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    This thread may help, I know it helped me (I believe your K301 has the same breather setup, check the service manual to make sure): http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/25963-kohler-k241-crankcase-breather/
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    I just thought that Redone may have wanted a nice condition original muffler for his B80. I guess I'll have to put more thought about what's in the background of my pictures.
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    Chris and my prayers with you Russ...the power of prayer is something else. Hope you will be OK.
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    Also sorry to hear about this, and thank you for letting use know, another good reason for each us to be a lot more careful all-the-time. At 72, I well know we have to carefully modify what and how we do things, so we can keep doing what we want to, in a safer and maybe slower way. Take care, keep thinking and planning ahead and remember that it is you who is in control of your recovery process . . . . Glen
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    I'm wondering did the Doc shoot all that hardware with a coat of Regal RED before he put it in??
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    Eventually, I get most any needed work done. My thought, "Hey, we're not making watches."
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    Many prayers for the best of healing for you Russ. It saddens me to hear this and to see you have to stop cold turkey., as I know this is not normally your style. You have done nothing but amaze me with your talents. I wish I had 1/2 your energy!! I do wish you well my friend. I have enjoyed all of our encounters.
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    Glad things are going well Bob. Got me beat, only four screws and a plate in my neck. Be two years come January. And Red Square really helped me pass the time.
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    M&M? I always thought they were W&Ws, must have had them upside down.
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    Like your wife, mine is a keeper as well. She's pushed a few horses on/off the trailer for me as well.
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    Thanks guys. I don't know that I'd call it learning by mistakes but, as I mentioned before, more like engineering on the go. I found it fascinating to see the progression and thought process from the engineers 50+ years ago at a relatively small company like Wheel Horse. I thunk they done good
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    John...Zag's wont be the same without having Russ there hitting the alarm or the remote start on his 1054 when some unsuspecting guy is crawling all over it! Lets hope he heals up enough to make a show this spring. Mike..........
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    I don't have the seat switches hooked up on mine so I removed the coil springs. I purchased new rubber bumpers though and installed rubber pads on the fender to protect the paint. This has been done to all of my 520's. Cleat
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    Praying for you Russ. Take your time and god bless. Jim.
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    I only start things I think I can't make any worse!
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    After looking on the internet for information on the New Holland GT-Series, the majority of used machines appear in the Midwest. I have always thought that the 5xi-Series were rather Regional in sales. With NH dealers being stronger in certain areas, it would be logical that the NH GT sales would be the same. I also think that with the PS being an option on the GT, it was more what the dealer ordered as opposed to the implication that it could be retrofitted by the dealer. I'm sure that it could be done but I have found my two without power steering to be certainly acceptable. Now with a two-stage blower on the front end - that might be a different story! Make sure that the tire pressures are 20 psi, not the usual 12 psi. Also if it were me, I would put the two-stage on your 522xi. Oh - and get some of this:
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    I use the "Battery Tender" brand. It won't give me a reading for volts unless I have it hooked up. I checked the volts on my car battery at 12.4 volts, and hooked up the tender. It then read 12.6 volts. Must be doing something. I have used it for years between 5 different batteries, and haven't had a problem yet. Would like to check it out the right way though. Maybe I'll get a cheappy HF one like in this thread and modify it correctly.
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    Prayers sent for a complete healing and recovery Russ. God Bless.
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    Best of luck, were all pulling for you.
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    You are in my thoughts and prayers - All the best.
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    Sorry to hear about your mishap keep your chin up Russ Jo and I will have you in our prayers Brian
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    Sorry to hear that. Keeping you in my thoughts
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    Elmer Pond and the Mrs. Out on an early prototype version of the RJ (Retirement Jr.)...
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    Sorry to read this post Russ. I had a similar thing happen to me- I know how you feel- Hang in there-maybe after you heal the situation will look a little different- Good Luck- Al
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    Oh Oh....here's another.... Giddy Yup Mertel....don't wanna be late to the Big Show...only got 500 miles to go....
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    Oh and ...Don't make me use this whip....
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