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    I've had my 1975 D-180 for some 25+ years and other than necessary maintenance (oil change, etc) I have badly overlooked its appearance - poor thing! And this bad boy thing is such a beast, I tend to somewhat abuse it too. It continually amazes me as to just what it can do and using it that way doesnt help its appearance. I have the 48" mower deck, a Brinley turning plow, a 4' rear dirt blade, a set of cultivators and obviously the 3 point hitch, so I have the accessories to work it even more. I had recently finished a major rebuild of a 1054 and it turned out so well that on looking at my faithful 180 sitting all ugly and forlorn, I just had to do something about it! Mostly just paint (like the 1054, used Rustoleums "sunrise red") not doing a major tear down, just some sheet metal. Fenders and hood had some dings so easier to work out off the tractor, removed the air shrouds off engine (needed to check fins anyway), grille, seat, tank, steering wheel/dash and a few other small things. I did sand blast or disk sanded most everything in order to get rid of that horrible blue and yellow - the blue was mostly gone anyway. Course while I was into it I corrected some neglected wiring, rebuilt carb (boy, did that make a difference!) replace a bent up steering wheel, etc, and of course the cream on the cake - new decals from Terry! They sure make a paint job POP! So, I know some will want to know about the remoted air cleaner... I dont use the mower deck anymore, but back when I did I had a pretty bad problem with the air filter clogging up very quickly when it was in the factory position (2-3 filters a season) so I got busy one day and cobbled up a remote filter -- and that completely solved that problem, I can go a long time now with out filter change. Oddly enough the flywheel shroud doesnt get a hint of chaff. The seat is from a Delta Airlines belt loader - I worked for them 35 years, the rear tires are the - getting more and more scarce - 15"ers in a "skid steer" version, 27-8.5x15 6ply
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    I picked up a nice little atlas 618 lathe last night, it looks to be in pretty good shape. My son in law came over to help me unload it, I think he's more excited to get it than I am.
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    Well my collection is growing and i had to find a way to keep it organize. My wife said to me she doesn't care what i do with the tractors as-long i keep them organize and not laying all over the property. So if you pull into my driveway you will not see one tractor anywhere so i told her how many i have today 38 wheel horse tractors she almost fell off the couch. The key is guys to hide them and keep them organize. I have some behind the fence and the rest stack in the barn...Im picking another one this afternoon will post pic later..
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    Your attempt to hide your addiction is a sure sign you have a "problem" .
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    My grandson loves to mow with me but as you can see he doesn't make it through the whole place, but when I stop to have his grandma take him he wakes up, he will sleep the whole time, through all the bumps and all. Just thought you guys might get a kick out of these.
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    I'm coming up on my 1 year anniversary as a Wheel Horse owner, and also nearing completion of a refurbishing project on the 854 I bought a year ago. While I'm waiting for the paint to cure before I put it all back together, and since it's too hot this week to work in the garage anyway, I thought I would put up a thread documenting the progress the past year. I always find motivation and some good ideas from other people's project posts, so I hope I can return the favor. Some of this is repeat from a few of my other posts, but I thought it would be nice to have it all in one thread. I will add to the post as I track down the pictures and get it written. To recap, late last July I bought the 854 as a non-runner. It was all original, complete, and other than surface rust, in pretty decent shape. It had a mower deck, rear slot hitch, and snowplow bracket on the rear axle. I had admired the round hoods for a while, and hadn't seen that many come up for sale on Craigslist in the area. I paid $200 for it, which I felt was a little risky not really knowing what it was going to need to get it running, but I convinced myself I had to have it. After getting it home and getting it cleaned up, I did a little more detailed inspection. It didn't have any major signs of abuse, but the hood was cracked at the seam on one side, and the seat was cracked too. I got a different seat for it from the seller, so the seat wasn't really a problem. Getting it running also turned out to not be too difficult, it just needed some fresh gas and the spark plug wire connection cleaned at the coil. Once running, however, it did smoke. It would somewhat clear up if sitting idle or cruising around the yard, but under load the smoke was persistent. Also with fresh fluids and gas, I could could see that the gas tank seal leaked (surprise, surprise) as did the axle and brake seals in the transmission. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlFowHy9zjY I like all my tractors in my collection to have a purpose, and this one was to be my "garden tractor". Part of the attraction of this one was the slot hitch and Wheel Horse attachments that could be used in tending a garden. My initial plan was to stop the leaks, and eventually rebuild the engine to clear up the smoke, but otherwise leave it original. I liked the patina and original decals it had, and I knew I wouldn't feel guilty about using it if I left it in it's "work clothes". The axle seals were easy to get from my local Toro dealer (Part No. 100863). Getting them installed was not so easy. One hub came right off, but the other was stuck. This explained the chunk it had out of it, likely from an earlier, unsuccessful attempt to change that leaky seal. It took alot of heat to get it off, but it did eventually come off. While I had the torch out and the rear of the tractor partially disassembled, I replaced the pin for the slot hitch. It also took alot of heating and beating, but it did come out. New seals on the axles and brake were successful in keeping the oil in, and I put on a new shifter boot to keep the water and dirt out. Following the advice I found on here, a 6" hitch pin did the trick as a replacement for the slot hitch. As luck would have it, around this time I found a Commando 8 come up for sale nearby for $100. I bought it mainly for the decentbar tires it had on it and the hopes that I could just swap in the K181 Kohler from it to resolve my engine smoking problem. As it turned out, the engine on it was a K161 from a 753. It ran OK, but smoked worse than the engine I already had. Still, the tires were good, and it provided me with a drawbar and a good hub to replace the one with the chunk missing. My repair of the leaky fuel tank resulted in only limited success. Fortunately, all the screws came out without breaking any. A couple were missing, and there looked like some kind of caulk or form-a-gasket on there, so obviously this wasn't the first attempt to fix the tank (nor would it be the last). I could have bought the tank gasket (Part No. 4452) from Toro, but since I already had the supplies on hand I decided to make my own gasket and seal the tank with Red-Kote. I traced the tank and cut out a gasket on 1/32 gasket paper. After installing the new gasket, I coated it with the Red-Kote. Despite my best efforts, it still leaked. Gas was no longer cascading down the side of the pedestal, but it was still slowly seeping out. Still, that was enough of an improvement for the time being to feel comfortable using it. Working this tractor is what I got it for, so I was extremely happy to find a plow and cultivator for it to go with the disc I already had. A fall plow day nearby provided me a good opportunity to give the old 'horse a little workout. It didn't impress anybody there with it's rusty complexion, smoking engine and yellow wheel weights, but I was pretty happy that the little 8HP tractor could plow with the "big boys". Shortly after the plow day, I plowed up the garden at my house. It was still fun, but neither my wife nor the neighbors seemed to appreciate the engine smoke much. The hood also was rattling some, and I was concerned about the crack getting worse. I decided my next projects on the tractor would be to address those issues. I took the hood to a local weld shop to repair. They did a decent job, but it had obviously been repaired. So much for that all original appearance. I also inspected the engine. Tolerances were within spec, so I planned to just do a hone, new rings and new valves/guides. Before I got around to that though, Christmas came and the 854 slid to the back burner for most of the winter. That's probably more than enough for now. I'll continue my story to cover the work on it since then in the next few days. Dave
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    I was nearly finished mowing today when HUN BUN stopped me for lunch. I checked craigs list while eating a ham &cheese and here was this 1970 Raider 12 listed for $400 that wasn't there this morning. I called the owner and we settled on $250. Two hours later I finished my mowing with It. The 42"er cuts sweet. She could use a bath and a new seat and has a squeal coming from the drive belt pulley area. I'm assuming we need a bearing. What do Ya think ???????
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    We spent the morning together . Not alone though we were accompanied by a wire wheel , an air compressor various size scrapers / putty knives , impact gun , Valspar implement enamel & a sandblasting setup. Though far from perfect , it will be a helluva lot easier to hose the underside : Before : Underside : Top : I know the colors aren't " correct " . It's the leftover orange ( underside " I had leftover from my 1966 snowblower project
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    Lol hard to find they seem always come to me. I saved half of them from being junkyard material. Just think of me Wheel horse saver. The truth is I enjoy the hobby I buy a lot other power equipment and these guys follow me home and I keep them. I sell all the other tractors cubs,case,deere,etc that's how I fund the collection. Plus I feed parts to the other wheel horse people trying to restore or fix there wheel horse.
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    The fuel pump on a pre 1967 should have a primer lever on the bottom, just pump it a few times and you will prime the carb.
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    I have heard of guys like you. 38 Huh. Now I see why they are hard to find.
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    My 8HP has a fuel pump, I'm guessing vapor lock. See if you shoot WD40 or carb cleaner in carb to get it started, or wait about and hour and it will probably fire right up.
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    I knew it wouldn't take you very long Jake.
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    Thanks for all the nice comments! Here is a more recent picture. I would of liked to of used AGS but I only had turfs at the moment. I had to put a set of wides on my 657 to get these.lol
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    You're a lucky guy, it would take a lot more than that to make my wife happy.
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    Very good idea. Will you have problems keeping the weeds down around the heard? They really don't the grass unless they are running!
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    Not just the wife....it should keep the neighbors happy as well!! Mike............
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    I leave mine all over and she keeps encouraging me to buy more.
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    pretty good! I know a man that has about 10 Farmall Cub tractors plus several parts tractors. He has them spread out in buildings all over his place and overflow at his son's. His wife has no idea because they all look alike!! LOL
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    That is an excellent addition for your work shed Denny...and close enough to maybe get something turned if need be.
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    Whats the difference from a 310-8 to lets say a 414-8 or 416? Is a 310=10hp and 312=12hp?
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    I think you got a very good deal! I notice the tractor also has a clevis hitch too - very desirable addition to a Wheelhorse. Deck looks like it's in pretty good shape too.
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    You might want to jump up into the electronic ignition age and go with a 1988 or newer WH with a Magnum motor. 312....414...I have two with magnums and they are fantastic engines! Mike.............
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    Of course it'll be the last place you look....why would you keep looking if you found one
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    Alright Denny, Now I have to go to the barn and check to see if I had a Midnight visit from you last night.
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    Very nice tractor. krazy_horse
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    You did very well! Replace that pulley and mow away!
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    At 400 it was a decent deal but for 250 you did real good! Give her that bath and a nice new seat and you got yourself a real nice tractor.
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    This PSB should do it 5/8"-11 threads x 4" or longer plus two 5/8"-11 nuts, and a quantity of 5/8 SAE Washers or 1"-8 threads Garry
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    Yes, you are right with your thinking Ian. You screw the bolt into the PTO and it acts like a jacking screw. But I don't remember the size of the thread. Hopefully someone else can chime in with that.
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    No the fix is to get a new pulley. Most farm stores will have a new pulley.
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    Just a side thought...although the author is unknown here is my favorite quotation: "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance".... Get your education first, then the "business decision" will follow. I always wanted to own a hardware store in my younger years....after military duty and then a college degree, the answer was NO to the hardware store....too many other options came into view...some that I had never thought about. Good luck in your planning and remember the good ole USA gives all of us the freedom to live the AMERICAN DREAM ...to do what ever you think you can do......own a business, drive a truck, fix computers, sell ice to eskimoes, fix sick people, play pro sports, play the stock market....oh to be young again! As a side thought, a local guy started a little business in a vacant chicken house...his labor rate was 49 bucks an hour.....all he did was change oil and sharpen lawn mower blades for homeowners that did not want (or know how) to do the dirty stuff on lawn mowers etc....he made about 500 bucks every day and alot of it was CASH.....pick up and deliver service before and after business hours brought in another 100 bucks!!!....in todays busy words every body wants fast SERVICE and he provided that (if we had to wait an hour for a hamburger, Micky D would be outa business) PS...I still have thoughts about that hardware store!!! managing a store for Tractor Supply CO was as close as I came...was a good "education" because it led to another long career in an field (non retail) that I had never considered. I have a feeling that you will find your place in the business world as you have already asked for advice...go for your dream!!!
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    You are not there picking it up YET? Marvin
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    Doesn't even deserve a comment!
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    My two cents, its all about selling the publication!. Will this article help sell more....probably! Will this become a collectable issue....time will tell. My take is the usual readers/ subscribers will continue their subscriptions and life will go on. My opinion of this guy or what he and his brother did will not change from what I find out or read about him in an article! He and his brother did a cowardly act that hurt and continues to hurt many people. I don't feel he deserves any recognition or publicity and hope he rots away in his cell. Just my 2 cents!!!
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    Ken, you are very welcome. I knew they were going to the right guy. I have a feeling that my Dad was looking down and somehow got you to step on that impeller. My Mom will be very pleased to know that the old Merk has new life in it. It always was a good running engine, and we used the heck out of it when I was young. Sure would like to see a short video of it running on the water when you get there. I have cut down some big trees with that chain saw, and it was always a good runner. I think I remember putting that longer bar on it back in the 70's because the trees were like 4 or more feet in diameter. Enjoy them both mate.
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    Tom, Vin is correct, and you are going to have to take it apart to fix it right. You can still get all the parts (used), new seals and new bearings if needed. I have a couple of threads on Red Square with pictures and videos of taking apart and fixing the same trans you have. Vin is half right about it being easy to do. Taking it apart, when pieces are rusted, can be a bear and takes some time. Putting it back together is the easy part. Here is what I would do to make things easier. Put in enough oil in the trans to get up to the axles...use 10wt...about 3 to 4 qts. Drive it around in 1st gear only and once in a while reverse. You have to drive it to turn the sticky axle...it will not turn on blocks unless you can chock the left side. Go slow, you do not want to hurt or really force anything. Jack it up once in a while, like after 1/2 hour of running, and see if it is loosening up. You are just trying to work some oil into those bronze axle bearings and into the gears of the differential. You will know after an hour or so if things are getting better. The longer you do this, the easier things will come apart. Now for the pay off. Don't mess with that stuck hub if it is really stuck hard. Luckily, it is on the same side as the input shaft. Drain the trans, take off all linkage, pulleys, left hub and take trans off of frame. Put the input side axle housing in a vise...so the trans is on it side. You can take the whole trans apart with the stuck hub on the axle, and in the end, pull the axle out of the right side plate. Now you can press off the hub a lot easier with out beating up other parts of the transmission. See what you think and let us know...take pictures. Figure around $100 for the seals and bad bearing replacement and gaskets. Most of that is the 2 axle cap seals that you can only get from Toro...about $18 apiece. You will have a transmission that will last another 60 years if taken care of...when done.
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    For those who have done the swept forward axle swap, is it necessary to remove the engine? I have a 520H with a dead onan and a 416-8 that runs like a champ, so I'm looking at putting the p216 on the hydro tractor along with the 416 steering and narrower tires, but don't know if I need to do them at the same time. I'd like to see how the 16 horse handles the 60" deck just out of curiosity before I make the tractor un-60-able. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 4 Beta
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    I use 80-90w GL-5 in mine. I change mine frequently, so I wouldn't even consider synthetic. Matt :flags-texas:
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    All finished with a dump cart to boot!
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    My $300 Simplicity blade all mocked up: I always get that small piece of dog crap on the right tire in the pics.
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