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    Oops, I did it again! We got about 6-8 more inches of snow last night so I felt obliged to play around with the video camera once more. (Hey, we don't get much snow...I can't help myself!) In what has become the norm, I cleared all five driveways in our cul-de-sac and then most of the street as well, since once the snow is out of the driveways, I have to find a place to put it! I admit that finding a good place to put the snow while not blocking someone's car, driveway, mailbox or storm drain was challenging, especially since a significant amount of the piles of snow I pushed a week ago are still there! In today's installment—which is the last one this year...I promise—I have the camera mounted on the B-80's hood and I shot the video in time-lapse mode, 1 frame every 1/2 second which roughly equates to 4 minutes of video for an hour of video. BTW, if you don't like Sinatra, you'll probably hate this!
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    Just ordered a blast cabinet from Harbor Freight.....Now I have to get a BIGGER air compressor. Used my wife's debit card!! It's for my birthday.......shhhh
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    You know, I wondered after the fact if I should add a warning that if you have issues with the motion, especially in "first person" shooter games, flight simulators, etc, you might want to proceed with caution!
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    check the fuel pump for a leaking diaphgam
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    so i shot a couple pictures of my horse there ya go
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    Wow what a day! Super busy at work and dinner out. Thanks to all that have wished me a Happy Birthday here on the Greatest Forum in the world Red Square!! From Koen who was the first to ring in at 3:52 A.M. (thanks for staying up all night Koen! ) Probably was having lunch when he typed it. Don, no seizures here unless I get to close to a Tecky recoil rope! . To cousin Brian, who must have spent all day digging up those smilies out of his vast stock pile of Horses.To my older Dino brother who took a selfie and slapped it on a pizza. Now I know what I'm not having for lunch tomorrow! THANKS I see Uncle Jim has dusted the snow off and managed to get back in the house. Jim we need some more of those action shots! John, I didn't see a Gravely with a sno-cannon show up at my door yet. come to think of it Ken the 420 didn't get here either! My younger brother Craig. Awful nice sentiment but I think I may have a few nightmares now. And to everybody on RS thanks for all the wishes and laughs and we will see a bunch of you in a few months in PA. If anyone wants to give me a snow cab, I can pick it up there! What a way to celebrate your 5800th INTELLIGENT POST! BOOM----SHAKA----LAKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Well I think it sucks that you didn't get all of "Summer Wind" on the video. That was the best song.
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    There is more to the Eaton 700 vs. Eaton 1100 history than just the transmissions. Wheel Horse also installed a 4-Pinion transaxle with 1" axles with the Eaton 700. For the Eaton 1100, Wheel Horse used the 8-Pinion transaxle with 1-1/8" axles. It is the transaxle that shares the limiting factor. Wheel Horse was establishing a price point as some owners did not need a full ground-engaging tractor. The 700 could do limited ground engaging though, including tilling and snowblowing. I have a 1986 Wheel Horse 312A with over 1100 hours that has been used for more than just cutting grass! The advantage to the 1100 is that it also provides an auxiliary circuit for a lift. But - the Eaton 700 is still a stronger transmission than what goes into the riding lawn mowers that are manufactured today. For more discussion see:
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    Believe it or not..... you need more weight! My "bone bag" comes in @ 270lbs. Add on cast iron wheel weights to boot. With that being said I also run 4-44lb suitcase weights and 5 gal gas. All kept in a box/rack hanging off a Scotty hitch. It's made a world of difference!
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE....I found a pizza with your picture on it.
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    I always thought the noise was the bypass valve. My hydro's all make noise to some degree. It is worse in cold weather, and improves as the units warm up. A heater for the hydro is a good idea, even a lightbulb for half an hour might help. I've also gone to synthetic fluid. Regular oil just gets too thick in the cold here. Amsoil 10-30 in the hydro, flows like water even at -30, but it is expensive. Both tricks seem to cut down (but not totally eliminate) the noise.
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    Lars, hope you get well soon and I am glad it wasn't worse than what it is. I also want to thank you for sharing your experience because since my accident a couple of days ago my mind is now racing through all kinds of possible injuries and their causes. I am also guilty of using a RJ without belt guards. It happens to be my grandson's favorite tractor and I can't keep him away from it. I have always been self-conscious when he is next to it while it is running, worried about his little hands. Guard needs to be a custom one (longer than stock) so I never got around to make one. I can tell you now, that thanks to you that tractor will never run again until such a guard is in place. However sadly, at least there is some good that comes from our misfortunes, in the form of real lessons learned from them. Get well soon.
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    Knowing the man-hours involved in replacing the axles on the D series, I'd spare no expense in using the highest grade steel possible. In the transmission reassembly process, I'd also replace ALL of the axle bearings and seals with top-end American-made brand names.
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    The noise is very disconcerting the first time you hear it but normal. I was very concerned about the noise when I bought my first, the 518xi in 2010. Even my 523Dxi with PS has a slight noise at times. Reading the manual five years ago that Rick referenced put me at ease. Follow the manual about warmup before using. You may even want to buy a magnetic heater for the transaxle if it is in unheated storage before using. Try not to run it to the "stop" that unloads the excess pressure. You'll soon get the feel for it. If you watch my videos, when I reverse I only raise the snowthrower enough most of the time to not drag on the ground to limit going over full travel.
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    Oh yeah, I used the sale price and 20% coupon. It was my wifes idea to buy the cabinet. I guess that is what she meant when she was talking new cabinets.
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    I'am with buckrancher leaking fuel pump into the crank case.
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    What a Pud! Just rub some dirt in it, that's what a U.S. guy would do!
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    Mike, I have attached a page from the 5xi transmission service manual. Following the first paragraph there is a Note concerning noise from the lift valve on non-power steering units. I have 522xi which has power steering, and the lift is not very noisy. It looks like you are in a cold climate, which may also cause the hydro to be noisy. I always run Mobil 1 10W-30 in the hydro. Do you know what is in your hydro and when was the last time the hydro filter was changed. Have you checked the oil level in the hydro? At 400 hours, you shouldn't really be having valve problems, or hydro for that matter. Also note that the last paragraph on the page makes reference to running at full throttle. Are you at WOT when you get the noise. I'm sure some of the other 520 and 518xi owners will chime in and make reference to how noisy their lift valves are. Rick Trans.pdf
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    Great Steve and you? Very great also the way you help us all out on this tran stuff. I'd never tried it before seeing your instructional.
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    Title says it all, last year had to fight an old Fergie to plow my drive. Not only would it take all day but it broke down and out comes the shovel. Have a real steep section and would have to back up as far as I could then pull snow down, find a place for it and repeat. The 414 with weights and chains and thrower eases down, sometimes trouble getting back up. But 3 passes and I'm done, with a little playing around at the bottom and top. Hour maybe hour and 15 mins. Waahoo!
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    Spring is on the way . one way to tell ? New shoots on my prayer plants !
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    Happy Birthday Mike, 5800 intelligent ? posts and still counting! Looking forward to moooooore!
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    Heard on the news that you are only 5" from a new record snowfall and another storm is on the way. Wouldn't it be a shame to go through all of this and Not set a record!
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    I know they are very hard! They make a key cutter sing cutting a new key way!
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    Northern tool has some 20 or more choices ranging from $40 up, of which probably 8-10 would work on a horse, might have to drill a hole or 2 but.... http://www.northerntool.com/
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    steffen i would recommend doing the de/carbon job. AS A RULE, the de/carbon job also includes adjusting the valves. thank you. boomer ( the used onan engine parts guy )
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    I love this video! Great use of the timelapse feature!
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    Yeah, about half way through... I felt the ol' whoopsmybelly kicking in, and had to go. Neat idea though...just not so much all at once.
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    Hello,I picked this up with 19richie66.It is a future restoration. It has a stamped frame which I believe is a 56.
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    My 2002 520xi (with just under 600 hours) also has this noise, but I am not sure it is a screach. It happens when the lift is at full travel in either direction. Maybe a bypass valve? Anyway I am not concerned about it-especially after reading Rick's note.
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    Great video. The dog was a plus! Now I need to sit down!
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    That is an Awesome way to do a snow pushing video!! .......even with Sinatra :)
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    I am in the process of having the same made for my 18 also, however; I am needing these longer than stock for the purpose of duals. I know that Peerless made all the rear axles for the Sundstrand transaxles. I assume it will likely depend on what application you are intending to use them in, and what if any attachments you will be equipping you tractor with. I have been told that Wheel Horse made an upgrade kit {for the latter D-200's that were to be used with a back hoe attachment} these axles were made of stronger metal. I have not researched or confirmed this. Personally I think if you are just having axles machined to replace a broken pair with like, and just using it as a riding mower you should be O.K. but, I would consider a higher grade anywhere from 1050, 4140 or top-end 4340. These become increasingly more expensive as you go higher in grade. Then after machining you may want to have them heat treated.
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    Negative 20 isn't normal for here.
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    If you can push the PTO lever forward it sounds like the spring that should make it go all the way forward is not doing it's job. Make sure the PTO lever actually comes to rest in it's full forward position before messing with the switch. Cleat
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    Personally, I would not worry about the limited slip. It is probably just that the spring is weak and they do not make them any more...and they are expensive if you can even find one. The worst that happens...your differential acts like the one everyone else has. As long as that spring is in tact, your differential is OK. I would imagine that you can find a new spring, but it was not really a good design...they only used this trans for a few years. You could fix your problem with chains on the rear tires, wheel weights, maybe governor adjustments...that kind of thing. What do you think??? In other words, I do not think it ever worked as well as they were thinking it might. Just my 2 cents.
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    It snowed again last night. We got 5 1/2 inches. Here are some pics from today. Oh the fun you can have with your family and a Wheel Horse!
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    Spent some time on the phone with King Horse and did some swapping of pics...Think we got it all ironed out...
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    So how did the block at an angle look spinning around on the lathe??? Blurred! So I thought I'd better turn the camera flash on which has the power to stop time for a split second The boring drill bit wasn't quite big enough so I had to use a boring bar to take the hole out to the right size.. Anyway, have a photo of a spindle stuck in a steel block at just the right angle A quick bit of reassembly to check block to disc clearance.. There be plenty I will be tapering both ends of the block to make it look nice, but also to give a bit more space allowing me to get the block a bit closer to the wheel.. Mounting the calipers should be easy, just make a bracket to bolt on the caliper and weld the other side to the block A bit of mass production, all machined to length. Turned down to the right diameter and one notched.. The notch is for fitting a rose joint.. This will sit about here... I need to bore a 3/4 inch deep hole in the block to sink the steel bar into.. Which will get the rose joint sitting about here... And that folks is this thread up to date once again... Making my own front end (steering and brakes) is certainly a lot of work and lot's of thinking is involved, but I'm really enjoying the challenge.. Your never too old to learn
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    Thanks to our snow-less December and January here in CT, I was able to get 95% of my new shed completed. Well, it's not entirely fair to say "I" in any of the heavy lifting. I didn't do much of anything other than watch. I used a contractor that I’ve known for years that built my garage and house addition back in 2007. Initially this started out as a quest to replace the older 10'x12' with something a bit larger - and maybe with an overhead loft area. Then the idea of an overhead garage door came into the mix - giving me an ability to raise the loft floor higher so I can park my enclosed trailer in there for the winter...etc...etc. You know how these things go. Needless to say, the "shed" concept turned into a 14'x24' footprint with a full second floor and 6'6" ceiling height upstairs. Way more than the original scope of this project. Fortunately, the wife rolled with it as it unraveled. The town inspector on the other hand....ha..... He said this was the biggest, most over-built "shed" he's ever inspected. Thankfully for tax purposes it's permitted on the books as a "shed or accessory outbuilding". Due to the temperature, I have to wait until spring to paint the front doors and the shutters and gutters are due to be installed sometime next week.
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    Hi all, Had a play with the 312-8 today and also got a few jobs on the 'to-do list' completed Parts of the yard are quite muddy but it didn't really struggle much, the ags worked well! Tom
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    Despite the neck issues I have been plugging away at this project slowly but surely. I managed to get the axle/base sanded, primed and painted. Hope to wrap up the rest of it this weekend. On a side note the Brown Truck delivered these today. New pair of shoes for the 856. After going back and fourth between these and ag's I pulled the trigger on these and better yet they were a present from Santa!!!
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    Got the wood done during the week. Three nights in a row I sanded all the pieces by hand with 220, wiped with tack cloth and urethaned. I like the aged look with the shine. Good enough for the project and happy to be using the original wood from the swing. The center holes are the original holes and show there wear but the outer holes are all new. Going to try and get the seat frame done today with the extra supports welded in.
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    I picked this up thought this was pretty awsome. Has a k181 8 hp kohler with a. Fully rebuilt hydro rear. Has safetys and all. It has alot of time and thought put into it. hundreds of hours every pivot point has grease fittings etc. It is dump from the seat and has a full exhaust to the rear of the bed. Detailed pics to follow.
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