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    well my burban has been sitting for awile now so i had to put my girl for some work today and to give her some fresh air.. Ill bought a new sweeper Agrifab 44 inch that i had to test so the burban might going to be a sweeper puller.. light and nice work for a old lady... a video of the burban whit the sweeper Lars
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    II found this picture on the internet. Looks like a neat project. Cleat
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    This is my first, and probably, only restoration. I couldn't have done it without the help of you good folks, and I thank you for all the help and advice. Thanks especially to Steve, Gene and Zane, and there are many others whose names escape my memory right now. This is my first attempt at posting pictures also, so I hope they are there. Thanks
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    MJ has been needing something she can do at home that doesn't require any exertion something that will keep her mind busy, Possibly where she can make a couple coins along the way. I did a lot of research and during this research I found a great respect for our friend Terry Dennis "VINYL GUY" I now have a good understanding what this man does, and all the work and knowledge it takes to do the fine art that he produces our decals with. I made an Investment in some equipment and set her up a small vinyl shop in the Ole M Den down in the Basement. She will be cutting simplistic Decals and we will be doing a lot of glass carving and etching along with sublimation of T Shirts and Coffee Mugs. don't know where this will lead but she is a very creative individual. Anyway here is some pictures of her new shop. You guys that know me know if I do something I'm gonna try and do it right and set her up within my budget and best of my ability, After all she has put up with my hair brained Ideas for 32 years so its the least I can do! Anyways I wish her luck and hope she does well at it. P.S there will be a lot more pictures coming home from my office at work! Thanks ~Duke
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    Well i have not posted pict of the load of implements i got erly this summer.. but i got some really nice but rusty stuff... i got this winch that has been on a 1054 and it is bought as a wheel horse implement on this side of the pond.. not sure it you guys have something like this on your side of the pond.. when ill got it it was rusty etc etc since it had been sitting in the woods for about 10 years.. covered whit some steel/roof.. i have had it apart and went thru all bearings and chains in it, And i have fab up a new bracket so it now fits on the quickattach.. and gave it a new coat of paint.. so here you have some pict of it.. Time to get some paint on it So im almost done whit it.. just need to fab up a belt pulley on it since that one was gone when ill got it.. and some small more parts to paint and it is ready to be used!!! Lars
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    Just making room for more... takes up less space when storing 'em... once you break them down Geno.
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    This is a picture of a cart/trailer I saw at a show that someone made out of the frame of an old tractor. Neat idea and great job !
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    Where's the score keeper? He must have banker's hours. They almost came back to at least tie but was tossed out the window when Cal got the interception. Wisconsin played a good game but kind of fizzled out. I think more from fatigue than anything. It was a bummer for sure but they are and will be tough. To be a Dino and have the life of luxury!
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    Chances are... you'll find me and the Mrs Rules just kayaking the Hudson again.
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    The grass has slowed down here so I decided to tear another one down. This is not going to be a restore but just a cleanup and new paint on the sheet metal and a 14 horse Kohler. I always wanted a gray one and found this one this spring. It was filthy and very greasy. A little degreaser and a Power Wash and it cleaned up fine. And some new shoes for the back, Going on 520 wheels. Got to get to the blaster tomorrow and do the wheels and get some paint on. I hope to get some painting done before old man winter comes. Just have to hope time permits, Oh and I ordered the decals from Terry at the show and they arrived shortly after. Top quality as usual.
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    Very late to this thread, but I'd like to make a point on punches. At work I often have to use a 3/32 punch on tapered pins that have been in a hole for close to 100 years. I've used Craftsman, Matco and Snap-on punches and they all bend. But the Snap-on man is there every Wednesday to replace the bent ones. I keep 3x3/32 and 2x1/8 punches in my toolbox and just hand them back when they are bent. Thats why you end up paying close to $20 a punch, and I take full advantage!
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    All this depends on the surface you have ...if it is the first time it goes smoothly without chains with good tires i really like sparkys tires looks to be a fighter in snow.. .. if you have hard snow / ice surface so there is no doubtthat chains work best ..Never tried rubber chains, but i dont belive in them when it comes to ice surfaces but on snow they will work ..... I know well what I talking about When it comes to this ..I live after all in Norway here is what ill use ..
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    Managed to get some painting done Looks a lot better with some red on!
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    Resting today after 6 hours of welding yesterday, need to go to the farm stand and get supplies to make pickles tomorrow.
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    I think there is another calendar shot in there Lars...that horse is not shy about getting her picture taken...beautiful.
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    I have three Wheel Horse Dump Carts My first one I paid $80 for and coated it with POR-15 (two coats of clear in the bottom) and then painted with Valspar IH red. One of the wheels had a bad rust spot and I had a welder repair it correctly. The second one I bought in Evansville , Indiana and hauled home in the trunk of a Toyota Camry ( they fit fine upside down with the trunk lid tied down). I repainted it with Valspar IH Red and changed both tires -the wheels were fine. Before Painting: After Painting: My favorite cart -an old LT-24 dump cart from the mid-1950's - I am leaving this as original as possible!
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    I use my Wheelhorses to rob me of my living's wages. (But they are worth it......most times).
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    I have used the mig on full power to get some serious heat into the casting. The time taken grinding the weld off is easier than the pain of breaking the hub or puller... Here's my front axle from bendy, one hub took quite a while to wind off. Here's why
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    I don't use my Wheel Horses to make a living, but lately I'm thinking I make a living just to buy more Wheel Horses
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    Steve, hope you get some grillin in this weekend. I don't know how you retired guys find the time for fishin n grillin Starting to get some winter prep in. Moved the weights and blower out of the shed, Had lunch by the lake. Tomorrow I'm filling a pair of Silvertowns with RV antifreeze for Ezra's snowblowin job this winter as well as tearing him apart and installing a new lift cable for the slot hitch. I'm using a modified 520 lift cable for the job
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    Anyone else had this problem? The hydro drive belt tension rod seems to still be available but not the top plate, so I ran down the street and Scot made me some new parts. He's the bomb. The top plate is now 4 times as thick and stainless. Here are some pics of before and after, new parts are still in the rough here. He also now has the unavailable top plate in his CNC plasma cutter software so he can make one for anyone who needs one out of whatever material + thickness you want. He has the rod in there too and the Wheel Horse script of course in that style you see. Terry (Vinylguy) had a hand in helping with the correct writing style for the Wheel Horse lettering part, he's the best too.
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    I'm a firm believer of filled tires for winter duty. The extra traction and momentum filled tires provide are the cats bee-hind. I had a pair of old but very healthly Silvertowns laying around and decided they should go on Ezra for snow blower duty this winter. I got the RV freeze on sale at TSC for $3.00 a gal and needed 11 gallons for the 23 x 8.50 x 12's. Borrowed a pump from work and started fillin. Tires and wheels weighed 27 lbs. each empty and now weigh 71 lbs. each. Took about 10 min a tire. I'll be adding 50 lb. WH weights and reinforced chains to these also.
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    haha, been trying my best to get that thing in the ground! already made my garden 10' bigger each direction and it was to big for my needs already...
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    You should center that head on the Rangers hood... then weld it in place.
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    I think he just needed a challenge Geno.
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    Thanks Glenn, about time you showed up.
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    Some of you might have already heard the story... Yes, my wife was in labor in the delivery room of the hospital when I was closing the deal on this 702 with Jeff (fireman) via PM's with my phone. Needless to say, I went to pick it up this morning and couldn't wait to mess with it a little. It was going to need new rear rubber regardless, so I stuck these old school BFG's on it that my brother gave me a while back. I think they just might stay put. I think it just looks great. Hopefully if time permits, I'd like to get the front rims blasted and painted tomorrow too. Thanks a lot Jeff!
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    That is awesome. You can always find the tractor it fits after you buy it!
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    Lars, There's just something about the sound of those engines. Thanks for the video cheers
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    Sweet Sadie! My trusty family owned 701! I can't wait!! :-)
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    That looks really useful Lars :)
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    Lars, thanks for posting. The ol girl still earns her keep. Glenn
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    Lars, good to have you back here at Redsquare, Great looking tractor & in amazing condition , I didn't realise that there were any short frame ploughs in Europe. Are you going to repainting it ?
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    HA HA HA, I tried but nobody in their right mind wants anything to do with it! Yikes, what does that say about me???
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    I gotta plan a trip over there, that is some real coolness!
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    Sorry to hear that Nick. I am lucky my eyes are bad enough that I must wear my glasses to see. Many years ago I was removing a small trigger fuse from a racked out breaker for a 1000 H P motor and accidently shorted it to ground. Turns out it was a poor design, and even though the breaker was totally racked out, the trigger fuse block was still connected to the main buss. Luckily I was insulated correctly and did not receive a shock, but the heat and flash from the resulting explosion rendered me unconscious while melting the frames of my safety glasses, burning all the hair from my head and face and sun burning my face and eyes. When I woke up about 5 minutes later, I was blind in both eyes except for a pinpoint of light. The flash was so bright, it had welded the iris closed in both eyes. It took about 1 hour for the iris to open. I had no permanent injuries due to having my glasses in position instead of up on my forehead where I see so many safety glasses. Sorry for the long story. but if one person keeps em on. It was worth It.
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    This thing is more massive than I thought, the head logo alone weighs around 170lbs. It's a little over 4' square and made out of 1/4" steel. These are all pics from the making of it and shots after we got it home. Still a lot of work to do but at least it's got a good start. They are all separate pieces for painting purposes, I like easy and no taping. The 68 Lawn Ranger is in there for reference. I'll have more pics of it Monday sitting on the trailer to mark it for routing.
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    It worked...finally. That is not an optical illusion I bent the 1-1/2" thick wall tubing in the process of removing the hub. D hubs are the worse.
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    Labor day weekend is usually the time that I start to slowly transition the shed from summer contents to fall. Getting the Cyclone Rake prepped for the coming leaves is the big thing. Oil change, spark plug, drain the tank and add fresh e-free gas. Since I have a new tractor to pull it with this year, I have to install the hitch and custom boot. The grandkids wading pools go to the rafters and the snow shovels come down. The last of this years mulch pile gets spread around the fragile plants, and then, in about 30 minutes from now, my daughter and son-in-law are meeting the wife and me and it's off to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner.
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    Bitten...welcome to the party...we are all going to RacinBob's today to watch the games. I'll tell you what...I'll just give you the 2 losses for Thursday's games. Everyone picked Michigan St. to win yesterday and I know you would have also. I don't think anyone would argue with that.. RacinBob.. sweet corn (steamed in the husk) and pork chops on the grill...homemade, re fried bean dip, salsa, nacho cheese dip and nacho chips...home made Margarita's. Kick off in less then 1 hour.
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    If your making a homemade puller use a fine thread bolt instead of a coarse one. It will provide a lot more pulling power and with more threads per inch the threads won't pull apart. If you look at a gear puller ,all of the threads are fine.
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    Sorry to hear about the chipper incident Eb... pray you're on the mend now.
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    Geno, one of the great features in the software this site uses is the "IGNORE" feature. If you consistently find posted content of certain members to be trivial, vapid or downright incorrect or misleading, you can digitally ignore their posts. It's like that commercial with the yahoo that advertises Prilosec "why wait for the heartburn, treat it before it starts." Speaking for myself only, I see too many "old enthusiam" members have already stopped posting or contributing due to the ocean of "non-content" posts they now expect to see whenever they visit. Hopefully your "new enthusiam" and beneficial content will eventually make you a greybeard on this site whose advice is sought after and not ignored. Before you hit POST, ask yourself if anyone in the future will ever purposefully try to search out your post to help them solve a problem they currently have. Many new members here will need help to further develope their appreciation of the hobby. Not everyone comes to the game just to watch and listen to the cheerleaders. . . Edit - correcting the speeling - always check your speeling.
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    I have one of these chippers also that I have considered powering with the PTO one of my tractors. The chipper knives are mounted directly to the crankshaft. I am thinking removing the recoil starter and installing a Vee pulley. What would I need to remove from the engine to safely use it as a bearing block?
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    IH white Mike... Looking forward to that day Thanks, I'm getting there Last bit of painting before my holiday, I can pretty well put the whole rear end together once it is painted.
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    I do. We here at Algiere's Landscaping still rely on the trusty 1989 520HC. It with the Cyclone Rake is the backbone of fall clean up team.
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    Here's one I saw on craigslist the other day.
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