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    I want to share a story. A couple of weeks ago a fellow was looking for a WH part and I had what he needed. We agreed on a price shipped to his postal address. He sent the money a day before I sent the package. I don't think either one of us were worried about being ripped off. Well I received the payment and he received the part. After the buyer saw the cost of shipping, he sent me a PM stating he was going to send more money as the cost of shipping was more than that of the item he bought. I said that wasn't necessary, as we had agreed on the price and I was fine with it. A few days later I received another letter with some more money for the part. This transaction actually happened on another forum, but we both are here too. I just wanted to say how comfortable it is to deal with folks here (and some other places) because we share a common interest and feel a closeness to one another even if we have never met in person. A really big thank you to all my friends here at Red Square and another big thank you to the mods and folks that keep this forum up and running!
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    There in 702 AND A '67 Lawn Ranger. The 702 is going to be a donor and wind up as 'Lawn Art' in a flower garden. The Lawn Ranger is going to get a Predator engine and be a driver for my Grand Kids. I'll need to paint it but it is no too bad of shape. There are 2 K91's that I need to get running, one has no spark and other is ???, but turns. Also an HL-5 light set for my 854. Ted
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    I've been here for a few years now and consider all members good friends and I can honestly say I haven't heard of anyone getting ripped off by a fellow member , besides why would anyone want to rip off a fellow enthusiast.
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    The last thing I needed to do was swap out the oil in the walk-behind....so I figured I would get the "crew" together for a photo-op after the oil swap. Both tractors have 48" blades, the 314 has a standard 3 sector and the GT1600 has a 5 sector. It was kinda weird working on snow equipment in 55 degree weather! I suppose that's better than trying to get em prepped in 30 degree weather!! Mike.....
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    If it where not for the people here I would not have tried to get the d180 running. The information shared here is great
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    We have the very best... of our family here.
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    Just like Sparky just posted, the weather was great here today! I took the opportunity to clean up my mowing machines, put them back against the wall and move the snow removal machines to the front. I am a little more cramped than I would like to be for the winter so some will move out when a project is worked on and then moved back in at night. I didn't have to move everything out which was nice but had to reshuffle things so the recently acquired jet ski could be under cover. Thankfully it is only a single place trailer. Here are a few outside...... Now this seems to be the biggest problem for storage space, the toys! A couple of go carts, a kids 4 wheeler, and the jet ski. With a little Vaseline and an oversized shoe horn, everything is tucked in for a long winters nap..... Now this was the ultimate goal. To make sure I could get my Explorer in the other end of the barn so no scraping of windows this winter! Mission accomplished!!!
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    Yea, Red Square people are the best. I have received so much information from other members on how to fix different problems with my tractors. I appreciate it so much. I am proud to be a member and supporter on this forum.
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    Here's hoping... this was the last snow of the season.
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    Me and my son were bored today so we went and picked up this 633??? Has a Kohler motor and tool box in the battery tray its ruff but pretty cool
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    I suggest using a Battery Tender. It will keep your battery charged at 100% and your battery will last a lot longer.
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    I'll second that wholeheartedly
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    Collecting firewood in style.
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    And a 60" big screen, a couple arcade games, and a refrigerator! Lol!
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    I am saving so much money on good deals that I am almost going broke!!!!!! Made a good deal on this for the family today. Hoping to have this docked next to the recently acquired boat this next summer. Many fun times ahead for sure!
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    Quality Forums like this are few and far between. I belong to several Boating, Fishing and Hunting forums and can say this is the Crown Jewell. So much bickering and belittling on the others. Great bunch of People here!
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    the gastank looks like it has the little tank inside. I believe this was offered buy the dealer to combat the leaky two piece gastanks i've read about them but never seen one in person
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    50 years ago when I was told that, I suppose It didn't matter then either, But I always believed what my father told me. He was my hero back then and still is to this day.
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    Thanks for sharing your story with us all. I can only echo what everyone else has said about this forum and its members. One big family.
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    6 more hours until game time...GOOD GRIEF!! We are going to win it all in 2015/2016...National Champions and we will be undefeated. BRRLY...CHAMPIONSHIP GAME IS IN GLENDALE, ARIZONA JAN 11 WE ARE TAKING GOLF CLUBS DON'T WORRY, ROCK & RYE WILL IMPROVE YOUR GAME.
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    Nice find! I think you need a larger trailer!
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    If you want a fuel hose that will last with the E-85 fuel, Get the Marine plastic line that is designed to handle the alcohol. It is expensive($4/ft), but you only need a small amount at each end of the hard metal line for tank and engine connection.
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    Cole,,,,,,,this how it starts ,,,a few questions,,,,,,I am old,and new at this hobby,,,,,when i sit at the computer,I always walk away knowing more than before... Welcome to Red Square,,,,,,,,,,just remember this a hobby......NOT an addiction,,,,you wont need a bigger garage or another shed....a nice little hobby. Yep,,just a nice little hobby......and it always gonna be fun...... howard in VA,,,,
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    A member here name Hammerhead has this awesome army horse and he used copper hard line for the fuel if you want he has a thread about it just search army horse. I've been wanting to add hard line to my lawn ranger i think it will hold up better to the junk gas we have these days. I put all new rubber line on my sons lawn ranger last year and its already very hard and i used the good stuff and my suburban got all new line after i restored it a few years back and the line is toast on it too.
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    That brings back memories. I heated my house with a wood stove for over 30 years. Wood warms you 3 times. Once when you cut it, once when you split it and once when you burn it.
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    I got around to checking the charging system on the 88 520H I bought a while back. The gauge read in the yellow just under 12v and digital volt meter reading was 11.8v engine running at approx 3,000 RPM and 12.2v at battery engine off. I was headed to the computor to get some diagnostic info from our forum when I noticed the old voltage regulator from my 95 520 laying on the shelf. That was replaced because it overcharged my battery while it was still under warranty. I thought I would install it on the 88 to see if it would charge with that regulator and save me some steps in the diag. of the problem. Unplugged the three wires and removed the bolt holding it on and to my surprise it fell down into no mans land between the shroud and engine...... DUH. The fan forced air cools the regulator..... Swearing now, I went fishing for the dropped regulator and eventually pulled it out. Installed the other regulator and fired it up. After about 15 seconds the volt gauge on the tractor came up to 14v at 2000 rpm and went to 16+v at higher RPM. So for anyone who has never removed a voltage regulator from a 20 horse onan. HANG ON TO IT. And if you ever have a regulator you need to replace due to overcharging, HANG ON TO IT. They come in handy to diagnose the charging system.
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    My C 105 front blade would push that Kitty right into the back yard where it belongs... Here's hoping for deep snow and cold!!!
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    OK, inquiring minds want to know, what is the deal with the 702 grill?
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    You have a sofa and a recliner in your shop; too much!
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    Awesome! It was 75 the day I put the cab and blower on Ezra!
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    Sounds like the float setting could be a bit high or the needle is not seating completely. I could be wrong but IMHO there is no direct link between ignition problems and flooding after an extended run time. I'm sure some one will tell us why I am mistaken!
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    Nice score... what's going on with the front of that 702's hood?
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    Iowa definitely needs to bring their A game today. They also need a solid 4th quarter defense to put this one away! Go Hawkeyes! RMC
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    Great story. That's how it should happen.
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    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that. The kohler command is tipped back something between 5-10 degrees in the frame. In an effort to match that, during mock up, I scribed a few parallel lines on the pump carrier. You can see them in the photo below. With those to work off of, I crawled under the machine and held the pump and cross member (angle iron) in place and chose appropriate set back, elevation, and inclination of the angle iron, made a note of that and ran some beads. The pump shaft and the pto shaft are pretty darn close to parallel while mounted. The angle iron hangs a bit lower than the bottom of the pump carrier so that I can slide the pump up all way to slacken the belt and set it in the sheaves. Had I known that ahead of time I would have added and extra 1" or so to the bottom of the pump carrier side plates so that the angle iron bottom would have sat flush with the pump carrier side plate bottoms. Oh well. It's beefy as is and going nowhere.
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    I can't stop watching that hail Rodgers throw. It doesn't get old! The welding has sort of come together for me for sure. Last night I bumped the wire speed dial by accident down by 1/2 of one value and it is crazy how little change from the sweet spot affects how the weld goes down. The sound was all wrong and the arc kept fizzling out. It took me a minute to think to check the dials. But then it was back to normal, like squirting molten steel to the soundtrack of bacon and eggs crackling in a cast iron pan.
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    Very nice fabrication work and it was well laid out in your cad program too. McGyver would be proud of you !
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    Thanks Stevebo! I just called it quits in the shop, I got the pump carrier DONE. I've got nearly 1-3/4" of range on the adjuster slots, so I figure that should be plenty to slip a belt over the sheaves and then have it tight when adjusted down. I've got an old borderline mower belt I'm going to butcher in order to figure out what length belt I'll need to buy in order to run this pump off the PTO. PhoenixPulley.com should have a 6.5" pulley for about $20. That's the next item I'll have to shop for. I'm calling it a night. Photos of progress:
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    I have liiked at an H55 crank and I have looked at an H60 crank, unfortunately I havent looked at them side by side to compare them. I suspect that since the oiling system is so different, that the cranks wont interchange. The H55 probably has oil galleries to take oil to the rod. The H60 depends on an oil dipper to lubricate the rod. I do have an old photograph of an H60 and HH60 crank if its of any use to compare to the crank you have: Personally I wouldnt have a problem with drilling and tapping the end of the crank. Instead of using a bolt to secure the flywheel, you could loctite in a stud and put a nut and washer on that. I would probably make the effort to do it in a lathe or mill though, to ensure you get a nice straight, and true, hole and threads.
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    I like that, warm weather can't come soon enough!
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    oh when every body 's heard about the bird the guy singing looks a lot like a dutch comedian
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    I think it would work, but you almost need a section of rubber hose to connect the fuel tank fitting to the metal line. I would also recommend a short piece of rubber line at the fuel pump to take care of the engine vibration. Some of my engines already have copper lines between the fuel pump and carb.
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    Despite the fact that the engine and fuel tank "don't Move" I would recommend making a loop at each end to avoid work-hardening of the lines due to vibration.
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    I think he must use greener horse biscuits.lol
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    All of the decals are reproductions of the originals. One of our vendors Vinylguy, makes the decals. The center plate was originally silk screened, but Vinylguy makes a decal to cover it. You can see all of his product at redoyourhorse.com
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    We are glad to have some younger members like you Cole. Many of us are getting old and falling apart, so a new crop of horse tamers is always welcome to keep the hobby going. I have a Wheel Horse buddy who's grandson is named Cole. They restored a Charger 10 that they bought from me a couple of years ago. If you want to see pictures of what it can look like when it's done, just let me know and I will post them.
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