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    It's #143 I do not have the plate. The woman who owned it kept the plate when Thad bought it. I think she worked for a wheel horse dealer and ordered it for her husband. He passed away a long time ago and it sat unused. It has 387 hours on a working meter. It was a 1000 mile round trip. I thought it was worth it. It's really hard to find low hour Wheel Horse tractors in Wisconsin. I drove it maybe 5 minutes. I really want to service it first. I have a few questions. What air filter and oil filter would it take. The air filter looks like one that would be used on a 16 horse kohler. The engine is model M20QS, I didn't get a manual with it. The question about the seat. Which one? The 420LSE or the 520H? I was going to have a new owners plate made for the 420LSE. Would someone that owns one post a picture of the plate? It's in good shape. It's going to need some detailing and a little sanding and paint touch up in a few spots. The 520H feels like a brand new tractor. Everything is tight. It's really clean too!!
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    I have a GT1848 and it's been a great machine. I really like the smooth running Briggs. As you get some time with that hydro you will be hooked. The hydraulic lift with a snowblower on it is awesome. Like others have said if you have the room it would be nice to have both. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
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    Keep both, but from what I can see from posts on this forum in the short time I've been a member, these WH's have a tendency to reproduce like rabbits...Maybe separate stables...
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    I never thought I would get one of these! Also bought a 520H with 91 hours!
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    There are SO many reasons this time of year is special. It's the time to transition from Summer Wheel Horses to Winter Duty. It is also the time when 2 major forum events happened. November 14, 2006 - RedSquare was started by whchris on a free service called Forumer, anyone remember whforum.15.forumer.com October 31, 2011 - We abruptly moved from Forumer to our current home. I often go back and look at the posts from those times and while RedSquare is so different today then it was then, there are STILL many of the same people here who helped make this what it is today. So at this important time of the year, as you get your machines ready for the new season, Thank You for being a member of RedSquare, it's been a heck of a ride and still going!
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    I spent the day working out the 3 point hitch and putting finishing touches on the hydraulics. Hope to have that accomplished this weekend. Will post pics at that point. My other stallions(C161 & GT14# 2) were feeling neglected so I took some time to run them around on beautiful fall day a bit and de carbon the GT14. The C161 is in queue for restore. Gotta finish the current project, rebuild a 48 inch deck, and then will start the C161.
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    Thanks Karl & Staff you guys do a great Job, I think I joined in the spring of 2008 # two hundred and something. I remember the Ole Days does that make me an Ole Timer? Bob hope yer back mends quickly. ~Duke
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    I remember switching from the Yahoo groups to Red Square! It was like instant gratification, if you know what I mean! LOL!!!
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    Hello, I just bought my first Wheel Horse this past weekend. My brother-in-law new i needed a mower and found it through a friend. He educated me a little on Wheel Horses and told me this was a good buy. I paid 500 for the tractor and it also came with a trailer and a bagging system. I've got to go back and get the bagger this weekend. I'm starting to research my Horse to find out all i can. I know this is the '89 model. I'm looking for advice on maintaining and a little restoration. This thing has been sitting in a garage for two years. It started right up and ran for a while, but then shut off. I drained the gas and i'm gonna replace the fuel filter. It ran great before it shut off, no smoke, no noises, blades engaged and ran fine. I'm excited about this tractor and i'm looking forward to learning all i can about it.
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    This has been a long time coming, but I think with snow season close...I will be loving this new driveway. I got to use the horses a little...like getting all the plants off the concrete, getting out the edging, and taking up the patio blocks. Time to rip it all up. Freddie Time for gravel. They let me try spreading with the horse when they took a break. It would have taken a lot longer. They start them out young. We had home made Tamales for lunch one day. They were fantastic. :) Time for the concrete. Finished and landscaped Put the patio back in and start unloading all the plants. Thanks for looking...19 yards of concrete. I can't wait to move snow off of it this year. We probably will not get any.
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    Bob, the forum will help pass the time. I found that out this Summer with all of the interesting questions by members and then having the time to research an answer (opinion??? ) for a reply.
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    Got to go with the 416-8. Love the older Kohlers.
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    I have two of each (hydro/manual). They all have specific assignments, but here is my experience. If you want to do something fast (mowing or spreading fertilizer) and still have a quality job, hydro is the way to go If you are tilling-8 speed (as the tiller will actually push a hydro machine) Snowblowing-either one will work just fine as you are not going fast anyway FEL-hydro Snow plow-only have experienice with 8 speed and I gave up the plow when I got the blowers
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    Thought I'd throw this up for ya Steve. You know what they say, third time's a charm.
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    Well I bought it. Ill post pics tomorrow. The hydro is very strong. Very fast forward but slow in reverse I think the lever needs to be adjusted. The tractor frame is in great shape. The loader has one very poorly welded bracket no stress cracks though (Ill fix it eventually). It can lift a lot of weight. lifted me and 3 ret wall blocks at around 450lb with ease (however with the soft front tires very hard to turn with that much weight ad soft tires). It doesn't look nearly as good as Elliot's.
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    Sure would be nice to, we got the space just scheduling and my parents approval I suppose. Maybe a member not to far away will have an actual tractor play ground or various tasks to do.... sure would be cool to get our tractors together at some point.
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    Thanks for the comments. AMC thank you for the pic!! I got it serviced. I drove it around a little.. It seems to have more top end than the 520H. I never owned a kohler twin before. It seems to run really smooth. It also revs up and down slower than the onans. I noticed it next to impossible to grease the steering rod. Where it goes into the fan gear.
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    IMHO - if you can find a Kohler Magnum powered 416-8, you've got a sweet tractor.
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    I have a 522xi with loader and 1100 hours. Runs like a champ. I can only imagine it'd be a beast with a mower deck. By far the best built tractor to ever wear the WH badge. Also have a 314h I use for mowing, 2 stage sno blowing, road grading and anything else you can imagine. With RS member Matts foot pedal kit I love this tractor. Without that kit I'd prefer an 8 speed. Had 8 speeds and love em. They just can't compete with a hydro mowing and blowing snow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bert do a search for starter gen manual. I think it was mikesrj has a post to a manual. Page 7.1 I think. Good info to help trouble shoot and repair. Offer still stands, I will help all I can.
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    My mowing requires a lot of trimming including around about 30 trees that have some raised surface roots. The hydro speed control and the hydro lift really work well in this type of mowing. Mowing a large unobstructed lawn with less turning and trimming, a manual or hydro would work equally well. Tilling and turning plow in dirt, 8 speed manual is a given. Snow blowing and snow plowing, Hydro with foot control is a must. After using a hydro, I would never consider manually lifting a plow or blower again.
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    Def ok, The regulator is designed to run about +10-20% over nominal battery voltage for proper charging and electrical system supply; it will probably "settle" a bit over the next few days to 13.5-14.2V. Sounds like it's fixed!
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    It really comes down to the engine as others have said. Kohler K-series, Magnum, Command, or Onan. If you strip the sheet metal off you'll find the same basic tractor. As the years progressed you'll find more little trinkets on them intended to protect those who change fan belts with the motor running so they are a bit more complex with more to go wrong. That being said, I'm old school and my preference would be the C-Series with a K but that doesn't necessarily make them 'better'.
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    On my 5xi snowplow, the wear strip is three inches high. I have experimented with two different edges for use on asphalt and concrete. The first, I got a 1/2" thick horse stall mat from TSC and cut a strip that was 48" x 4". For the second version, I used a UHMW 48" x 4" x 1/2" strip. Both worked well without leaving marks that the steel edge does, and didn't wear down. The advantage to the UHMW was that I could still use it on dirt. I do five neighbors driveways non gratis so I don't want them complaining that I scratched their drive. Rubber Edge UHMW Edge
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    Don't drink... and drive that one.
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    I would stack my 522xi up against most, its a pure brute. Eaton 1100 hi low range hydro, foot pedal control, and power steering. Its up to the task. Glenn
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    Guys, I appreciate all the helpful tips and advice, and I think I have finally gotten the Onan a bit happy again. I was able to run those jet cleaner wires through the main jet a bit earlier today as suggested, and quite a bit of gunk came out. I actually went ahead and flushed the fuel line from the carb inlet to the tank, and thoroughly drained the tank and "sponged" it out a bit. Installed yet another fuel filter and wham...just as Nylon said...that fixed me right up. I guess carb cleaner didn't clear it completely the first time, but the wires surely did. Thanks JackC for the awesome fuel analysis and explanation, and thanks to everyone for your timely response to this issue. I sincerely appreciate all of you taking time to both reply and educate me on taking care of my 520 issues. I feel much more confident in taking care of the issue if or when it arises. Thanks again, and have a great evening!
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    The D series seem to be maintenance needy but perhaps that's just from my perspective. I almost went the same route. i got to same point frustration wise. It came down to a complete ground up restore or 1500-2k on a low hour machine. I ended des up going restore route. But after I started restore I saw several on classifieds in the 3-500 hour hour range machines. Almost went both:-)
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    been here a while,i do remember the orig format,and the big crash,but here we are and we need to thank all the people who keep the square running,thanks guys ,u guys are A1
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    A WH hydro like the 520-H, 516-H or an Xi Wheelhorse with a minimum 48" deck. These will also blow snow very well.
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    Used an 1 7/8" soft plug polished up
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    I've been here since November 14, 2006 when Chris (whchris) called me and asked me to join his fledgling website. Karl is right when he says its been a heck of a ride! We have weathered a few snags like almost loosing the whole site, been threatened legal action by a few disgruntled past members, (I think one even informed one of our Moderators that they were gonna get an azz-kicking!). But all of us that run the site have followed a strict set of rules that we established and revisit from time to time and I think we have a very tightly run forum that anyone of any age or gender can feel comfortable visiting and participating in. This place is a great success!! Mike...........
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    So, battery checks out, cold and running. Cleaned up the Voltage regulator and the ground around it--no change. The new voltage regulator is in, and now it is at 15 volts, which I THINK is OK
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    You hit the Wheel Horse Jack Pot with that pair. Congrats. " It seems to have more top end than the 520H. I never owned a kohler twin before. It seems to run really smooth. It also revs up and down slower than the onans." I believe the top end on the 420LSE is 7.0mph (same as the 418A?)and the 520H is only 5.6mph depending on the year. How about a race against my 520HC and winner take all? My HC will blow the belt covers off your LSE.
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    Congrats on the buy! Just take your time on it. Micro-Compact Loader-Tractors are very unstable on uneven ground. With a load on the bucket, be careful on hills, slopes and uneven surfaces. And above all, have fun with it!
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    Don't know what all the fuss is about hydros is, I have owned several over the years. Maybe I'm lucky but I've never had a problem with them. I bought a brand new Work Horse GT-1800 Auto in 1984 and mowed commercially with it for almost ten years. I still have it with no problems. Hope I didn't just jinx myself but proper maintenance goes a long way. If you're going to mow the hydro is the best way to go.
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    I just use red high temp grease and pack it full Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
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    Assuming it's drivable and the loader works that's not a bad deal. The clutch can be adjusted. Don't expect it to work as well as a 4x4 Kubota or similar tractor. But it sure beats a shovel and wheelbarrow any day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I was stationed in Yorktown one winter ('69-'70) and If I remember correctly, it was a damp cold. Either snowthrower should be similar with the tall chute better when it is dry snow. The limiting factor is the throat of both if it is a wet snow. It is better to plow a wet snow.
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    Looks great Steve, Should be a breeze to clean snow off this winter.
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    Welcome to the 420 LSE club! You found yourself a very nice one at that. If I get a chance, I will try and get out to the barn and snap a few pictures of the plates for your reference. Enjoy!
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    If you have a small airport near you, get 5 gallons of aviation fuel. As pure as it gets. My buddy runs nothing but that in his tractors. I bet that will give it the burp it needs. Its pricey but, results are what your looking for. Best of luck Jeff. Glenn
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    Hey my computer is haywire again I think its possesed any way I got a msg from Hank asking what he can bring and I couldnt get the msg through on the emaol so if any one can contact him tell him I said to bring a smile and as many wheel horse nuts he can round up, Looking forward to meeting every one Linda
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    Not bad at all... for that deal, in our area.
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    Drain the tank and clean it and install a new fuel line shut off valve (and bushing) in the tank. This is in addition to changing the fuel line and Seafoam use as Richard suggested. Make sure the engine fins are not clogged and the engine breather may need cleaning as well. Check the condition of the two 9 pin connectors (one goes to the engine, the other is up high behind the battery). They are prone to developing open circuits due to resistive (I^2R) heating at the connections. You can get replacements from Bob Maynard here on RS. Also, check the fuse holder, another location for open circuits also due to I^2R heating and well as proximity to the rear cylinder. All of these open circuits are the result of corrosion on the copper alloys. The WH engineers could have used tin plated wire and terminals on all electrical connections, but for some strange reason they did not. Enjoy your Onan. I like mine, but I also like the simplicity of Kohlers
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    #40 roller chain wrapped around the center of turf tires and it only cost about $20 - $25. (10ft piece with 2 master links) You can deflate the tires to easily remove them if needed. Might not be a good idea on a nice concrete surface but I use them on asphalt.
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    Got the loaded fatties on Skonk's aft end. Frt. tires are loaded also. All told an extra 210 lbs. Plus I haven't installed the front and rear WH weights yet.
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    ...and played a dinosaur...in real life?
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    I got sick and tired of messing around with the vacuum fuel pump on my GT 1100. It has the 11 hp briggs. So after some thought I went to napa today to see about a universal electric pump. I also think this may be good for one of my kohlers if ever those pumps fail. The one I got is PN 610-1051 it says 1.5-4 lbs of pressure. It is actually better than I expected, seems well built, comes with a filter for the inlet side and a hose barb for the outlet(brass even!) The pump is 1/8 inch female pipe thread on both ends. Seems to work great. I jumpered it to run constant while checking for leaks and found none, float seems to hold needle shut just fine. The cost was a little tall at $50 but some of the replacement mechanical pumps are near that and it seems like it will last. Anyway thought I would pass it along.
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