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    I know y'all enjoy kids riding Wheel Horse tractors. After all, they are the future to keeping this hobby going. My grandchildren visited a few days ago and I was finally able to get some pictures of them on my favorite Wheel Horse tractor. This is the 1962 552 that by dad bought new when I was just six years old. It took me most past four years to restore which I converted into a model 502. My grandchildren Liam and Abigail enjoyed some seat time in the saddle for the first time. So, this would be the fourth generation in my family to ride this tractor. My grandson Liam is just about at the age I was when my dad bought this tractor new 53 years ago. So, here you go. I hope you enjoy these special pics of mine.
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    Picked up an 854 last week. This machine has hydro lift. Runs perfect. I think I am just gonna paint the wheels and call it a day. Are the wheels white of the almond color? Thanks for looking.
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    Both 520H's washed and sunning themselves. The one on the right as sitting on the seat is the unit that started out as an early 90's. I got rid of all the column controls, added foot motion control, installed SW gauges, a Wheel horse steering wheel, Wheel horse logo on the engine etc. All Toro has been eliminated and early decals installed. I just noticed that I forgot to re-install the rear hubcaps. 520HC is nearly done, just need the hood and fender painted then final assembly can be done. Cleat
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    Here are some pics of what I did after work today. If this don't make ya smile nothing will....
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    Crappy pictures, but the horses are up and ready to ride! D160 W/loader, D180 W/ blade, 520 W/ deck, and a C175 W/deck and way in the back a C125 W/ a deck Oh and a C195 not awake yet.
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    In Germany for work. Located this Farm Museum close to where I am staying. Interesting pieces, including a few I found interesting. Garden Tractor, Walk Behinds and bigger ones. I do not read German, so can't provide much info. Enjoy. (The blue Garden Tractor is a 1957)
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    Had a difficult time trying to get this video on here today! Tilled dads garden on Friday afternoon. Still wet in some spots but should dry now....Oh wait....More rain for tonight!! Oh well, I tried. http://vid762.photobucket.com/albums/xx264/kc9kas/Garden%20Plowing/D200%20and%20tiller_zpsyw4orzpl.mp4
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    Picked up a 6' x 3' plastic dealer sign today. It's in very nice condition. Thought I got a pretty fair deal . The dealership changed hands recently and there's quite a bit of stuff going out the door. I'm happy he was wide enough to realize there is some value I. Some of this old stuff. They have 2 more signs in Florida NY. If you need more info PM me. Haven't decided where to put it just yet. I was considering above my garage door. Unfortunately I think that'll land me in some pretty hot water with momma bear. Hhhmmm.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    feels like I'm jumping on the "it's a sunny day" theme... but it has been a nice day in the UK, and for various reasons a few of the horses made it outside for some fresh air. It's the first time bendy and C4 have been side by side too the GT14 got an airing too
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    Picked up a 2007 60th anniversary today woth 107 hrs. The story behind thi machine is a customer called me at the dealer 1 year ago andtold me he wanted to sell this exact serial number tractor that he bought new from us with a 48"deck and a 48" plow weights and chains . So I pulled up the sales slip he paid 6800 roughly out the door in 2008 . He told me he wanted 1800 ! At that time I was strapped for cash . So he ended up selling it to his neighbor at that time it had 40 hrs. Then the neighbors wife didn t like it then sold it to an older guy who then had a hard time getting his leg over the steering wheel used it for about 8 months. So I asked him for theserial he sends it toe I run it in our database come to find out its the se exact machine . So for now I have the 50th and 60th anniversary along with some others can't wait to get my new home Monday and line the garage with them.
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    I love this thing. Lots of tinkering last summer. Carb rebuild, painting the tin, cleaning the wasp nests from the cooling fins on the Kohler. She is almost there. She runs decent, a few tiny backfires so I still need some carb adjusting to do. Some wheel work to do. Probably the first times in a few years she is doing what she was made to do. Got her from Cutlass aka Shawn. Thank you sir!
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    This is the first wheel horse I've ever bought. But it wont be the last
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    I have to give him an A for effort because he made it work but he fails miserably when it comes to common sense. He is one of the reasons we have warning labels on products.
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    My daughter saw this for sale on the side of the road on her way home from work and sent me these pics. She wanted to know how similar to the Commando 800 I restored for my grandson (her son). It also has a very nice Wheel Horse dump cart but I can't post that pic until I hide the phone number on the for sale sign. From the pics it looks pretty darn nice. There are a few discrepancies but I don't see anything that's a big deal. Actually, my only question is if this belongs to anybody here. Oh yea, it's just outside of South Bend, IN.
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    Ezra been to Disneyland?
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    You sure it ain't chicken pox Mike? Anyway, good luck!!
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    Finally got around to sanding, priming and then wet sanding the tins last weekend. So this morning it was off to Stevebo's house to shoot some green paint (He wasn't to thrilled about running green paint through his gun). We got it all done and now it's all sitting in the "Wheel Horse" barn overnight to cure. He didn't want any pictures of it happening and I obliged him and didn't take any. Well low and behold I got home and my son who had come with me said "look at the picture I took of Steve painting the John Deere parts". So here's the proof:
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    All them 's look ready to bust out, and go.
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    She's saying, " Back off!1 This one's mine! "
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    Well, I've not managed to get much done this week due to a mixture of illness, visitors and having carpet fitted at home.. Both foot plates are now bolted down, I found some bike mounting brackets with captive nuts which came in handy and are much more fun to use than drilling through steel box.. This bit of box does not carry any weight and is only there to stop the top of the foot plates from vibrating.. I will add a little bit of bracing though. Here's something to make you laugh, it did me... I ordered some air filters which arrived yesterday... I may of got my sizes wrong! The hood stand has had a couple of bit's of box welded to it. Which along with a couple of hefty mounting brackets has put a lot of strength into it, no longer does it wobble when the steering is turned. The n/s foot plate has been fully welded and ground down.. I did for a while yesterday think about having foot gear change and a suicide clutch, but decided I'd rather have both hands on the wheel when the clutch is dropped at 9000rpm This is the mount for the suicide shift made for a bit of thick steel and a cut down bike swing arm bolt.. Shifter mounted and the linkage worked out, though you will have to wait until the linkage is done before you see it. The fender pan has been bolted down, but I thought a photo of 6 bolts would be boring so I didn't take a photo.. And to finish off this update, I needed to work out where the pedals would go so I climbed aboard, at which point Nigel wandered (not waddled ) in and grabbed my camera
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    I always thought the 1045 was the transition year, round fixed fenders, square hood?
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    I think your deck will be just fine. Blue is the belt routing, green is your missing parts. This is the same deck:
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    Movin on out, RAWHIDE! YEE HAW!
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    I know a great place for you to put it, In a box , with my name & address written on the box and into a mail truck. Great sign , I would love to own that.
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    to paraphase the video "if I take several bum lithium ion cells and place them into a gutted lead acid battery, the result will still be better than the dead lead acid battery" well yesssssssss ....... but 1000 times more dangerous to recharge properly! And the previous power supply video suggests our battery charging basics are not quite what they should be. So stay tuned for future campfire follies! This is like changing out a punctured 10 year old spare tire in my car with a 1 year old punctured spare and justifying to the effort by saying that at least the hole in the newer tire is smaller. Complete disregard for the purpose of having a spare to begin with. And lets rewind the tapes on this video and the first video. In the first video, the comment is made to indicate battery acid is not dangerous because it is 90 percent water and half percent acid and some "remaining other stuff". Fast forward to the above video, sandals and shorts and GLOVES on with a lead acid battery splashing wildly into a bucket. The scene is followed by comments regarding having to take a shower to remove battery acid and a finger point to his camera tripod eaten away by battery acid. Now I'm confused Rinoa Super-Genius - BATTERY ACID - friend or foe? Let's go to Thumper for the safety tip of the day.
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    Got me another horse this week, 210-H
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    I knew a welder years back (not me) who was repairing a truck frame on a COE, didn't remove the battery or even cover it. When he stopped to check his work the rod hit the battery terminal, exploded it and fried every wire in the truck. His leathers, gloves and hood diminished his injuries. My guess is that this is his grandson, got to be!
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    Yes. Yes I did. 3 hours and 50 lbs of /16th 6013 rod later..... what has been seen cannot be unseen. The homemade contactor switch made from the 2x10, door hinge and Kmart flat blade screwdriver is - forgive the pun - burned into my brain.
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    I just watched that while sitting here eating my breakfast. I'm confused. I can't figure out if I started my day off with a good laugh or if I'm in a state of shock.
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    I can't read or understand what you just posted? Script post are very difficult to comprehend.
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    I could not have done it without Matt for his foot control kits and Terry for his great decals. Cleat
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    You need a hand picking it up Bob? Should be no problem putting up the phone number...he had it displayed on the side of the road. You could black it out using paint brush. I am heading that way next week if you really need a hand.
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    In the last photo Abigail looks very serious about her Wheel Horse!! Nice photos!
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    Here is a really good post on how to route the belt that you are missing through the mule drive that you are probably missing as well.
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    That's great! "Didn't burn, just got a little lead on me." Duh, whats the lead covered in? Uh........Battery acid!
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    Oooof, that's a lot John! Nice to see you're in Toledo, Dad won many trophies Drag Racing at the Glass City Dragway and over the line in Michigan back in '62-'63. Folks and my youngest Brother are down in BG now, try to get out there once a year or so.
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    Those tractors are tough as nails. I have a 211-5 bought new in 1985 keeps going and going! Those briggs engines are unbelievably reliable.
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    Worst I recall (C-160 automatic used for stump pulling) : Photo courtesy of member "Rod(NASNUT)"
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    OK, you get the best photo of the week award! No need for anyone to try, can't top that.
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    Looks more like a soldering pole
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    Wow. I am impressed at his reasonable ability to perform surgery with a rusty MACHETE. Holy freaking cow that's a big soldering iron.
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    Picked these up yesterday:C120 auto SK486 The paint isn't too bad on the 120 but everything is froze up. Motor turns over, full of mice nest. The 486 has a few chips but i Think it will polish up pretty nice.
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    I just took a look at mine. This just might work. There's about an inch or room in front of the right wheel and virtually unlimited on the left. Moving them would affect the adjustment but it probably could be adjusted back to where it should be.
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    OH WOW!!! I just noticed that he calls himself Rinoa Super Genius. Better yet, that was part 11. Now we can all watch parts 1-10. There will be a test guys. Remember, quality education is priceless.
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    One of these All I've found is the manual But I'm still looking
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    Thanks Nappy Not much to report, the left side foot plate thingy is taking shape. As you can see it needed quite a bit of extra metal to get it to the right shape. And a slight change of plan. The frame I made to be welded under the fender pan is now being welded to the chassis. And the latest Why Not video for ya all..
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    Just a few other observations on the Cub vs Deere as I look at my tractors - IHCC models from 1975 and earlier: PTO - Wheelhorse is much easier and simpler to service/rebuild Subframes - Wheelhorse doesn't have them. You need specific subframes for the IHCC's depending on the year make of the tractor and deck type. IHCC's had wide and narrow frame tractors and this subframe would be different between them. So I've got several deck sizes and both WF and NF tractors and front blades - so I have to have various subframes to keep around to attach these implements. Wheelhorse - no subframes, the attachment mechanism is integral to the implement, i.e. deck and front blade. I've bought decks from 1975 to 2005, front blades, grader blades, etc. They all fit every Wheelhorse regardless of year from at least 1975 to the end of production. The only advantage I can see of the subframes for Cub is that they divide the weight of the attachment - so a 48 inch Cub deck is easier for me to handle as it is two assemblies, where the Wheelhorse is one assembly. Once the subframe is in place, IMHO, the Cub deck is easier to attach. Quality of cut - Without a doubt, the ground supported Wheelhorse decks are better. My Cubs give a great cut, but my yard is lumpy and has some slope. The Cub deck hangs from the tractor and can't react to the ground profile and sometimes will not give a good cut from side to side or will scalp rather than ride over the hump like a Wheelhorse deck. This ground support is what made Simplicity known for their quality of cut and really the only difference between the WH and Simplicity is the Simplicity has rollers vs two wheels across the back of the deck - so with the Simplicity deck, you get striping out of the box. Clevis/Sleeve hitch: I can't say one is stronger than the other, but I think the IHCC gives greater ground clearance when a moldboard plow is lifted. Implement lift: Wheelhorse has a lift that uses a chain between the lift rocker arm and the deck or a cable between the rear sleeve/clevis hitch. On the Cub, this is a solid linkage. Cubs have a button on the lift handle to allow for floating, but it is a pain to use IMHO. Not sure how the hydro's float an implement - yet. Belt vs shaft - even the IHCC's have the famed "shaft" drive and we hear all kinds of "won't slip like a belt" all day long, fact is, I have never known the belt on my Wheehorse slipping - ever! At each end of the mighty IHCC's drive shaft is a small roll pin. If they shear, they can be a pain to fix - but not like working on a modern day car. Without a doubt, servicing or replacing a belt on the Wheelhorse is many times simpler than a drive shaft on a Cub. Gear drive tranny - IHCC's gear drive tranny might be stronger, but you'd never be able to find out as in normal (and most extreme) cases, the wheels would spin on either a Cub or Wheelhorse before you'd do any damage. Engine removal - very easy with both. Not required on the Wheelhorse to replace the clutch or replace the drive belt. On a Cub, you have to at least (IMHO) unbolt the engine and move it forward to get the clutch out for repair. I'll think of more later as I've been up to my ears in IHCC's over the past few years. I enjoy ALL of these old iron tractors and wouldn't discourage anyone from owning or not owning either Wheelhorse or IHCC's based on my comments. Sometimes though, various brands owners/loyalists can get wrapped around the axle on their tractor brand/model and assert it is the "best" or more "heavy duty" or whatever else. Doesn't really matter to me - what I enjoy is tinkering with the tractors. For my go to tractors - I want simple and heavy duty. Wheelhorse fits that bill - as do my earlier model IHCC's. But if I had to thin the herd, it's likely the Wheelhorse's would be the last to go. Thanks! Bill
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    I got to play last week with my grader blade, rear axle mount. I made my solid lift link and put the blade on my 516 Custom. I have loaded Ag's and Wheel weights. I could lift the front wheels off the ground but all that did was stop me dead in my tracks. I agree with TT, I think grader blades should drawn not pushed. I did better using the chain lift letting the blade float but again looking at the TT operating his grader blade using body weight sure gives you the flexibility. I also think Don (Can Whlvr) is on to something with his scarifier design. If the soil is compacted at all you need a way to break it up otherwise our tractors are pretty light. Years ago I had 3 sections of peg tooth harrows. They looked like a railroad spikes mounted in a steel bar design. One section would make my Cub 149 work but it sure tore up the ground. If I had that now....tow it around, break things up, then grade to level out. :twocents-02cents:
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