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    Got to spend some time with my 953 with my haban sickle mower. Worked great!!
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    86 degrees & where's Emily ?
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    My friend found me a parts tractor. He helped me drag it home and I looked at it closer. I drained the fuel tank and cleaned the carburetor and had it running in about an hour! Motor oil and trans fluid were clean and apparently had been changed not long before it got parked. It's definitely not going to be used for parts!
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    Well, I needed to remove the dash plate but the steering wheel was in the way. It has been soaking with Blaster for 9 months. Still wont budge. Tried a puller with no luck. So I picked the whole tractor up by the steering wheel and tapped around the collar of the wheel .... nothing. Stuck a punch down the end of the shaft and tapped on that. Still nothing. Got out the BFH and after about 20 smacks with that it was off with only minor damage to the wheel. DONE!
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    I'll be looking for a few 1276 parts like a stock seat (or close to it), the clutch assembly for the end of the crankshaft and a stock muffler. I will have several sets of these floor mats for sale - $20 set. The attached pictures show them on a Radier 12. Can't wait, I'm starting to get giddy . . .
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    Great save! Those 1973 through 1977 models, in my humble opinion, were the best looking tractor Wheel Horse ever made.
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    I have cut lots with an angle grinder. Use the thinnest cutoff wheels you can find for fast cutting. To cut straight down you must ensure you hole the grinder level. To cut straight on a horozontal plane on a flat surface I find it best to make a shallow cut following the line then depending on the thickness being cut either make the final cut at this point or do more shallow cuts gradually going down through the material. With a good grinder and good wheels you can cut very thick metals. Cleat
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    The ID tag says it's a Davis Hustler trailer, but it looks just like this Snowco trailer, so I'm guessing Davis re-badged it?? Here's a picture of an Allis Chalmers on a Snowco trailer Here's my trailer and Allis Chalmers I got from my parent's neighbors estate-sure looks like the same trailer to me. The neighbor bought the trailer new in 1970, and he used it to transport his ditch digger or this tractor. It's a great little trailer-very well built.
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    Stuffed this 605 into the back of my '84 240 Volvo the other night as a HUGE storm was bearing down on BG Ohio. Drove through the same storm a few hours later at the East end of Ohio, but only after it had picked up a ton more energy. Anyway, here's my first "What's in your mirror" shot:
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    Smith Farm & Garden OEM Parts. Similar to Parts Tree Small Engine Warehouse RCPW Parts Tree Motion Industries Milaca Lawn and Garden Jacks Small Engines MFG Supply Foley-Belsaw Kohler Metal Fuel Pump repair kits Small Engine Parts Warehouse Repair Clinic MFG Supply Foley Belsaw Kohler Metal Body Fuel Pump Rebuild Kits Small Engine Parts Warehouse Tractor Parts ASAP OPE Engines Kohler Engine Parts A-Z Tractor, used parts also a vendor Classic Kitchens and More (kj4kicks) Seat Warehouse OEM and aftermarket parts New Haven Power Equipment (NEW attachments will ship)
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    After a dipper broke off the connecting rod, which caused the engine to throw a rod, it was time for a rebuild. I also decided, since thre engine was out and looking so good, I'd do a refresh of the entire tractor. Below are the before and after pictures of the engine refresh. Tractor pictures to follow.
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    I also used some and it reduced the slop but haven't had the time yet to get the tractor up and running again yet so also waiting to see. The pump I've used for the D-200 was actually from a C-161 transmission, the splines seemed in good condition which is to be expected I guess as the pulley is bolted securely onto the shaft on a C and not subjected to the traumas that the D flexible coupling brings into play. What I did find though is that there was a little rotational slop present with the pulley on the pump when the bolt was removed so perhaps we are looking for perfection that was never there in the first place.
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    Alright. Thank you. I will try and look at play in the axle and hopefully it is an easy fix with just replacing the seal. Thanks, Bob
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    ​Thats what cats like to do.....Lazy at most any temp. Our new cat isn't even one year old yet and she already is a total Load!!
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    Yes, you can dig out that seal and replace it without dropping the trans. I think the 5060 has 1 1/8" axles...that seal would be SKF 11050. If, by chance, the axle is 1" use SKF 9815. The seal is only about 1/8" thick, just use an ice pick or small screw driver to dig it out. As Bob hinted, if you have a bad bearing...a new seal is not going to fix your problem. Check for up/down and side/side movement in the axle when you get the seal out. Slop in the axle would indicate a bad bearing.
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    Welcome to RedSquare You can download the M18 manuals here. The service manual will cover the governor http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/search/?q=M18&type=downloads_file
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    Roy -- Can't help you with the governor adjustment -- I can tell you the year of your tractor (not that it matters because it was only made for one year) -- 1987
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    Moving right along ... Frame, Hood and half a fender pan today.
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    Thanks Mike and I can now see why u have said such good things about yours. Really can't wait to have the extra power behind the snowblower that's when I think they'll really shine. Got some time until that happens though.
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    Good deal Paul! Glad to hear that both tractors are up and running. The 417 is an awesome tractor.
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    I agree with Pete. Your tractor is 28 years old, got to expect some repairs for broken or worn parts from time to time. Don't forget to put heavy duty grease on your bearings when you install them.
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    I bought an 857 and cart from a gentleman who told me that he got the cart with the 857 back in 1967. Although the tag is missing, the 5.5 cubic foot bath tub cart was called an LTD-224 in 1967. This is how the cart looked the day I picked it up.
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    I have one of those tubs on stilts too... always assumed it was home made.
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    Kind of ironic that the knocks occur on two different engines with the s a m e deck . I'd be checking the deck pulleys / spindles out for smooth operation
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    @shallowwatersailor is dead on. Same thing he said rephrased: 1988/1989 520H - straight axle, standard steering 1988/1989 520HC - swept axle, std steering 1990 520H - swept axle, std steering 1991+ 520H - swept axle, gear reduction steering
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    Save Old Iron, you mean that I have to pay my kid's way thru college? Damn, I will now have to cancel those loans that he got so that I can go in debt not him!
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    Not the best pics of the new hoops and powdercoated wheels and seat, but it's what I could grab in 5 minutes this afternoon, lol The rears are the Carlisle 6-12 "Farm Specialist" tire, fronts the standard run-of-the-mill Carlisle block tread or whatever they call it. Still have to pop the bushings back in, well, have to remember where the heck I set 'em... Powder is really WHITE. Can't remember the brand, but it's called "Traffic White". Not as brilliant as other whites Mike had, but certainly not as yellowed as the white normally used on these tractors. Enjoy!
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    ​400 in today's money Mike ?....... Just checked back to 1965 and the exchange rate in July 65 was 2.80 USD to the GBP, so the equivalent would be USD 742 at the time. To give it some perspective, when I first started working (1968) my take home earnings were UK£ 4.90 (£4.18s.0d), so I would have to have worked for about 26 months to buy one then !!!.
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    Eventually you'll have 3 grinders... One to cut, one to grind and one with a wire wheel on the 1mm discs are the dogs, you can get cheap packs of 25 for a tenner. The norton ones from screwfix cost more but last 2x, providing you are never tempted to grind with them I'll second the eyewear...
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    I remember thinking much the same thing when I got my first angle grinder - why didn't I buy one of these years ago? A bad boy bigger one followed for cutting larger stuff and then a small air line powered one you can get into awkward places with. Don't skimp on eye protection (we've all been there I guess) - a sleepless night followed by a trip to local hospital casualty dept reinforces this point and just one bit of grit or steel is all it takes! Also, one tiny particle of steel burning as it flies through the air conatins very little energy, thousands hitting the same spot continuously can melt synthetic materials (like a sweater) or set fire to cotton (like jeans). Practice makes perfect when it comes to cutting good straight edges but we all have off days (wel I do) so on critical stuff like cutting sheet I cheat by clamping a length of flat bar to the sheet as a guide - works well. As has already been mentioned use the really thin cut off discs - you may have to shop round to get these, they don't do them in B&Q and let the disc cut at it's own speed - force it and you'll get through lots of discs. Enjoy!
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    ​Unlike a boat,there's lots of used parts available for Wheel Horse Tractors.Your break down is just a small stumble.It could be MUCH worse.
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    Best way to test for a clogged gas cap vent is as soon as the engine starts to die, open the cap. If the engine keeps running, or starts right up again, you have found the problem.
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    Good luck hunting Chip. I have a couple hundred yards of stone drive, the grader blade looks up to the task. I have the 10 hp Briggs but, putting a 16 hp Briggs (1-cylinder) from a Simplicity in the B-10. With so many rides in my barn, and grandsons, looks like we're dedicating each ride for separate chores; i.e.: wagon towin', mowin', grading, dethatching, whatever. We're workin' on a Pennsylvania Panzer at the same time, busy beavers we are.
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    Also, check if your coil is hot. (Not with your bare hand). During one of it's "spats", have tools handy and as soon as it shuts down, pull the spark plug and check your spark. Compare it to the spark you have when it's cold. No spark or a very weak spark can eliminate a fuel issue. Good spark and you can concentrate more on a fuel issue. If you replaced your plug with a Champion, consider looking for the Autolite equivalent. (I won't buy Champions anymore due to issues like you are having.
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    Wheel Horse tractor with stack, 16HP Kohler, Mac Truck hood ornament, a very focused 7 year old with camo pants and good looking pair of brogans hooked up to a weight sled! If Norman Rockwell was alive he'd be painting this! -Chris in Florida. ​
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    here is another good picture i took today of my 212-6. looks better without wheel weights right?
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    The man who owned it previous to me had taken great care of this machine and was the original owner. I have the original loan document as well as the original manuals and bill of sale. I bought to in 2007 after he'd passed away in 2002, and it sat untouched for over four years in his shed. The day I went to see his wife and look at the tractor, a neighbor had installed a new battery, we fueled it up, and it fired immediately. To say the least I was quite pleased and have been ever since. It's simply an honor for me to return this machine to its original glory.
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    Nice cart. The tub cart that I have and all the others that I have seen have the tub mounted on the axle. I think yours has been modified to raise the tub higher above the axle.
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    My son kevin bought his first tractor two​ years ago with his own money. He bought a 1975 c160 for $250 and he was only seven years old. That started the addiction. Kevin's first tractor pull photos Fall 2013, Age 7.
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    I grew up with my father's 1979 c121 and inherited it in 1988 when he passed. I still have it and will never sell it. I hope to be able to pass it on to one of my kids some day.
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    My First is a C161 twin 8 speed which came with a 42 inch deck snow blade chains and wheel weights. Traded a John Deere Lx188 48 inch straight across. BEST trade I have ever done!!!! Bought new blades for the deck thinking I could keep up with the 8 yards I mow. I spent 8 days in the Hospital for foot injury and while I was there it rained for 6 of the days and the grass got tall, took me over 5 hrs to mow, Had to mow the yards twice just to make them look good. So I took the deck off and going to use the C161 with the blade only and to move my Trailers around.
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    My first was a C175 auto that I got up in Oklahoma that had thrown a rod in the KT17. I gave $210 for it because it was in good shape other then the engine. Bought another KT17 in Dallas for $50 that had the same problem. Mixed the two engines together and got it running. That was a bunch of years ago and much to my surprise it is still running. No place to store inside so it and a C120 live outside and both will start anytime with no problems at all.
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    Thanks guys ! Sorry for being scarce, but life has been getting in the way lol. Anyhow, figured I'd post this one up also. Any guesses what this one morphs into? It has big fluid filled tires... ,,,and double hydraulics like a C-195, and a foot operated DCL (from Doc) Electric PTO clutch on a Kohler K341 16hp. If you guessed that it's a C-160 HD, you are correct. Complete 520 chassis with gear reduction steering and a complete mid-1970's C-160 body.
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    Hey Eldon it's about time you crawled out from under that rock you have been hiding under the last few years Brian
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