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    Just got my repop aluminum tombstone weight back,had a buddy of mine polish it, planning on putting it on my 701 I think he did a great job...
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    I know not a wheelhorse, but he thinks it is and he is in heaven.
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    I used my tiller for the first time yesterday. It took 1 1/2 hours to till up a garden for one of my friends. Here are a few photos. I took two passes and then lowered the tiller down one chain knotch and ended up tilling about 6 inches deep. I always wondered how these things operated and now I know a little bit more about it!
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    Finally got the motor block all prepped. Degreased and honed and valves lapped in. Now to start putting back together between grass cutting and the other springtime chores.
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    I am posting this here because I believe this has general interest. My wheel horse collection has grown to the point where I either needed to put up a building to store them or find another solution. Putting up a building is a permanent solution and would increase my real estate taxes. Instead, I decided to purchase large enclosed dual axle all aluminum snow mobile trailers with drive in drive out ramps on the front and back to store my collection. No building site work or permits needed, no increase in real estate tax, and if my therapist can somehow convince me, or my heirs, to reduce my collection, the trailers can be sold. The trailers can also be locked and they look good compared to other storage options and they are less expensive than some of the similar sized storage sheds I have looked at, and, they can be easily moved. I also have plenty of property in order to put them out of sight if I choose to do that. Due to the above and other reasons, I now have a number of trailers of different sizes and tongue heights to move around my properties. Some have high tongues and some have low tongues. Thanks to other members who make some great hitches for us, we have several options to mount hitches or receivers on the backs of our tractors but not as many options for the front of our tractors. I was looking for a 2 x 2 receiver for the front of one of my tractors. One of our members, wildcruiser, makes front hitches (see one of his hitches at eBay auction 141257584969). I consulted with widcruiser to see if he had or could make up a front hitch with a 2 x 2 receiver. He came up with a hitch for me that works perfectly for my needs and he will be offering them through his eBay store and at the show in June. I could not upload all the pictures that I wanted to show so here are three to illustrate the new hitch from wildcruiser. One of the pictures that I could not upload shows a very tall 9 inch hitch for my larger trailers. I intend to use the hitch to move empty trailers around which should be well within the load limits of the hitch and the front tachmatic. Some load testing may be needed to advise as to the limits for its use. For example, you may not want to try to use it to winch your truck out of a ditch or use it to pull a tree down using the front of your tractor. The hitch is perfect for my needs and my thanks go out to wildcruiser for making it up for me and offering it to others.
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    I am speechless. My 12 year old said "wow!" I wish that I could curse now! Effin awesome just doesn't emphasize enough how I feel about this tractor! Bob, you are truly a magician, Brrly you are the man!
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    I just saw Brrly's avatar and instantly checked out the restorations page on the forum..... to see if there was more pictures. This thing is just to cool. I love how it was kept true to its roots from the dash , throttle controls , gas tank, hydro lever . Like it was said earlier. If wheel horse built a gt14 4x4 ,this would be it. Great work. I love the gt14s and sometimes I dont like when people mess with things but this tractor is the exception. Well worth the wait. Kyle
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    One owner machine, PO worked it it's whole life... and all I've done was wax the bejezus out of it.
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    Bob, I don't care what color it is...pink, purple, passion fruit.....your builds are "TOTALLY AWESOME"!!!
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    Other side done, I can now pass the drive from the front to the rear
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    Truly a thing of beauty :)
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    Hmm that is one really AWESOME tractor... Really good work.
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    Thanks for the compliments guys- I know a lot of you are following me on Facebook. I hope this is enough Red to tide everyone over for a while. I have to move onto some other interesting colors for a change of pace. Red and Green have been fun but its about time to try something new. Hoping someday I can actually build one for myself in Red to keep, but for now I'm having fun helping others achive their dream machine!
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    Gonna miss my "White Hood" But now I'm on the hunt for something that will make me look like a circus bear on a tri- cycle!
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    You guys can probably tell that the tractor has been painted by the photos in the gallery. I am going to throw a couple more out there for now and see maybe we can get some good weather and maybe a video who knows. As this process has been moving forward the words that I look for are like "awesome". How else would you desdribe it?
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    Not for sure where this falls in topics, but look if you want to. Specialwheelhorse Jim would have taken 1st and 2nd place for show but they wouldn't vote wanting to make all feel as had best. We hope in the future more of these shows will come this way. Many good folks, food, parts, implements, and memories! I am still wondering what I'm gonna do with the plow, although have been wanting one since acquired WH in 1981 Ummm, jambalaya, sausage samich, home made ice cream and tractors! Footnote: Yes I realize this is a WH small tractor forum, but I am proud of our American mechanical engineering ingenuity. I tried to get some of those fine examples, represented pictorially here. Brings back the farm hand days.
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    Today my 1981 IH Cub Cadet 582 Special was finally picked up. It was sold a year ago but the new owner never retrieved it until today. Tom Rupprecht's hitch with crane attachment for the HF crane came in handy as the Peerless 2300 transmission was locked in gear. The previous owner of my house had pushed it into the field where it was abandoned. Not wasting any time (much to my wife's chagrin!) it was off to the local tractor show where I bought this 1952 David Bradley Model 917.57560 "Super Power." It has a 2 1/4 hp Briggs model 8 engine. The first model sold with the more powerful engine, it still retained the red hood. This one runs compared to the Cub! Being from Illinois originally, I had to have a piece of Illinois history. This should be an easy restore as it is complete. Just to give a size perspective, I parked it next to the 518xi. The 16" wheels are impressive! Downside is when I go to replace the tires, they will cost three times what I paid for the Bradley. But seeing as the Cub was free and the Bradley cost the same as what I sold the Cub for, I am ahead in the game - so far.
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    I just got done driving the 417 and 416 around the yard. Parked them in the barn and was getting ready to close it up for the night. I was finishing my can of beer, looking at the black hood just sitting there. I said what the hell. Cranked her for about 15 seconds. Something sounded a little different. Cranked her again for about 15 seconds and Hot Damn! She started to run! I sat down and throttled up. The 16 horse shook at idle but at full throttle she smoothed right out and was quiet. I took up and down the driveway going thru all the gears : everything was good! I didn't do anything but clean out the tank, flush the lines, and put in a filter. I changed the spark plug, cleaned out the bowl and sprayed the crap out of the carb with cleaner. She sounds good with just a few small backfires at full throttle: I will adjust the carb tomorrow.
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    I got the C145 with ARC loader running today the motor sounds good but the tractor won't move. It has a manual trans and doesn't move forward or back and the input shaft does turn so I'll be pulling the transaxel and replacing it with one from a C101. I'm going to try to fix the one I pull is there anything that jumps out as a possible cause for the problem? Ed
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    Thanks guys! ----- The one thing I have tried to stay consistent with on every tractor is somekind of "originality" look. This has been one of the things that I hear the most comments on when at a show. I want them to look just like Wheelhorse or JD or whatever company would have built them as a truly factory articulated Garden Tractor- Not a scale copy of anything. I have seen some builds of different brands that resemble nothing but an original hood and that's about it. One thing I take pride in is the finished look of the sheet metal.The first few builds were kinda rougher but since I've added some shop equipment I am gaining in that area. Another thing I try to do is never destroy a nice tractor. Johns Gt was a parts machine when we started with it. I have done a couple builds just starting with hoods, fenders and then Hand built the frame. These are my favorite way to go as of lately as I'm working with fresh metal and that's a luxury. Now as a contradictory statement to the above, I have a friend who wants a scaled down build of an actual 4x4 Articulated Production farm tractor. I am going to do this build- with full intentions of it NOT looking like any garden tractor. Its a whole different look as it should be. I hate to stray from my course but this one should be a ton of fun and hope I can hit the look he wants. Its going to be a challenge !!!
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    Have my dad uncle and grandfather along with my dads friend who is a master mechanic so yes I have people but I have heard mixed opinions about what to do that is why I came here. I wanted some more opinions, right now I have the flywheel off to make sure its straight them I'm going to put it back on more supervision then that of just one person so we can put our heads together. Again I just wanted some other opinions about how to go about this.
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    Lane, was the area already a garden, or did you just start tilling on the grass to make a new garden plot. It looks like it did a fine job on the garden.
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    I used mine for the first time last fall. Lots of fun isn't it! I was very happy with the result. I did not need weights but I do have Ag tires. I used to use a mold board plow but sold it a few years back. Your garden looks to me to be about 2-3x the size of mine. I am getting too old to have a big garden and all the kids have grown and moved on. Still too wet here in SE Mass to till, another two weeks!
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    If it won't run without the choke completely closed it's a carburetor problem, You describe wide open throttle and closed choke, that indicates that fuel is not siphoning up the main jet tube and being atomized in the venture without the increased suction in the carb throat from closing the choke. remove the carb and disassemble the float assembly and mixture adjusting jets, you can leave the throttle and choke blades and shafts in soak the carb in carb cleaner or a solvent like lacquer thinner over night, then blow out all of the passages real good with compressed air, pay special attention to the main jet/sump tube to get it clean, it's the structure that the float bowl retainer threads into. then take an aerosol can of carb cleaner install the little plastic straw and blow carb cleaner thru the passages 1 at a time while checking to make sure they are clean and clear. reassemble the carb, lightly seat the needles and then preset at about 1 1/2 turns out and start the engine and fine tune the idle and high speed mixture needles
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    So it's going to be Friday nite in Warsaw, reservations confirmed
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    I think I see in that diagram the pieces that are missing. That lever should hold the clutch pedal in and the belts disengaged. I will have to draw it back home this weekend and work on it. Safe is a relative term, one would think that gear shift is safe but it isn't. If I can put the right parts on there to make the parking brake / clutch hold work properly then the problem will be solved. No mower deck on this one. Mowing grass is the cows job.
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    Last call leaving 7:00am tomorrow and Steve... Great idea about using a Duramax as a trailer, it'd probably go up the hills faster that way!
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    Worked with an old timer many years ago that worked on all the mags that came into the shop. First thing he would do is clamp them in a vise. Never turned one until securely fastened. Kept him from throwing it when it lit up.
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    Looks like they are both the same. left side right side
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    Thanks Doc and Steve for your feedback, I went out measured the play in the axle and it ended up right around 1/8th of an inch so it looks like I am ok there. I had an issue with water mixed with the lube in the rear end so I kind of expected the worst when I noticed the play. I have only owned this tractor for about a 4 months and I am seeing it wasn't treated real well by the po. But thanks again!!!! Joe
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    I like seeing guys bringing these old Wico's back to life! Nice job on the rim too.
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    I have an 857...should be the same set up. I do not have any pictures of that at the moment, but, if no one comes up with pictures for you to night...I will try to get some for you tomorrow (Monday). You are lucky you did not have a mower deck running when that happened. I have a couple of friends that do not have 8 fingers and 2 thumbs now. You have to know that it is not cool for anyone on this site to help you set up something that is not safe. I for one, would not want to point you in a direction rigging something up...and then find out you got hurt. Food for thought. BTW...I never thought I would reach 30 either.
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    You know how it is, Martin. I really did have good intentions. The first words out of Teri's mouth when I brought it up was "Where ya gonna put it?" ...... Details. It's a '74 C160 auto, runs like a top but needs a list of little things attended to. I bought it to move dirt at the cemeteries that I take care of.
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    I'd say a bit less but I'm a cheapskate, unless the transmission and axel you mention are included, ad doesn't list . The real question is how badly or quickly you want to get rid of it. Not trying to be a critic, just a suggestion. It is a clean lookin roller.
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    Option 4,5, or 6. Fab a hinge type flap with a lock in place notch, which when placed in mid position, neutral, and flap folded downward, sideways movement is prevented. The older standard shift fire trucks have a lock in instead of lock out to insure when in pump mode, shifter stays in place (Fireman proof). They actually have all diff arrangements (old pumpers) as simple as a ring or eye on shifter and a hook that disallows movement. I think all of us have dismounted WH when running, I've even hand clutched and walked beside as moving but only in Low 1 at idle. Yours would run equivalent of high 1, but only mentioning as we all sometimes make mistakes. Also do like idea of running board, keeps your Wranglers from pinching home and ripping the crouch seam!
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    Please do not take this the wrong way...I have been following some of your threads...I have to say...you have picked the right avatar. Obviously, the right thing to do (so you might make it to 30 years old) is to shut it down before you dismount that horse. That is the right thing to do.
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    Welcome to the darkside! Well.....black hood side anyway. Outside of the twin blackhoods, (the C-175 and the Super C), the 16 horse single fills that void under the hood better than anything I've seen short of a Van Guard upgrade. Nice tractor!
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    I hear ya. Same goes for me as far as the show. Got a lot going on all around the same time.
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    Got a couple more shots this evening. Hope I don't get put in Dog house doe this but it's one Bad A$$ tractor. I apoligize but I call em' like I see em'!!! paint9.bmp
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    I'm currently on vacation with my wife and kids, and not one to sit around doing nothing - in between trip to the beach a guy has to keep busy. As I've posted before I've a lot of hobbies, horses music, DIY, model cars... Well we nearly always bring the r/c rock crawlers with us, so with a spare 20 mins we go for a play in the dunes and do some video... So here's how I've kept myself busy for a few hours this evening. A bit of editing, some cheesy music, and upload to YouTube over a flaky 3G mobile connection. All done on the ipad, for those who fancy a bit of filming, music and editing it's unbeatable Some of you might just see where the inspiration for so much articulation came from on project C4... And why I like to drive over things
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    Kinda like the idea of smoked mole, so I thought I'd givem a taste of Horse CO. Several horses were happy to join the hunt.
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    Noise Makers, Chewing Gum, Poison Worms, All that stuff doesn't work. I know cause I've done everything and spent more money than you can shake a stick at. I had 6 of those Sweeney Mole Stakes that give off a shrill buzz. After I seen mole runs within inches of them I figured all the MOLES were doing was dancing! What I found that works is a Nash Mole Trap. I have 6 of them and have used with GREAT results EVERYTIME within 48 hrs or less. You want to know you killed em, using all that other non sense leaves you guessing. I killed 37 last year at different locations and made a few bucks at it too which has kinda taken the sting outta the crap I bought over the years that didn't work. Anyways After I catch em if they aren't dead I reward them by giving them Free swimming & diving lessons by dropping the trap in a 5 gal bucket "O" water! Jeesh I have yet to have one pass my swimming test! Then I hang them on a stick in the front yard so all their friends can see what happens if they show up at The Duke 'O' minium! ~Duke http://youtu.be/_SuqoKt06yg
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    Anyone showing up Friday night?
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    Got that stubborn Flywheel off today. I tried last Saturday but it wouldn't cooperate. So I kept brushing on red cider vinegar around the crank and wheel to break down the rust. I heated it with a heatgun and hit it with the impact gun and it popped today. It is filthy though and needs a good cleaning.
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    Neil, myself did nothing but supply the pieces. Bob is truly a master at buildng these. This tractor conversation started a few years back at one of the shows were we hang out for a few days. He told me buy some tires we'll build one. He's well, what is he? Artist? Creative? Imaginative? Skilled? Talent? He's every bit of that and a whole lot more words could be used to describe him. Where do you start? I'm the lucky one here. The tractors Bob builds are How do you decribe? I know how I feel about this question but I am going to leave this question open to see what kind of responses I get. I say "Totally Awesome"
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    I love all of Bobs creations, but I gotta say that that one (with the big wheels) gets me all hot and bothered,,,
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    Glen, he has been a member since the start of this thread. he just doesn't have the 'enthusiasm' to post on his tractor. he started off this thread and posted for quite a while, but then we sort of stalled on this project and the posting stopped. dad took it back up recently when we got back to working on it. i figured i was happy enough to have him interested in the tractor again and wanting to work on it that i wouldn't push the posting on the forum....... gotta pick your battles, i guess.... its enough for me to see the look on his face when he rides the 875......
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    What about the intake screen? Where can i get a new one?
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