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    So I got the 854 all "de-winterized"...weights off, plow off, tires swapped, etc. Took it for a short ride, and low and behold, my kids want to drive it. Problem being, they can't reach the pedals. Well, they were all into getting it going, and lit a fire under my butt. To the machine shop/basement we go. There was no way my daughter was going to be out done by her brother, he's 6, and she's 8) They did good for their first day driving, and machining. Lots of practice and safety to come. They are pumped to go to Zaray this weekend. Hope you all enjoy the pics.
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    Bought this at the auction on Saturday. If I feed it will it grow or will I have to throw it back ? Took the plug out and filled it with WD40 All I had figure better than nothing. Motors stuck trans shifts and seems to work Deck turns and came with push blade
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    J. U. L. I. E. Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators. It has to be a little more complicated then Dig Safe...after all...this is the Mid West.
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    I went this Sunday and picked up my new toy, a big friggin Woods Mowin Machine! It was sunk in 2 ground hog holes and it wouldn't start either! So I had to winch it out of the holes and it was very hard to get it out of there! I drug it a few feet before I decided it was too heavy and the wheels were not disengaged! The hydraulic trans needed switched to tow mode but I didn't know any thing about it and neither did the guy that owned it! He looked around inside for his owners manual but never found it. Mean while I found 2 small levers that might do the trick. One went right in place but the other one was bent up and wouldn't work. So it took me 20 minutes to fix that. After I got that done it pulled right out without much trouble, even though it was in the gopher holes! I got it all loaded up in about 2 1/2 hours! I took off down the road and got it home safely. I put one of my WH batteries in it and it cranked over good but wouldn't start still. I sprayed gas in the carb and it fired right up but wouldn't stay running! The fuel pump is not working so I will take it off and try to rebuild it. It is the new fangled round plastic type. This thing is huge! I am afraid to operate this beast! It will take a while to get the hang of driving these zero turns! The PO said he paid $7000 for this about 10 years ago! I figure it is worth at least $3000 or more still! Wahoooo! I haven't cleaned it up yet and it still looks like a new one and is in great condition! It's a 20 hp. Kohler Command engine with 2 cylinders, 60 inch deck, super bright head lights, new spindles, blades and belts, new drive shaft and recent oil change! I did notice the left side bar lug tire is on back wards! Might as well get rid of it then! LOL!
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    My son mowed for the first time yesterday. He has been plowing for years with his Charger 12. He graduated to the big guy now. Its been awhile since we last used it to plow. About a month or so to be exact. I was under the impression these had the 10 pinion limited slip transaxle in them and it always spun 1 wheel when it lost traction with a huge head of snow. I figured it was cooked because after plowing for awhile it gradually got slower and hotter as well.... After doing some research it had a Sundstrand 90-2046 not the 90-2062 it was supposed to have. I was able to pick up a 90-2062 Sundstrand hydrogear and swap them out. What pain in the hoosegow that was. But it now runs and drives again. I had some steering issues I had to work out but its pretty square now. At least for the time being. I really want to find a new/rebuilt steering column and probably going to repaint the whole tractor again. Its definitely a hard working machine and has won a soft spot in both of our hearts. So here he is mowing for the first time yesterday. I will say I dont like how the old style mower mounts. I wish I could swap out a tach a matic system. The mower doesn't float like I'm used to..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kEYp8tLgIw
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    At first it was a little scary because the tiller easily pushed the tractor as the sod was first broken up. Not a problem with traction but the brake and hydro would not hold it back. However, with subsequent passes I was able to easily get to full depth and control it with the hydro. Matts foot control was a godsend. Cleat
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    The Commando is becoming my go to tractor for pulling duties. It is much easier and quicker to mount and dismount than a tractor with foot rests in the way. And It's just fun to drive.
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    Took the horses out today. I did some tilling with my 520 and repainted my 210-H. Now we have 12 wheel horses, hoping to lower the herd to 5. Its like were breeding the horses left and right! Im looking for a NOS plow or decent condition one for my 315-8.
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    Rinsed off three of the 6 Burbs today. The RJ's might have gotten a little jealous. I gotta get the correct decals for the 61 in the middle. I better give Terry a shout.
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    Thanks for posting pictures guys! We had a great turn out for as bad as the weather was. I was side tracked and never took any pictures since I was taking care of the food stuff as well. My food vender dropped out on me about three or so weeks ago and I got my first experience on how much food to buy for get togethers like this. The larger area was a success. We got all the parts in one area and all the shoppers parked in another area. We had about 38 rigs come in to sell parts and a lot of other brands besides just WH as it usually is. I want to thank Scott Mehlberg, Mike Biser, Chuck McColley and of corse my partner Ken Stephens for all the help and advise along the way. The fall Mentone Garden Tractor Show & Swap meet is September 11th and 12th... Mark it on your calendars! And last but not least a big thanks to RedSquare for sponsoring the Mentone spring swap meet! Thanks, Gene Simpson
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    I am taking my Custom 1962 Army Horse Model 762 to a car show in Mt. Vernon Ohio this Saturday. There is a few tractors that show up every year or two for some reason, so I figured what the heck, might as well try it! Feel free to bring a Horse to the show, maybe we will take over the show one day! My buddy Packrat will bring his Custom 1963 double engine 7763 Wheel Horse too! We will be at Sugarcreek May 9th if you want to see them in person, a lot of details to look at on these one of a kind machines!
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    Tell you what. I sure enjoyed those pics. Put a smile on my face ear to ear. Thanks a million for sharing. Glenn
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    Disregarding most peoples negative comments,I think you did great with that price.Looks like a nice tractor and a great bunch of attachments.Good luck with your new toy.
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    Here are the after power washing pics. All lined up in the garage but boy am I running myself out of space.
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    This isn't a very clear picture as it was taken through a window. We have this pigmy date palm just outside the window that had become too big. It can't be transplanted and I knew that, unfortunately, it had to go. The issue has been forced by the fact that we are getting new windows in a few weeks and working around this will eat you alive. I was looking at it forming a plan of attack when I saw this cardinal nest. Can't take it out yet. Just eggs at the time but now there are three babies and the daddy has taken over feeding them. They should be out of the nest by the time the windows get here and from what I understand cardinals don't use a nest twice. Apparently the mommy gets them hatched and then daddy feeds them while she's building a new nest. It's cool to watch them out the window.
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    I was recently reminiscing about all my cars that I have owned over the years and was curious to see other peoples first car that they owed This little car was made in UK back in 60s by Hillman and was called simply the Hillman Imp It had a rear engine and the engine was prone to overheating and the radiator cap pointed directly as the face and I remember my brother refilling a overheated radiator with water and suddenly the engine spurted out scolding water all over his face & chest and he spent three weeks in hospital . Cool little car though but certainly not a chick magnet . Show us your first car
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    Hey Guys- My daughter took pictures at Mentone without me knowing it- she and 3 of my grandsons went with me- Thanks- Al Here they are if I can get them loaded. The 15th picture is me with my Grandson Tyler- Dealing with Dave Coulter.
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    I am posting this sales sheet I made a copy of four of five years ago. Someone somewhere posted this and I printed it off and kept a ciopy in one of my Wheel Horse 1054 three ring binders I keep ( I keep a binder for each tractor with related info, etc) I mentioned this to Lars Sorlie today and thought I would pos on here for others to enjoy. Notice the real big wheel weights in the back on this tractor -never saw these before !
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    My new 2015 work truck arrived here today... sitting in my driveway with a total of seven miles on the clock. Wanted the full size bed, as I'm tired of only being able to rustle home one at a time. The only drag being...I'm gonna need a new rear window decal, really hated to see that go.
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    A lot of you know I had a super duty, great truck loved it, but just had no use for a 3/4 ton. Plus it started needing things replaced and those trucks are $$$. I was looking at wranglers, while I like them, they don't fit my life style and I needed a truck. Shopped looked at rams and F150's got a pretty good deal on this new leftover 2014 F150, got a decent trade in too. The 5.5 bed left me needing a trailer and I sold my 6x12 last fall cause it took up to much room. I shopped at dealers for a 5x8 but their prices were crazy. I ended up at TSC with this 6x8 pipe top, I really like it and that it can fit big decks, but not take up a ton of room. TSC seems to have nicer trailers then lowes.
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    My wish list is very short But a 754 was on the short list. Never really thought I could get one. But you never know right. Last Sept. a friend of mine said he had one he was thinking of selling. I told him I wanted it. So then from the guy who bought it. I found out he bought it a couple of years ago. Do to my friends age I figure he for got about selling it. Along comes last Saturday he says I'm ready to sell that 754. Ok when can I come & get it? So on Monday before I leave I call. He says I'm sorry I must of sold it. That's ok I kinda knew this. Then a couple days later one shows up on Facebook. It's in my garage now.
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    That is a nice 1960 Model #400 from where I am sitting! Swap the rear wheels around and you got a good little Suburban! Nothing wrong with a machine that nice! Original 4 hp. Kohler, mower deck and wheels! Good score if ya ask me!
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    Update on Project "A HORSE WITH NO NAME" hoping to get it ready for Sugarcreek May 9th
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    It's supposed to mean prison. I've heard the farmer I used to work for as a youngin' use it for the pigpen and my gram used it to mean any that was a pain in the butt was a pain in the hoosegow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yes, I put their names on the side panel. My 551 suburban has their names on the fenders as well. I'm very fortunate that my kids are at a good age where they like hanging around with their dad. I am enjoying every minute of it...before they're teenagers. Right now they are siked to finally be driving instead of getting hauled around all the time.
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    Now that is really cool. Memories to last a life time.
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    haha this is really cool!! most grown men don't know how to run a mill and are those your kids names on the side panel? that's for sure a nice
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    Its a zero turn! That's why that tire is on backwards... it helps it turn the zeroes, but only counter clockwise... Nice mower!
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    I found carb stuff for a KT17 at a local place that sells higher end stuff, Echo, Stihl Scag and the like. I researched the numbers of the stuff I wanted first. It was in stock for not much more than I could have gotten it for from ebay Knowledge is power!
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    I don't think anyone was being negative? Just trying to give him opinions on what we knew. We knew the list of what was there with no pics at first and then just saw a pic of the tractor and blower, which ended up looking pretty nice!! I agree also that you did pretty good with all that was there and if that snowblower is the worst then I bet everything is really nice, ive saw blowers much much worse. Nighthawk you should post some pics of your new toys soon!!!
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    I too think you did well for that price! :handgestures-thumbupright:
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    We use that word as the prison.....threw him in the hoosegow..... nice tractor.....
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    Pete, if ever a Wheel Horse has "Swagger", this C195 is it!
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    Picked this C-195 up over the week-end from one of the members here.This WH has been used,abused,and re-used.The first 2 pics are before it got a bath.Actually 2 baths with the pressure washer.The other pics are after it was semi clean.I'm going to do a meachanical resto on it and leave the cosmetics as is.I kinda like the way it looks.I bought a new fender pan with the tractor.I'll put that on and a new used seat I have.I need a choke cable for it.NLA from Parts Tree.Anybody got a new or good used one?It also needs a rear axle seal real bad.I like the name someone gave the tractor(Last Pic).
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    I ended up giving 1400 for all of it. The tractor started right up without a lot of cranking. No knocks or smoke. All the attachments are in good to excellent shape. The worse being the snow blower and all that is wrong with it is the cable to turn the chute isn't on correctly. All in all, I think I'll be happy with it.
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    I missed the Upstate NY GTG this weekend because of my surgery. Sold a friend of mine one of my 6400 Dolmars on his way up to that GTG. He was blown away by the modded saws, made the 6400 seem like a toy, but says the 6400 is already his favorite. He noodled three different woods with it, oak, ash and pine I think, and said the clutch cover never got clogged it just spit it all out and as I already knew, that 6400 just had balls to keep it's revs up in his cuts. I'm a Stihl guy too at heart, have a bunch of 'em, older generation saws though except for my Brad Snelling '201T along with older saws of other makes. Magnesium Poulans & Homelites etc... The 6400's are my newest saws and I gotta tell you, they flat out blow away my Stihls. They have a superior AV system and I think are underrated in power. I now have two saws warmed over by Randy, a 750 Homelite (biggest saw I own at 112cc) and an old family friend, a McCulloch 10-10. He currently has my 024Super, going to put an 026 top end on it and port it. Looking forward to getting that little Frankenstein Saw back and getting it in some wood! Sending him down the two remaining 6400's I have, he'll be keeping one for himself and putting a 7910 top end (ported, of course... LOL) on the other one for me. THAT should be a sick saw. Terry Landrum has had my 038 Magnum II since the beginning of the year for some Wicked Work Saws magic, but that poor guy has got the Lymes bad. Hope he'll be able to get to it and done before he gets busy with his shop. My handle is mels over there too, have some pretty good pics up of some of my old stuff.
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    I feel as if I can be of some help, If that is okay! And it sounds like it will force me to post a bit more
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    I know this off the original topic, but that Allis was a good find. I have a 1967 B112 with 48" deck and grader blade that my neighbor bought new. That cast iron Briggs is pretty tough. It's still a good worker.
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    Definitely not a keeper in New York but don't throw it back. Just bring it to the big show and I'll bring it to a nice warm climate and nurse it to maturity.
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    I'd be more than willing to have at it Karl if you'd like me to. According to my wife, being retired has given me too much time to play.
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    Thanks Steve! Out here it's called DIG SAFE. Dial 811 I've had to deal with this many times over the years for burying conduits. What the hell does JULIE stand for? I did see a guy cut into 480 power with a concrete saw. The idiot was warned several times to raise the blade but he knew what he was doing so... I believe this could be the way to go, Thanks for the tip!
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    The answer to this is yes it can be removed and switched to a single pulley. Save the double pulley...they are sot after.
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    :whistle: Im looking at a starter generator that came off of a 701 and I have yet another question . Can the 2 belt pulley from this starter generator be switched to the single pulley that is used on the 702 or will this cause a problem? The model number of the starter is 1101873. John
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    Thank you Don for the education! I learned something new today Yes, the Springfield M14 In my opinion Its The Classic Timeless Quality Military Rifle Thank you for your service Tankman!
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    In Germany for work. Located this Farm Museum close to where I am staying. Interesting pieces, including a few I found interesting. Garden Tractor, Walk Behinds and bigger ones. I do not read German, so can't provide much info. Enjoy. (The blue Garden Tractor is a 1957)
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    What, Brian too? You guys with all your current shape GM trucks, first it was Steve rubbing it in with his 14 last year, now you guys with your 15s..... (Brian, i assume yours is a 15?) Im posting a pic of my 13 "old model' to try and fight back all you guys with your 'cutting edge' trucks..... I recommend you do the same Denny, don't just stand back and let them kick sand in our faces!!!!!
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    A mom and her son watch the mushroom cloud after an atomic test 75 miles away, Las Vegas , 1953. Illegal alcohol being poured out during Prohibition, Detroit 1929. The Ford Theater, where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. Children eating their Christmas dinner during the Great Depression: turnips and cabbage. Annette Kellerman promoted women's right to wear a fitted one-piece bathing suit, 1907. She was arrested for indecency. The original Ronald clown of McDonald's in 1963. Apollo I crew members rehearsing their water landing in 1966. President Richard Nixon trying to use chopsticks while visiting China in 1972. Construction of the Manhattan Bridge, 1908. Construction of the Berlin wall, 1961. Hitler's officers and cadets celebrating Christmas, 1941. Abraham Lincoln's hearse, 1865. Frozen Niagara Falls , 1911. Last prisoners of Alcatraz leaving, 1963. A penniless mother hides her face in shame after putting her children up for sale, Chicago , 1948. Recovering bodies after the Titanic disaster, April 1912. A most beautiful suicide - 23 year old Evelyn McHale leapt to her death from an observation deck (83rd floor) of the Empire State Building , May 1, 1947. She landed on a United Nations limousine. Melted and damaged mannequins after a fire at Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum in London, 1930. New York City fire station, ca. 1912. Operation Babylift: Vietnamese orphans transported by airplanes to America in 1975. Santa Claus in New York, ca. 1900. 5:00 P.M., September 3rd, 1967 Sweden changed from driving on the left side to driving on the right. - This was the result. Unpacking the Head of the Statue of Liberty. Delivered June 17, 1885 This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software. www.avast.com
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    Hey sports fans ... gee, only 70 and rain today ... hee hee!! Dads still in the rehab joint, making good progress, but still has a ways to go. Spending lots of time there, so the horse is taking a back seat. I did finish up the exhaust, so I thought I would share a peek!! I said a "peek"!!! lol
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    If the hydro is an Eaton 1100, just loosen the tranny filter and the oil will pretty much pour into the tranny.
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