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    Off work for a sprained ankle, figured I'd give the triplets some air/picture time . 310-8 on the right I just finished going over with motor rebuild, tightened up steering with new shims , added Diodes to get the 16 volt charge under control ( thanks Save old Iron ) belts, new clutch tension pulley - grease fittings on the pedals waiting for my LED's to mount on the back so I'm not in the dark on the road pushing snow. Bought these LED's off the bay to light up the restored C-101 ( liked them enough to order another set for the 310. ) NOS light kit I scored in the classified section here for the C -101 Brightened up these front lights by using some foil tape that was left over from remodeling my down stairs years ago
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    Hey Lane they were at my place in Oct 2011. They walked right by about 8 Wheel Horse tractors in my garage, and didn't even see them. I did sell them a couple of things that day. All I can say about them being here is it was 25 minutes of mass confusion. I did get some pictures of them and me that are on my computer home page. Wingrider w
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    Yeah I can see it now, Wheel Horse 1054 picked $150 Valued $2,500 ______________________________ Profit $2,350 Hope they did their research on here instead of ePay
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    I decided to place a new Wheel Horse Snowblower Belt on my Wheel Horse STR-324 Snowblower used on my 1967 Wheel Horse Lawn Ranger today. I had three NOS belts that I bought over the last few years and although my snowblower worked fine last year and ran well when I checked it recently I figured a five year old belt had to been stretched out some. It took about ten minutes to replace and I am good to go. I hope there will be a little boost in performance this year! I always tell folks the old Lawn Ranger ( 6 HP Tecumseh H-60 motor) snowblower won't throw the snow 30 feet like the newer tractors with bigger motors, etc but I still don't have to shovel the snow and it is fun to operate on this Lawn Ranger!
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    You guys are gonna have to cut me some slack here , my camera isn't set up for night pics , had to put a piece of electric tape over the flash ..... They're not the best ( pics ) but these LED's really light things up, actually got these just to dress up the restore on the C 101 earlier this year and realized what and asset they are if I'm down on the road pushing snow at night ( which I do often )
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    This has got to be wild, especially since Craig is posting in here!!!! YIKES!!
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    702 is one of the exceptions to the rule, it was an electric start Kohler. A '62 mosel will have the one piece fuel tank, in '63 they went to the stupid 2 piece tank. 702 will have the early front axle, in '63 they went to the wider track axle.(with resulting chassis change). your picture shows the later axle.
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    No problem we been restoring old Massey-Harris tractors since the early 90's for our self now I've decided that I have the Wheel Horse Bug so now going to play with these little jewels
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    Got my winter project mocked up today. It's frame is a1973 no name 8hp. 1967 Lawn Ranger hood stand & front axle & wheels. With a David Bradley Hood. I got a long way to go but I think it will be cool.
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    Got a call yesterday and you know me... I think I'm just gonna leave the trailer hooked to a truck from now on. Picked up a 77 C160 Auto, 75 C161, (the hoods are switched) 1056, Work Horse 700, and a 12 8sp. It was a nice surprise to see the front weights on the 1056. I couldn't believe they were all there and 4 of them ran and drove and 1 just needs a coil. Also got a tiller, 3 more decks, some extra parts, and something I desperately needed, another plow.
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    American Pickers is scheduled to air on Wednesday night, December 3rd, on The History Channel at 9:00 EST. (also on at different times this week on your local station. The episode’s title is “Grudge Matchâ€. I can tell you now that I was contacted by the producers and asked to contribute some Wheel Horse photos for this episode. I have not seen it and not sure what will appear. The photos requested were of some of our 1964 Wheel Horse 1054's. I signed a release that provided the photos for their use. I do know that the producers have given me a "credit" that runs at the end of the show! *************************** SHOW TIMES: Grudge Match Premiere Date:December 03, 2014 - 09:00-10:03PM ET It's Frank vs. Mike when the guys take to the track for a grudge match drag race to see who has the fastest ride. TVPG Upcoming Airings: December 04, 2014 - 01:01-02:04AM ET December 10, 2014 - 08:00-09:03PM ET December 11, 2014 - 12:01-01:04AM ET December 12, 2014 - 10:00-11:03PM ET December 13, 2014 - 02:01-03:04AM ET
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    Well I would like to thank everyone of my Red Square friends who donated to my cancer benefit that was set up by Derek(octfst)Rehberg and his wife Tammy, Mike(55rj35)Wall and his wife Deb, John(brrly1)Campbell who donated the tombstone weights and a few others that helped out on this site! They held the drawing tonight but I couldn't make it up to see it in person. My wife Tammy and I really appreciate all of the donations that you have made! It will definitely help us pay some bills as I have not been able to work for 6 months! This has been a very rough time for my family and very hard on myself personally. I have been through chemo therapy and radiation and I am currently done with that form of torture. I am 3 months past that stuff and just found out that I am currently in remission which means I am cancer free as of now! I do still have some bad side effects from the radiation but it pails in comparison to what I had before the treatment. So once again thanks to everyone who made a donation and some who even made more than one donation! Very cool bunch of guys on this site! Derek has another tombstone weight from John brrly1 that is being raffled off on Sunday so you still have a few more days to make a donation and get another chance at a weight or a flat screen tv, a gas card or a Red Lobster gift card! So get ahold of him or Mike for details. Thanks to God and Thanks to all of you! Now maybe I can get back to my favorite hobby! Keith Hammerhead Jones Ps. To the moderators, if you could leave this post here under Wheel Horse Tractors for a long while, so more members could read it, I would appreciate that. Thanks
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    Hey there fellas. I havn't been on nearly as much as I have been on in the past, nor do I currently own any wheel horses at the moment. But Id just like to thank all of the people on this forum for being great and personable. Especially those who I had met in my travels, trades, and deals. You guys and gals are definitely top notch 1st rate people, most of you anyways haha. Next year (2015) I will be starting a new chapter in my life as I will be moving to Wilmington NC from NJ to pursue a career since I graduated from college this past May. So for the time being it will be the end of my wheel horse days for a quite awhile. But Ill be back someday, and I will stop on here from time to time to add in my . Charles
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    Awesome American Pickers episode... can't beat old dirt track race cars, old motorcycles, a drag race between Mike and Frank, and of course Wheel Horse tractors all in one show!
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    Looking forward to lots of meet and greet pictures.
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    Don't know why you couldn't do that Glenn... Though it'll take a flasher control box to get the different patterns... I'll do a bit of looking and let ya know what I dig up (I'm bored)
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    I put flashing LED's on the back of my GT-14 and they do draw attention!!
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    No one will tell you until we see pictures!!! I think some Harley coils work on the twins but someone of more expertise will have to jump in here.
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    They could buy all they saw and just stop by Geno's and unload them
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    The largest stadium holds the most ________________ (fill in the blank)!!
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    Agree with T1257 that does look like a nice tractor ......If you need to give it away I have space for it in the garage and I would come to Ky just to pick it up as well
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    I tried like hell to get down there with a fellow Irish fan. I felt like I had to mimic the Irish in the last half and the only way to guarantee that I would fall fast was to not pick at all.
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    JimD...sending you my PM for the championship games. AJ...here is the link from the show last year...about 1 hour west of me... Hey Al...do you believe that arrogant guy from Michigan?? It is like they have to win every game because they have the largest stadium. I think Brady Hoke did a good enough job to have another year.
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    I took a break from the Suburban project to start giving this old girl a much needed face lift, not a restoral. Lots left to do but it's getting there.
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    thanks Geno for the picks. Looks like a nice tractor.
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    update. not sure this is the way I will go.
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    I appreciate everyone's thoughts, and agree with all of them lol. I guess what makes the best sense is to just go buy another 74 or 75 C-160 lol.
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    Love 'em or not...there's a bunch of flippers right here... that could sure show 'em how to make some bucks with a .
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    So after replacing the coil pack things were better but still threw codes. Decided to upgrade the plugs to double platinum and it seems to be running just fine now. Can't get it to throw a code (and it had done so very quickly before).
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    Customs...or the factory originals... personally, I like 'em all...as long as they're .
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    already? Well let me help with that....
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    we already hungry..........
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    You should send them some pics of a Senior if you don't have one and have them keep an eye out for one if you want one. I would have to think that in all of the years they have been pickin that they must have walked by AT LEAST ONE...
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    This meet and greet is really coming together for you guys.....the pics should be great....Geno and Sandra will no doubt be great hosts and Blue's food sounds delicious....
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    As a young 20 something I was too attached to booze and drugs....and the friends that went with it.....to go out and grab life by the horns like you are about to do.... Success has to be found...it doesn't find you.... Sounds like you already know this.....wish I knew it at your age....
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    That's all part of the fun in owning a horse Do what makes you happy
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    Its on my Lawn Ranger, but it will give you an idea of how it will look on your 854.
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    I would pay to see the Dino riding the Ranger with some checkerboard pants on holding a putter!
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    I have my 79 C-161 that I love, but I love the look of a C-160 better with the hood ornament and hood decals. Is it just wrong to add a hood ornament and use 76 C-160 decals on the hood?
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    I guess you can tell we're pic happy.
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    I wish I lived in the States Hmmm. No flag for us Welsh folk? Anyway, I may not need a starter just yet. I was browsing the Tube for starter repair, and I came across a guy who basically said if the starter moves at all, then its more than likely going to be something before the starter thats at fault. Well my starter does attempt to engaged but then does nothing. So I started at the begining, have I got power? Yes I did, fully charged. So I took my battery to work to get it tested, and it turns out although it shows full beans, it actually only has about 8 volts on demand. So tonight if I get a chance I'm going to put the battery back on and jump it from my car, and see what happens. If she runs then a battery is cheaper than a starter or possible rebuild.
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    Lane,,,,thats great. Now they have to go through me,,,,,,"your agent" ,,,,,,,,ummmmmmmmmmmm,,,maybe get to talks about a series,,,yep the wheel horse thread series,,,,,,,,STARRING,,,,,,LANE RANGER! Then I woke up,,,,,just as Tom Cruise was being me, lol best of luck, cant wait. Glenn
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    just check comcast for my area it will be on at 9:00 pm tomorrow night i will tune in eric j
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    This one was just pure luck, and I hope you find one soon! I'd passed on a couple of the "twins" that were available locally but couldn't resist this one.
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    Looking at those picts... you really should consider asking Santa for a snow cab.
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