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    This tractor has never let me down. It ran for days straight turning a generator during last weeks power outage and these last two days it has been on snow duty. We have received 20 inches of snow within the last 48 hours and while I regularly maintain this machine, I'm not afraid to work it and sometimes test its limits. What you see behind the tractor is a snow pile that is 6' high, 20' wide and 10' thick. I'm not afraid to ram the piles a little because I have virtually any part for this machine. This winter has already claimed a drive belt and battery on the thing but I can't complain since it has been on full work duty since I restored it 4 years ago... The tractor as ag tires at 2 PSI, 75lbs each wheel weights and 100lbs of barbells off the hitch. The grunt power this machine has is quite incredible! This snow pile will probably hang around until april. It is hard as ice! Charlie
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    OK - busy day with the Wheelhorse 520H. Last night it looked like the snow wouldn't amount to more than 3 inches, and my blade tractor is an IH Cub Cadet 1650, so I figured I'd leave the WH under the front porch (it's home) and out of the weather - big mistake. The IHCC was parked in the front with a tarp for the night. Should have done that with the 520H. The snow was to deep for the Cub Cadet and right off the bat I knew this was a snow blower event. Problem is - the 520H is down a grassy slope from where I needed it and getting it up to the front of the house was going to be a challenge. So I took a gamble and drove the IHCC w/plow straight down the hill, knowing it would plow down hill and give me a shot to clear a path for the Wheelhorse. I drove the Cub until I buried it. Then I got the 520H cranked-up and ready to go. I could get out and on the path I made with the IHCC, but couldn't get up the hill. Finally I hooked my Jeep to it and pulled it up front where I needed it. Once I got the tractor on level ground, I still couldn't move. I've been plowing and blowing snow with this tractor for years. I've got ag tires and have never had a problem in any conditions and snow deeper than this. But what was different with this snow was that it was melting from the ground up. So we had 12-13 inches and while the top was fluffy, the underside was wet and heavy. Sooooo..... I had a pretty good idea once I got the chains on the tractor, I'd be OK. The IHCC had chains too, but the weight and depth of the snow was to much for it. Since I wouldn't be pushing snow with the blower, I knew moving around would be much easier - especially when I got out on my street and pavement beneath the tractor. Game on! On my last run, when I lifted the blower, I noticed the blower was sagging on the left side and thought it had came unhitched. Turns out somehow the tach-a-matic hitch lock mechanism on that side broke. So I've got a little repair to do and I'm back in business for another day. All in all it was a great day. Kind of a pain getting the tractor out, but once I did, things went well. Don't know the total time I was out, but it was considerable. I did my driveway and my street. We live on a dead end street and most of the time the city doesn't get to our street until everything else is clear, so clearing the snow to the main drag gives me plenty more seat time! I ran the blower full throttle. I had a spare belt just in case I needed one too. I pretty much filled the width of the blower and the snow was high enough that it filled-up the thing. The Onan handled the load great, only slightly pulling into the governor - but it was enough that you could hear the engine grunting while working. Can't say that I ever slipped the blower belt, but the top of the short shoot fell out of it's position a few times - not a big deal. I've pondered getting a tall chute blower, but honestly, I had to be careful of loading the blower to much. From the street center, if I wanted, I could have easily put snow on the porch of the houses I was driving by. I think it would be fun to own/operate a 2 stage blower, but this short chute blower really throws the snow and if the tall chute throws it even farther, maybe I ought to stick with what I have. Here in my neck of the woods we just don't get much snow and when we do, it's 6 or less inches and usually on the less side - so I use a blade most of the time. From the get-go with owning the blower I always knew that I would only use it every few years - if that often. Most folks probably wouldn't own one down here, but I have to tell you guys that when it finally snows - and every 3 or 4 years it does, it is a very cool implement to own - not withstanding it's usefulness in clearing our street just we can get out. I highly recommend that even if you only get a deep snow every 10 years, you should have a snow blower for your Wheelhorse in your basement or shed. BRING ON THE NEXT SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks! Bill
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    Like the title says, I played in the snow for the first time today. There was not really a need to plow as the snow is melting as quickly as it showed up, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to use the dozer blade. I put it on the tractor, but I am questioning whether I connected it to the lift correctly. I also noticed a problem with turning the blade which I will get to in a little bit. I figured out after making one pass that there is a learning curve with this whole plowing thing. Here is what I learned. 1. I know this isn't brain surgery, but I'm sure there has to be a perfect height to set the plow lift, instead of just letting it sit on the ground. 2. After running the first pass down the side of the driveway, it may have been a better idea to go down the middle so I don't have to push the snow back over what I have already plowed. 3. Being a 260lb guy helps, but I do think wheel weights or filling the tires with fluid would help. 4. Turf tires with out chains does not work very well. I did find some old tire chains under the seat of my dads pickup (the kind you have to strap on through the wheel). Even though I only had enough chains to put 3 pairs of chains per wheel, I could tell when they contacted the ground, they gripped really well, and I think having a full set of chains would give me plenty of traction. These little strap on chains were all I had. 5. I need to read more threads on chains vs ag tires, and wheel weights vs fluid filling Here are the pictures Driveway finished Had so much fun doing the driveway, I decided to do some of the neighborhood Project C100 in the snow Project 876 in the snow Thought it looked cooler with the lights on.
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    20" of the curse word overnight, with 3-5" more predicted tomorrow... you can knock off that effin snow dance anytime now Dino.
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    Thought I better brace up the roof over my sun room. There is 8" of heavy snow from last Monday and 1" of ice from last Wed., and 14" forcast for tonight. If this doesn't hold it up, I'll go to plan "B" Plan "B" 1. call the insurance company 2. kick back and wait for spring
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    Craig...if there is snow on the roof...there is no fire in the furnace.
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    Mike: I just got to tell Ruth that one about the extra pounds for plowing snow! Great ! It sure has helped me this year!
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    If you already changed plugs I would look at the plug wires, sounds like they are breaking down. In the dark spray the wires with water from a spray bottle and put it under load and watch the fire works. Im betting you will see them arching
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    Dang it...you guys are having way too much fun. I want to be where it snows 8" and you have to get out there right now before it melts. Are you kidding me...this year...you have to get out there right when it is done snowing before the temp drops to minus 10 real temp. And guess what...it snows again every other day...not a lot...just enough to drive you crazy. The horses are getting fat from all the carrots and apples I am giving them to get them to start. Glad they are Kohlers . Although, I have to say...my tecky 3.5 Ariens has been great...but I am running out of Wisconsin cheese to dangle in front of it. I know I am sounding like I am complaining...I am not...this is one of the best/worst winters in my lifetime. I am going to make it...and I am going to remember this one like I do the blizzard of 1967...the snows of 1987...the cold of 1983/4. This kind of winter is the stuff memories are made of. Guys in North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia...all of the snow belt. The memories of the horses going out and doing the thing they were meant to do 40+ years ago. Thousands with no power, but the horses started and cleared the snow. This is what it is all about...anybody can cut the grass. One other thing...NO BUGS!!! :) :)
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    i I went to myTaiwanese doctor today for a check up. I gained 6 lbs from last time. He wasn't 't happy and I told him it was for plowing snow. He didn't believe me. I had to show him the picture of your avatar!!!
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    I got those jingles on I-tunes on my phone and start playing them a lot as show time approaches. To ad to MalMac's rant, I bought a new 210-H in 1990. I went to a local JD dealer planning on buying green. I never liked Toro and the dealer had no signage with WH On it . I thought Horses were long gone . The 210 was sitting there with the Wheel Horse name and I saw a few WH features I remembered from my 604. When I found out that the JD didn't offer a snow blade and the 210 did it was a no brainer. The dealer was all JD everything . When I wanted to buy a snowblower for it after the Super Storm in 93 they said I was wasting my time and the 210 wouldn't work well. I ended up getting an old Allis blower and modifying it to fit I used that tractor for 20 years before selling it. All I ever fixed on it was a charging diode and a tie rod.
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    managed to lay my hands on a GT14 at last - they are apparently very rare in Europe, urban myth has it that under 50 were imported?? It looked very sorry for itself, having been parked under cover for over 20 years after the drive belt snapped. Anyhow, 40 miles later and with some air in the tyres she rolled off the trailer! (after we undid the valve) According to the serial no, it's a 1972 model year - engine model matches too and after a bit of tinkering she started and settled down to a nice idle Lots of odds and sods to sort out over the winter, but first on the list will be: Drive belt Lift valve - missing completely Choke knob Steering - either drag link is fitted backwards or theres something missing!!! So my first question is... can anyone tell me the belt type and length for a GT14? thanks mark
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    After lifting the plow 40 to 80 times the old arm was sore. This is what i came up with and the things i had to work with.Note to self keep 65# of lead in front and have it hope you guy's like it works great wish i'd done this years ago!!
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    On my 94 314-8 I noticed the hood really vibrating and getting nosier. I checked it for not fitting tight and found the pivot points to be sloppy at the time I did not do anything about it, When I did check the pivot points I was astounded to find that everything is wollered out down there. I got a new pivot rod and drilled the brackets out and put in brass bushings but was still not satisfied with the amount of slop. Upon closer inspection it looks like even the tack o matic where the rod goes through even has some slop. Just wondering what other members have done to correct this. Tractor has less then 400 hrs on it and it amazes me how wollered out it is.
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    You can't take him to Wal-Mart
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    i'm pleased to say that i bought both a hood and three point from this forum and thank you couldn't be happier. also i have updated my album with a few new pics and will continue to do so as i progress. is there a better way to share pics on here that i'm not seeing?
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    I think it's FUNNY Sponge Bob No Pants That would make a great exhibition at the engine shows if he can leave his pants on.
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    I never laughed so hard! I guess it is funny!
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    That guy makes stupid people look really smart.
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    Well I had to dig a part of a auto 18 wheel horse tractor I thought it would be a cool picture take of the boneyard. hint this would be a great candidate pocture for next year's 2015 calendar. Thats about 2 feet of snow out there....Cant wait for spring
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    ...looks like Paradise to me...(with the exception of all the snow, of course.)
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    Thank you Lane Ranger, That is what makes this site great. Members document everything. Makes it so much nicer for the rest of us. John
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    There were only a few views on the other thread that I posted this video to. I should have posted it here...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njYsb57jiGQ
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    Napa has those bearings also. I keep a spare PTO pulley on the shelf. Got it from a parts tractor and replaced the brgs. in it When the original one went in the middle of mowing last year it was 10 min and I was back up and running. Rebuilt the bad one and it's standing by for the next time.
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    I have a little of Tim the Tool Man in me, if I can throw it over the street lights I am happy happy happy.
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    guys, thanks for all the really nice comments. i just take each part as it comes and work with it. this is turning out the nicest so far, but i have better and newer parts to use as well....... this is the first time I've replated the hardware instead of buying all new, so that is different, and its kind of weird using yellow instead of clear zinc. when these were built just about all the bolts etc were yellow, with the bigger hardware being black zinc along with the odd bolt or two........ i have the opportunity to do the black as well, but I'm liking the way the yellow looks with some of the engine/pto parts on the later 315 tractors so I'm probably going to go that way..... got a little more assembled tonight. little by little its becoming a tractor again. i need to get a bunch of parts ready for another plating run, so 416 #2 (which is donating a lot of itself to this cause) will be coming apart real soon. heres some more pics.....
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    Just waiting for the tail of the storm with a few more inches to fall. I used the Ariens to clear most of it and cleaned up with the 518xi. I even had the C-105 out for a little exercise as well. Notice the sidewalk superintendent checking my work.
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    HAVE A GREAT DAY From the Kennells
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    You guys are getting pounded... hang in there Bring that grader home 1st chance you get
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    Its no big deal honestly…I take a tube and insert it in the tire and inflate it to about 15 PSI…It stretches everything back into shape just fine after a couple days in the house. Even faster if I set them in from of the wood burner. I hate messing with wooden blocks and shims..tube is much easier. Its worth the 10 bucks at Tractor Supply
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    Proof that the rebuilt transmission is up to the job
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    Ok. As promised. We got 10 inches. When I got the tractor out it was turning over to freezing rain / sleet. Wet and heavy. Here are some pics of my oldest Mike doing the action shots for dad. Glenn
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    Did you ever think about a couple of these? About $46 from Home Depot. Use them until after the snow is gone, then take them back and get your money back. I do it all the time when replacing porch posts on peoples houses. The manager at Home Depot suggested the scheme to me a couple of years ago. He said that as long as they are not damaged when they come back, there is no problem.
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    As for now collect them and sell some here and there as for running them most of them run. I use about 10 to 12 of them around the house. Few of them for restoring projects. Make a long story short i buy anything with an engine riders,snowblowers,autos,golf carts buy them and flip them. I always come across wheel horses and have a soft spot for them. I always sell the deere and cubs and keep the wheel horses. This spring im going to sell of them off hopefully to other wheel horse members.
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    Im ready to go…gotta make a fuel run tomorrow morning first thing but with 10-18 inches coming my way the 18 is gonna get its first major workout. I can't wait to get some time pushing the white stuff with it and give the Charger 12 a break
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    Not to rub it in rdmanone...but I am going to plant palm trees here in Chicago this spring....the snow belt is moving south towards you. All it takes is a little shift in the earth's axis...and a small magnetic shift. Illinois is going to be the Sunshine State...
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    Great thread! You have some GREAT cars! I have slowed down a lot with my redline collecting, mainly because of finding other hobbies/interests. I do still enjoy hot wheels and am still working on finishing my display room. Here are a few of my favorite cars: Sold this past fall Custom Fleetside mentioned earlier Custom Firebird My track sets and accessories. More of my favorite cars... Thanks for starting this thread! I enjoyed looking back through my pictures and hearing everyones stories!
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    I have one of it out the other day. But I didn't have a camera operator. But next time I have it out I'll do it. It's now in my shop having custom made forks built for it.
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    Checked another one off the list. New valance boards and mini blinds for the Grandsons bedroom. About three more shut-in snow storms, and the "DO" list will be completed.
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    It sounds like your pump is starving for oil, probably either to arge GPM of a pump and or a restricted or to small of a suction line from the tank. look into the oil supply/suction line restrictions first, it is low pressure and should only have atmospheric pressure on it make sure it isn't sucking air or collapsing internally creating a flapper valve type restriction. if you have good oil supply try to balance your pump capacity with the size of the rest of the system, you might be able to slow the pump down by changing the pulley diameter, larger on the pump = less rpm = less gpm. your return line from the valve to the tank should be I line size larger than the pressure line from the pump to the valve and it should have relative low pressure and restriction 50 to 100 psi max. If you want to talk it thru send me a PM with your phone number and a good time to call.
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    Do you have any way to check pressure? Your pumps GPM may be more than your valve can flow and you are poping the relief valve. Second thought is the suction hose large enough to feed the pump causing cavitation.
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    This is a good one. I was turned in to the EPA two years ago by a disgruntled employee. After a full day investigation, we were told we have the cleanest place they ever seen for the type of business we do. All of our waste oil is stored in farm fluid containers which are set on top of waste oil catch basins to keep any from going on the ground. When the containers are full, we transport them to a waste facility. None is ever put on the ground. If any does spill, we dig the ground up and dispose of it as required by law. All engines, transaxles, fuel tanks, etc. are drained, none are taken to the scrap yard. Our parts cleaner is a top of line ZEP environmentally safe parts cleaner. No waste ever is dumped, it evaporates leaving the sludge on the bottom which is then disposed of as required by law. The cleaning solution is also environmentally safe and non-toxic. We also sell parts all the time to people when they stop by, we only refuse when they want something that requires a major dismantle (transmission, etc.) or tires because 1. If we are not parting the tractor in the garage, we do not want oil on the ground (see above) and 2. Tractors are too hard to move with no tires. As for auctions, we have not run most parts auction style in over two years, only a few are run on auction, everything else is fixed price – no bidding, no artificial inflation, etc. We also offer best offer on most items which means we are willing to negotiate prices. I still have the investigators card and he stops by occasionally and likes what we do and how we keep it clean. Grace & Peace Lv. 25:14 - Joe
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    almost done, lots of small stuff finished off and as soon as the decals are on i will post a few pics of it finished....... for now i just wanted to just post this one to silence the skeptics........
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