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    Well it's simple guys, I had a clean 1997 312 8 speed here could have used a seat but was not real bad, paint was nice on it no rust, probably the best and smoothest running magnum 12 I have ever had, I could not get $500 for it, finally over a year of trying to sell it I did, but not a WH guy but a local wanting a tractor with a blade, so I installed a nice 48" blade on it, and chains changed the trans fluid and engine oil, and delivered it for $800 I had offers from WH guys for $300 well guess what I said no, if these are so sought after and hard to find how come this took forever to sell, I have a Running driving 1967 Ranger with all new tires on it ags in rear and tri ribs in front, snow blade, mower deck, and dethatcher, metal is pretty nice, been a year I can't get $550 for it, for 3 years I had a 312 8 speed needed some TLC but over all nice machine could not get $300 for it, so I put the work in to it and gave it to my son. yup I part them out, make pretty good money doing it, try to sell the nicer ones but can't get anything for them, but you guys buy the crap out of parts, lets see you restore that old tractor with out buying used parts, and no your not getting GOOD used parts off a junker, most of these tractor all have the same problems, so a junker has no usable parts that are NEEDED, and yes I junk good parts all the time, frames, axles, and usable but not great sheet metal, if I saved every frame I would have mountains of them, in the 7 or so years I have been parting them I have sold maybe 3 frames, and never sold a 65 and newer axle, Except the swept axle for a 520, I sell lots of steering parts, linkage, hubs, spindles, engine parts, items like lights, cables, dash panels, rims ect..... So with that said if you feel you want or need to save them all bring a couple semi trailers and a big wad of cash you can buy what is here, many I have were headed to the scrap, I picked them up to part out, some very few get fixed because it's not worth it, I tried fixing a bunch in the beginning, but learned it's not worth it in the end.
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    Ok. I didn't get to the RJ yet. But I just got back from getting the cart. 70 bucks was the final number. Glenn
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    Jim, just give me a jingle, when you want to get some yard work done. I'm only 40 minutes away. I'll pm you my cell number. Rob
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    Well here is a SMALL look at what is here, most are pre 77 I count about 24 tractors in this pic, there are near 100 here, Yup I part them out. And I do it for $$, yes I like these tractors if I didn't I would not have 20 or so in my personal collection, but they are JUST garden tractors, yes some are rare/hard to find and many should be saved, the rest are common run of the mill tractors, they made thousands of them, and yes a 855 was only made in 1965, but guess what the 856 was the very same tractor with a different ID tag. and for the 857 oh wait that one had new style decals, still same tractor, I see the RARE only made one year on ebay all the time, what a crock. Parts machines and parts, getting ready for spring cleaning, some will stay others will get the remaining good parts removed and junked. Just a few of my personal collection, and yes some were going to be junked but saved them. but I have a nice supply of used parts
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    Wow, I am truly impressed! This topic hasn't exploded into a fireball of hate and ill will. The thread actually seems like a very cordial discussion. Maybe we are all finally reaching an understanding that sometimes things are done so that others may benefit: no matter what the intention or method. After proof reading my post it seems that I can't quite put my exact thoughts into words but hopefully everyone gets the gist of it.
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    I stopped at the South Mt. Fair Grounds on the way home from western Pa. this morning. The mountain creek one mile West of the fair grounds. I marked my campsite with a big K in the snow next to that big oak tree back there in the woods.
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    I think the original poster was talking about the fellow(s)who are parting out HUNDREDS of tractors a year. That is occurring and has been for some time, the guys post it on YouTube. I saw what looked like 100 NICE John Deere's lined up reading for slaughter, with a row of Cub Cadets as well. Along with them were CASE, Bolens, Massey, Wheel Horse, and other lesser production tractors, many of which were only made one year and could have been saved with parts from other models not so rare. I believe this is the REAL concern the OP has and it is a very good one because while they literally made a million John Deere and Cub Cadet garden tractors by 1980, that is not the case with Wheel Horse, CASE, Bolens, Massey, and some of the other smaller production units. This hobby and many forums will drastically change in a few years, just as the big tractor hobby has, because AS SOON as the people that REALLY care about these machine pass on (die) the tractors will fall into the hands of scrapers, flippers, and people who do not posses the maturity to own a used MTD let alone a piece of history. This forum should be applauded for its members and its dedication to the hobby, many other forums are just a committee (actual name of the flock) of vultures looking for carrion.
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    I've always wanted a pressure washer and figured that the attachamatic on the front of the horse would make a great mounting point. I've been collecting parts for a few weeks and finally got a chance to put this together. Here is a shot of the mock-up with the pulley attached to the pump. The pump is 4.0 gpm at 4000 psi and the pulley size puts the engine rpms at 3000. I had an old mule drive that I had used the shaft and pulleys for another project. I added a few pieces of tubing and angle to mount the pump and a fancy "patented" tensioner. I removed the original tensioning screw and added a hook in the rear that locks the whole assembly rigidly to the attachamatic. It works. Now its all disassembled for some paint. It takes about 3 min to install and put on the belt.
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    My wife always complains when I come in from the shed smelling of gasoline. I've tried the hand cleaners with orange, dish soap, ect. and many different products but nothing seemed to work. Some were definitely better than others but since she quit smoking 15 years ago, she can smell a fart in the wind. Really amazing sometimes but not so much for a guy who's always playing around in the shed with engines. Anyway, I discovered that if I wash my hands with any kind of soap and then wash them again with Edge Gel shaving cream, she doesn't notice anything but thinks I put on deoderant or something. Seems to work well for gasoline and PB Blaster too. The smell from the Edge also seems to fade away pretty quick too. P.S. I also use PB blaster as a repellent for her once in a while, she can't stand that stink! PB Blaster also works well for spraying on the snowblower to keep it slick and stop the snow from sticking. Has lasted longer than most products I've tried.
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    In my opinion some people are in this hobby to own a Wheel Horse or 2 ... find one neglected old horse and bring it back to life ... enjoy it. And then sell a Horse or two to support his hobby. That's what I do. And then there are those in the hobby that buy, part-out even a running tractor, to make a living. To me that is not a hobby .... it's a business. And there are some in the hobby that own and enjoy their Wheel Horses but know what isn't savable and will part it out to help others in the hobby.
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    In a capitalistic marketplace, there is a need right now for entrepreneurs to find various makes of garden tractors and part them out. It's because there is a need for it. A market for parts of older USA built equipment. If a particular make of tractor becomes scarce or rare, then the entrepreneur has to weigh the difference between parting one out or selling as a whole machine. I would not be so down on these business-people that are merely catering to our needs. If we wouldn't collect tractors, they wouldn't have a market to sell parts. We need each other and there isn't a soul on here that won't need a part from a parted out tractor at some point in their hobby. (I bought two Onan P220 heads from Joe this week! Thank you, Joe)! If you take a part off your own shelf from a parts tractor you had, your using a donor part. It doesn't make any difference if the tractor being parted out had 200 hours on it or 2000. If it is rusted or beautiful. If we didn't need parts, they wouldn't be doing what they are doing. Ever wonder how many scrappers took thousands of dollars of garden tractors to bone yards for the price of just the metal? Those tractors simply were sorted and scrapped. A friend of mine back in 2011 saw a tractor on a trailer of scrap metal and told me about it. I got it for free and actually got it to run though it used a little oil! (OK....it used a lot of oil)! I took parts from it and then gave it to another fellow Redsquare member to do what he pleased. You can't save them all and if you try, you will go broke and that is NOT an exaggeration.
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    Well this comes up every few years, and if you notice under my name, I've been here a long time, I'm member 85 out of what 11,000 members, so I'm going to say I part tractors out, and make money doing it, if I didn't make money I sure as heck would not put up with the BS I get selling parts, for every 10 parts request I get I might sell 5 parts, I stock over 100 tractors and literally thousands of parts, and have sold to MANY MANY members here. To the original poster, you have to part out nice machines to get good parts, take that old worn out junker, and part it out, what will you get old worn out parts, kinda hard to sell a junk part, do I part out clean ready to use tractors, NO, but I also don't give them away, why would I sell a running machine for less than $300-400 that I can part out for $600+ Do I part out rare or hard to find models ? NO, I try not to part out any round hoods, but it happens, try to restore a tractor that needs parts with out a used parts supplier, many parts are NLA from Toro, and if they are available they are not cheap, buying good used parts KEEPS this hobby alive, with used parts the hobby would be hard to do looking at you broken tractor that you can't get parts for.
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    Would you look at all that space!! I could fit the GT and 3 more Wh's in The extra space was made by moving a pile of wood and my tool chest, and also by turning the bench around that Why Not is on... The reason for the space making.. You can just see it in front of the window.. A TW Monoturn lathe... This machine actually left the factory as a con rod boring machine but at some point over the years it has been converted to a lathe.. I did decide to sell it due to a few problems, but had a change of heart. So.. Why the change of heart? The big problem I had with it was/is the shaft at the bottom with the pulleys in has some serious play.. Way too much to make it usable.. But this morning I was looking at it thinking I should really give driving the lathe straight from the motor a whirl.. So with the very worn drive chain removed, I threw a belt on to see how it went.. Not the best of photo's but the lathe can take some quite serious deep cuts, far deeper than my old Southbend lathe.. Quite a nice finish on this bit of bar as well.. So the plan is to use this lathe (a TW Monoturn) for taking the bulk of material off any turning that needs to be done and then finishing the details off on the Southbend.. I will be fitting a cooling system as the bigger the slices the more the metal gets hot...
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    We just picked up this today. I believe the previous owner said it was a 1964. It came with a restored mower deck, but the tracter itself is still in original paint, with (I understand) only the muffler and seat pan having been replaced. It's a very clean tractor and everything works, even the original brake light. I'd appreciate knowing exactly what I have here, as well as what the market is for them in similar original condition (hope I didn't overpay!). Also, if anyone has a source for the missing parts I need (seat pan, seat cover, muffler, panel on the top of the frame rails (in front of the seat) with the shift lever cut-out), I'd appreciate the information! Thanks guys!
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    Yesterday I was in the Garage fiddling around when one of my Grandson's came by. His Name is TYLER and he is attending Purdue in Mechanical Engineering Technology. He said he wanted to learn to weld. WELL! Just what I was waiting for! A chance to pass on skills to another Generation. I was modifying a Jacobsen Snow Plow I use on my Horse, so it fit right in. I started him with a little Mig welding, then he will comeback for Stick welding and Gas welding & Brazing. He is getting the whole nine yards, temperatures, materials, etc. He did a very good job for the first time- especially for a BOILERMAKER!- Thanks for looking-Proud Grand Dad.
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    I got there late last year, but I was glad to have made it!
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    did you have a mask on when you got it eric j
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    Kelly I always considered you one of the people I talked about when I said; "most people who sell a lot on in the classifieds are doing it to help others on the board"
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    To quote Chevy Chase , " FIRST ONES HERE " .
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    Sorry Ed. But when I get there on Thursday morning, I'm rubbing out that big old K and replacing it with a big old M. Although with the snow melted, I guess there will be no M's or K's...I'll just pitch my tent under that tree. On the other hand, there's room enough for a K and an M, and every other letter in the alphabet...just be sure to bring some goodies for the campfire.
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    The problem with retirement is that people think you don't have anything to do, so...it's Bob, can you do this?, or Bob can you do that? Some days I wonder if I should have ever told anyone that I was retired.
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    Did someone mention tournament?
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    My back kills me working from a tractor on the floor. I saw these but wondered about the quality. If it's Redsquare tested by some members, it's going to be good enough for me. Now I need a sale on it and a coupon!!!!!
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    Don't worry about pissing anyone off on this forum. We all don't agree on everything. A heated debate adds interest to the forum. I did believe what you do and I hated to see good tractors parted out until I needed parts that were no longer available and I did not want to by parts off a piece of junk. I was glad there are people providing good parts and not selling the metal for scrap. The way I look at it now is the parts from one good machine keep many others going. As long as the parts are recycled and not scrapped I am good with that.
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    Picking college B'Ball is worse than football. If that Dino wins again the Bears have a chance to avoid the cellar this year!
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    i have been using one for a year, it is great for working on your tractors, i know you will enjoy the lift
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    Awesome job, Would love a rig like that for my GT14
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    Hi everyone,sorry there hasn't been much news. I needed some time to get my head around all that has happened this week. I have been transferred to university hospital in Cleveland. Suffice it to say the news was not the best. I have developed acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Say that three times real fast, eh.I'm not in dire situation they say, and I feel pretty good at the moment. I will be here for a few weeks for treatment. I can't thank you all enough for your kindness and prayers. I am grateful and humbled. That's all for now. Wish me luck. Jim
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    Here are a couple of photos of the tractor I brought home today. It might turn out to be a Frankenhorse, but until I check the numbers, it might already be a "Frankenhorse"!! It sure is quiet! It has a rear bracket on the axle so that is worth what I paid for it, and the shifter knob makes it really valuable!
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    Does the owner know its gone??? .......
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    Tar Pits are in Chambersburg!
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    i have a 1990 416-H that i bought as a non running tractor. sheet metal in decent shape so i swapped another 16 hp onan over onto it fixed a lot of small things on it and clean a lot of dirt and grease of of it. been thinking about selling it but not sure if somebody will pay me what the motor is worth by itself. although just my luck the last time i had it running it started to smoke more then i feel comfortable with and haven't had time to check it out any more though. so that will determine what i do with it. but i see what people get for just a motor and not sure i can get that for the tractor. so i understand why people part out sometimes. i have another 416-H I call my old ugly tractor that has been used and abused real bad but runs good so eventually i will swap the good running motor over on to the nicer tractor and part out old ugly, but it has so much character that i kind of hate to do it. i just read Kelley's reply and agree and was the point i was trying to make.j
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    Highly recommend it, always a good time.
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    Now that's a nice little cart.
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    It sounds like maybe you had those adult beverages before you started cutting wires without disconnecting the battery. If the battery is only reading 10.5 volts, try charging it with a battery charger for a couple hours. I would look at the wiring diagram in the demystification guide for the "spark" circuit and determine where you are having your problem. As said above, the regulator has nothing to do with spark. If there is no voltage to the coil, then something in that circuit is open. If you do have voltage to the coil, then either the coil itself or the trigger module under the flywheel is the culprit.
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    For the OP .... I hope this brightens your day 414-8 as purchased for $100. Not much to look at. Rust and bad vibration. 414-8 as sold. 416-8 as purchased for $45. Bad starter and broken frame. 416-8 now my main mower. 520HC as purchased for $100. Not running. 520HC sold for $800. Didn't have to "part-out" to make a buck. Commando 800. Blown engine. Going in for scrap. Paid $75. Commando 800 .... well ..... it's still in one piece! WorkHorse ... Paid $100. Really rusty. Not running. Garbage???? WorkHorse Sold for $450. Made another $ and saved a horse. So have faith. They don't all get scraped or parted-out.
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    Is that a chromed filler neck under your cap? Nice work on the gas gauge, did it take awhile to find all the parts? Can't wait to see the completed tractor.
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    Get a copper welding spoon and give it a go. Get a piece of sheet metal from somewhere and drill some holes in it and practice. You really cant hurt the hood much more than it is and when you were done welding it, grind/sand the repair smooth, sit it out in the weather and let mother nature have at it. Once its rusted, coat it with some preservative and wipe her down. Thats what I would do. Looks nice the way it is.
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    VERY NICE. I have a commando 8, easy on gas plenty of power. you'll love it.
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    I've got to get me a round hood, nice!
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    I bought one of the smaller ones and love it. You can sit in a chair and work all around it. Just used some blocks in the center. wheels come off easy when they are dangling. One problem though , it will not go low enough to just slide under this lawn ranger so some fussing around is needed to get it on and off but no big deal for less than $200. Also use the lift for my hit and miss engines.
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    Got the engine back together as a short block today...Here's a couple pictures of it. Going to let the silicone I used on the gaskets dry and then get it to where I can test run it before painting it.
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    It would take time but it can be done. RacinBob said it best where you you hopefully won't chew any limbs and or larger branches. Cherry, Oak and hard Maple don't go through snowblowers real well. Nothing beats having the perfect sugar bush location. (On a hill where your shack and evaporator are at the bottom). Just run your flex tubing to a few tote bins and valve it on the evaporators as needed. We did about 150 trees with about 15 people tapping on one day and only two or three needed to collect and boil. Actually one needed and one or two to help you drink!
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    All I know is this series one, Kohler twin is a snow plowing beast.
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    capacity 400# plus......checked it today with wife on platform.....worked flawlessly. lol I hope she's not reading this thread.
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    Last year I bought my 88 520HC with 1400hrs had new 60inch deck and nice 44inch dual stage snow blower. Everything worked great still original condition with 25 hard years of abuse and it still runs great. I know it was beat because my best friends dad owned it since new and him and his 3 brothers beat the hell out of it lol. Put 76hrs on it this year between mowing and snow blowing thing didn't skip a beat paid $1400 worth every penny to me. I'm going to look at the 520H tonight I'll let you guys know how it goes. Thanks for the replies! Here's my 520HC
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    I cut out some aluminum 1/16 inch diamond plate for a rear fender pan/box and rear for the pan this weekend. I used a metal break shear to cut the diamond plate sheets out. Used sheet metal screws to install and placed my rear tail light on the pan. Trimmed it in U shaped door edge guard when completed! Due credit for this goes to Jon Bell ! I put a black knob on the back to lift the lid!
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