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    Well it took almost 3 years to get the trade deal done on this nice RS83 Ride Away Senior, but it finally came together this weekend! The deal of a lifetime was made on my 1980 Struck bull dozer with 3 nice attaching blades and a wad of cash and a last minute deal sealer, my favorite 1959 Copar Panzer thrown in on the deal! Me and my buddy Packrat loaded all this stuff up in record time and delivered to the Seniors resting location on Sunday afternoon. This Senior has been in dry storage most of it's life and in this storage unit for probably 10 years and hasn't been run. The motor appears to be rebuilt since I got an old piston and rod, gaskets, rings and other misc. parts in a box that came with it. I will have to take the hood off to see if the Wisconsin Id. label is still intact. It took about 8 hours to load the dozer, deliver it, move 2 tons (literally) of heavy iron garden tractor parts from behind the Senior to get it out of there, then reload all that stuff back into the guys storage unit, unload the dozer and Panzer and dozer parts, load the Senior and bring it back to my house! All well worth it but my back is fried this week! But hey, I got a Senior so it is worth all of the work it took! What ya'll think?
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    Went and seen Bowtieguy today and hauled home a 310-8,Lawn Ranger L-156 and a little Toro 770 the 310-8 will get fixed back up to be a worker and will hopefully find it a good home for it and the L-156 runs and drives has a little briggs on it also got a nice snow plow for it and the Toro 770 is just cool to look at.lol
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    Well Mike, here it is. Surgery went well. More reports later. Bob PS no pictures per your request.
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    We've had some pretty wet weather in the UK during the last few weeks. It's kinda almost winter, but at least we get time to clean up the leaves and fasten things down normally! heres a few pics and a video - I've been neglecting you guys of late with a lack of them yes a lot of water was thrown into the engine
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    Picked this one up from Dave68 from Il. Ordered new decals this morning . Might put a loader on it.
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    Found this on CL . It's a k91t with 3/4" shaft . The guy had in his basement for 30 years and decided it was time to let it go . He put gas in it and it started on the third pull . Only thing missing is the recoil . Now if I can't fix the one that's on my RJ ,I at least have a kohler to shake it .
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    Well I have been getting all the parts together to be able to use the wheel horse for snow plowing this winter. Well we got our 1st snow yesterday and over night up here in South Dakota. Think we got close to 10" of heavy wet snow. I was nervous as I have two untested tractors for snow duty and was just crossing my finger they were going to work. That old 1267 is just a monster with that snow blower. I plowed into a windrow as much as I could with the 918 and then hit the windrows with the Horse. snow higher than the front of the blower, just kept on walking. I have about 800 feet or so of drive and only clogged in up twice, and that is because I was trying different high / low and gear selections to see what worked best. For being my 1st Wheel Horse and 1st time doing a real job with her, I have to say I really like it. I just wished it had power lift for that heavy blower. I was so happy to try it, I forgot to take video or pictures. next time.
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    Good to hear, Bob. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that tasteful photos of cute nurses are probably OK.
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    It has been almost a year now and I've been remiss with the updates. The transmission is back together... Along with the rest of the sheet metal... Just a few minor parts to go including Terry's decals.... A new set of Carlisle's ... A year or so later the old girl is back on her feet.... The heat shield and belt guard held things up a bit but it finally came together.
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    The professionally printed calendars are ready to be printed. On the top bar of the forum click on the 2016 Calendar and the paypal button should be there. If you don't do paypal PM me and I will respond on where to mail the payment too. For international shipping and pricing PM me also. CUT OFF DATE TO ORDER IS DEC 16 8:00 P.M. ! ( I want these out for Christmas! )
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    Been a long time since I got to work on this Ole girl. To many irons in the fire. Its Kohler time, or is that "Miller Time", but I got the engine tore down and decreased. Has a nice .002" groove in the jug from a broken top ring so its off to the machine shop soon. I will rebuild this in the Man Cave where there is some heat!
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    Excellent news Bob. Here is to fruit and good pain drugs. Too bad Tela-Tubbies aren't on anymore...they are excellent when you are taking Narcos.
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    This is what I am using, it is a 24" led light bar, has spot lights and flood lights. Also flashing leds with three programs.
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    If the axle is turning inside the hub, then you are probably not going to need a hub puller, it'll be plenty loose enough. As for the stuck on rim - once the tractor is mobile again, loosen the lug nuts and drive the tractor in a circle. The wheel normally breaks loose.
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    I took that picture from a cab found by john, shallowatersailor. Man o man, we have to find that bad A$$ cab. Is that sweet or what? I think John found it by googling in Europe. That cab is the cats meow. Glenn
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    Hello , I just bought my first toro a 97 312-8. I posted on a few Facebook pages trying to get a value before buying but had no luck. I got a snowthrower,rear weights,cart and tire chains. Here is a list of known problems. Choke cable stuck. I have to pull the clutch pedal back to get moving. One blade hub is bad and has been cutting with only two blades. Motor mount bolts loosened up. Missing an adjustment bolt from deck arm to rear deck wheels (metal wire replacing it) I believe Thats it I paid 100.00.
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    Most definitely......... If you didn't put the assist spring on it you should try one.
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    Radials! That's a hot rod Senior! What's your plans for it? By the way, I'd take that over the dozer on any day. Well, unless I had to bulldoze a pile of dirt or something.
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    I'll throw a buck in if Glenn throws in two bucks in my get a cab fund!
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    If you have a good vice available you can clamp the eye in it and pry it open, or it could be opened by driving a chisel into the gap. If the new eye bolt is an inch or two longer you could make up the length adjustment with the two nuts, you will also have to open the eye on the new one to put it on the chain; then squeeze it closed.
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    When I saw the title I figured you had become old enough for AARP or Social Security! That is one amazing looking Senior, well worth the effort and has gone to a good home. Looked at your profile and am amazed at your collection. Would love to see a family picture of the whole herd. Congratulations.
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    "old timers" are the worst for trickle charging if left connected for days on end - they will dry out electrolyte slowly but surely. the issue is that "trickle charge" is not governed by any industry standards. no regulated max voltage or max current specs - its all loosey goosey with old timer trickle chargers 2 amp trickle charger suggests that if a battery with less than 100% charge is connected to the charger, the physical properties of the transformer and rectifier in the charger will limit the amperage to the battery top around 2 amps. if the trickle charger has a max output voltage of 12.6 to 13 volts, yes, you could leave the charger connected forever without any real battery damage. if the trickle charger has a maximum voltage out of 14.x to 15 volts, the charger will very slowly break down the electrolyte into oxygen and hydrogen gasses and leave sulfur behind. this will slowly destroy a battery being trickle charged. which one do you have? find out by measuring the battery dc voltage with the trickle charger in place. any voltage above 13.5ish I would say eats away at the battery. consider a trickle charger to be a low power e-tank - always eating away at something - slowly - but always. This is a significant issue with computer UPS backup batteries we used to investigate for medical equipment power backups. to combat the overcharging trickle charger issue, companies have introduced "float chargers". These chargers have their output voltages capped to just slightly over the voltage of a fully charged battery. float chargers are not technically "chargers" as they produce very little current - usually less than 1 amp their purpose is to "maintain" the same voltage as a fully charged battery and if the battery self discharges a few fractions of an amp per day, the float maintainer puts that super small amount of energy back into the battery very slowly - the battery "floats" right at its full charge voltage and no more. no harm is done to the battery lots of areas to consider in buying a charger you have to understand bulk charge absorption charge trickle charge float charge equalization charging can make your head spin around when you consider everything that has to work in sync when all you want to do is start up a tractor!
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    Yea, great deal. Welcome to Red Square. Just what we need, another horse thief. LOL
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    Bob,,,,,,,coming from a guy that can not keep a wheel on,,,(me),,,,i was the one coming to you...ace bandage on your ankle,,,(( and i know it hurt)) you helped me.. When in a group,,,, discussions of a bench mark by which our machines were judged...perfect or pristine were not the words...But rather a Bob Maynard machine.... We want to see you on your feet,,,,,or one of our machines,,,,and you don"t need to bring a machine next year....you will have your choice of 700 tractors to pick from...We all talked,,,,,,you just point and ride...but do bring that favorite lawn chair... Life can deal some of its own cards..... surgery check.....Bob,,,alot of good Mates !!!! ,,,,,,,,,,,We wish the best,,,,and will pray for the same..
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    $100 and missing all those parts??!! Shoulda offered $50. Seriously, I think that goes down as the best deal I've seen short of free. $
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    I hear and appreciate your point. counterpoint (from a guy who values time more than money) $27 / 200CCA = 13 cents per CCA - it will die at an inconvenient time $50 / 420CCA = 12 cents per CCA -it will also die the same inconvenient death - just at a later date. So if we factor out the cost and both will die the same type of death, we are left with "inconvenience factor". This is fully within the operator's (your) control. Load test the battery before winter. Keep the tractor in good running condition so you don't have to crank the engine for several minutes until the battery depletes. Winter is here. Just watch as the electrical section fills up with with slow crank, no start, clickety clickety solenoid, ignition connector wiring and dirty points issues. I view batteries like I view snow tires. I'm not looking to squeeze the last drop of life out of either one. I monitor their condition and performance and proactively replace them before they put the operator in an inconvenient or dangerous situation. and if you don't see the charge rate decreasing over the hours, the battery is not absorbing the charge current and chemically converting it to stored charge. the battery is probably getting very warm as the charger current is being dissipated as heat. heated electrolyte evaporates, killing the battery even further. never leave an "old school" type charger connected to a battery for more than 10 -12 hours.
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    Got the twins ready for the snow, but where is it?
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    Here is my new amber LED light bar that was on sale during this year's Black Friday. It is just resting on the roof as I have yet to re-install the cab for the season. My plan is to get it installed and, if the weather cooperates (mid 50s next week), paint the roof red for this year. That way I can strip everything off as it is much easier to work on not installed on the tractor. My front LED floods were bought before the influx of less expensive LED lights. I actually had purchased one of them a few years ago and used it with a magnetic mount on the rear of a tractor. After I got the cab, I decided to use it and bought the matching one for the front. The rear is the same as what Fun Engineer used.
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    When I saw senior I grabbed my social security card. Best of luck, nice score. Glenn
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    AWESOME!!! glad you finally got it that is the ultimate tractor to a Wheel Horse collector, the beginning. congrats!!!
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    Just thought I would pass on this info I am redoing the 607 that I have the dash needed a new decal from Terry. I noticed that one of the plug button was very rusty. I went to three hardware stores with no luck every one said ohh we don`t sell those anymore.. So you could not see it on brushed aluminum any way if new. So I painted it black. Good enough. I cut between the black and silver this is the best dash that I have done to date. Trying to do it in one shot is hard to line up and you get bubbles because of the one piece. I have done many of these. Also I have the deck on the old 1965 Springfield. Boy it makes you appreciate how well W/Horse is built compared to this tractor. Hope you enjoy the picks. Enjoy the ride. Gary B....
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    Thanks and Yes they are Terry's decals. Every little part was taken apart on the decks right down to every little bearing and seal. New bearings, seals, hardware, wheels, blades, pulleys, some NOS gears, belts, bushings, and that deck right there is a NOS deck housing I found at the spring Mentone swap meet this year. So pretty much a new deck again.
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    I we get older, we forget things. I have resorted to color coding. On my manual lift tractor, there is a splash of white paint around the top hole. On the hydros the splash of paint is around the middle hole. Works every time!
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    WOW!!! Don't know all that much about seniors, but that one looks to be in really nice condition. Quite the investment, and nice score. Do your best to rest up your back before going bonkers on it.
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    So my son and I got the new 702 running yesterday and took her out for a ride. She's got a late model 5HP and funky pulley sizing. Runs a bit faster than stock. 1st is like 2nd would normally be and 2nd like 3rd. 3rd kind of like an overdrive. My son took her out first, looking back probably not the best idea. He took her around the yard running her paces without much trouble. Came back around and said, "she runs a bit fast". I'm thinking cool, my turn. I hop on and take off in first at low throttle. Ok, good. Stop and shift into 2nd. Ride about 30 feet. ok enough of that. Stop and shift into third and take off about 1/4 throttle. She immediately rears up and takes off. Here I am riding a wheelie across the driveway holding on for dear life. I lean forward and hit the clutch and she calms down...lands on all four and I catch my breath. I can hear my son laughing over the sound of the engine. So now I'm off the paved driveway and in the grass. Still in third and 1/4 throttle, I slowly let out the clutch and damn if she don't do it again. This time, I can't save it. I pull myself forward by the steering wheel and try to hit the brake, but it's too late. As I pull myself forward, the steering wheel shaft pops out of the gear under the hood and the entire shaft and wheel slide up toward me. The tractor stands on end and I slide off the back on my ass. Luckily I was on the soft wet sod. The tractor is in front of me standing on end still running. Rear hitch stuck in the mud, tires spinning and digging holes in the yard. What I learned from this....Make sure steering shafts are correctly fixed on new buys before riding. Careful riding WH tractors with goofy pulley diameters. Never allow your teenage kid to take the first ride on a new old tractor. Wear a pillow strapped to your back next time. OH, and thank God for rear hitches or she would have been on top of me. I'm not sure if it's the pulley sizing or the rear duals, but this thing is just dangerous. Question for those of you with duals, do the duals make the tractor drive that much different? Even in first, if not careful, this thing is a wheel stander. I'm sure putting the heavy Kohler back on will help, but man!
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    You sure that was not just a down payment? lol You can become a lifetime supporter with the savings on that deal!
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    I think I was happy when I knew nothing. Now I`m really confused.
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    Allen, welcome to the best place around, red square. Cant wait to see what you rustle up.. Glenn
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    Spending four months in U of M hospital with a c3 c4 fusion after 25 mph car accident . Having no movement from neck down to what I know 5 years later . One thing I've learned , is do what your thereipest ask you to do and push yourself ! My prayers go out to you and your family . Good luck and hope to see you in PA.
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    I run AG's in snow, mud, and up hill. Never stuck. Not once. Great, now that I said that I'll be digging myself out
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    Glade to hear it went well. Now focus on what needs to be done to recover!!!
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    Unfortunately winter is here! We haven't seen our first measurable snow fall in eastern central WI but it will be soon I'm sure. Last Saturday my dad and friend came over and helped me set the D up for snow removal duties... what a heavy duty beast! I'm looking forward to seeing how this will handle snow. Now for the question--what kinds of cabs are available for the xi tractors? Did anyone make a complete hard cab for these models?
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    Glenn..... We gotta get that problem taken care of. I pledge One Dollar to the Let's Get Glenn A Cab Fund........ Anyone else?
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    The floating ball hydrometer doesn't inspire confidence. You could buy them for 99 cents way back when and and I can't imagine they are any more reliable now after 40 years as they were when they were new. Hydrometers with a glass float tend to be the most accurate consumer level product. Hydrometers are THE most accurate way of checking a lead acid battery state of charge. Again, 12.4 volts is only about 80 % charged. This does not mean the battery has any real CAPACITY left, it just suggests the remaining viable plate area in the cells is at an 80% charge. A LOAD TEST will tell you if your battery has sufficient CAPACITY to make it through the winter. Voltage is not a good indicator or battery CAPACITY. The 0.5 amp indication issue - when you switched the charger to the trickle setting, the internal wiring of the battery charger applies a lower voltage to the battery. The trickle setting voltage output may be around 12+ volts where as the 10 amp setting may be around 15 volts. A lower output voltage from the charger can no longer force a higher current thru the battery so the charger ammeter reads a much lower reading. What you see is normal action from an old school charger. If you had access to a 200 amp starter/ charger, setting the charger to the 200 amp position would raise the charger voltage to over 20 volts! This higher voltage force 20+ amps thru the battery would take the electrolyte in a small battery to the boiling point very quickly. Plates would heat up in the battery and plates would warp, shorting out plates and maybe even several cells within the battery. Battery Voodoo - once a battery is overcharged, lead flecks are ejected from the plates and settle into the bottom of the battery case. This lead never returns to the plates and is CAPACITY is permanently lost in the battery. Severely discharging a battery below 10 volts causes the lead paste on the plates to loosen from the support grids and this also permanently removes CAPACITY from the battery. Constant overcharging boils off electrolyte and exposes the lead paste and grids to air. Sulfur ions in the sulfuric acid leave the acid and become a crystallized solid on the lead paste. The sulfur crystals are not able to return to the electrolyte and redissolve to return the sulfuric acid to its original specific gravity. A loss in specific gravity results in a permanent loss in chemical activity in the battery - you loose CAPACITY in the battery. If you let the battery self discharge in the winter months, the electrolyte deposits sulfur on the lead plates. The electrolyte becomes more like water than sulfuric acid and the water can freeze on cold nights. Freezing the electrolyte warps the grid plates that contain the lead paste. If the plates are broken and large chucks of conductive plate bridge between plates in a cell, you short out a cell and now have a 10 volt battery at best - permanently. A lot of failure modes are possible - and each mode has the word PERMANENT attached to it. Sorry about the length of the post but I used to spec and torture test battery performance for medical devices. Amazing what can be learned from the manufacturer's reps when you pump a few beers into them.
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    So the 854 is the PONY EXPRESS Outstanding.
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    Just got the 854, she'll be used for getting the mail. With a quarter mile driveway, who wants to walk when you can ride in style.
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    It's not the duallys, you just need a tombstone up front.
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