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    I finally finished the the 657 today. the last thing was the Carb. When it was all hook up it Fired rite up. I have never had an engine start this easy. This tractor has been sitting for 20 years under a porch and forgotten in Mideltown Ct. As u can see the paint is gone. Marvel/M/Oil has taken over. So now all I have to do is find a set of 6/12 turf tiers for it.I have to say It has taken me meany years to find this tractor, I believe because of the engine u do not see meany of these up here with a Tecky in them. Usually a Harbor fright or a Honda. I do no that this not the original engine but it seems to run good. I hope you enjoy the picks Gary B.................
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    Hello all, new to forum and I have a question On right peddle PTO disengage for mower there is a lever that swivels Which appears to be a lock to keep pto disengaged. How does this work? I can't figure it out for the life of me. Just restored tractor to use solely to take care of my property. It will be a worker in fact just mowed my lawn today with it for first time. What a sweet ride. Here is some tractor porn for yaall. I am also very interested in getting a complete plow setup for it.
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    This is my 401. This is the one that got me hooked. It came with a front reel mower and a snow plow. I was going to do a full restore on it but I have decided to keep it mostly original. The engine has been rebuilt, the trans has been gone threw, and the rims have been sand blasted and repainted.
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    This is a 1977 model and looks to be going in the correct direction to me. Garry
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    Now this is funny, I just used a plastic trash bag as the mold release... just pulled it off and pealed the bag out. As for coats... I used what I felt gave a good build of material. I wanted it to be strong enough not to flex but thin enough to look correct. The outside has been sanded arrow straight... the inside has been left ruff... so you know its fiberglass. If you have ever seen a fiberglass hood on a Sr. that is the way the Ponds would have most likely have left the RJ hood... nice on the outside and ruff on the inside. I will have to take a couple pics of the parts which I have made... I thought I had more pics but with all of the vid making I haven't really taken that many pics. A couple new vids will come this weekend, The frame has been blasted and cleaned, the motor is just about ready for paint and the blower cover has been modified for the Schnacke.
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    I got this 5003 transmission from TomWH1971 2 months ago and decided to do an instructional thread on tearing it down and putting it back together. Hope this helps a lot of the members. Here is what I started with, and one of the hubs was one that we all fear...it was stuck. I got into a conversation with John (Walfish) and VinceRJ about which trans I really had (either the 5003 or the 5010) and it ends up I had the 5003. One of the differences is where the break pad bolts on the case. (courtesy of Walfish). These pictures show a 5010...the attachment for the brake pad is higher and at a 45 degree angle rather then at a 90 degree angle. There is some internal differences, but the two transmissions are basically the same as far as this thread is concerned as an instructional devise. Thanks John and Vince... At this point, I am just going to show some pictures of cleaning up the trans, and what it looks like inside. The 2 videos at the end will show how it all goes back together. When taking it apart...you want the brake shaft side up...the input side down. Shot with the case off and the differential still in place. I took the differential apart to get the axle out with the stuck hub still attached...made a hub puller...which worked fantastic. This shot kind of shows the reverse idler and the fork shafts...which I did not take apart. They were fine and the roll pins to get them apart are not easy to get at. Sorry...I cheated here. Picture of the parts that make up the differential. Picture of the rest of the parts that make up the transmission. All of the parts here and above will be named and explained in the following videos at the end of the post. Three pictures of the trans together...what a difference from when I started. I did 2 videos...1 of the differential...and 1 of the rest of the transmission. Just click on the video to view. I did not have to replace any bearings, but I can find the numbers and post them later. I did replace the 4 seals... almost $50..00. The input and brake shaft seals are Timkin #471643...around $7.00 for both. The axle seals (available only from Toro) Part # 83-2840 were $18.94 apiece. The gaskets for the transmission sides are no longer available...you have to either make your own, or use something like "Yamahabond #4"...if you decide to use the bond stuff...just make sure it cures before you put the oil in it...usually 24 to 48 hours. Hope this thread can help many members.
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    Hi eveyrone. New member here from PA. Hopefully making a purchase this weekend for a 520h and figured i might as well join up. I've been here before, reading posts and stuff but never joined. Look forward to chatting with ya'll.
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    Great tractor you got there! I missed a 520 a few months back at an (live) auction. My problem was the son was selling all the "stuff" from his fathers property after he passed. Pre auction pics showed it parked in a stall with junk on top of it. Spoke to the his son about what he knew about the 520 and he said he thought it had some problems but didn't really know what. Not a lot to go on! The 520 sold for just under $500 and the purchaser had it on craigslist the next week for $1200 I think. Said it ran great with no problems Planned on getting a D200 with a loader in the near future and just wasn't willing to take the risk. Hind sight is 20/20!
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    Nice mower. Do they drive just as nice as any other? I'm right with you on the price of the 520's. I want one so bad I can taste it. And a 520 is not really any bigger in size than the 418's I don't think.
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    That is one I would LOVE to have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Congrats on the new unit!!
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    Post some video of that thing working when you can.
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    I have a 211-3 and it is a nice little lawn mower. I paid $50 for it and it is better than any walk behind mower I could have gotten and you ride instead of walk. The Briggs engine starts and runs beautifully. The shift lever on mine has a problem in that you need to hold it just right to operate it. I have another 211-3 for parts but have not taken the time to swap the transmissions since I don't use it much. The PTO clutch was also stuck when I got it such that the blades were always engaged. I finally got it to work right. It is still a Wheel Horse and deserves some respect.
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    Free is always good...if you've got the space for it that is.
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    For some reason I am stuck in the 60's lately and I don't have a clue how I got there. 'Course the 60's is my generation. I have been thinking I would like a C-195 with 3-point and rear PTO but I haven't seen one in my area at all. The closest one I had a contact about was a member here and he was over in Ohio and he wanted more than I wanted to give. It would have been about a 600 mile round trip. See stuck in the 60's and I just picked up a 704 this morning and that's the last picture.
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    Your right, I was look at it wrong, it can be driven off the Transmission with a double pulley.
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    This likely does not apply to what you have Have never seen anything else on this model. Garry
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    I tried a 42" side on my B-80 that I used to own. It was able to spin it, but cutting grass required 1st gear. The 36 side is about right for the application. On the flip side of things, you will wear out the 8HP very quick. They are great engines when used properly, but when overworked they are not as durable as the big block. I never had a camera capable of video back then or I would have loved to watch it again today. I remember it was really working hard.
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    Looks like you did well... I've heard and read many great things about those tractors. P.S. Post number 3000 for me, LOL!
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    Well I added two more saws to the line up! A brand new MS261 and a MS361.
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    Here is a pretty cool link to Kohler "K" engines. This will answer many of your questions. All of the manuals http://www.kohlerengines.com/manuals/landing.htm
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    Before the Wheel Horse show back in June, I was looking for an original seat for my Commando 8. Although I didn't find what I was looking for, I was sent various pieces of seats, which included several seat pans. Among the pans that I received was this one, sent to me by bowtiebutler956. When I went to the show, I looked around various vendors for seat parts that I could make a correct seat for the Commando. But while looking, I found that parts for the 3-piece seat were more available than parts for the Commando seat. So I purchased a pretty beat bottom cushion, several ripped covers for the top cushions, a foam insert to use for a pattern, an adjusting knob, and so on. I took the seat pan to my powder coater, and just picked it up today. Here's the result. After working on the cushions and upholstery for the last couple of weeks, I finally have my coveted 3-piece seat. Now I have a dilemma. The seat looks so good that I don't want to use it. Maybe I will just sell it and buy another seat from Northern Tools. :hide:
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    just saw this thread,i agree that you need the spring and some sort of rock shaft,i made this with a piece of angle and a pulley i had laying around,mu tiller kept breaking the wire rope,it got used alot that year,i took it to work to finish some yards that got tore up
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    I would like to nominate my 401. I got this tractor in early November of 2009 for my first garden tractor. I buddy of my dad's knew I was looking for a garden tractor and he ended up dropping it off to me. It still ran very good but she was a smoker. When I got it it had duals that were loaded and it would go through anything, It had a plow on it and I never caught it spinning its wheels. on Christmas on 2009 I decided to strip it apart and restore it. It spent the next year and a half restoring it. We began with getting it sandblasted, and because it was pitted so bad we had to use quite a bit of bondo on it. I had to of had at least 50 hrs probably a lot more than that sanding it perfect. The hood on the tractor we found nos on craiglist and jumped right on it so all it needed was scuffed and it was ready. The tractor was painted with base coat/clear coat car paint and a body shop my family owns.The wheels were powder coated. The engine and transmission were completely rebuilt by my dad's buddy who gave me the tractor. The tractor was finally ready to be assembled, we began spring of 2011 and finished just in time for Kelly's show in August of that year. I of course kept the duals and I added a polished stainless stack to really make it stand out. The only thing I would ever change on the tractor is I would like some tri ribs on the front, and some wheels that are not so badly pitted. Thanks, Jake a before shot This post has been promoted to an article
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