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    This past weekend I picked up a real nice 310-8. It was a one owner machine that clearly has seen very little seat time. My typical anal-retentive cleaning process has begun - as well as the parts ordering (for every little thing that just annoys me - like the cloudy gas cap for example). The plan is for it to be a very light worker. My idea of light work is to build a trailer hitch for the back so during the summer I can move my two trailers from their spot in the back yard, around front to the driveway when needed. Outside of that, it'll be waxed and under cover in the garage. I'd like to upgrade the front wheels to 8" and get some larger rubber in the rear too. More to come.
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    Yesterday I was able to get out in the barn and take the massive belly mower deck off and some PM on it. The D runs awesome and I am thinking that she may need a little paint this summer....(and decals etc.)
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    he is a few pics of my fleet.
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    Yep this 70+ year old manure spreader is still able to fertilize the strawberry beds in preparation for the new plants. The blackberry plants also get their share.
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    Well, either way ya go when the "Top This" starts I'll be the guy with that deer in the headlights lol in his eyes. I need stop it smileys here. Lol.
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    Last weekend I picked up my 11th Wheel Horse tractor in less than four years. This one is a real nice 1967 model 857 with a rear discharge mower deck that I bought from Bob Maynard. I seem to be getting pretty good at sneaking these horses into PA from nearby states without getting caught by the authorities. Anyway, I can not thank Bob enough for taking the time to get this 857 in running order before I arrived to pick it up. Just another testament to the awesome Wheel Horse collectors we have here at RedSquare.
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    GT16 with Disc, courtesy of Brad M.
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    I got this WH disc today it needs sum repair but it looks worth fixing to me as I've really wanted one for a while paid 75$ don't know if it a good deal or not but now its mine
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    I made a mistake when ordering decals for my daughters 857 and ordered the wrong dash decal the one I got fits commando 8 so I went ahead and put on my old commando 8 thought I would post a pick of it I used a tip that amc rules posted awhile back and broke the dash into two pieces it was about broke anyway it came out good I think
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    I can just hear it now... Now that? That's a scar!
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    nappypappy...welcome to the back and forth. If you think I am going to jinx myself and say something bad about Kentucky....Won't happen. I think the whole country knows they are the cream of the crop this year...and they are. Like Mr. Vital said...if it was like the NBA Finals and you had to play best of 7...Kentucky would win hands down. It is being up for every game and not running into a hot team if you are having a bad night...that is what us Big Ten...and Notre Dame fans are hoping for. I hope you know this banter is intended to be harmless and a ton of fun...and to promote our rooting for our teams. Again, welcome to the banter. Actually, and this is my opinion, I like the fact that WV was not a force at all. If Kentucky does walk into the game with Notre Dame thinking it will be the same way...that is dangerous...much like the team that is up by 20 points at half time and comes out flat and blows the game. Is there a chance that Kentucky will come out flat??? That is what all the other teams are hoping for. If they get by Notre Dame...they will face the winner of the Wisconsin / Arizona game...that will be their best test. I can't see Kentucky losing after that...unless...wait for it.................................Kentucky vs Michigan St. :happy-jumpeveryone: :happy-jumpeveryone: :happy-jumpeveryone:
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    If you want to soften them up, slip some of this into the Gatorade!
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    That was softening them up?? Kinda like me softening up Mike Tyson if I stepped in the ring with him. I'm not giving up hope tomorrow night. I think the Irish have the talent if they can handle the Wildcats size. Fortunately I don't think they trash talked them like that WVU player did.
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    Yeah Irish looked pretty tough and I hope Kentucky can take them but you never know....Go Wildcats.
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    Jim...check out this thread. You have got to go to the Big Show this year.
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    Don't know what they feeding them but hope they keep it up...GO BIG BLUE enough said.
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    When I moved here five years ago, I would have been happy with a SCUT. But my wife said it was too big for two acres. So - 14 tractors of various sizes is what I settled for.
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    the bigger trailer you buy the more you can haul. the more you can haul the more you can buy. the more you buy the bigger garage you need. the bigger garage the bigger the property you have to have. the bigger the property you have the more tractors you need. the more tractors you have the bigger the trailer you need. oh man it is a vicious circle we enter when buying a trailer. be careful
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    I'm out in the shop having a few beers and working on the wheel house snow blower. Get it fixed before I hopefully put it away for the season. Anyhow here are some pics you guys like. Kioti lk 3054 wow what a machine. I got it as a basket case. A bunch of dollars later she its working good. Next one its the 520 with snow blower that a bearing went out. And way in the back my GT1848 with a designated blade. So what are you guys doing? I'm trying to learn how to do this posting stuff on my Android lol.
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    Happens a lot. Saw a good deal the other day. Ad says text only. I hate that. Anyway I send text and 6 hrs. later he responds. Doesn't have all the pics of the stuff he's selling. Too much snow to get to where everything is. I'm 30 min. straight down the road. Offer what he's asking and can I come out tonight? No response.
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    And for those reasons, I don't buy anything from Craigslist.
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    Consider yourself lucky to only have one .
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    They must not have sold well up here I have never seen nor heard of them but they are cool.
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    I was going to say the same thing as RacinBob...looks like it is right off the show room floor Matt. I did not think those finds were still out east.
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    Looks just about showroom fresh. Beautiful.
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    I only have one scar from when I punched myself in the face! (Stupid Ford! ) The rest are tiny little red dots!
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    310 is a great WH got to love the smooth running of a mag 10
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    Add on to Mike's list, Check rear hubs are tight, ( not working on the spindles). Clean and lube transaxle hitch pin, (if it's not already seized).
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    The wiring issues are usually caused by overheating and break down of of connectors and fuse blocks due to corrosion . It is common for the R/R( regulator/rectifier) to also fail. The air flow across the back cylinder is restricted by the belt guard. This low flow allows the grass clippings to build up in the engine cooling fins. The build up is really compounded if there is an oil leak at the oil filter mounting base. This grass and oil can block the cooling air very quickly. You can remove the R/R and look thru the hole to see if the cooling fins are dirty. The only way to clean them is to remove all the engine tin. This is recommended for any 10 year old Onan powered tractor that was used for mowing.
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    I restored this one almost 15 yrs. ago... I'm not a big John Deere guy in any way shape or form but the round fender 110's are just plain cool. The variable drive is a nice feature as well. I did mow with mine and it did a real nice job.. Go to the Weekend Freedom Machines website, its where all the green guys hang out, there should be plenty of info about them there..
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    Oh geeez! I was on a high with the Irish win but now I'm watching the Kentucky/WVU game. Can anyone tell me exactly what they are feeding those wildcats?
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    put the door on the front and you wont need troughs that don't work in the winter anyway
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    We are going to pick up a new 18' "car hauler" on Saturday. We will be pulling it to the big show in June....Oh, some Wheel Horses will be in-tow too!
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    They really mean Deutsche as in German. folks here in Pennsylvania just started calling them Dutch the actual roof style is also known as Gambrel
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    GT16 with Disc courtesy of Brad M.
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    I would load test the battery sounds like low amps to me. The cheap flat post Batterys work for a while but crank amps are not enough. Get st least. A 260 CCA batt. Like ones for the big z turns
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    The food here varies. The food in the cafeteria here is pretty good. It's the reason I became a patient. When my son was born 26 yrs. ago they served my wife a burger that had "Property of the Chicago Black Hawks" written on it.
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    Well you know, I just happen to have one of those in my recently acquired very very rare Wheel Horse 520HCA(Hydro-commercial-atomic)... She wont start, and these men in black SUV's keep stopping by. They aren't very helpful!
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    Finally got it out for a ride today. Still have several things to go back and fix, and put my new back tires on, but glad to have it going for now. Runs and drives awesome.
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    I got one of those last year.. I've never bought anything from them. They must like guys named Mike!
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    Well I made it official, she is now at the house. went up and bought her loader it up and made it home. to dark to unload her now.
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    Or... Change your name....
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    My nitrous kit came today and i got to make a video of it running and activating the nitrous, there is a slight power gain and a slight speed increase, i need to tune the carb to make the most of it but even with a normal setup it seems a good idea. its not the best upgrade i have done but it looks goos and actually does work!!!! a video of it driving will be out soon!! james
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    That Fri. night "parade" is starting to turn into the 24 hours of Daytona!
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    If the engine has them, just remove them and use them for paper weights.
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    Thank you All for the input. It is well taken and I'm glad I asked. The Gentleman said he needed to get $500 for it. I don't think I'll even counter offer for all the more the tractor is worth in operating condition. It probably is a labor intensive money pit that would over crowd my work space anyway. Thanks again for the insight! :bow-blue:
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