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    Don't often go into no.2s bedroom, but spotted this on the wall Not sure whether he printed and put there for the retro artwork or the wheel horse influence.... Whatever the reason, I thought it was pretty cool.
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    Rick , My mind is foggy but I believe the cigarette lighters started in 1965 and continued through 1972. I plug my GPS unit in my 1075's cigarette light when cutting the lawn .... jus' in case I get lost. Wild Bill
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    hi men, if you follow this forum you may recall one of the differential bolts backed out of my 416-8 tranny last winter. extensive damage resulted. i recently crated that tranny and a spare and shipped them to racinfool40/mike. i used fastenal for shipping. round trip shipping from mass. to ohio and back was $125. mike just called me and said both are totally rebuilt. i really appreciate mike doing this! his prices were reasonable. he really knows his unidrives! i would encourage anyone who needs unidrive rebuilding to contact mike. best regards mike in mass.
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    We went to the Little Guys Show up in PA and did a bit of pullin' with my 1963 model 753 ...... AND the 702 tow truck tractor ! Now those who know me understand that I believe any thing can be done with a Wheel Horse tractor ! At the show I used my 702 tow truck tractor to tote the 753 around the grounds, through the parade and down the pullin' track towing the 753. Now most pullin' sled operators will not even think of letting some one .... especially me pull a stunt like this but I have known Bob at Rude Dog Pullin' Sled Rental for quite a few years and said ok but he did want me to wear a helmet . (a good rule for any puller) The folks in the crowd really didn't know what to think as the 702 tow truck tractor backed the 753 up to the sled and the hook was put on the hitch of the 753. With helmet on and given the GO signal we were of and pullin'. Now if'ns ya' will note that the front wheels are off the ground on both Wheel Horses, this due to the added weight of the 753 being on the under lift and the incredible pullin' of the smoky 7hp Kohler on the 702 tow truck tractor ! Great traction was had even with the multi purpose tires. HA HA this really got the Cub Cadet and John Deere pullers scratching their head . Two Wheel Horses pullin' two wheelies with only one driver . Wild Bill
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    Fact checker. We had a sighting on I-95, we had make and model of the vehicle, and we had credible intel on what was in the trailer. All data was subsequently confirmed as the mark provided us with his own pictures. Nice work men. Who says we need drones, we have Red Square members!! Enclosed trailer - forget it, back roads - forget it, you can't hide. By the way, did you know that the oil is a little low in the 520's crankcase, don't ask! Good luck with the new machine, it looks great.
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    Oh well I will jusr have to learn to live with this... I need more garage space... A pole building is getting built next spring this year we redone the kitchen... Should have bought more tractors do you have any idea how many tractors I could have gotten instead I got granite countertops and amish custom cabinets... The wife should be happy for a while right???
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    Sounds like there is an "Underground Unidrive Repair Network" in the Midwest!
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    But it's got a cup holder. Sent from my tractor seat using Tapatalk 2
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    Very nice looking Wheel Horse & loader. I like the wagon also. Yeah, you just can't hide from other WH guys!
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    Hello All--I went out and unloaded the 1054 and tucked it in a corner with a tarp until I can come up with a battle plan and a nice cozy place to tuck it to work on it. Here are the pics everyone has asked for.... She is beautiful and I can't wait to get her back in the fight!!! Tony
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    Pulled out my Dad's old BCS tiller over the weekend to finish plowing my garden. This tiller is a 735 model, is all gear drive. The handles can be rotated 180 degrees and a mower or snow thrower can be mounted. My Dad made a lot of garden with this tractor over the years, he bought it when the only rear tine tiller most were buying was Troybilt. He bought it in 1985. It has hi and low range, individual brakes on each wheel for traction and steering, as well as a differential lock. The tractor is Itialian made and has an Acme engine. As my Dad said to me when servicing this tiller prior to use, "The engine has never failed me." Really the tiller has never fail him - ever. Thought you might enjoy some info on this tiller and some pics.
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    What there's a history lesson on the Cruise Night ? I hope they ain't a pop quiz after reading this ! Years ago after seeing many of the Wheel Horse folks still up and excited in the evening at the Annual Wheel Horse Show I realized we needed to do more for the people who come to the show from other time zones. I looked at the drive way around the infield of the South Mountain Fairgrounds and then up at the pole lights, thinking we already have a pa system why not play cruisin' music and let people burn off some energy by driving their Wheel Horses. At Ed Mayhew's house one night we sat down and made list of fun type cruisin' music, some of the songs are from the movie American Graffiti. OK I have this list of songs now what? Well I have a neighbor who's Wheel Horse model 12-32 XL that is serviced by me every year also happens to own a vintage record shop. He made up the cd with the songs for us pictured here. Note the cd was made for the 7th Annual Wheel Horse Show as I was not sure how it would be liked at the show and maybe only done one year. A small batch of these cd's were made up and raffled off with the other raffle prizes at the end of the show. Talk 'bout a Wheel Horse collectible ! There has been a lot of fun had by the folks cruisin' with their Wheel Horse's and the cruise is just as fun to watch ! I do remember a time when one young man would cruise by and yell ye haw while raising his right hand up in the air and zoom away like a scared rabbit, well it turns out he had a fishing line attached to his right hand and to the governor on the carburetor ! At the cruise night you will see lighted Wheel Horse's, a GPS unit used, flags and whole families on one tractor ..... from what I know ya' might see a dash cam on a Wheel Horse this year ! Wild Bill
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    Maybe......except Mark is in England . Mike.........
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    Slammer, There is a thread somewhere here on Redsquare on how to redo your dash. It is basically wiping it down with grease and wax remover and using a black vinyl die spray and Elmers paint pen for the white. Make sure the Vinyl Die is really dry before using the paint pens. The trick with the paint pens is knowing how much paint to have on the tip before painting the very thin letters and lines. Too much paint and it will run down the side and onto the flat surface of the panel. You have to take your time and put a thin coat of white on and let it dry. Then add another thin coat and so on. after two or three passes with the pen the white will be nice and bold. Steve I have plenty of regular IHRed, just need the High Temp version for the engine.
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    Maybe there is still some hope for America's youth
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    Here is a link to another forum on a quick and easy refreshing of a hard plastic wheel. http://www.orangetractortalks.com/2009/03/kubota-steering-wheel-restoration-tip/
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    You should have a bend or a 45 at least to be safe. I mowed the yard when I was 15 with a long pipe nipple threaded into a K181. Cops came. The best part was overchoking it, you could get the pipe to blow smoke rings. Run times indeed.
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    Its amazing what we do for our Wheel Horses. Good work Mike!!!
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    One beefy FEL there.
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    Looks great Mike ! Well since they're already loaded you could just drop those awesome lookin stud horses by my house
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    No video. I don't have cool music like Steppenwolf, The Doors, or Death Leapord playing plus I don't have Steve's "Moves" ! But being home and down a leg I have been able to work on the "Horse Hauler" some to get it ready for the "Big Trip". Got some Tread Plate on the cheap and after 3 coats of Extend a couple coats of etch prime, some primer sealer and 3 coats of Rustoleum Pro Grade gloss black the painting is done. I have a water tight ammo box to mount for the tie downs and I have to install the anchors yet. Then it will be finished. I should have taken a pic of my Geo Metro Hubcaps Fuel Mileage Enhancers! :)
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    A couple pics before I get it unloaded...
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    Had to get the anchors located. What better way than to toss a couple of tractors on to get the optimum locations!
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    Thanks for the compliment, Martin. I tried to improve the weak spots in the design and yet retain the charactar of the original tractor. Everything I did is reversible as well-original parts will bolt right back on. I forgot to mention, the lights are 55w H3 halogens and really light up the night. Its now possible to mow after dark.
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    Same thing happened to me last week. I've been putting all my Wheel Horse stuff in one building, and found an extra 48" SD. Sometimes life IS good
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    I overhauled a KT-17 II this winter. It was expensive. Parts are expensive and sourcing some of the parts is very difficult. Yours is missing a coil, I would imagine $100 for a coil. Not to rain on your parade but it seems you can locate much better Wheel Horses for that amount of money or trade.
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    Earthway still makes one that is sold in a lot of plant/seed stores. I have a 1962 David Bradley two wheel seeded with a fertilizer attachment and 12 seeded plates of different sizes that I am restoring. New paint, handles and nuts and bolts. I will post some pics when I get back from Boston, Mass; Freeport, Maine and Corpus Christi, Texas trip in mid-June! Earthway Products 1001-B Precision Garden Seeder by Earthway Earthway Products 1001-B Precision Garden Seeder by Earthway . Sold at Northern Tool and on Amazon also!
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    McMaster-Carr has them too. About $25.00 ea.
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    It all depends on how bad you want the tractors. Trying to get things all Even Steven on a deal doesn't always work, sometimes someone needs to bend a little. Your tools haven't sold yet but at the same time I agree with the others, I might see 400 bucks in the two Horse's. The 417 might not be as bad as you think, but it could also be worse...
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    Lets hope it isn't on the wall because #2 is getting interested in pipe smoking... . But seriously, its great if your kids are involved! Mike........
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    That looks very strong, simple but strong!
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    Hi, I will get to it over the weekend and get the dimensions too you Tony P.S.---3 years and its still sitting in the same spot... never started the project (sigggghhhhhhh) its still a "dream" and hopefully sooner rather than later...
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    I can't tell from here.............
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    We were back at it tonight. Hard to believe it was soooo cold not long ago and now we need a fan in the barn. 84 degree temps with some humidity made things a little sweaty tonight. We were missing a couple of members tonight, my daughter being one of them. Went with her today on her field trip and had to leave early due to her vomiting. Thankfully she is feeling much better tonight but this dad is praying that he doesn't get it!!!!! We had a lot of different projects going on tonight. We were missing a few things from the Ohio tractor so we grabbed a few parts off of our shelves. Of course they weren't NOS so a sanding we will go, and a sanding we went. Some parts from the Ohio tractor had been cleaned but not painted. The kids had a ball having a chance to lay down some primer and then red paint. I think out of the 10 or so parts we painted tonight, only one part had a small run. I was quite impressed and they listened very well. Of course my clothes were a shade of red by the time we were done! . They are naturals! While a few were sanding, some others were painting, the rest were in the barn wrenching away. I am feeling the squeeze and trying to figure out how to get more hours in my day. Dad kept the wrenches turning in the barn. Boy was it hot and stuffy in there! Just before most of them left for the night I surprised them with their very own copy of LAGT magazine. Thank you to Kate and Brandon for hooking these kids up. They were blown away by the fact that they were featured in a magazine! Here they are showing off their copy and LAGT sticker! Of course they were bummed that they had to take a nice picture for me. So what would a photo op be with these guys without a goofy photo? They are great kids and some real comedians. Thanks for following along again. Hope you are enjoying our journey. Say some prayers for us....we need this thing done!
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    I traveled 1200 miles to cruze to that music in 08'....thanks to Eldon who "loaned" a WH for me to drive....I think I run it out of fuel!!!! .(forgot to mention the good times eatin' Jerry's road kill stew around the campfire)
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    What kinda drugs are you takin for that that knee operation for your three knees? Guess who I got on Skype? ~Duke
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    If I want to plow 6" deep I block up the front and rear wheels on the left side 6". Let the plow rest on a level floor and adjust the plow so the land slide sits flat on the floor. That will get you real close. If it needs more suck adjust the tip down and if it sucks in too deep raise the tip a bit at a time. You may find at the end of a row you will need to back up as you lift the plow out of the ground as there is too much earth on the plow to lift it. Garry
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    Low on fluid, pin fall out of hydraulic cylinder, seals bad in control valve?
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    Trailer looks great Mike...that ammo box would make a nice cooler. Just sayin'.
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    Got the tool box mounted and decorated! Also a shot of my Geo caps. They spun so fast on the Metro the letters started coming off!
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    I did have to use the puller on the hubs, input puller and the brake drum, but they all came off easy. What gave me the problem, for a day, was that brake lever system with the small roll pin in it. This had about 1 qt of water and about 1/2 qt of tan oil, but no lumps. I drained it good...added about 2 qts of diesel and ran her in all gears for a total of about 1/2 hour. The seals didn't even leak. Drained it out and from what I can see...she looks brand new inside. It is easy to get all the diesel out when you have the trans on a bench.
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    I just tubed a tire that I slimed a couple of years ago, the Slime is a real PITA to clean up from inside of the tire prior to assembling with a new tube, also the slime acted as a paint remover and removed the paint from the inside of the rim, no rust or corrosion, just something else to clean up and repaint before the tube install. You're going to end up either replacing the tire or installing a tube, just do it and save the cost and aggravation of cleaning up the slime mess
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    Cool Steve. I see that you managed to get the hubs off without resorting to the universal fail-proof hub removal tool.
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    You know, there something about the sound of a Kohler cast iron engine that will just disappear if you do all those mods. I don't know if I'd like that. The K241 engine on my first B-100 has never had anything done to it other than oil changes. The guides may be a little worn, and the cylinder may be a little out of round, and it just might have a bit of wear on the crank pin. But when I turn the ignition at -10 degrees with a foot of snow around me, and she fires right up and plows my driveway, I listen to the sounds of that cast iron Kohler and am thankful for the most dependable, noisy engine ever built.
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    I have to agree with everyone else, love the story and old pictures..... at least all but one. LOL Looking forward to keeping up with your progress on a great project.
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    Thanks you guys for the nice comments. We are definitely trying to wrap this thing up. I had a couple of kids yesterday ask if they could drive the tractor when it is finally completed. I said...."that is the best part and of course!" Looking forward to seeing each and every one of them take a turn on it. I can already envision smiles from ear to ear. We will keep plugging away and continue to post updates when possible! Thanks for following along with our journey!
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    A couple of you wanted to see my first car I got when I was 15 (I am 41 now)... I did not have any recent pics until today. I did some heavy duty spring cleaning in the garage this morning and had it out for a little ride. I had the truck out too so thought a few pics were in order...
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    When I was a kid - we're talking a looong time ago - I didnt know what a pipe was for my Cushman motor scooters, the louder the better! Strangly, I dont think that way anymore, I like QUIET! Where are Nelson mufflers when you need em?
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