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    I said I was done buying anymore Wheel Horse Tractors as I've had some of the best and most desirable ones out there including a Senior, 1955RJ, and a unmolested original RJ58. They have all gone off to other collectors. I do have my first 58RJ which is really a resto-mod as it has an NOS 1961 401 hood on it along with an electric start Kohler K91. I probably should have never sold the unmolested 58RJ but oh well it's gone. So I really wanted another RJ that is in it's original configuration. This came up and I jumped at it. It is missing the fuel tank, engine, belt guard, brake band and brake rod. I have a perfect and clean original fuel tank. I also have a K90 all rebuilt, painted and ready to drop in. The brake rod is no problem to replicate. The brake band should be no problem to find. I'll have to put the feelers out to try and find an original belt cover or just settle for a reproduction. The hood is missing one of the tank bands and has the usual two cracks in the area of the fuel hole. Otherwise it's in great shape. Seat isn't original but it's a very close match (at least I don't think it's original). The original throttle lever is still in place as is the model/serial tag. The steering wheel does't have any cracks and is in nice shape. It's gonna take some work but it will be like showroom new when it's done. It ain't gonna happen over night that's for sure!
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    Broke out the 314-8 with my favorite deck: 42" rear discharge. Cut grass for 90 minutes then did some yard work with the C-165-8 and trailer. The 165 is pretty comfy and steers amazingly well; even easier than the 314 which is 12 years newer.
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    Well I came home this afternoon and pulled into my driveway and seen my Wheel Horses got out of the barn and trapped this John Deere 300. It was over before I even got out of truck. Big D made the JD 300 tap out in 3 seconds. Then the 314a with the kwik way bucket ended up scooping the JD 300 and dumping it down a cliff. Lol Tractor Fight
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    Well it's not in my mirror because with my bed cover flipped up I couldn't take a picture. So here it is in my yard after I unloaded it. I'll start a new thread on it.
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    50 year old tractor still mows perfectly. With deepest Regards to the WH's also.
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    Bought this at the auction on Saturday. If I feed it will it grow or will I have to throw it back ? Took the plug out and filled it with WD40 All I had figure better than nothing. Motors stuck trans shifts and seems to work Deck turns and came with push blade
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    At first it was a little scary because the tiller easily pushed the tractor as the sod was first broken up. Not a problem with traction but the brake and hydro would not hold it back. However, with subsequent passes I was able to easily get to full depth and control it with the hydro. Matts foot control was a godsend. Cleat
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    That my friends is why I only have on my property, they all get along
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    hahaha that D-200 must've kicked butt
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    So there was this guy (really nice guy I would like to add) at the show with his new cell phone that he just got the day before....you know the kind of phone where all the buttons and features are different than your last phone . He took about 8 pictures.....but apparently only hit "save" for one of them!! He is very very sorry ! Mike..........
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    Have you checked the throttle shaft that goes into the top of the carb? Any kind of back-and-forth play there could cause the symptoms you're describing. Good advice here, but I'm a little confused about #2 -- Changing the point gap is the same as adjusting timing, correct?
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    It seems to me that fewer and fewer people can/want to do anything themselves..... car repair and maintenance, home repairs, construction, or even simple yard work..... Let alone those HORRIBLE tasks like snow removal, or gardening With cheap homeowner ZTRs at the price of a tractor, I think those with lawns to mow, but no other tasks to complete, are looking that way. Those with serious tasks to do are probably looking at the SCUT/CUT options. Those of us that can actually get our hands dirty and do for ourselves are pretty rare anymore, it seems. My son just turned 1, and I hope that as he gets older, he enjoys sharing the tasks I enjoy, including maintaining and running my grandfather's old WH and Gilson snowblower...... And whatever else I can add to the garage
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    if your intent is to learn how to repair mechanical and electrical systems,learn electrolysis and painting techniques, then yes, if you have sentimental value attached to it, yes if you can get the whole rig running reliably for less then $200, you could eventually sell it and maybe make a small profit to cover your learning experience. repair parts are common and plentiful, which is good because you most likely will need a basketful for "restoration" of an older craftsman tractor. also be careful how you throw around the word "restoration" when you really may mean "repair". When I hear "restoration", I expect to see about $1000 leaving my wallet.
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    Another excellent way to keep one's Beer from getting warm...
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    Putting a Predator 670 cc engine in the 83 C-175 (could not resist the price)
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    I offered to repair a 48" deck for a co-worker only because its a and it turned out so good I impressed myself, so I thought id share it here with the horse crowd. He has a 1990 520 so we obviously talk a lot but he isn't nearly as into it as I am, we do gang up on another co-worker who just bought a brand new cub though . Anyway he just wanted it patched to the point it didn't throw grass at him anymore but I generally don't work like that and honestly the spots were so far gone im not even sure I could have done that. It had 3 rot through spots in the common areas, back right, back left, and front middle. I didn't intend on taking it as far as I did and have it come out this good so unfortunately I don't have any before or during pics( I really gotta get better at that) but I think the after pics I took will tell the story good enough. I hope the photos come through well and do it justice. These 2 photos show the rotten pieces I cutout and remade laying on top of the repair. These 3 show the underside which will give an idea on what I cut out. Ive learned after doing a few decks now to weld both sides and leave some weld build up on the inside for strength. I just knock a little off the top of all the welds and make sure nothings sticking up. These last ones are the finished product. I have about 6 hours total into this and did it through my hour lunch breaks only. The piece that I made to replace the entire left corner took me a full lunch break alone. I did it by hand with just a cutoff wheel dead blow hammer, and ball peen hammer. Really had fun making that piece. A tip I have is ive started to use JB weld kind of like bondo to fill in any low areas and mismatches so I don't have to grind the material so thin works pretty good. Sorry I make such long posts but I don't know how to share what I want to share in just a few sentences. Thanks for looking Paul
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    I am posting this sales sheet I made a copy of four of five years ago. Someone somewhere posted this and I printed it off and kept a ciopy in one of my Wheel Horse 1054 three ring binders I keep ( I keep a binder for each tractor with related info, etc) I mentioned this to Lars Sorlie today and thought I would pos on here for others to enjoy. Notice the real big wheel weights in the back on this tractor -never saw these before !
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    So a lil back story: I mow 1x per week and it takes me 2.5hrs with a 20" push mower... I've never had to purchase a mower @35yrs old, I've always had readily available hand-me-downs & freebies. So I set my parameters 2wks ago @ $800 & 1.5hr drive radius. Well I started looking at green (b/c we have a JD 5525), even some yellow (b/c we have an IH Hydro100 + others), and even looked at the cheaper stuff. While I was looking, I kept coming across these "WheelHorses" and so I had to investigate (basically because I like the look) & didn't understand 'them' and the $ they were commanding. That brought me here. Where I started reading, searching, looking up info, reading about problems, seeing which were 'desired' models, and finding out when did 'they' start using plastic, aluminum and recycled Styrofoam peanuts for parts. Then there was the price point when I decided what I wanted & oh yeah, $800 is kinda short lol. Oh, there's 25 green 2007 model mowers ready to bring to the house... Today I am the proud new owner of a 416h... Even has the original BOS attached to the owners manual. Unfortunately tho, it was closer to the farm than the city (day job) so I had sent my dad & brother to check it out & authorized them to spend my $ so long as it wasn't blowing smoke, slapping heads, spitting oil, etc... there's a bad "idler bearing" which didn't spoil the deal (but I will have to fix & have searched here for that thank you WHF/RedSquare already). Most of us here, we need our tractors to WORK. Me, if I wanted and had the time for show ponies, I would have kept a 70 Olds, or refurbish an AC D17 we have collecting dust. No, life is no parade but a long grind... now is my 2hr mow gonna kill this thing, I seriously hope not lol. But that doesn't mean I can't get this Mare to put out a little more - hehehe... She does require maintenance. She does need heads cleaned & valves adjusted apparently. She needs cleaned/detailed... and these are things I can get my oldest son Ben involved in as I want to have more father-son time... (might upset my lil girl but she'll take/get hers if she wants it later). So I'm planning to put this little horse to work in more ways than she had planned. Yeah, there is more to my motivation here as well... I'm a divorced father (accountant & weekend farmer) of 3 with a new family & an old one I still have to support and there's no reason this can't be fun... So check back in, & I'll keep pics coming. But be patient, as I'm writing this tonight I still haven't seen it much less heard her run... But the DERBY is Saturday, this is KY, and pappa's got a brand new toy! Since I know you want to know - this 416h got listed this morning for $500 & 1hr away... she never had a chance
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    Surprised they didn't show it the door.
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    Video uploaded finally. https://youtu.be/f_UPDbj5fF8 Cleat
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    I am taking my Custom 1962 Army Horse Model 762 to a car show in Mt. Vernon Ohio this Saturday. There is a few tractors that show up every year or two for some reason, so I figured what the heck, might as well try it! Feel free to bring a Horse to the show, maybe we will take over the show one day! My buddy Packrat will bring his Custom 1963 double engine 7763 Wheel Horse too! We will be at Sugarcreek May 9th if you want to see them in person, a lot of details to look at on these one of a kind machines!
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    Anytime a team fro Minnesota loses it's a good thing! GO HAWKS!
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    Yes, stop now before you burn down your world. Actually I thought it would be cool to see him plug in the big screen tv that sat out all winter at the end of the video.
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    My guess would be between $200 - $250
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    I knew "The Pope" would be at the show someday!
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    You know, I just happened to stop by our local Lowe's Home Improvement store the other day and mentioned to my wife (again), "Look at all those brand new junk tractors $1200 to $2300. Who buys that crap?" I bought my 314-8 Wheel Horse three years ago, local clist find, for $500 with a mowing deck and snow blower attachments, 12 miles from my house, one owner, very well taken care of, always stored indoors, great condition. I was the lucky guy who made the first contact and jumped on it soon as I possibly could... one of my better steals, er I mean deals, yeah deals I picked up the 520-h just about five months ago from John (shallowwatersailer) after finally deciding last summer that I "needed" a 500 series hydro. I really enjoy riding both of these very solid, tough working stallions. Need to find a mower deck for the big guy 'cause he really wants a piece of my lawn, too.
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    Nice work! Bet your repairs outlast the rest of the deck. Glad to hear the JB weld works well on smoothing things out. I've been thinking of using the same to smooth out pits on a deck.
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    Got the arms done. Now got to figure out the lift links. Anybody got any suggestions?
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    That is very cool...American restoration style!! Will you be able to hide the lines, Cutlass?
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    Very good. How did you get the bends that you needed? Wish I could do as well. John
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    A bit confusing with 2 methods, but FWIW I also use maynards method, seems less trouble. Oh and bythway dont expect any change in running or performance (unless youve got a problem in there) Your poor running is gonna be something else.
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    Both are great machines, and they are tough as nails. I like the 520's swept forward axle. makes for a power steering feel. and when the Onan is tuned it's unstoppable.
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    I found this 701 today and could not resist buying it. It cam with a nice deck, extra set of very nice turf tires and rims and snow plow. It is missing the double belt guard, which I will be on the hunt for, It came with a belt guard from a 656. Almost forgot to mention the very nice hub caps it came with and it runs well too!
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    Have one. It's just that currently... my FEL ain't on it.
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    One can never have to many wheel horses ,I find them like popcorn, one is never enough! I have tried every color and always come home to red. So easy to own and work on.
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    All 11 of the Wheel Horses I have collected (so far) had somehow, someway either jumped up on my trailer or the bed of my pickup truck and followed me home. I had no choice then but to keep them. My wife says two is one too many... I say one more is never enough.
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    So I got the 854 all "de-winterized"...weights off, plow off, tires swapped, etc. Took it for a short ride, and low and behold, my kids want to drive it. Problem being, they can't reach the pedals. Well, they were all into getting it going, and lit a fire under my butt. To the machine shop/basement we go. There was no way my daughter was going to be out done by her brother, he's 6, and she's 8) They did good for their first day driving, and machining. Lots of practice and safety to come. They are pumped to go to Zaray this weekend. Hope you all enjoy the pics.
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    Yes, they are very nice.
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    Laughed hard at that one. OP, if the engine is seized dump that WD40 and pour in some ATF, let it sit for a day or two then try to start working the crank back and forth with a wrench on the flywheel bolt. It'll come loose.
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    I probably gave to much for it, but the other bidder is a craigslist parts seller. Not sure what it was worth There was a nice GT next to it, today they have it all in pieces on craigs list They keep buying whole ones and sell half the parts then scrap the rest of them. Luckily I know the owner of the scrap yard they use
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    Now that is cool. Keep this hobby alive for our next gen. Chris Great job getting the kids involved.
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    I appreciate the concern JA. I have nothing but respect for machines. Just a little backround..I am a third generation machinist and the mill he's using, is the one my father taught me on when I was young as well. I am in my 26th year at Excello Tool, foreman of two departments, and have mentored over 10 kids thru their apprentiships. I have to say that I have learned way more from my father at home, than I ever did in 4 years of machine tool at Platt tech high school. I do understand that pictures don't do justice most times, but my son is taking .040 cuts with a 1/2 stub rougher. Believe me, no way is that thing letting go. If you look at the setup again, I was teaching him to not blindly mill the pocket, and to make sure he was watching the cut. He couldn't have see what he was doing, or turn the handles, from any other position (mostly due to his physical size). Please don't think I'm getting defensive as I do know in the wrong hands, or lack of experience, these are very dangerous machines as I have see first hand, (as is any tool or tractor really). I believe if you introduce kids to things and experiences in the right manner, they will be better off and safer in the long run. I genuinely appreciate your concern, and congratulate you on a successful long career in the same trade.
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    Now that is really cool. Memories to last a life time.
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    Tell you what. I sure enjoyed those pics. Put a smile on my face ear to ear. Thanks a million for sharing. Glenn
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    Naw, just the left is on right, and right is on left, or whatever was left is wrong. Is that right! All in all though, baerpath, I envy your find, no matter where it was "born"
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    Picked up this 857 this morning just 8 miles from my home
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    The 2nd part of my reply was: If that isn't enough, look underneath and reset the chain link length by turning the trunion (20) on the threaded eye-bolt (22). If that still isn't enough maybe reset the trunion in a different hole of the rock shaft (19). So, look up under the left side foot rail and you should see the long lever (27) hanging down, with a chain connecting to an eye-bolt (22). You can either shorten the chain connection by turning the trunion (20) further onto the threads of the eyebolt (22), OR... unbolt the chain from the lift bar (27) and bolt to the next chain link ..OR... move the trunion (2) further to the end of the rockshaft (19).
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    I just watched that while sitting here eating my breakfast. I'm confused. I can't figure out if I started my day off with a good laugh or if I'm in a state of shock.
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    Looks like it definitely filled his mirror too.
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    I know everyone likes pics,so here ya` go.
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