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    So so you can keep up with the latest Traffic lights with countdown indicators . A pen that lets you scan and write in any color. Wall outlets with USB chargers. It should also come with a built-in night light . And the ultimate outlet would also have extension cords built into the wall . Small tiles you can attach to your keys, wallet, computer, or pretty much anything. If you lose anything, you can then look up their location on your Smartphone . Fresh pizza vending machines . Benches that you can turn to always have a dry seat . Power strips that you can expand and rotate . Mug that catches any drips . Parking garages with lights showing open spaces . Stairs with slides . Supermarkets with build your own 12-packs of soda . How to stop littering . Back pack with hood -- where was this when I was in school? Device that charges your phone from hot or cold drinks. Or this solar powered charger. Water fountains with built-in water bottle filling station. Subways where you can pay by recycling. Device to lift the Pringles up. A fun way to clean. A hair brush that is easy to clean . Ear buds that won’t tangle. USB rechargeable batteries. Packing tape that is easy to open. Bike racks that don’t take up sidewalk space. Caution signs that are funny. Movie theater screens in the bathroom so you don’t miss anything. Even better if the theater has bean bag seats. And a Red Garden Tractor that just goes on and on and does everything . . . Oh, we have that, a Wheel Horse. ct: RE: What's new in 2015
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    After quite a while my wheel horse raider 12 is finally restored except for a seat which is on its way. I haven't really been showing it off because it's not a popular hobby for people my age. I just turned 16. So I can't really talk to people at my school about it because a lot of people don't even know what wheel horses even are. That's why I came to this website because there are a lot of wheel horse lovers just like myself. I also have a brinley plow hitch on my one wheel horse does anyone know what it's worth
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    My Electro light switch has done its time so I have been on the look out for one. Sure enough one pops up on eBay NOS with correct part #. Before you know it this thing sells for $37.00 .I guess that guy really had to have it. Did a little research and found that it is a Cole Hersee. Sure enough its in their catalogue with all the specs, dimensions...etc. A little more searching and they pop up everywhere. Got two for a total of $14.00 and they even sent a free little led flash light. Bezel is a little undersized even though specs are the same as original, however the bezel is interchangeable with the new switches, it just clips on. New bezel does fit correctly and cover cutout if one wants to use it. So just do a little research. These things are out there.
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    I bought this ole girl knowing it sat for over a year, checked the oil, sanded the points, added some fuel, she cracked right off and purred like a kitten. Thought for sure the carb would have to come off, couldn't believe it, but he was a stickler for running his engines until the bowls are empty after shutting off the gas. Now I just need that new seat pan to get here so I can bolt it on and we're good to go, maybe look for a generator belt guard.
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    Once you can get at it. I use a dremel tool with a small cut off wheel and cut a slot in the broken dog point set screw and then back them out with a small screw driver.
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    I just got done building my own land leveler. Thought I'd share the pics. Very happy with it as it will cut right down through snow and ice on the drive and pull gravel. It's 5 ft wide and being pulled with my sons 73' 16 auto.
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    Used my 551(Old Milly) for years in my very steep driveway sucessfully. As it is on photos it had a 55lb weight on front, another 55lb weight on back and 25lbs on each rear wheel along with the 212lbs on the seat of course. No problem whatsoever pushing 10" of snow in first gear up steep driveway. Not the most convenient set up mainly the left/right plow adjusting, but it works.
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    Being a younger man, a couple years before 30 I didn't grow up with these older tractors and systems. I have been enjoying learning about how these old starter/generators work on our beloved horses. After venturing through my first teardown (cleaning commutator and new brushes/ bearings) things seem a little simpler and my want to further check these things out before putting them back to service enticed me to buy this little gem. I know there are ways of checking armatures out with multi-meters, but there is something about preserving these old tractors, along with the technology and nostalgia of these old tools. I have re-wired the whole unit (except for the transformer), and turned it on for the first time today and she worked! just thought I'd share.
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    Less parts to remove if you pull the transmission, and it will be easier to work on. Either way, it's a pain in the rear, no pun intended.
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    I treated myself today to this little beauty, It's a Hohner professional JT60 or the (Hollywood) dates back to the early 90's has what they call an ATN (advance tonal network) by adjusting the two "tone" controls you can create different guitars sounds, Strat Tele, LP, and the like. That may sound like a sales pitch, but I reckon it aint half bad.
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    1/4-20 thread use a heli-coil to repair Brian
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    I'm amazed that I just plowed 1/4 mi drive 8 x and shoved snow to the top of the hood & that engine (14 hp single "1973")just hunkered down like a diesel the newer ones just ain't got that. But the sear weight of the gt 14 helps too... (and the drive belt didn't break) : ) I have a diesel 2320 JD loader /blade & I got this big 14 yrs olds smile when I plow with the GT14....it is a brute : ) Wife thinks same ,,how good is that
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    Pictures will be coming soon I just gotta figure out how to download them from my ipod
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    Oops! Sorry but due to present conditions around here when I read the word plow only one type comes to mind.
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    You can read about the Spaniards being unhappy with the RJ's because they were breaking front axles They had them "bucking, jumping and rearing up" as they plowed 10 acres of hard packed clay. That brought about the cast Suburban axles.
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    Had a sign left over from my old horse hauler just sitting around. Thought I should mount it up so I wouldn't get damaged. Sent from my tractor seat.
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    Oh, you meant the tractor! I was like: "Wait a second! Steve is like 68 or 72 yrs (or something) old!"
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    Nice. It looks a lot like what I did with my C-160, but I used some rectangular 55w Halogen lights. I thought it looked close to original.
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    wheelhorse logo I made in woodshop
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    I have my spare Onan running well and finally starting well on the loader tractor. I was changing rear tires around when I noticed some oil under the frame runners. I started stripping the tractor down more and found the lines to the hydro-lift were real loose and leaking! That's when I decided to start checking everything I could since it is out of commission and undergoing some needed work. Over half the the loader's contact points were loose. I dug into the fan gear on the steering and it was caked with crude. Cleaned and lubed up again! Changed a connector on the neutral safety switch. Cleaned terminals in the dash tower around the battery. Cleaned out the fins around the hydro pump. (Not bad but removed the grime on them). Cleaned the grass in the bottom of the tower and along the frame rails. Checked the frame/transmission attach point for cracks/loose bolts. Shot grease in all the zerks. I'll change the hydro oil next. This will sport some 26 x 12 x 12 rubber on the back soon. Modifying the fender tub and the foot boards this week to get them under it. Dual tires are nice but for one thing, I really don't want to snap and axle and two, in the snow, they stick out farther than the bucket and packing snow down that I'm trying to pick up! And if your trying to get along the side of your driveway, forget it! What a mess!
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    That is really neat, being an electrician I love and enjoy these old gems and sometimes get blessed rewiring them for customers, but never got to see one of these! I think it's even better you use it!
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    No pictures but I actually have a little experience with a moldboard plow on the same tractor . I got a Brinly years back for it not that I intended to really use it but just to play around with . Tried it in the back of property and it worked pretty good. Outstanding issue is definitely weight in the front specially if your ground is tough. I can tell you that the 55lb weight is definitely not enough . As Racinbob said the front axle should not be a problem. However one place i would check is the plate connecting the frame to the transmission. It is prone to cracking. Mine gas developed such cracks over the years just from the heavy duty snow plowing and general use around property mowing and hauling stuff. She is retired now, just sits there parked next to Kenny (Electro 12) and when door opens probably wispers to herself " Good let the youngster do all the work, I did my share".
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    I have been installing the USB outlets for over a year now. Great idea but not cheap. About $25.00 for a duplex outlet with 2 USB ports.
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    Wow Karl. Graduation this year. How time flies. Congratulations!!! I will see you in 2016 I will be sending you a bag of RedSquare Popcorn to celebrate.
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    When you say behind I'm assuming a moldboard plow. My Dad did with a Suburban 400 back in the early 60's. The biggest problem was keeping the front end down but the little tractor did pretty well. It helped that the soil was light. He also used a snow blade on it. I really wouldn't worry about the 3-piece transmissions. The 2-piece case itself might be somewhat stronger but there's little difference in the internals.
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    Hi all, I once made my own front and added led lights on project C4. This time it is project bendy in need of lighting and whilst I have a cast reflector, I thought hell...why not make the whole lot... I bought some really nice 12v led bulbs with reflectors knowing I could mount them quite easily. So out with a sheet of ally and a template Some 46mm holes and push them through Cut out a piece of lexan and add a new headlight sticker And here it is in place on bendy When the hood is painted I will mount it all properly
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    I think Zeek clear coated his 552, turned out awesome too. I'm sure, images are in his gallery.
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    It broke off flush in the hole. I have no way to get at it. I cannot even get a pair of needle nose pliers on it to try and turn it. I think Bob is right...
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    They are saying it is a record snow in Chicago land...the 702 did great...bring it on. Some channels are saying it is the 5th biggest snow on record. This video was taken at the 1/2 way point of the storm.
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    That little 702 did a great job and wasn't even working hard. Thanks for sharing.
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    Great to see! It always amazes me to watch my neighbors with 18 to 20 horsepower lawn mowers that can't plow snow. And my 8 HP Wheel Horse pushing the snow all over the place. But I am jealous of the Hyd. system. My left arm gets a work out when I plow.
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    You need a belt designed to withstand the reverse bending over a flat idler pulley. The more common fractional horse power (Fhp) belts are for use on low horse power electric motors but use the same numbering system and will not last. The Wheel Horse/Toro belt is # 8334 - Size B x 84.8" The green Gates # 6985 belt is a suitable replacement - Size 5/8" x 85" The same green Gates belt made for Napa # 5L850W - Size 5/8" x 85" Garry
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    If the tow valve is stuck, use a crescent wrench to back off (out) the top nut several turns. The whole valve comes out, then cleaned it up refit it.
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    Nice photo! You go Steve!!
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    That 702 was a snow moving machine in the video. The hydraulic lift is the "cats meow"! Thanks, and keep it up north!!
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    He didn't spin the tires once! No socks, no chains, no problem!
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    Kiotiken: What you need is an RJ or Suburban "ball burner"/ "nut roaster" ! The heat off the motor will run right up to your beard~! Probably easier and cheaper to find than a CAB too! Plus - it's just a lot more fun!
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    Just a "bit of spare time"??? Nice work!
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    I thought about this! But at the same time, it feels wrong to put a Kohler on a work horse! It's the whole reason it was called a work horse, because it didn't have a Kohler like all the others. It's the one thing keeping me back from thinking about doing that.
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    According to the paper work that I have...the Raider 8 was only made in 1972. Model # 1-0330...Kohler 8 hsp engine # K181S-30461D...8 speed Wheel Horse transmission # 5086. (4 pinion differential with 1" axles). Welcome to Red Square With the 10 hsp Kohler in it, you might as well call it a 1972 Raider 10...model # 1-0301...the trans is the same. Here is a picture of my 1972 Raider 10...
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    I don't know what to say. I thought Rickv1957 had a problem, but Geno... Anyway, I found the new name for your business -
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    Good news today, I was able to get my current shed moved to my neighbors yard. Now I am able to have my new shed built without the city getting bent out of shape. It took seven men, three hours, six pizzas and two cases of Bud lite. No humans were injured or killed during the move.
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    WH customized by me... hangs down in the basement.
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    I love all of Bobs creations, but I gotta say that that one (with the big wheels) gets me all hot and bothered,,,
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    Whats up everybody, alot of you guys kind of already know a little bit about this project. There comes a time of when you can do things and finally its has come to life as we know it. It moves, runs fantastic. Kind of like excited if you know what I mean. Anyways I am not computer oriented so if I don't succeed at this I am pretty sure that Bob will get it straightened out. Well here goes.
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    I listed the 520-H a while back on this site for sale. There was no one interested. I loaded the 520 on the trailer and decided to take it to my house from the farm and list it on E-bay. While I was going home I rationalized.....hey what's wrong with 3 tractors at home. I must have at least 1/3 of an acre lot. And it has to take at least 30 minutes to clear the drive of snow. My wife was at the farm a few weeks ago and saw 4 WH in my shed plus 2 at home. She said do you really need 6 tractors? I didn't have a good response. Well I made room in the garage and all 3 fit. She doesn't know that I'm always trying to make more room! I'm not going to totally restore it. I'm going to have the tins bead blasted and repainted. I'll do the rims eventually. Hopeully I'll have it done before the snow flys. It has a cab too! I'll post pictures of the progress. I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions also.
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