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    Ground was a little damp, but had a good day of it. Used a 10 inch Brinley and for a few rows a 8 or 9 inch slot hitch plow. Here are some pics, more comments and maybe pics later. Also brought along my IH Cub Cadet 1650, but had some issues getting it to run under load. Plowing with the 520H with Matt's foot control kit was a pleasure.
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    I knew if I posted "plowing" everyone would figure this time of year they would see some snow in front of plow, not dirt behind one... I changed the title to include "MOLDBOARD" I've been wanting to turn under this garden for a several months, but just couldn't get to it until yesterday. I did probably 1/3rd of the garden with a Cub Cadet 1650, but had some rough running engine issues with it yesterday and parked it on the trailer. I've got the 520H fitted with a slot hitch vs a clevis hitch and have a slot to clevis hitch adapter. Yesterday I used two plows, a 10 inch Brinley and what I believe is a 8 or 9 inch slot hitch plow. I need to measure it, but I think it is a 8 inch plow. I only used the 8 inch plow a half dozen times before finishing with the 10 inch Brinley. One thing before I forget. The 520H with gear reduction steering, hydro lift and Matt's foot control kit is a DREAM to plow with. What a pleasurable experience. IHMO, this 520H is as modern as anything coming off the Deere factory today - and tough as nails. Here is a pic of the size of the garden when finished. The whole area around the garden spot I am plowing use to be put in garden. I've gardened the whole thing myself. I've thought about plowing the whole thing again - sort of like a family plow day. I would garden the spot I need and plant the rest in rye or some other beneficial crop that may benefit the wildlife. Next up is to let this ground lay for several months as is, get the carb back together on my Troybilt Horse tiller, till it down, sow some rye and buckwheat, mow it off in late spring, moldboard plow again and make a garden for 2014. BTW - for all the buzz about plowing with the IH Cub Cadets, I have to say the Wheelhorse did just great. I saw no advantage by the 1650 vs the 520H this time around. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!
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    After leaving the hospital, the endless doctors appointments began. Primary concern was the facial fractures which needed to be surgically repaired before the bones fused incorrectly. Second is the damage to the nerves controlling my left eye. My eye was able to look right, but there was no signal to move my eye left which resulted in double vision. It was also the same side where my face was paralyzed so not only could it not move properly, the eyelid wouldn't close either. After a 3 1/2 hour surgery, metal plates and screws placed in my face aligned the bones back to where they're supposed to be. The skull fractures were fusing perfectly, or close to it anyway. I still had considerable numbness on the right side where the surgery was, as well as swelling. During the first month of recovery, I didn't notice much improvement. Still had double vision and even though the surgery was successful, the swelling and bruising made me look very poor. My facial paralysis was not improving and in fact, there is now a noticeable drooping on the left side due to the lack of muscle movement. Electrical stimulus tests showed that the nerve wasn't severed, but was damaged and recovery would be long. There was talk of decompression surgery, but the neurosurgeon didn't think that it would be as beneficial as they could have hoped. The second month, I began to notice that my double vision was lessening. If I looked to the right, I could see a single image. This was terrific news because it meant that the nerve was healing and there's a strong likelihood that my vision will return to normal. Not much on the facial movement, but the swelling had gone down and I was beginning to look somewhat normal once again. During the subsequent months, my vision was finally returned (month 4) swelling was gone (month 6) and my face was showing the beginning signs of moving once again. While still mostly paralyzed, there is not quite a bit of movement and best of all I can close my left eye. I wouldn't say that I can blink, but it is a significant improvement from before. While I am still not a good looking guy, if you didn't know that I was run over by a truck, you really couldn't tell by looking at me. There are some indications that I'm not quite right (visually ) but for the most part, I have regained muscle tone in my face. I have a long way to go, measured in months to years, but I am alive and functioning. Every day I am feeling a little more like my old self and I am thrilled at the outlook. That's all for now...
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    Terry, TT, I took one of your Merry Christmas's as I had completely run out, glad you put them out there again! We at RedSquare wish you all a very Merry Christmas. 2013 has been interesting to say the least, but it's been a good year none the less. There seem to be more meet and greet's, with greater numbers and people getting excited about what we do here, and that's what RedSquare and Christmas is all about, people. Thank you all for a wonderful year, and your continued support of the forum. A special thank you to the moderators who without you the forum (and the administrator) would be lost. Hope you enjoy the Christmas theme, and supporters, you have a special one in the supporter section of the forum! Merry Christmas from all of us at RedSquare
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    Steve , Me & my good lady are hoping to make the trip to the big show so The sound of the beatles & the Rolling stones will be great & it will stop me getting homesick ive been planning this trip now for a couple of years , so i really hope that it comes off
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    Merry Christmas to all- just wish I could participate more-the great bunch of "guys" on this site are like an extended family to me-Al
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    As I was surfing the web, I came across a gift, that is PERFECT for Craig.... Craig, if I had the money, this would be my gift for you: http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2013/02/11/rare-amc-amx3-prototype-on-display-at-chicago-auto-show/ Maybe one day, and until then, Merry Christmas to you!!!! Rob
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    A guy called me on Monday and said he wanted an appraisal on his old WH. He just inherited it from his uncle the original owner. It is in good shape but not running. Turns out it is a nice 1961 Model # 551. The original 5.5 Hp. Tecumseh engine is still intact and complete. They have a bunch of rigged up wiring attached to it, the motor turns over but has no spark. Most of the wires are disconnected. It has the original mower deck with no rust on it no where! It has a factory replacement hood with the slotted grill. The carb and air cleaner are intact and in vgc. Has all of the belt guards in place as well. I told him around $300 then he caught me off guard and wanted to know if I wanted to buy it! I said uhhhh Yes I do! He was going to ask his uncle if he could sell it and he'd give the old timer the cash. Now I am waiting to hear back from him! Dang, I hate to wait for a good Horse! I'll get some pics soon....KJ
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    Heres my plower…at least until the 18 Auto makes its way home from the doctor. 1971 Charger 12 Automatic, wheel weights from a 1974 C-160, chains from an old Buick that I shortened to fit the tires and a 42" plow from 1969…or at least thats what I was told about the blade. SHe clears my half mile long driveway and does a great job except for the bald front sneakers that cause her to slide with an angled blade and a full head of snow… It is a great runner for a $175 because it didnt run when I got it
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    Not particularly good pics from my phones camera but i was on my way to the bank today in the town of Bridgwater Somerset UK & the same day every year all the local students get dressed up in allsorts of differnt costumes & makeup & go and get absolutely drunk and then fall around the town vomiting in the gutter & getting arrested for drunk behaviour. The costumes are very colourful & very inventive . The drinking will go on all day & into the evening . The Christmas lights are turned on at around 4pm an the whole high streret is lit up . Te town Christmas tree is actually in the shopping mall . Tha statue is of Sir Admiral Blake
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    I guess I'd better post my Raider 20 6X6 here then You all know the story by now.. It's been dragging on for long enough She started life as a humble and very worn C-125.. A body swap soon had her looking like this... Enter Garry and some beer.. And the idea was born Over four years later she looked like you know her now..
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    Just thought you all would get a kick out of seeing a red John Deere. Found on CL in N.H.
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    Thought I'd post what I suppose would be termed an 'e-card' Every year the local churches get together and produce a card which they deliver to every home listing all the services held over Christmas. In the past this has been a cheaply poduced affair but this year they excelled with a proper card with typical photo of Romsey town center which I thought I'd share. The roads leading from the square are all lit with strings of colored bulbs which I've always thought are best since I was a child - part of the magic of Christmas. This year Test Valley Borough Council (of which Romsey is part) said sorry but no money for lights and Romsey Town Council responded with *** you, we'll find it from somewhere and the lights are good as ever. Anyone else got photos of their town at Christmas? Merry Christmas and have a good one from Andy
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    Who ever said AMC didn't have a vision for the future... always ahead of the times...it's no wonder they became the parent company of our Wheelhorse tractors too. Truly a thoughtful gesture Glenn...Rob. tell you what, if I win the mega millions tonight...I'll return the favor and make you a millionaire.
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    Wow, Glad to here that I am not the only one who did not get the " you will be dead in four days" memo. The don't call me Zipper Neck for nothing. My face is in 14 pieces and my skull is in six. Don't believe anything they tell you, it worked for me.
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    Thought I might share a few shots of Chicago at Christmas with you guys across the pond...
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    Jeff, I did a Thread on a full rebuild of a #26 a little while back. Hope it may help you -
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    Jeff, Have you read Brian Millers blog on carbs. He sells a bronze bushing for $5 that inserts in the c'bore at the top of the throttle shaft . The bushing fits above the worn part of the shaft on the unworn area and tightens the clearance . Ed
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    Its like polishing a turd!
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    Finally. Pictures of my snow equip. I want to point out the plows not hooked up. J/K. Lol Glenn
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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Everyone at Red Square. This is the best forum I have used from the members to the moderators. Sent rom my SCH-S720C using Tapatalk 2
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    Neil...are we having a British Invasion at the Big Show in 2014. WOW...that would be so cool. Beatles and Rolling Stones tunes on Friday Night ride around. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL ON RED SQUARE :occasion-santa: MAY EVERYONE HAVE A SAFE AND ROCK & RYE HOLIDAY
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    For some reason my previous mug shot is missing... not to worry... I'm better looking now.. Me with "The Man" and that peskie little tractor...
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    To all you guys at Redsquare , have a wonderful Christmas & i look forward to next years trials & tribulations. I have made some good friends this last year & i hope next year will be just as enjoyable Hope to be seeing alot of you in June at the big show . Take it easy Neil & family
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    I use my 704 for plowing and love every minute of it. I would plow my whole yard just for the seat time
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    Looks like you got a great group of kids there! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.!!!!
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    Ian, I have to say that you have the most entertaining posts regarding your builds. I especially love the video's, they are as fantastic as the machines you build!
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    1/8 scale would be easier, the electronics to run it would be more reasonable. but if it was 1/4 scale then you could use a mini 4 stroke engine.
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    Thank you, I appreciate the encouragement! Thanks Craig. You know how it is when your really enjoying a project. You just can't stop till its finished. Thanks, and although I have found I can do body work when necessary, I don't like it! For me, body work is a real "labor of love", so long as I love what I'm working on, I can do it. You couldn't pay me enough to do it for a living!!! Thanks for the kind words. Matt
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    thanks Craig didn't know it was there Brian
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    Thank you, also. Jet engine tech. 426 [i think...they changed the afsc's, ummmm, mid-late 80's, early 90's [?]. I knew where I was and what I had to do, so I stored the numeric classification infomation in the lost brain cells of the 60's. B52D's, KC135A's [Viet Nam returns] & A10's.
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    The most fun you can have with your clothes on.
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    Just posted mine, Craig. You'll have to guess which one is me.
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    A little late to this thread, but finally got some good pics of my snow herd. Have a c141 with blower, 702 with blade, 401 with blade, and a 867 with grader blade. Whatever these can't handle my dad's 06 Silverado does. lol
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    It's Lord Palmerston, Prime Minister during Queen Victoria's reign Craig. He was born and lived in Romsey. BTW he usually ends up with a bucket on his head as part of the New Year's Eve revelry in town (photo: tripadvisor.co.uk)
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    Yeah here is my setup Dragging a WH Attachment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zI2rdv0u8Ds
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    Heres one of my old hobbies. Sad but true, I actually sold her. Only reason I sold was because I don't always feel right being diabetic, so rather than have something happen at a high rate of speed I opted to sell. Shes not far away at all. John
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    Will go well with this one I already have.
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    I dabble in some photography every once in a while too.
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    Once you have Tom's hitch receiver mounted on the back of your tractor you can plug almost anything into it. Tom can fab anything that might have general appeal to us Wheel Horse owners to make it worth him doing that for us. Does anybody have any suggestions such as a mount plate for the Harbor Freight pick up crane, a mount plate for a winch, or a simple unit to add weights to the back of the tractor? Or even something to add to the front of the tractor as well?
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    MAN O MAN, you fellas posted some really cool pics of your snow gear. seems your ready to battle the white stuff and win. question: I like the snow cabs, where do you buy them? I would like to investigate one for my 416-8. Seems that would complete my rig. And if any of you have positive or negative comments on the snow cab, would like to hear about it. After all thats one GREAT thing about this forum, the accumulated knowledge helps us virgins make good decisions, thanks. Glenn
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    Spoiler Alert !! If you still believe in Santa Claus, you should stop reading now. Many have said that this is the model that "They should have made". It's built from what I consider the best features from several eras. I give you the 595-HD ... The chassis started out as a C-195: The 520 hood was just a LITTLE short to fit the chassis: The 20hp Onan had to be relocated to keep it centered under the hood louvers: The gear reduction steering had to be stretched a bit also: Stock width wheels? Not exactly... 52" Hi-Vac deck converted from a zero turn model: Size comparision vs a stock 520: It's got to be real... The book says so
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    Not really a hobby, but when not messing on horses we are usually working at our blueberry farm. My parents own 20 acres of blueberries and it takes most of our time when the snow is not on the ground. We usually harvest Around 200,000 lbs of blueberries each year. We stay very busy in the summer. and this is what we harvest with. These machines are made here in the same town as us, they shake the bushes back and forth, and then the berries fall onto a conveyor belt that runs back to where you see us standing. We usually run the machine with 5 guys, unless it is the final pick when there is not many berries left. We run over everything 3 times with the machine. my dad drives it, I run one side, my brother runs one side....and two other guys each work on each side and grab the containers of berries and stack them on the trailers. The last picture shows part of our farm, tried to attach it the other way, but must of did something wrong. lol
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    After those days I have asked for help, I have good news. I said I knew a guy who could make an exact copy. He has done an amazing job. The thumb screws has been made ​​of stainless steel that will not rust. I put a picture of how they have been after all. Finally I don't need to buy them with this awesome work. Thank you so much for your fast responses. I'm very happy for that. I think I can finally finish the restoration in a few weeks. It is a reminder and a tribute to my great-grandfather.
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    Two things you said concern me, First, the statement that you removed very little seal material. If there was that little of a seal remaining, you would have been getting more than a slow seepage. Secondly, you said "I checked the axle movement and it was very little". When you say "very little", there should be virtually no movement, up or down, front to back. You can have about 1/8" movement in and out. Any other movement indicates a bad bearing, or a worn axle. Having said that, always make sure that the recessed area where the seal is to be installed is clean and free from debris. Make sure that all of the old seal (rubber and metal) is removed. When installing the new seal, be sure that it is pressed in squarely. One way to do that is to start it into the recess, then slide the hub onto the axle and drive it in with that. That should assure a nice even, square insertion.
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    took some pics today for the calendar thread.... i think I'm at a stage where except for some minor repair to the electrical and finishing off the dash decals, i can call this one done now. in the pics for the calendar i stole the seat off my c125, so maybe a new seat would be nice as its got some rips in it. would like to replace it with a oem seat exactly the same as the ripped one i have now. its ready for snow duty this winter and I'm hoping for some big falls to give this one a good work out. the onan is running sweet, best running twin i have right now.... big difference to how it looked here....(i think its the decals that did it....) heres a video of all my twins in a row........
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