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    Just finished a few weeks ago. Took 3 tractors to brookville,in. tractor show . This was one had a lot of lookers and people asking about it. Started out as a 654 now has 8hp kohler . Changed frames long frame for c series and extended 7". Has 24x 13-12 tires on rear. powered coated wheels. Still more to do .
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    Had my arm twisted by a couple of you guys so here's my D-200 in the UK Just finished it in time for the first wheel horse round up over here back in 2012. This is the task that it spent most of its time on this summer - getting rid of weeds in the grazing. To save picking up the 'What deck's that?' question - I modified a NOS 500 series deck I managed to find over here. The tractor was a bit of a wreck (understatement) when I got it and certainly would have been parted out on your side of the pond but they're rare here in the UK so I had to work with what I could get. Many thanks to all the guys (you know who you are) who helped in so many ways during the resto process. Andy
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    I'd start off at $50 and top out at $100. Thats because it has a starter and a PTO. The only way I would even consider going too the dreaded $150 mark would be if the carb has a nice tight throttle shaft, with no more than a fraction of play in it. "If it dosen't run, it's junk" Let these six words rule and guide your LAGT buying.
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    Here are some more pics: (You can click on image then select "Go to Comments")
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    Its just amazing what can be done to these tractors & the ideas that people have for them . I too am looking to build a rat rod and i am just on the look out for my doner tractor I love what you have done & look forward to the progress oh i found this picture of a rat rod that i thought was wicked
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    Some pictures from the day www.perfecttrimlawnandgardencare.com A few more. Feel free to add www.perfecttrimlawnandgardencare.com
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    Went to the Fall Antique Tractor & Steam show at Boonville toady, and take a look at what my wife found.....and bought for me!
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    Looks good Steve! Neil, I'm glad the Senior went to a good home, unlike the one before yours! I hope you love it as much as I did. Jeff
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    Hello, I saw "jason.c's" post of his HotRod Wheel Horse. So I thought I better learn how to put some stuff on here rather than just watching! This spring I got a 1972 Commando 800 with a broken engine. ($75) It only needed a connrod and the cam needed welded. So I fixed 'er up and it ran just fine. Smooth and good power ... and quiet. But after 20 minutes the oil was metallic gray. So I tore into it again thinking it was going to be the rod journal. No problem in what I did ... the piston was all scraped up. Oh well ... just set it aside. I sold the K181 parts and that more than covered the price of the tractor and new engine parts. Then at a yardsale I got a 2003 Kohler CH12.5 which needed a starter. ($5 for the motor) And $27 for a used starter. I knew where it was going! The shaft was too large for the PTO but I didn't need another mower anyways! And this is what I ended up with. Still needs one item taken care of ... the ackermann is backward now. That can wait until spring. Well, here's the pics. One is a "before" pic. Once I get to resizing the pics of the other WH's I'll put some of those on here. TNX, Joe
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    I always get straight 30w from napa. House brand.
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    Well as I sit here with a heating pad on my back, drink in hand and advil in my belly here are some more pictures of today's work. I was able to finish the framing and get the standing seam roof system on. Next will be to install fascia trim and siding. Did not make it to the flea market to see if they had any old wooden windows...
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    Not a tractor but we just discontinued a Emergency Generator at work that was 2 2cycle 8 cyl turbocharged Detroits bolted together. It was located in the basement and not outside. Made the lab above it vibrate so much that all the new fangled equipment in there almost useless when it's running.
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    Here is the latest "money pit" it was delivered today I don't get to keep the trailer we unloaded it onto blocks....the transom is junk and the engine wasn't properly winterized so it will be parted out, it does have a new camper top and an alpha one outdrive. Boat is a 26 foot 1979 Searay Weekender I got a call and was offered the boat for $500 so I couldn't pass it up since the outdrive alone sells for more than that. Pretty cool roomy boat I am thinking of putting it out in the woods and building the kids a fort out of it next spring, I'll sell the almost new camper top and build something to replace it since its too nice to let it just rot away it aslo zips away in sections so you could get down to just a bimini top.
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    I am in Maryland and my Walmart stocks 30w. Napa, and Advance Auto usually stock it. Just ask any auto parts store and they can have it for you next day.
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    Here is my worker D200. All original except I installed an electric fuel pump. The pump, hydro motor, and transaxle had to be rebuilt. Here is the link to when I brought it home.
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    Make sure the donut on the shifter is tight on the shifter. It is retained by a spirol pin that shares the same hole the dog-point set screw uses. Have seen that pin shear. #933169 replaced by 32121-108 is a 5/32" x 7/8" spirol pin. Some donuts are welded to the shifter. Garry
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    Kelly you are achieving your thinning objective. You are just doing it in reverse. Thinning the other guy's. Ha, Ha,. Marvin
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    953 NUT, are you refering to the front of the belt guard? I had to remove a piece to shorten it and then weld it back together. I thought it added more character leaving everything unpainted. But I did paint the new metal at the front axle ... a shot of red, a shot of primer for that matching patina look.
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    It's funny, how the tractors of today, just don't see to compare to the tractors of yesterday. I would say that it's a great example of a discussion that was talked about a while back in RS..... Horse Power...I've been in the new tractors producing some 450hp... But they just seemed to lack that extra punch when you would be going through packed clay or end rows that had been driven on by tractor trailers. Something to be said when you would hear the clatter and cackling of a 2 cycle Detroit Diesel under load. Rambling again...
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    Maybe there is too much play in the shift lever itself and there is a way to adjust that. You need to access the base of the shift lever to check it out...not sure which panels to remove, but only a couple. Once you can access this DOG POINT SCREW, release the jam nut and reset it so that the shift lever doesn't slop around at all....but no so tight that it pinches the lever ball on the end. The shift lever should NOT move up & down in the trans case. It occurs to me that now is a good time to inspect the little ball at the end of the shift lever for wear. This is a typical 8-speed trans and the dog-point screw location and what an NON-WORN shifter ball should look like.
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    Yes craig , you spied correctly . it is a senior that has recently arrived to the UK . It is the only one in the UK also .
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    I say ramble on. My favorite tractor we had was, as I mentioned the 4320 earlier. I thought that tractor was just an animal. My uncle was known as the JD fixit guy in our area and everyone brought their tractors to him. Anyway, knowing his way around them, the 4320 received an aftercooler, bigger turbo, and some pump work. Suddenly, it went from a good tractor to a great tractor, with the addition of 20.8x38's and 14L-16's on the front it just looked big. It would handle 6- 18"s all day and never argue. A 22' disc and a 24' digger were no match for it. And, it only drank about 7 or 8 gallons per hour. We took it to town so it could be put on the dyno an the dealer. Their dyno went up to 250hp at the time and they couldn't get an reading because it went to the limit. So we just called it 245+ hp. We took it to the county fair and pulled it in the 15,500lb, out of field class. It won 1st place. So being we owned a farm in the next county as well, we entered it there as well. What a S@#t storm that started. Apparently there was one fellow that generally won every year in this county. He didn't like it and said" they are from Rice Co. and shouldn't be here". Well, somehow the officials agreed. Even though we had 150 acres with an address and a house that was rented out in that county. They said," You can't just be a land owner, you must live and farm in the county to be eligible. But, since you do farm and own land but, not live here, you can pull in the consolation pull". Well, this appeased the whiner because he approved. When it came to the consolation pull it was just us and him and 1 other guy. They upped this class to 17,500lb but it still had to be field ready. So here they were, a brand new(the whiners) 1468 IH. A 1185 Massey Ferguson, and The 4320 JD. The whiners 1468 finished "LAST" at 164' . The Massey went 182' and the 4320 was a full pull. The funny part is that the whiner should have settled for his first pull which would have at least given him second because it was 184'. Needless to say, we didn't pull there again. The tractor did have an Achilles heel though. The clutch. Way too small a setup for what we did to it. So changing clutches was a regular thing on it. I like these kinds of threads, interesting stories. RMClll, ramble on.
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    Just found this on google, They are both 4.00-8 three rib tyres, one on a wide rim one on a narrow rim. Also Anglo traction's thread c-120/raider update has some three ribs, not sure on the rim width though.
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    Typical Big 10, tease you along with being near the top in the pick's for awhile, then hand you your backside when you least expect it. Hahahaha, oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Now to get back in the saddle for next week's ride.
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    I have a GT-1600 (has a Kohler magnum 10 now) and it has the 1" axles. Plenty tough enough for yard chores and snow removal. I dont enter it in the pulling contests so it should last along long time. Mike........
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    You may get lucky with WD-40, but you'll probably have better results with more of a true rust penetrant like PB Blaster. The whole threaded rod and adjusting mechanism can get clogged with grass and junk, so make sure that area is basically clean before you start spraying. And remember you should be turning that knob clockwise (as you look at it from the front) to loosen the belt. There's a recent thread here that may give you some other ideas:
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    Seems that's usually when the best deals come along. Humm...maybe I should thin mine out too.
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    No lucky charms, just set back and wait, I passed on a good deal last week C-120 hydro with cab 2 blowers and a deck $300 guy was a jerk to everyone that posted on his ad so I figured he didn't need my money. Yellow axle caps ?? they are just stained that way from the grease they should be white This is the 5th tractor in 3 weeks, and I was trying to thin them out
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    it starts with this, and ends with another 12x20 addition, 220 service, and plumbing! Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
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    Hi everyone, figured I would add my 79 D-200 to the list I purchased it about a year ago from someone here in Massachusetts. It was in pretty much the condition it is in now just had to change fluids/filters and remove and flush fuel tank replace lines, filter, pump and a good cleaning. The tractor runs and works great very useful machine. This is the first time posting pictures here hopefully they come out alright if not I will try again.
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    This 79' D200 is the essence of what a Garden Tractor is to me. I got it for a song and with some work have gotten it to where I need it. It is very reliable and gets the job done. I have a tiller, snow-blower, 3pt. cultivator, 3pt.box blade, 3pt. pallet mover, 58"snow blade, 42"dozer blade, and a 48" mower deck. I don't use the snow-blower or mower deck but everything else gets a workout. Its big and ugly and I like it that way. Thank You to Trouty56 Bob for posting the pics. My wife said between her and the kids they would teach me how to do it.
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    These are pics of PJ's (Bitten) D200..... PJ....if you would follow up this post with anything to add that would be awesome......
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    You aren't rambling RMCIII! Those are great stories! Thanks to all of you for sharing!
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    Welcome to RedSquare!!
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    We also had an Oliver 2255 4x4 that thing was a pulling beast. That was before we went with the Cases My uncle stuck his 1486 IH while chopping. My mother pulled him, the chopper and a 12 ton tandem wagon loaded out And he wasn't even in gear. Ours was the earlier version with the Cat 3208 but the kitty got stoked out to 370 pto hp Sadly the overdrive didn't survive the hired hands quick shifts
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    It's normal and has been covered in previous posts if you want to go digging with the search feature. The rattling has something to do with the pump check valves (balls?) seating and unseating as you roll it---they where probably dry from not running and didn't make the noise---then when you got it running and circulated the oil you woke them up again. Tony
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