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    Ran fine the last time it caught on fire....
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    Here's my list with Pics... SHOW
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    So I went to a tattoo convention and this is what I got what do ya all think! lol
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    Scored a good cab yesterday on Craig's List! good fabric, one cut in the plastic window, one missing bracket. but not bad for a buck and a half So it wasn't to bad out after work I decided to see how it fit on my 417A blower tractor. Didn't fit at all! The frame was welded together and noticed it was way to short. So I cut the up rights and added 3" to the rear and 5" to the front. Why would some one want it to be shorter? All I could come up with is it didn't fit in there shed. Oh well it is working for me the way it is tell spring when I make a new frame with a glass front window. It has made snow blowing so much nicer!! Can't believe I waited this long to do this. It's know enjoyable to use this tractor in the winter!!! I always hatted to blow snow as I new I was going to be a snow man when I was done, but know after giving it a test drive with the cab on, I was nice and dry, and actually much warmer too.
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    The above for me comes after changing oils and servicing hydros. Also add in there a smiley face with a string trimmer and a smiley face on a Mahindra 4025 with a 6' Bush Hog.
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    Well I stopped in at the local TSC (only a 1/2 mile away) and found this pedal tractor on clearance. It looked nice, but I new Terry could make it look great! This will be given to my son on February 21st for his birthday. He is going to LOVE it! Here is what it looked like when I bought it....... And after with a little of Terry's magic....... I can't thank him enough for his willingness to help make this present even more special.
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    well its been a few days, I've been busy.... got a bunch of plated parts back........ so it was time to swap out some of the temporary stuff and start assembling parts. kept painting more black parts and also repainted the hood stand as i wasn't happy with it (to tell the truth here- the hood stand has been painted 4 times now since i started this build) i just wasn't happy with the shade of black and i also had an issue with some old powder that i had in storage for a few years. junk started appearing in some parts, so i ditched the box and started using our production supply at work. some of us guys that do a lot of personal work keep old inventory when its purged. sometimes it bites you using old stuff........ anyway, heres some more pics, its starting to go together slowly and I'm happy how its turning out so far..... steering all together... front tach-a-matic together with painted and plated parts. mid tach-a-matic together.... shifters painted and installed...... with new boot (part #3357) hood stand going on with replated hardware...... front axle and steering from above..... upper hoodstand on to check fit, needs to come off so upper steering shaft can be installed. i got it bolted on as it leaves less parts for me to kick around on the garage floor.....
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    You don't need to remove the arm to set the adjustment on the governor, just loosen it. Turn the shaft CCW and hold the arm CW and tighten it back up. Completely Remove the throttle cable, start the engine and test as suggested above. If governor pushes back then it should be good. Reconnect the throttle cable but leave the conduit clamp loose. Move throttle lever to full position, Start your engine. You need to lock down the conduit clamp with the engine running at 3600 RPM. Do the fine carb adjustments again to get it running properly, Not to Lean, Not to Rich. Readjust the conduit clamp again if needed so the engine runs at full 3600 RPM when the throttle lever is all the way in the full position. Do you have a Kohler manual?
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    At least we & our children are now safe from any of those that were intending to make any future car bombs . Those that will play with fire will get their fingers burned
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    You'll get very little gain in horsepower by reboring those standard sizes. You'll gain a fraction of cubic capacity , but you'll lose a fraction of compression ratio. Where you will notice a horsepower increase is regaining a good seal in the bore with good rings and tight clearance on the piston. This actually isn't gaining horsepower, its reclaiming horsepower that went away as the engine wore out.
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    Ok, because you asked, This is a before picture. I was drinking a coke and decided to try the foil method. To my suprise, after about 4 minutes, I had this result: I have to spend some more time on them, but it was cool to see such quick results. I believe I am going to use my mothers mag wheel polish on them to finish them up.
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    Very cool Scott. My son turns 7 on the 17th of Feb. A few years ago (maybe 4 or 5) I bought him a similar toy tractor as the one you bought and had Terry send me a few custom decals too. It "was" green to start and said John something....lol but after a coat of IR red she looked real good.
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    I would not try to square it,you would have to take it apart and it's really dry and brittle now. When someone mentions honey do lists I always think of my deceased father in law.He was a machinist and could make anything,his wife always had a list a foot long,but he liked working in the garage .She would get mad and tell him about all the things that needed to be done in the house,you could see him shaking his head ok,ok.After she went back in he would just keep doing what he was doing.When he would go in for something she would say are you going to do this or that, he would shake his head yes and say as soon as im done with this or that. This went on for years,I don't think her list ever got any shorter.It's prob still stuck in her bible where she was praying on it the day she passed.
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    Start at the fuel tank, drain it, remove the fitting and look at the filter screen that should be on the fitting, it's not uncommon for them to be either damaged or removed and the fitting full of trash, clean or replace the fitting and filter and then replace the fuel line from the tank to the engine. if the tank screen is missing you can install an inline fuel filter then check the fuel pump, if it's bad either a new mechanical or electric pump would be in order.
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    hey wheel-in nut more snow coming our way,
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    So far Just a c-145 hydro. Great machine. But I have the itch and i'm always on the lookout for more.
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    I auctautly cam across this site by accident just looking for other wheel horses around and this forum came up and I have to say all my hours I have spent on this forum have been worth it Thank you all for making this section what it is James
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    Thanks Guys! I didn't use a Hobby box but I instead used Track Molding the kind w/ double side sticky tape on it, Purchased from Lowes. I painted it Black with Krylon plastic paint then fitted it in cab cutting and drilling holes for the wires to run in. I then cut wires to nicely fit and used soldering iron and shrink wrapped the connections. To get wires down from overhead I used black ribbed smurf tubing and wire tied to cab posts. This all makes for a pretty tidy install. (I am anal on no wires hanging loosely!) Go with the 6000K as Roscoemi mentioned I used 15w wich comes out be pulling 1.25 amps but they pull a little less. Belive me when those LED's hit that white snow it makes a heck of alot of difference being able to see. P.S. I havent posted pictures yet but my LED back up Camera and reverse Beeper are ordered and should be in by friday So I will have something to play with over weekend! Pics posted Soon possibly w Video . I figured I need to see what Im running into.
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    Gonna put the tiller on the 195. Just so I'm doing something other than snow blowing. I'll wait till it gets into the 30's though Should be March the way it going
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    James, the name of the rust remover you asked me about is EVAPO-RUST. You can buy it at Advance Auto. Its Bio Degradeable and you can reuse it. It will take off all the rust on your wheel covers and leave them nice and shiney.
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    By then Roscoe, I'm sure lil' Porkchop will be able to teach me how to be a first class snow mover. And at the same time we can tag team all the cats in the neighborhood like a Tom and Jerry Cartoon (wheel horse with snow blower chasing cat smiley face)
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    For me there are two cars, the first being an absolutely mint 78 Z-28. I bought it from the original owner who never drove it in the winter. Just a real strong 350 with a 4 speed under the hood. My wife would drive this car just as often as I did. This picture was taken 22 yrs ago. I wound up trading this car for my dream car, a 69 SS Chevelle. In the beginning she had a 650 hp 383 on nitrous. After I had my fun with that my father in law and myself built a real nice big block for it. At that time I pulled the automatic and put back in the original M-22 4-speed. I drove this Chevelle all the time as long as it wasn't raining. My wife drove it quite a bit as well. I'd often hear her fire it up early in the morning so she could claim it for the day! I really miss both of them...You can't replace all the good memories I had in these two rides..
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    Whoa..slow down Ed... you gotta pace yourself buddy.
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    The gear in your pictures is the high/low cluster gear. My area of concern is the inside of the sliding gear that inserts into the fork in your pictures and the narrow splines on the input shaft that drives the sliding gear. When the transmission is in high range, the sliding gear is what locks the mainshaft into "direct drive", bypassing the high/low cluster gear. The internal splines of the sliding gear: The splines on the input shaft: In high range, the sliding gear locks the input shaft and bypasses the reduction cluster gear: In low range, the power is directed through the reduction cluster gear: The splines that get locked by the sliding gear: Beyond damage to those splines - and if there is no obvious damage elsewhere - I can't think of anything that would cause the symptom(s) you described.
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    Definitely want to see that as it progresses......
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    Hydro and Craig, don't forget the photos of the episodes...
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    complete KT17 series II overhaul, change hydro oil and filter.
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    or better still, run a new ground wire from the lamp house to the tractor frame and be through with erractic headlight issues.
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    Checked another one off the list. New valance boards and mini blinds for the Grandsons bedroom. About three more shut-in snow storms, and the "DO" list will be completed.
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    What Craig said Chas said. :thumbs:
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    C-125 hydro with blower and plow attachments also a small (free) toro snowblower with extricating start! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mike, Here is a picture of the link hookup. The Large hole is never used as I recall. I just thought it was used because it was an item already in stock used on the leveling rod for mowers. Marvin
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    To Do list: •put mower on 455 John Deere (necessary evil can't beat 60 in mower on 3 acres) •put mower on wheel horse D-160 (smaller jobs 48" deck) remove snow blade •take snow blower of work horse •restore work horse •finish onan for the work horse •get back in the grove of farming •change oil in all equipment and re grease periodically •finish restoration late fall That's about it besides mowing.
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    Van, P'Chop would probably like a new snow moving buddy. He says I hog all the good stuff! Just don't hit the wife's dog with that blower, LOL! On the other hand you can launch all the cats you like, my neighbor feeds all the strays but have learned to stay away from my place. My Beagle/Chihuahua is their size, can out run them and has lot's of teeth!
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    Does anyone recognize this blade? Looks like a home made job, but I am not sure?
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    hi guys just a quick update, the gauges have arrived (oil pressure,volts,tachometer) they came off eBay and i got to say they look really good i tested out the illumination with a 9v battery and they look very good, can wait to put them on the tractor, probably at the weekend if i get the time. the oil filter is from K&N, product code KN-128 still need to order the oil temperature gauge as it is out of stock james
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    Looking through old photo albums this morning and found these. In 1982, I picked this up from a local farmer who just wanted it out of his shed. I got it free, mice and all. This might of been the first time my wife just shook her head when she saw what I drug home, something she's done several times since then. lol The cub was the first garden tractor that I had. Didn't need an engine hoist for this, after the engine was put together we just picked it up and put it in. The water pump drives off of the back of the generator. Regal Red If I remember correctly, the wheel track on this was about 4 feet wide. I remember sitting behind the steering wheel and sticking my hand out the passenger door window.
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    I came across these photos this morning and it reminded me that my brother and I have to get our father to complete this project he started . We had one of the 1054 Wheel Horse tractors with the drawbar hitch on it that he made (he made three of them for our 1054 tractors) with a chain attached to it. Dad than began heating up a garage door spring in the gas furnace he uses in the blacksmith shop. He then attached the spring to his heavy steel work bench outside and the 1054 tractor. Luckily for David and me the propane tanks ran out of propane before the garage spring got hot enough to do what dad said he did once before -extend the spring out 20 feet by the Wheel Horse pulling the hot steel garage spring out from the work bench! Something we still have to do!
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    Gauges haven't come yet, still on the boat from china (probably) James
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    I haven't done any specific red square euro stickers, but I guess I could sort some... I do wheel horse window stickers tho... Look in the euro vendor section for a selection :)
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    I painted red today! FINALLY! everything turned out real nice except for the steering shaft because it DROPPED while I was painting it. Here are some pics.
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    Sorry if my post went a little to the political side it was not intended to. I have friends who actually had kids in the school at the time of the shooting and I still feel the way I do. These rifles were around and available when I was a kid in the 70's and these types of incidents were almost un-heard of. The internet, media, economy, healthcare, illegal immigrations and a host of other issues have caused these problems. These are the real problems that the government should be concentrating on! Just my $.02
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    Duke, Do you know the username of the ebay seller you got your lights from... the original link in this thread is long since expired...
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    i set the bracket up for the C series tractors the holes are already drilled in the frame i looked a the suburban 400 and an RJ and this setup will not work without drilling holes here it is on a C141
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