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    I've been working on the back 12 feet of my barn. In one corner I'm building a 12x14 paint room. More on that later. [emoji2]. In the other corner we built a 12x14 guest room. We call it the "Bunkhouse". Had to finish these so I could get back to the Wheel Horse projects. Here's a shot from the garage area. With the paint room doors on the left. After carpet. After Mrs. Funengineer was done[emoji2]. Sent from my tractor seat.
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    My winter projects are coming along nicely. I wanted to get everything done last fall because it was such a tuff winter last year, and I did. So my winter projects are...sleep late in the mornings, go ice fishing when the temp is in the 20's, light the fire place and watch as much football & basketball as I can, eat a lot of comfort food. I can report that the time line is looking good for a successful winter this year.
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    Probably right either throw it back or use it for chum for full growed ones Couldn't leave it where it was
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    Don't feel bad. Wives can smell "hobby" when it comes in the house. I was in the garage (detached) cleaning some parts with clear 1-K kerosene the other night. I always wear latex gloves which are disposed of in the garage. I was careful to take my shoes off outside, take my work pants off in the laundry room and put on my pajama pants. I took the pants back out to the garage, washed up in the basement, and came upstairs free of odor, or so I thought. Within 10 seconds of coming into the living room where my wife was reading, she said "I smell gasoline". Whether they are pregnant or not, wives are gonna complain about smelling something. Vent that paint booth and get back to work. I'll be hiding under this chair.
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    Another one followed me home today.
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    My winter project so far has been to get my shop organized and ready for some actual work... Electrician finally finished the wiring for my plasma table and air compressor. Ignore the orange thing in the background. It was a gift from my wife's grandfather. Now it looks more like this on the front portion. After a few minor issues, the snow pushing machine has done great the rest of the winter...
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    I insulated my garage this summer and fall, so with my 45,000 BTU Hot Dawg propane heater I'm staying toasty warm this winter. I am currently working on my 416-H.
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    I also built this k181 out of extra parts over the last month
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    Just got ready for the snow, lets hope we don't need it! 16hp kohler,48in. deck and a 3-point
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    If I post big pics, when I'm finally done, there will be very little of the "holy crap" factor!! I want to keep you guys panting!! Kind of like foreplay!! LOL
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    Moved my paint booth into the heated garage with great intension to finish my economy painting before spring to come to realize it's an attached garage and the fumes and a pregnant wife aren't on the same terms, so have been on a stand still and it's driving me crazy!
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    Try putting some vaseline grease over the throttle shaft, if its leaking air this should show it up? (Check me out giving advise, I've only been here five minutes, it just goes to show what you can learn here from all these clever people)
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    Tecumseh's Rule . . . just ask these guys from the the Tecumseh Club. I think that's the president in the center
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    Yup, I'm officially old. I got them all.
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    Well, Dad's doing great, going to thecan on his own, feeding himself just fine, dressing himself, the whole ball of wax. Should be ready to escape the rehab center in a few days!! I hope to have the beast ready for a start up once he gets out. Any way, here are a few sneak peeks at some goodies!! Getting ready to finish engine wiring ... Just love this little gem!! It;s whats up front that counts!!
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    I have one with bad soild state ignition I just love pushing it around from one corner to the other
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    I'm trying too decide how I want this one to look. First pic is as I bought it, second is the idea stage.. Once I decide on what I really want to do with it I'll tear it all down and put a real nice paint job on it. I might go with the big tires in back with tri ribs on stock front rims painted white? (as the slots are off of my Suburban.) I might go with a different decal idea.,the 855 decals are kinda boring. Oh, and I hope to find something big too stuff under the hood. Maybe an Onan, Kohler twin or a Briggs Vanguard twin. I gotta have at least 18 hp on this one...
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    The two hyd lines connect to the FACE of the end cap. The two PORTS for the spring, cone, ball, etc are on the SIDES of the end cap. The ball and spring should already be in your end cap, in the rear port. NEXT.....(1) Remove the rear port plug and withdraw the ball and spring. (2) Remove the front port plug and put that ball and LIGHT spring in there. (3) Install the shorter HEAVIER spring and cone in the rear port.
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    End cap spring, cone, & valve components are shown here:
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    Wife was bugging me about how we used to feed the birds (squirrels) so......a little rebar left over from a few projects and.......
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    Be best to ask that question, or search for back posts in the Bolens Forum on: www.GardenTractorTalk.com or on www.MyTractorForum.com , in the Bolens group, or just Google that question.
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    No...haha...one ran into the sliding door...it was dazed for about 15 minutes and then it really like being held and petted I guess...it sat on my hand and then on the feeder and back to my hand.....I got my phone and then it flew down behind that heater.....
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    Ed, you're turning into the Geno of the NE.
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    10 was the one that got me too, I couldn't remember Freddy the Freeloader but I knew it wasn't Clem. The rest came pretty easy.
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    When the cast iron Tecky's are running right they are smooth and powerful. Honestly they are a good engine that gets a bad rap,I mean with so many still running around 50 years later they can't be too bad. There are two different kinds of SSI units,one is under the flywheel the other is all above the flywheel. Here is a under the flywheel type in a 68 HH120.
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    Hey Kevin......no Wheel Horse decal on the derby car???Looks great though.
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    With emphasis on the suck... By the way Bob , I use a galvanized roofing nail in one of my cans, so far no launch. And if it does some day, I didn't do it man!
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    A standstill. To Da%& cold in the Garage. This was warmer times.
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    Well then I would accept the honor bestowed upon me as 1 of the lucky few who had something bad happen and pulled through
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    Not so fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your "purchasing" those tractors and parts at the show. And that means your paying our 6% sales tax which makes it perfectly OK. Right? Ahh, right? Damn invaders! Oh I guess it's OK to take a few but if your in Adams County, at least buy some of those local grown apples! (No sales tax)!
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    John, wow wow wow. That about sums it up. No, let me throw a SWEET on that to. Good job Terry. Glenn
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    Our squirrels are kept at bay by a couple of red tail hawks in the neighborhood. Some times they take a dove when the squirrels are absent from the feeders. But the hawks have to eat also.
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    Evening all, a bit more progress today with one of the front wheels almost finished.. Two new wheel centers, can you spot which one is finished? It slots into the wheel like so from the inside. And looks like this from the outside.. A close up for you.. I couldn't be happier with the fit I need to grind a V shape into the two parts of the wheel to give me something to fill full of weld.. Once the weld is cleaned back you won't know it's not original.. Until you look at the inside of course The wheel is a nice tight fit on the wheel hub.. I have also been thinking about the front brakes.. There is just enough room to get a Kwakasaki Gpz 305 caliper and a small brake disc inside the wheel, though I have a feeling I might need to make my own brake discs!! Has anyone ever tried it and did they work?
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    the transmission date codes are subjective it does have a 58 style seat you need to look at the tractor as a hole because over fifty years parts can be changed it's definitely a RJ 1958/59 model Brian
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    Here's my 1257 I built this summer, added 8 speed trans, rebuild 12hp kohler, rebuilt starter generator, new wiring with solenoid. Love mine glad I built it. It's my go to horse. Tom
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    My 416-8 has an adjustable seat bolted directly to the seat pivot plate. On the bottom of the pivot plate are 2 coil springs with with built in bumper pads. With my 200 pounds in the seat the springs are completely bottomed out on the bumpers making the ride pretty darn rough and there are too many pins and screws in my back for any trace of comfort with this set up. I found a set of 520H flat springs, just like my C series have and went to work installing them. Original spring and bumper 520H springs The captive bolts that connect the seat adjuster to the pivot plate had to be cut down and the steel spacers removed in order to attach the flat springs, at the same time 2 new 1 1/2" bumpers were installed to support the pivot plate on the seat pan. This would have worked just fine as is except that the seat switch was depressed all the time. I put one of the original seat springs back to use by attaching it to the seat switch pin so it now holds the seat off the switch when unseated. Some skate board tape protects the seat pan from the spring. The difference in ride quality is like night and day!
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    Coool...a one HP power sweeper.
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    This is really cool! Has anyone seen one? Cub Cadet C 100 that was modified by the Florida State Mosquito Commission back in the 1960s. I suspect that few people have ever seen a Cub Cadet with that kind of implement! I got the image from the Fall/Winter '06 edition of "Wing Beats" - the official publication of the Florida Mosquito Control Association. The device is described as an "aspirator" with no other information. I am guessing that it is designed to suck mosquitoes up from the grass and put them in a collection bin/bag for identification. From the Garden Tractor Forum, posted by 'C C Geno'
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    I like my c-120 pretty much all c series
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    Thanks Richie.. The second rear wheel is almost done, it just needs the welds tidying up a bit with the grind.. A slight change of design with this wheel center, I made sure I didn't have as much this time to grind out the center
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    Me... I'd have to put another steering wheel back there... for the Mrs Rules to do her usual back seat driving thing she does.
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    Rears come off with a 5/8 socket. Fronts are held on with a snap ring or either a 9/16 socket.
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    Like Steve said just rank the front wheels or back wheels off... should slide right in.
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    Thats good stuff Rich!!! :ROTF: :ROTF: Matt :flags-texas:
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