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    Around here anyway. Been looking to buy a small utility trailer to haul my 312 back and forth to my property out in the sticks. Putting it in the truck, removing and reinstalling the deck, and the interminable drive back and forth just isn't cutting it. I figured that I could finish putting a hitch on the Grand Cherokee, get a nice utility trailer, and haul the tractor in style, and in air-conditioned comfort. That is, until I saw what most folks want for a trailer. Unless you want a hacked up POS, any trailer you aren't ashamed to put in your drive will cost you around $600 and above. Being that I am as tight as the bark on a tree (having 5 kids will do that to you), I have decided to go another route. I figured, what the hell!, get another Horse. For $500 or less, I have found several Horses for sale that can be used at either my place here in town, or out in the country. I will just keep a tractor at both places, and cut down on the hours used on both. This solution does several things: completely removes the onerous process of transporting a tractor 100 miles every week, cuts down on the work hours of my one tractor to less than half, lessens the maintenance costs and time, and most of all, gives me an inarguable reason to buy another tractor. Geez, I am so smart.
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    Here is a series of photos showing how I mounted three pairs of new tires on new rims for my Gravely Walk-Behind tractors. Instead of using screwdrivers, etc., to align the rims, I made a jig using 3/8"-16 threaded rod, 3/8"-16 coupler nuts, and 3/8"-16 T-Nuts to hold them in-place. Apply a liberal amount of talcum powder to the tube and inside of the tire. Use Ruglyde to lubricate the bead and rim. With this arrangement I mounted four 4.80-8 and two 16X6.50-8 tires in about two hours. It went quicker with each one. You do need to be careful not to pinch the tube though which is probably the most time consuming part.
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    Do I carry ramps all the time??????????? Yes, in the van but not in the Geo Metro! The van has hauled a B80, Commando 800, 416-8, 520HC, GT1200, GT14, RanchKing, Husqvarna and a MTD. And a few others.
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    I've been waiting for them to show up on Ebay. Part number 102881. No luck. I can find them at the typical parts stores. $36 each! Wow! Decided to do some searching and cross referencing and found these http://www.replacementlightbulbs.com/lamp41111.html. $4.85 each and I THINK they're halogens based on other places that sell them. Shipping wasn't bad for 2 day priority. So I bought 6. I got 6 for the price of one! I hope we can post links here. I don't remember the rules.
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    Some times ya don't even have to put them "out on the street"...I had one scrapper ask me if I wanted to scrap the Lawn Ranger that was sitting in my driveway!....at least I've got a pic of that guy on my "game camera"~~Wed is trash day...last year the scrappers starting driving the streets on TUES, then MONs....today is Sunday and I saw a scrapper hauling a metal desk behind his trash car equipped with a hitchpacker~~...yep, Obummer economy sucks!
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    Back in 1993, I purchased my first Wheel Horse, a 1977 B-100 8-speed. I bought it from the original owner. Today, 21 years later, almost to the day, I was sitting with my wife on the patio when a car pulled in the drive. My wife asked if I knew who it was. I said no. Then a gentleman got out and asked if I was the person who had bought a Wheel Horse tractor from a man over 20 years ago. I said yes I was. Then he introduced himself as the son of the original owner of my B-100, and believe it or not, his dad was in the car. His dad could no longer walk, but wanted to know if I still had the tractor. Well long story short, I said yes. I went and got the B-100 and brought it to his car so he could see it. His first comment was "I wish I had never sold that thing. That was the best tractor I ever had." So after a short conversation, he told me how that had been his second Wheel Horse, that a Lawn Ranger was his first. "Best damned tractors ever made" he continued. Then I went to the shed and brought out the other B-100, Commando 8, 701, 857, and C-120. His face lit up and he said, "well you sure caught the bug didn't you?" Turns out that his son also has a Wheel Horse. It's for sale. I don't know what it is because he couldn't remember the model number, but he knows it's a 14 HP 8-speed. I am going to look at it tomorrow. The sickness continues...
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    took a little road trip over to Indiana this weekend, to haul a couple of tractors closer to there new owners. Picked up this WH in Peoria IL, on way. Don't know much about the rider line of WH, but I thought the front wheels were interesting.
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    Went to yardsales as usual this weekend. Was at one talking to the guy and my wife came over to me and said there was a Wheel Horse over by the garage. So kinda jokingly I said to the owner "How much for the Wheel Horse". (I hadn't even seen it) He said "What Wheel Horse?". I said "The one over by the garage." Well, I came home with it. I paid him and loaded the van. It's not perfect. He was replacing the engine. The intake elbow is missing. The rear axle is model #90-2046. He has the correct rear hubs someplace. I didn't see the PTO any place. No seat. He gave me all the extra parts in the pic. A "K301S" with a gear on the shaft. The 15" wheels. A starter generator. The carb and air filter are there. So .... should I fix it up? Nothing is known about the replaced rear axle. I'm leaning toward putting it back together. If he has the hubs and I can find an intake elbow it will be well on the way to recovery. I don't have much in it at this point. Here's the pics. I became a supporter today just to make it easier to share the photos. Thanks, Joe
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    Hi, I think I will need help for this project... Just bought an old 701 and looking to restaure it... if it realy is a 710, I'm not sure.
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    I would have at least taken a look at it, it might be in real nice shape...
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    You got a GT-14 in a MiniVan???!!! OK, that does it! I'm dragging a Wheel Horse home from the big show 2015 in my Dodge Caravan. Jay, if you're reading this, be prepared to ride home on the roof rack next year!
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    I have been using my beat up old 633 the last month to move my car hauler around when I need it. I bought the 633 a few years back and took the K141 motor off because I didn't want to wear it out in case I ever decided to restore it...I put a 5 HP Tec motor on it that I had laying around. A few weeks ago the carb was really acting up so I took a chance and bought one of those $25.00 Chinese carbs that are being sold on ebay. I put in on and was really surprised how well it made the old motor run ! I went outside this afternoon to cut the grass and thought why not use the tractor ? My lawn is really small and to use a tractor is kinda silly...but I figured I would try it and see if the carb was up to some hard work. I wish I took a before pic... I'm really happy with the way it came out ! BT
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    Here are a couple pictures of the original 953 Wheel Horse steering wheel. You do not see many of these original steering wheels still on a 953. I do not believe they used this steering wheel on all the 953's as I have seen too many 953's with the later 1054 type wheel with the rounded cap/logo insert. Glenn Pettit has a boat steering wheel in white just like this one. Last year I gave Glen my 953 steering wheel insert to use (the diamond shaped one was made out of brass and painted matte black and had a dimond shaped logo decal on it in the center which Terry Dennis has already made up too) to make a mockup plastic insert for use as a replacement for any folks that have this diamond shaped steering wheel but no insert on their 953.
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    picked this up today. 1977 c-120 auto with like new 42 inch deck and mule drive. 42 inch plow and a mac daddy rear hitch lol.
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    950 is a pipe dream. The hrs. aren't exactly low, the seat is toast (at least 150 bucks for the correct seat) If you do need to replace the tires there is 300 right there. All of the attachments need work (blade missing some parts) and they are kinda crusty looking. I wouldn't offer 650 for it, especially if I don't NEED it. I won't say its not worth 650 but I'd want a better deal than that to get me to pull the trigger. JMO.
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    The starter solenoid on my 520H was clicking in, but was not making the connection to power the starter. So I thought it is nothing lost to take it apart before I searched for a new one. Surprisingly it is a very simple device and very easy to repair. I am sorry to say I did not take any pictures , but If anyone else makes the same repair, I invite them to post the pictures here. I did a search and did not find any info on solenoid repair. The disassembly... using a small screw driver, bend out the two tabs on one side of the metal base plate enough to remove the base plate and gasket. Cut the wire free from the lug that goes to the ignition switch. Using two small screw drivers, lift out the coil assembly. If the solenoid was clicking in and out, the coil is OK. The contact disc and spring may come out with the coil, If not , turn it over and the disc and spring will fall out. Don't lose the spring. Back off the nuts on the contact bolts about half way, then I use an old 1/8" pipe nipple as a sleeve to protect the threads and tap out the bolts. The only problem with the solenoid was corrosion on the contact surface of the two bolt heads and the connecting disc. I polished all these surfaces on the scotch-brite wheel, and put it back together. The reassembly... Note the two contact bolt heads are oval shaped ...Make sure they are aligned correctly before tightening the nuts. I found it easiest to put the contact disc in the coil hole , put the spring on the disc, and push the entire assembly up into the plastic body. I also increased the angle on the two tabs on bottom of the coil plate. This creates the pressure from the base plate that keeps the coil in the correct position. Solder the wire back on the lug. Don't forget this step. Install the gasket and install the base plate. I squeezed all four tabs in the vice to be sure the coil was held in the correct position. Put it back on the tractor and light her up. This repair took less time than it took me to type this...about 15 minutes. So there you go, If you have a bad solenoid...don't pitch it...fix it.
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    Did you see the post yesterday where the fella fit a GT14 in a mini van? It was great.......Also because I have a mini van. Glenn
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    Just got an odd phone call. Guy says "You don't know me, but...." He is the uncle of my neighbors wife.....I know my neighbor, but that is about all! Guy says he has an Auto 12 for sale and he heard I like to work on & collect WH tractors. Bla bla, bla....Guy wants $300 for a tractor that doesn't run. I said "Thanks for giving me the opportunity, but that is more than I will pay for a non-running GT."
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    Unless you change to larger wheels on the rear of the deck as suggested by theroundhousernr, you will never get a higher cutting height. The cutting height on most wheel horse decks is limited to about 3 inches. My 5xi deck can get me up to 4 inches. Every adjustment hole in the height adjustment braacket is about 1/2 inch in cutting height change. If your deck is still out of level after you have cranked the trunion nut all the way in, you may have the end of the rod which goes into the rear deck wheel assembly in the wrong hole (I know 42 inch WH decks have two holes and only one will work right) or the rod is incorrect
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    LANE.. The decal is on the outside of the acrylic.. ill need to check on what type of led i used. cant wait to see the sign you are making.. im sure it's going to look great!!!
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    I thought you'ld never ask ! $20.
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    well the engine is on the frame on a new custom mount and aside from a few little miss steps it really looks like it will work well. Hope to get it all together tomorrow and running. (cell phone pics, sorry)
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    Actually the first thing I checked was the dash. All the lights worked, the interlocks were all working, and nothing appears to have been bypassed or rewired.
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    Probably better than no wheels.
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    Charlie, Mentioned in the tag for this post is the serial number it is 304. Jake, Surely hoping you can make it as we were looking forward to some blueberries Lane Ranger, Hoping to see you too. ol550, Cant leave you out, think its going to be good. Bob, Here is the steering wheel and dash, I do have one of Terry's decals on it as are the hood decals.
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    Mike started a while back with his flashlight collection - I was kinda hoping everyone would sorta continue with their own other hobby to add to the list. I think it would be fun - so I'll try to get things started with -- my other hobby is building and sailing wooden boats:
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    Sounds like the pony express to me a horse at every stop!
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    Solenoid is a solenoid on the inside. In the older GM cars they were usually attached to the starter. Chrysler and Ford were on the fender well and much like what we use on the tractors. As kids we did it to save money so we could buy gas to cruise around. When I need one today I go the automotive store and get one for $12.00 or so. Now when what you need is not available, necessity becomes the mother of invention. You did a good job on that. You guys are forced to improvise over there because of availability and the high cost of Import. I admire the way some of you find solutions to problems that for us are a trip to the local parts store.
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    More Stallions, one at each stop! Inspirational as well as the beginning of WHA (Wheel Horse Addiction). Great solution even if it did come from a Squid! This Squid must have an engineering degree, masters too! Anchors away! You can send the Ms. to town, she can mow too ya know! Job'll be done in 1/2 the time! While she's gone, you can drink some fish and catch a few beers!
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    Possibly different type of Solenoid, but I had to do a full strip and clean on both tractor's Solenoids. the original style was not available in UK when I did them, so had no option. Covered the subject in picture form on my C-120 Refurb on here. Hope this link points to it, if not, it's on page 2 about 3/4 of the way down, Post number 46 - They are both still working just fine, so like you did, it's well worth the effort.
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    This is the smartest thing I've seen all day, and 2 Horses are always better than one!
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    In mid 1963 the 953 started using the fan gear stearing and larger heahlights along with a change to the stearing wheel.
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    Both nice finds... a "wanted" ad here in the classifieds... will probably turn up the correct front Suburban wheels you need.
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    Started to dig in to it. The wires that come off the headlight switch rubbing on the steering shaft. Thanks for the tip Chazm. Gonna keep looking for more bad wire spots.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi, I am in Kenilworth Warwickshire and keep all of the engine parts for K and Magnum engines in stock including rebuilt engines. Web Site is www.guypartsandservice.co.uk Regards Mike 07802 199906
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    WOW now that's an engine
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    very nice, best of luck. a snow blower option would be great. thats one of the best things to me with my wheel horse, the snow blower. I am new to nice stuff like this, even at my advanced age. never looked. allways bought the big garbage tractors and ran them till they blew up. lol the 522xi is a beast and wonderfull to mow with and drive. but a big ***** to find things for. just sayin it like it is. Glenn
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    The pump shaft is splined (as is the inside of the coupler) on the D series there is no key way. The splines may have gone south, in which case you will be probably be looking for a new pump shaft and the fun of pulling the pump. (I swear when WH built D series tractors they started with a guy holding the pump in mid-air then built the tractor around it...at least it seems that way
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    Concrete cylinders from landscaping I painted red to make look cool
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    Ya gotta love a good score like that! Mike......
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    The answer comes from within... how copy? Over...
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    Well.. too late for me, I am already an old guy. Of course, I hope to get a LOT older before I get horizontal and room temperature. Great story, and good luck with the other tractor.
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    Quite a nice looking early 953, even looks like your original power grips are in pretty decent shape. May we see a picture of the steering wheel? Also does the engine shroud still have the Kohler 9.6 HP decal on it? Thanks for posting, Mark.
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    I picked this 854 up last fall, it had a valve stuck in the engine and the oil pan gasket needed replaced as well as the points. I also had to replace the gas tank gasket, sediment bowl, fuel pump diaphragm and rebuild the carb. The tranny had water in it so I replaced all the bearings and seals, replaced the brake band lining and added a rear hitch. The seat was cracked so I picked up a good one at a show and I bought a back rest and had that recovered. It's got the wrong ignition switch in it so I've ordered a new one and most of the wiring has been replaced. The motor generator was junk but I had a good one on the shelf so I replaced that. The frame plate that bolts to the tranny was cracked, the hood stand bracket that bolts to the tool box was broken off along with one of the tabs that hold the belt guard on so I welded those things. This tractor was pretty rusty when I got it and I wanted to keep the original paint so I lightly sanded it just to knock the rust down a little then I wiped a coat of "salad dressing" on the tins. I really like the way it turned out, thanks for the idea Stevebo. The tires are cracked pretty bad so I may replace those some day but other than that I think this ones done. This may be the best running tractor I have.
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    sure enough it's a 1989.
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    Richard that steam tractor is truly awesome! I wouldn't want to paint it either. A working boiler Keep at it! Note to forum: open these pics and check out the detail!
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