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    Taking the kids out tomorrow night in the chariot...Shouldn't have a problem being seen in the dark!!! LOL.
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    Head bolts can loose their tensile strength properties over time and many heating cooling cycles. I have successfully replaced mine with Socket Headed Cap Screws witch are grade 8 by definition on my Tecky H-60's. I must admit that I usually do not get out the torque wrench for these small engines I think I have a fairly good feel for how tight they should be. I also use die washers under the heads(hardened steel washers 1/8" thick) this cuts down on the aluminum heads mushrooming out under the head of the bolt. These motors run fairly low compression so the head bolts that are used are a bit over kill. I actually have one motor that I used 316 SS bolts on the head which have a much lower yield strength then grade 8 bolts and it sealed up just fine. And btw 5/16-18 UNC bolts are a standard size, and are probobly the second most common thread size behind 1/4-20, you should have no problem getting them almost anywhere. I would recommend going to a real industrial fastener supply house such as Fastenal, their hardware is usually much better then the overpriced low grade junk sold at most hardware stores. I specify fasteners as part of my job as an Engineering Technician and we buy them by the barrel in certain sizes, currently we only buy bolts in either HOLO-KROME or UNBRAKO brands as both are US made and have successfully proven themselves in the field over many years. Most hardware store stuff is made overseas and you never know what you are buying or what steel was used to make them. Sorry for the rant
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    This is my new to me and my first Wheel Horse. Its a little dirty I had to mow the grass with it even though the grass was wet. I couldn't resist. I also have a tiller for it.
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    This was right before the snow came in like a Banshee! This is my test mule tractor and my recent free, early Wheel Horse wagon. Looks like a very early wagon, maybe 1958. Anyone know what year it coud be? Thanks..KJ :ychain:
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    well.. i have stored the burban like this to try to keep it a bit clean innside the workshop but a few days a go i bought this and it's going to be really nice to get it on and now the tractor is totaly covered. woohoooo.. It is made ​​from waterproof and breathable material so it is absolutely perfect!!!!! i also added this to the steeringwheel on it Thanks Lars
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    This is my fleet for winter I just switched the blade for a sweepster model c 48 rotary broom. I can't wait to try it in the snow.
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    Here are my c-161 8 speed and c-121 auto with 3000 watt generator for calendar consideration, thanks, Don
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    Figured I would throw this one out there for consideration. untitled.bmp
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    I saw one last weekend and was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a drive around the neighborhood video thread? Not sure if we would crash the forum or maybe we could upload them to youtube and post the links here. Just thought it was a cool idea to show our friends on here where we park our horses when we aren't at a show or on here….
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    I've been using vinegar to clean rust from the inside of gas tanks and it works very well. Since the vinegar was just sitting in a bowl after recently doing a tank, I decided to throw in a rusted pulley which shows the results much better than trying to get a pic of the inside of a tank. These 2 pulleys looked just about identical before soaking one. I let it soak for 2 days and wiped it off with a cloth. Using baking soda afterwards will neutralize the vinegar's acid. There are quite a few other posts on the subject, just type "vinegar" in the search feature.
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    Just thought I'd post up a couple pics I snapped the other night in the garage. Sorry for the mess! The horses I currently have: First, my 854. It now sports a red and white cover to hide the ugly weld job on the seat. This is my most poorly running Wheel Horse. I've gone through the carb a couple times, checked fuel pressure from the pump, etc, but it just seems to have no interest in starting when cold or staying running. Next up is "Big Ugly," the 1975 D200. I just put the stacks on after plowing snow with it for the past two years. I've lost enough hearing, thank you very much... The D is my best running Horse, that K532 fires up immediately every time. I wish my truck was this reliable! You might notice that the fuel tank is missing. I'm currently resealing the tank, and have a D180 tank for a spare if needed. Here's my 1976 B80. According to the ID tag, this one started life with an 8 speed transmission. I got it with a blown up 4 speed installed (with correct shifter plate). With a bunch of help with advice and parts locating from the members here, I just got it put back together and running well this past weekend. This is probably my favorite of the lot. Last up is my newly acquired RJ-58/9 basket case. There isn't a whole lot that's right with this one, but I like it nonetheless. I'm currently in the process of freeing up/rebuilding the steering system. Another night or two of work and I'll get to swapping out the motor and fitting a more correct style of gas tank. Not pictured is my 1969 Raider 10 that's largely a parts tractor. All it really needs is a hood, one tie rod, and a correct motor, but I have enough projects to take on right now... Well, that's it. Thanks for looking! -Dan
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    It's people like you that that made people like me want to go to school! My shop teacher is the reason I stayed in school and got a diploma. Thank you can't wait to see the finished product and the sense of pride and achievement the kids will have.
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    You know I'm older than dirt and I speed up going downhill as well as slowing down a lot going uphill !!
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    This is awesome! I plan to one day be a teacher (Music. Ed.) and would love to do something like this! They seem to make fantastic little workers! Keep up the good work!
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    You are doing a wonderful thing here, thanks for sharing.
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    Horses will retire to the barn this year...will be using triplet grandsons (age 6) and THREE snow shovels!!!...wonder what that will cost me?...
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    Keep up the good work Scott you never know how this might change the course of these young people's life down the road ? Plus it get's them away from there tv & video game's for awhile........
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    So far so good. It came down to temperature, the compressor shut off and started right back up again.
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    Well back to the grind with these great kids. I am sure they are starting to have nightmares about sanding already! The weather cooperated for us and we were able to keep the barn open for some fresh air and a light breeze. It seemed to be comedy hour tonight as everyone was trying to get others to laugh. It was a lot of fun to say the least. Sanding commenced and the engine was finally unbolted and taken off the frame. They were excited to get to this point as it was another small milestone in the process. Here are a few shots of the kids at work. If you notice in the pictures a few of them are wearing their no club t-shirts that are sporting the cool logo Terry designed for us!
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    Ya know Jim...when you retire at the end of December...I can see increasing your post count. You might even catch RMaynard. I think I will buy you a good paint brush for your retirement...you need to watch more paint dry. :happy-jumpeveryone:
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    I want one of them! Happy Halloween!
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    I hope to get all parts that I need at some point and then to restore it . I got a line on a small k series for it I hope
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    You got that thing lookin good, Steve. Well done!
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    that is a 60 400 or 550...probably a 400 because there is no toolbox Edit....Jason beat me to it as I was typing. lol
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    1960 Suburban 400 Lever throttle/choke, and a plug in the hole for the ignition switch.... those are your two clues. Side plate visible on trans appear to be missing the holes for he AH-60 hitch though? That's weird. Might have been replaced with an RJ trans in it?
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    look's like it is very cosy and ready for the long winter sleep Lars
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    Fairly rare. There's quite a few owned by the members here... but they don't get sold very often. I have one and use it regularly hauling mulch, dirt, plants, kids, etc.... I'd probably sell it, but it would have to be a really good offer.
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    So, there I was, standing in an Amish furniture store last Saturday with my wife trying to pick out our bedroom suite furniture. When it suddenly dawned on me that it was 1:30 and I completely forgot to post my picks before we left that morning. . Does that mean I have to turn in my man card ???? -BK
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    well, put in a new overload and start relay, plugged it in and the compressor kicked right on! Of course it's been unplugged for 3 days. Waiting for it to come down to temperature and if the compressor starts after running. On a positive note, I read on the internet (so I know it's true) that if the start relay rattles when you remove it, it's bad. Mine sounds like a rattle snake when shaken! The new one no sound at all. Fingers crossed! Got curious, took the relay apart and the insides were a mess! Been running for a couple hours now, fridge and freezer down to temperature, I'm a happy guy (well about the fridge anyway). Total bill $30.00 and 2 bandaids (there's some sharp metal in there)
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    From beginning to end...Advice right on target!!
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    IT was definately more than the gasket squashing down.. to date I had to retighten the original bolts 4 different times. Usually a proper torque-ing a heat up and cool down and then a re-torque is all that is needed.. but 4 times is way too much and they moved way too far with each re tightening.. Fastenal was a great tip. I just ran over there and they had what I needed. Grade 5 in gold cad! I torqued them down in steps in sequence to 200 inch lbs.. let the engine warm up for about 5 minutes and shut it down. I then rechecked the torque and with engine still warm they are still right where they were set. I'll go back and check them once it cools down. Thanks!
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    I'd call it "Tweety" Funny how the wives seem to like the Rangers, my wife saw hers and fell in love. It went from me getting a round hood to her getting her own tractor before we even got home.
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    Work Horse GT1848. Before: After: Special thanks to Tom Smith, Kelly Hollister, Glen Pettit and Terry at Midwest Custom Graphics.
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    I may just do one, but over here in the uk, it would be something different for you all to look at,
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    Looks really nice!! Put her to work already...I like it! Welcome to Red Square.
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    Hope things are well for everyone. Well it goes like this, I will take the home teams except for drum roll ah what the heck I will take Ohio State and Minnesota the rest will be the home teams of Iowa, Nebraska, Penn State, Michigan State. Up to that we are good. Stevasaurus your looking good, just wondering if you take the Bears like you do Illinois? Nah, silly question. As always, Go Hawkeyes!!!!
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    i dont do a thing for winter storage. use stabil or sea foam in ethanol free gas year round, run them at least every month or so just for the heck of it. all my small engine stuff gets a run at least every 2 months for 10-15 minutes. the tractors get the most use year round, but even the push mower and the garden tiller get run in the off seasons at least every 6 weeks or so. when there not running tanks are mostly 1/2 -3/4 full especially the steel tanks on the 60s tractors as was mentioned they will start to rust if empty and not protected inside in some way.
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    I'd say if you can't find a soft plug to go back in, clean the hole and put a dab of silicone caulk in. All you are doing is keeping dirt and water out.
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    I see 3 fairly simple games to pick and, 3 "holy crap! who in the hell am I going to take!?!" games.....no logic this weekend just hard, analytical and statistical analysis. Picks out later this week.
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Roz22ku5OuY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pu48aGgLkzw
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    Plus, once restored, they all kinda start looking the same. That patina is what makes them different from all the rest.
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    Parisi motors Chrysler and wheel horse dealer in Hammonton NJ
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    I would not clear coat it myself, nor would I paint it either. Make it right mecanically then have fun running it. You could always repaint it later too if you change your mind or get tired of the rust someday. Personally I like the way they look in their rusty workin clothes myself.
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    On a side note...I took the springs, after they were in electrolysis...wire brushed them with the 4" grinder put them on the charcoal grill for about 20 minutes (to dry them out), and then soaked them in a penetrating oil solution that I made of 3 parts ATF, 1 part paint thinner (for oil based paint), and 1 part diesel fuel for about 3 days. Looking for the penetrating oil to soak into the metal...they look great, we will see if it will last through the winter. Here is a video of watching paint dry...could not resist doing this...click on the picture.
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    But make sure you are using Ethanol free gas. If you need to find some go to "buyrealgas.com", put in your zip code and it will show where to find it.
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    For some reason while plowing snow last winter, my 8 HP 867 developed a rod knock which forced me to make some decisions. Do I rebuild it or install a 10HP or larger Kohler or maybe even a (dare I say) Honda? I even went so far this past spring as to buy a good running used K241 for a transplant. But after checking out the additional height and not wanting to chop up the hood, I decided to rebuild the original engine using Kohler parts. $450. bucks later, I now have a nice running K181 with a .020" over bore and a .020" under crank. At the same time I decided to lengthen the wheelbase by 5", not only so it will look more like a full size Farmall with a wide front end, but also so I can install a 38" 2 bladed Honda mower deck under it next spring. I never had a deck for this tractor, so I'm hoping the Honda 2 bladed 38" deck will do a really nice job of mowing, plus I picked it up for next to nothing. Please note in the pictures that I added a couple of assist springs to help raise the snow blade. The weight of the blade on the pavement before the springs was 60 lbs, with the springs it was 22lbs. Not only is it easier to raise, but I think the wear plate should last a lot longer.
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