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    Solution to pouring thinner from a metal can without sloping it everywhere. Cut a hole In the side of a plastic quart container. Fasten it on with a rubber o ring. Presto, hands free operation.
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    Unfortunately we've seen this type of post happen many times in the past! Reminds me of the post a few years back by some new guy who said he ran into a woman, who's dad or grand father was a dealer in the early 50's and had a Senior, Junior and some others brand new in the crates. He was supposed to go back to look at them in a few days after posting. We all posted for weeks looking for an update and never heard another word. Until I see it, I will never believe it!
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    I think somebody was having some fun at our expense. I hate to admit it but I sure was sucked in again. I couldn't wait to see an NOS in the crate 520….. UGH
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    Very interesting progression is happening on My Old Machine (myoldmachine.com) with building a Wheel Horse from Scratch. This may be a topic worth following!
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    If you are mixing paint and dont like to spill thinner from those hard to pour from metal cans I have a solution. I took a plastic quart oil container and cut a 2" hole in the side, cut out the bottom and sliped an o ring over the spout. Presto, hands free operation of funnel and no mess!!
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    click on this one and it gets bigger
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    Ok please let me add my 2 cents here. I spoke to Cecil Pond directly and he said there was no exact wheel horse red. He said there were many variations in the color over the years as mixing paint was not the exact science it is today. I painted my c-121 with ppg two part epoxy primer, three coats sanded between coats, three coats of ppg red ( I have the code some where ) and three coats of clear. Cecil laughed and said he was pretty sure it didn't look like that when it left the factory! I then painted my c-161 with rustolium sunrise red and it is pretty close match at a third of the price. I just wet sanded the heck out of it till I practically had no finger prints! So like someone said earlier paint it a color you like. That will be your Wheel Horse red!
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    Came across these pics @ Thigh Highs, High Heels & Hot Rods Thought you you might enjoy them Craig... I did ... along with the Thigh Highs & High Heel pics...
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    Not sure that this truly counts as a horse but it joined my stable today after a nice litlle drive down to Bounemouth to collect it. I've been toying with the idea of getting a rear engine rider for some time then suddenly several appeared on ebay at the same time. So out of curiosity, because they look like fun, and they look different I got this little fella for £88 + a tenner in fuel to collect I guess. It is actually larger than I thought it would be, strongly constructed (of course), and quite heavy as a result. Even the wife thinks it's good for the money I paid - bonus! That's a lot of decals eh Mark? It's actually a 1994 Toro Wheel Horse 8-25 Rear Engine Rider model number 70060 serial 4900142 which makes it the 142nd to be made. Interestingly, the model number spanned 1993 to 1998 and the first digit of the serial denotes the year (4 = 1994). Another for the register Mark. Despite being well into the Toro Wheel Horse era its pedigree is apparent in the build and in the decalry (if there is such a word). I've got a lot of project work on already but I think I might just interupt that to see if I can get it going. Apparently it blows the fuse when you turn the ignition on - a quick look revealed bare wires twisted together where the seat switch used to be connected and another dangling down from the ignition switch so it looks as though PO had a twiddle with it but hopefully it's just ended up being wired wrongly. The battery is on charge,,,,, so . Can't imagine that I'm alone on RS in having a rider in the stable. Andy
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    I have already done that a few times
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    This is Navajho White (mixed) at ace to match rusto navajho white.
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    Nice looking 85 417A!! Should last you a long time with a fresh KT17! Good Job!
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    I've used quite a few seats, high back, from Tractor Supply Co. $69 each but often on sale for $59l. They are on the shelf. Numerous threaded inserts for mounting in the steel pan. One set works to mount the seat on your Stallion. The "skin" is rubber and can be pealed off easily, put back on just as easy, waterproof, comfy enough.
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    WELL.... How's the 417 run ? ...
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    I have not used the Navajo but have used the Canvas White. Looks real close to some wheels I had.
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    Looks Good!! I too have good results with red cider vinegar. I just pulled the drive pulley out and the rust is gone. And Welcome!!!!!!!!!
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    Sorry it's taken so long to put my progress up. I've been sick for a while and haven't done much with it, but i'll give a progress update. I've pretty much made a mess of the shop. Parts laying everywhere waiting for spring and good painting weather. I've had to do some body work. The drive pulley on the tranny was bent (Don't ask me how) and it did this to the drive belt shield. So now i need a new drive pulley. Anyone know if i can get that at an autoparts store. My dad thought it would be difficult getting one since it's a 3/4 inch bore and keyed. Any thoughts would be nice. The fenders were pitted under the seat so i got that all patched up. We did have some warmer weather last week. And by warmer i mean above freezing. lol So i was able to finally degrease the engine and wash the frame off before i started working in those. So to make myself smile and feel like a serious transition from rust bucket to thing of beauty is happening, I painted the black parts lol. By the way i lost the battle on the steering wheel and gave up. I thought i was going to break it on the 20 ton press and that was my last resort so i have a game plant to paint it now it's just going to be a little more difficult. I also ordered the decals today and am waiting like a kid on christmas for those. Terry from redo your horse makes such excellent decals! Also needed a seat so i ordered one of those michigan style low back seats. If i would have had the original seat frame i would've gone with a cover like i saw someone selling on here, but i didn't. So hopefully come the end of the week i'll have this thing completely ready for paint. And yes i'm procrastinating doing the wheels......because i strongly dislike doing wheels.
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    I put oil in clean dish soap/washing bottles (I prefer the ones with pop top vs the ones that stay attached at the side - ask your wives if you don't know what I mean). Then when its time to fill an engine or tranny, you don't need a funnel, as put the top near the opening and pop it open.
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    I have a C-125 with a good running K301 and (98% sure) an 8 pinion rear. There is some body rust, but if you are looking for a puller that you will be modifying its a great starting point. Send me a PM if interested.
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    I have not but I have used Canvas White which is also a Rustoleum color.
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    Man, that looks like a great show.
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    Nice work Pickle... you work fast like a bunny bro.
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    That is a great idea. Why don't you re-post this info in the thread ""?
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    Self etching primer versus black semi gloss paint.
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    Re engine paint color of the KT17 - I have 2 of them on C-175s with different colors, one is what appears to flat black (or maybe sun faded black?) and the other is a grey (like I've seen on replacement engines?) The grey one seem to have the K17 front cylinder 'syndrome' , but the black one is OK. Ill be rebuilding the black one and am wondering what color? Pickle what decided your dark grey color? By the way, your nicely documented rebuild has encouraged me to tackle my rebuild, thanks... Bill
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    Same here, they are a great engine!
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    Nice work, Pickle! Always like to see the KT's saved!
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    I got 2 of the first pic and they work very well. The 2nd pic I have 1 of and it's the best most comfortable tractor seat I ever used. It's endorsed by Fitz M'Tush and Mike Kiester!
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    Just mounted a 7-1311 to a c-121 8 speed. This was definetly not a tach-a-matic implement ! I hoped this unit would just bolt up, hook up the belt and I would be done, not quite. I had to remove the drive pulley on the jack shaft and replace it with an offset double pulley to get the belt to line up with the outer pulley on the engine. After looking at Grainger, McMaster-Car, etc i found the one I needed in my neighbors basement! He's got stuff if you know what I mean! Next I removed the idler pulley and the shaft the pedal pivots on. Replaced that with a longer shaft to get the idler pulley out far enough and now have that spring loaded for tension and use the tractor pto engage/disengage. Then I had to bend / adjust the lift bar to make it work. Now I am worried that the outside pulley is not small enough and may cause it to run too fast. The offset pulley I put on the bottom shaft is a half inch bigger then the factory one so probably won't make a huge difference. Has anyone else mounted one of these on a C-series or 3,4,500 Series? Funny thing is I just went through all this and don't have a damn thing to sickle bar mow !!!
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    One of our members, Cable, usually has one of his for sale. PM him and see if you can work out a deal. He's only a couple of hours from you.
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    I'm sure they're out there. Past member RickV had a bunch of NOS tractors which have since been sold off at auction. Wether or not the new owners oiled and fueled them is yet to be seen. If Rick could find them i'm sure there is more. If you watch shows like American Pickers you see a teeny tiny glimpse of whats out there hidden in forgotten about homes, garages, warehouses, sheds and barns all across America. My family and I spent six weeks three years ago camping across the country. I almost got whiplash looking at all the abandon buildings, homes and barns on almost every road we where on. Definitely makes you wonder!
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    Those undies will be changed when he gets home.....
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    nice saw, mate of mine has an old dolmar and that thing is a absolute beast! 30" blade big spikes at the machine for gripping the tree Koen
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    I personally don't think you will be happy with the horse/blower combo. And garden tractors don't have the same performance as pro line walk behinds for cutting because they were designed to do many different tasks. I doubt you could tow 2000lbs of rock behind a pro line mower or run a 36" tiller. I have three tractors (possibly 4 this week) and MUCH less than $1k invested in all of them. Personally, I think it will end up breaking and being blamed on the fact that you bought a '15 year old tier 2' tractor when nothing was designed for what you are trying to do. These tractors are essentially solid cast iron, and while not flawless, are generally more durable than most late model garden tractors. You still have to move slow into large piles even though the extra weight is of some advantage. You will need weights, chains and a cab at a minimum to meet your expectations. Even on a tractor you will end up looking like a snowman without a cab. And the 'rest of the year' you have to be sure you are doing maintenance on it or anything you buy will break down. "it starts & runs like a horse is touted to" only if it is treated well and taken care of. (Yearly) Change engine oil, transmission oil less often, air cleaner, clean and wash, stabilize gas, grease joints, oil blower chain, keep things painted and not rusty, and repairs will still be necessary. If you can manage just blowing normal snow (not frozen into an iceberg), and doing the maintenance then you found the right place. These guys are awesome and can help with anything. If you want to start attacking piles of frozen snow I would start looking into dozer or dumptruck/plow combos.
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    Should do a" caption this" on the pic of the car hanging. I'll go first. " Well boys, do we put a Ford or a Chrysler trannie in this one?"
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    Having worked for a toro dealer, they usually put in an order in every week, so to charge shipping is BS... IMHO
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    If it's just for looking around, the iPad is fine, but being interactive I find it cumbersome to use. For me it's not going to replace my Macbook!
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    Amazes me how many people come along. 1st time posters, asking questions and advice on things they know nothing about. The dam shame of it is,,,,,,,,,whats it take of them to say, THANK YOU. My feelings to me anyway.
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    If you must have a 2 stage as stated above 16hp or more, I recommend a machine with hyd lift also, a 520 would be perfect. Some older machines in nice shape are still worth a few thousand $$ with attachments, have you priced a comparable machine ?? not a box store unit a real GT go to a JD dealer price a 425 or the likes with a blower, weights, chains and a deck I bet your at $9k easy so yes a low hour nice well kept unit is still a $2k machine with attachments, a bare tractor nice under 500 hours will run in the $800-1200 range add a nice deck $200-300 add a blower $200-300 a 2 stage blower $500-700 chains and weights $100-150 a cab $200-300 if your talking a XI series add about $500 to the bare tractor and at least $100 to each attachment. The 520 you have pictured above if it's as nice as it looks and under 400 hours it is a $1000 to 1500 machine, and if it has a deck even more so, I see weights and chains so I assume it has a plow or blower?? if it has a deck and snow attachment it is worth all of $1400 but I would offer $1000 and work up. As was said above you can't buy much new for $1400 now days, cheap throw away box store stuff, that in 10 years with good up keep is nearing the end of it's life, a good unit can last a lift time with care and maintenance.
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    Keep in mind, the XI series requires its own attachments. The Cs and numbered 300, 400 500 are interchangable
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    Welcome Jim! answer(opinion) to #1...............The 520 will throw it furthest! answer(opinion) to #2...............Size does matter! At least on a two-stage blower. You require a 16 horse minimum motor and the overwhelming majority will stand with the Onan 20HP in the 520 model. The 518 comes with a different hydro trannie that you want to avoid if possible! (Eaton 1100 verses the Eaton 700). All 520's have the Eaton 1100! 2cyl better than a single for a 2-stage blower! Other options are a 417A and a C-175 though these are older tractors than the 520's. The 520 is best period. Answer(opinion) to #3...............See Answer(opinion) #1 Answer(opinion) to #4...............As stated above, the 520's are higher in price. A low hour great shape 520H in the US East will run between 800 to 1500 bucks with a mower deck. The good deals go quickly. Add to that a two-stage thrower at 700 to 1200 bucks and some weights, chains, and your total rig should cost out average between say 1500 to 2700 bucks for a decent deal. Answer(opinion) to #5...............Looks good. Make sure you run any automatic tractor while test driving it until it is completely warmed up and try to push something or drive a hill looking for a weakening unit! Also look at a package deal for a WheelHorse/Toro Xi series tractor. They are newer, heavier and actually better in many respects than the 520 series including some equipped with power steering. An Xi package is more $$$ buck may well be worth it to you! Good Luck!
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    He wants 1400 obo on that one, its got a little less than 500 hrs on it. All I can say is that you can barely buy Sears cheapest tractor for a grand. That 520 was probably all of 5 grand when it was new. There is always gonna be a guy that says its only worth 700.00. Alot of guys are looking for a 520 at the moment (myself included) All I can say is if you find something, especially if its on Craigslist you better act quick....A good low hr. 520 is your best bet for running a two stage.
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    I have always wanted a 4WD diesel and I finally splurged and got one. This one was used (2006) with 398 hours. Hope to add a loader soon. Thad
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    This is the best Wheel Horse tractors, attachments and parts Swap Meet of the year -every year. I have been going for five years. It is held in the Mentone, Town Park. About 200 people or more every year. If you have some stuff to sell or need a part this is a great place. Plus you get to meet a lot of Wheel Horse collectors, etc. New parts too!
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    Yup I've only mounted mine once. Never taken it off.
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    Probably the reason, once they get mounted up...they stay that way.
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