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    Steve - I am not sure that the belt guard on the 1054 has an influence on how the drivebelt disengages from the pulleys. Unlike "normal" horses the 1054 has a long heavy duty guide underneath the belt that does what the guard does on other tractors. There is however a peg type guide bolted to the engine that is supposed to force the belt forward and thus disengage the belt from the engine pulley. Wheelhorsearound, you didn't answer Dons question as to whether the idler arm is moving when you push the pedal down, or Steves question about the tab that is close to the idler pulley. In case you don't realize how the system works - when you push the clutch pedal down it pulls a spring loaded lever on the left hand side of the tractor which is attached to a cross-shaft with a matching arm on the right hand side of the tractor. This arm carries an idler pulley which tensions the belt so that it will drive the trans when your foot is off the pedal. When the clutch is depressed the tension is removed from the belt, and the little tab above the idler pulley pushes the slack in the belt towards the engine pulley. On the other side of the engine pulley is a small wire peg that ensures that the slack in the belt also guides the belt forward and away from the engine pulley. If both these guides are adjusted correctly the belt will stop driving the input pulley on the trans when the tension is removed from the belt. You may need a helper to push the clutch pedal while you watch what the belt does. You can do this without the engine running. I am also assuming you have the right sized belt - it should be 82".
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    At 1:45am this morning, the temp was about 12, and the electricity went off. So I'm thinking, do I get up and start the generator? I don't need lights. no one is using the plumbing, fridge or freezer, I'm toasty warm in bed with the cat curled up on my feet, and I'm going back to sleep. Fifteen minutes later, my wife thinks the house is starting to get cold. So I put the cat on her, went down to the basement to do a switchover to run the furnace on the generator, then the lights came back on. Dang it. I should have stayed in bed. Gimme that cat back....
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    While technically not correct, there are quite a few of us that use a solenoid to power the starter generator on the mid sixties tractors. I know the original switch is rated at 70 amps, but I really don't like the idea of putting that much draw through an ignition switch, and also using a solenoid allows you to use smaller wires up to the switch which makes for a tidier area behind the dash. Some people hide the solenoid inside the dash tower. Personally I don't care if the Wheel Horse police see mine, I mount it on the engine:
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    All your posts are a constant reminder to me not to move north or west of my location!
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    Isn't there some kind of sock or something used in Europe???
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    Heated seat: It's just a regular electric car seat that plugs into a 'cigarette lighter', (which I have one on my WH that is just wired, that clips into the battery terminals), really helps keep the bottom and body warm, as I don't have a cab on yet (to be installed someday). Placed it just under my cloth seat cover. Heated Seat cost is about $15, local box stores, plus the clips and receiver, $5. I also sometimes use a set of Tow Lights (like for towing cars, $20, Harbor Freight), on rear fenders, held on with their magnets - the regular Wheel Horse tail lights just don't give off enough light to make me feel safe when plowing near the road/highway. Using both of these on the battery at the same time may be draining the battery too much, but extra lights are just use/on for 10-15 minutes by road. Takes me about 2.5 to 3 hours for mine and neighbors drives. Might look into LED tail lights someday.
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    I like to wait to the last moment to put the snow equipment on -- I guess tomorrow is the day -- The forecast for the St. Louis area is 8" of snow by Sunday PM with temperatures getting down to -10F -- I won't be able to ignore the snow in the driveway -- I will be taking the 37" SD off the 310-8 and putting the snow blade; chains; and weights on -- Maybe I just not a "northerner"; I never look forward to snow duty; mowing seat time I enjoy and look forward to; plowing snow not so much At least now I am putting the snow equipment on inside a garage -- In the '90s I would have been laying in the snow putting the blade on -- That is a little bit of progress
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    and get a room... Squonk and Brrly1 up in a tree...
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    It's lonely at the top...at least that is what I've heard...I would settle for a tie.
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    the ball on the end of the shift lever wears sometimes and you can get stuck between gears .pull the shift lever and look in the hole and see if the shifting forks are lined up you can move them with a big screwdriver to get back to neural Brian
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    I like my rubber tire chains a lot. especially since I got them off CL for $15!!
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    you could put this on a ford ranger
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    I'm running straight 30w in my B-100, and it was 3 degrees this morning when I started it with no problems. It had been sitting outside, under a tarp. But man, does that Kohler like the cold air. Runs like a top.
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    I stayed warm and dry this year for snow removal, helps having an 18 year old at home with nothing better to do. But now I have to fix(well point and tell him which part to take off next) what he broke again.
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    The truth is, the GT14 is NOT a Wheelhorse! It is actually a WORK-HORSE! Yesterday VS Today! Yesterday: Today:
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    Auto sock http://www.autosock.no/
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    Martin has some pics of the front peg guide in his thread: He's the guy to go to for the details. I have a 1054, but I've never had it running and to be honest I am not sure I have all the bits on my tractor! I really should do something with that tractor.
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    cool video Matt! hey, wheres all the snow? you people with all the nice weather and green grass......
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    Limited, what beauties! thanks for sharing. ps, I know the wife stuff to. lol Glenn
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    why change the type of fluid,my eaton 1100 has tranny fluid and it works great,especially when cold
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    Meow!!! time for a cat! Our first cat was a big old tomcat that was unfixed....we named him Mr Holmes.........
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    Wow! An anniversary I'm sure that you wish that you didn't have. But you are lucky to celebrate it!!!
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    Ahhhh -- 9" grass the 37" can knock down. 9" of dry snow, I don't know?? Might not go anyplace.
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    Here's my restored one.
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    Brrly and I will be playing 2 handed Canasta!
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    These are from two years ago but I use rubber chains on my B-80 and 42 inch snowplow setup. They work great!
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    good info, I usually just order a 10' box of chain and some half and master links from MSC or Northern and keep it on the shelf for when it's needed and then cut it to fit. It probably works out to the same cost if I can remember which shelf to look on.
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    what parts are you looking for? few parts can be found on the german ebay if you look for gutbrod 2500 Koen
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    I made the actuator up myself, it was a fun little project. It saves me a lot of jumping off the seat.
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    Not sure if this helps you, here is a link you may not be aware of. It may lead you to a source of parts/info etc. http://www.gutbrod.co/gutbrod2500.html
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    We got about 6" of powder yesterday, I went with the blade. Rick
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    Beautiful job, Matt! What a nice tribute to your friend, that says a lot about both of you.
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    And so it goes. The Buckeyes weren't able to get it done and by losing to Clemson prove yet again that the Big 10 is still severely overrated and not ready to compete with the SEC. Another great season for them and hopefully they and the rest of the Big 10 will continue to build and become more competitive.
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    I have the 1980 version of this machine. Mine is still down for a rebuild after more than 30 years of service it is time for a repower. Ariens is the best in the business as far as snow throwers are concerned, none better!
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    I'm going right now and hide all my rustolem cans; Oh, I'm so ashamed . Zane, you're doing an excellent job, as good as I've ever seen. I am really looking forward to seeing the finished product. Happy new year !
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    I finally got it put together today, and I'm happy with the end results. The only way I could be happier is if Gary was still hear to see it. The deck turned out great, and has no noises, except the rushing of air when engaged. I gave the Case a quick rinse off for some final beauty shots before getting worked for the first time tomorrow. I did make a couple passes through the grass after the pics today, and it mows well. I'm really looking forward to some seat time tomorrow. I'll try to get a video of it in action. Oh, by the way, I did end up removing the inner seal on the bearings, as I prefer greasing them myself. Matt I'll try to get some better pics of Terry's engine decals tomorrow. I took 3 separate pics of them today, but the decals are so shiny that none of the pics turned out. Its hard to get a good picture of those shiny chrome decals of Terry's without getting blinded! Nice work Terry!
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    Stevasaurus, I know what you mean about liking certain teams. There are programs that I have to be respect with their history, traditions and honor they bring to the field. That same history and success of some teams cause many to dislike programs just because they want David to slay Goliath. On the other hand, I could never come close to liking a team from the SEC. They like themselves so much they don't need me anyway! No doubt they play good football but I get sick of ESPN and all the analysts blowing so much smoke up their skirts all the time. To hear them talk, other conferences have no chance when playing the SEC. Missouri and Texas A&M have only been there a couple of years and I think they both proved that other conferences can compete.
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    is the clutch arm moving the idler pullie,make sure the roll pin didn't shear and the spring is on and not broken
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    Here's an interesting read about the history of Notre Dame and Navy football for those who didn't realize it. This history plus the fact that my Dad was in the Navy during WW2 always has me on the fence when they meet on the field. My Dad was always a diehard Notre Dame fan except for one game every year. Can't say that I blame him. http://www.und.com/rivalry/navy/interior-history.html
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    The voltmeter should be powered by key-on source so it's not constantly "hot". It wouldn't hurt to protect that circuit with a 5 or 7.5 amp fuse either. Modified schematic:
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    What? No mention of Notre Dame? You aren't that far away and there is a special tie between Navy and ND. That's why, as long as Navy wants to, they will always have them on the schedule. What the Navy did for Notre Dame always comes to mind when they play.
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    Mine are all spoiled. Got a big 'ol wood furnace in the pole barn. As long as I feed it, it's 60F in there and the horses are comfy. So am I by the way. All have 10w30 synthetic in the engines and trans. My son's manual is 80w90. Short warmup with the synthetic. Wally
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    I'll start at -20 F and so will the tractor if we have to. Lower than that we wait. -30.2 F here this AM and it got up to -22 F so we took the day off. Garry
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    Stevebo and Son on the door I can see it now.
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    So Steve you are telling me this kind of snow is what you guys look forward to playing in??? -- I can guarantee to you that I WILL HAVE SOCKS ON when I take this stuff on (For those who haven't seen his snow plowing videos; Steve likes to work sockless)
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    I personally would just leave it alone... door art is the "In" thing... another words if it wasn't there originally than its not the way is should be. Nice clean original old truck... says alot more, IMO.
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    Here is the customized Gravely plow. Shortened the frame 18". Narrowed the blade 6" so it would fit in my shed. Removed the pitch lever and linkage, removed the scraping blade due to my gravel driveway. All in all i eliminated roughly 40lbs. Those plows are no joke. It was a gift from a co-worker so i worked with what i had.
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    Same drive setup....probably a good idea to have spare unit standing by. Maybe even split the spare and check out the diff bolts and get it in tip-top shape so when/if you need it its ready to go. Mike..........
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