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    Today was the first time I put my refurbed 633 to work. The 633 has an 8 hp Kohler on it now. I cut over an acre of grass today and I must say it did a pretty good job. Not quite like pimpin on the 520 but more like kickin it old style. The grass was fairly high and the rear discharge deck clumped it up some so I actually mowed 2 acres of grass, it because I went over it twice. It took me about an hr and a half. With that said, I still only used a little over a half a tank, certainly much better on fuel than the 520 would take mowing the same yard once in about 40 minutes. I got the 633 from Charles (Cre1992) this past fall along with the Suburban on the trailer thru a trade. I guess you could say they have both come a long way!
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    Lars, that's a great little tractor you've got yourself there and it seems to be in tidy condition even if there's some work to do. I've got the C-120 Auto (1975) and I can tell you that these autos are just wonderful for cutting grass as it's so easy to change direction and you can set forward speed independantly from engine / cutter deck speed. Any sign of your grass yet or is it still white? Andy
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    Hey all well since the horses are hard to find or way to pricy over the pond the collection grows slowly... i came over this for sale for a good price to be here and you would say way to much!!!... it is a wheel horse 12auto.. This tractor has been sitting in a barn for almost 25 years the po have had it for 34 yrs..before that it was used by a sports club for lawn mowing they bought it new in 73 so after been sitting so long it needs a lot of work.. but it has a lot of really nice part's that is in really good cond... Not sure on what im going to do whit it yet.. The decals on the hood blew off when i washed it:( looks to be in good shape.. steering is nice and tight on it. all wheel holds air.. we only had to get air in one tire after the storage:O.. can still see the rubber studs on the rear tires and on the front tire:P Txh Lars
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    I remember when i got my first round hood i couldnt sleep the night before , i was so excited about going to collect it. I bet you are now scouring Redsquare to find out as much info + pics of Suburbans as possible, cos thats what i did when i bought mine Good luck with your new tractor , i am sure it wont be the last that you buy ,
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    Well, my son was away for 3 days on his duke of Edinburgh award and times a ticking to the first show... He already has a thread on the restore, but today has been one nightmare after another. We got the engine bolted down last week, today should have been as simple as starting it Trying to be organised and methodical I started on the carb. But before I could get to that I noticed this. The e clips had disappeared and been replaced with this! Ten minutes later it was a little more presentable. Next job to clean out the threads in the body where the air filter screws in... One was in a poor state, a run through with a 4 BA tap helped, being careful to make sure the ball for holding the choke open was put back in. A quick gasket was cut out and the air filter bolted on. The next two hours were a mixture of cursing and drinking gas! The fuel pump refused to draw any fuel or pump it into the carb. I stripped the pump and it was full of water and crud. I cleaned it out with petrol and blew it through with the airline. No matter how many times I cleaned and tested it out of the engine it would not pull fuel through. Sucking gas through helped, but it wouldn't run. Pressurising the tank didn't work either. Finally I blew fuel back through the filter and it fired into live. Hooking the pipe straight to the filter saw it run for 20 mins and get nice and warm. The governor linkages are really worn and it's hunting quite bad, but we can sort that later. The next pain was the exhaust... It looked like the right exhaust, but for some reason it sat 3 inches too low and fouled on the hood. A few hours of cutting and grinding and finally it fitted as it should. So what I thought was a quick job turned into an all day job :D
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    Finally got nice enough weather to start painting. got some parts and pieces that need sprucing up before the show. I bought extra Valspar paint and reducer when they were selling out at TSC.They didn't have any hardener left. I knew I had some left over so I figured I'd worry about that later. Got everything ready and my 1'4 can of Valspar hardener is solid as a rock. Cap was tight too. So off to TSC I went and bought a can of the Majic hardener. Mixed it up and sprayed it with my TP Tools HVLP turbine. I must say I'm quite pleased with the preliminary results. Dried smooth and fast.The pics are just a small amount I'm doing. Looks like I'll finish in 1 day.
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    About a year ago I picked up this C-145. It's been on the disabled list. Now after rebuilding the motor and a few odds and ends it's Mechanically restored. Took it out today for it's first wack at the grass/weeds. After it's shake down cruise I do believe it will make a good worker.
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    Thanks Chris and Andy for helping Brandonozz..... Should work out for you just fine.....
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    Lars, you keep us amazed, it appears to have made a fairly long trip if I have Belgium plotted correctly. Knowing you, it'll look as good as new shortly, Happy for ya!!!
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    Welcome to Red Square...couldn't have a better guy then Steve from O'Fallon helping you out. Those other guys from Mo. are pretty good also.
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    WOW...really a nice find for your collection Lars. What do you think about shipping that to the states?? That really would be nice to take to the shows...not many people over here that have seen a horse made in Belgium.
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    That muffler looks like its from the same aftermarket source that were fitted to two of mine when they arrived. They either foul on the hood and / or scortch the paint on the hood over a period of time. It's a good thing that 'dad' is into tractors eh? - otherwise it wouldn't be progressing at the rate it is. So good work dad! Andy
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    That is a really great find! The hydro's are wonderful for mowing. ENJOY!
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    Thatsa real tidy tractor Lars Good find
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    Really nice Lars, Tires are beautiful ! You will have that one like a jewel in no time ! Now you will have a great spring. JIM @ DEE in Texas
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    That is funny. It was just a great weekend, my daughter (Brittany) and i took a walk to the very near by cemetery to help place flags on the Veterans graves. While I still can't pick anything heavy up, or bend over, I can walk and be semi-productive and somewhat helpful and mostly respectful. Aside from looking and feeling better, my conditions are the same. I have some followup appointments and more tests next week to hopefully develop a treatment plan for both long and short terms. My company (IBM) has been very supportive, and I am easing back into my full time schedule which allows me to be productive, continue my recovery as well as attend treatment and procedures. My brain is racing a mile a minute with things that I need to do. Aside from the horses, I really love camping (which is the whole reason I was working on the truck in the first place). I have a few things I had bought and planned to install, so we could go to Hershey last weekend, unfortunately we never made it to Hershey (Megan did and her Cheer Team won 1st place) nor are my Steady-Fast's installed and I can't wait to get to the point when I can do something! It'll kill me if I can't get camping this year even for a little bit.
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    Not sure I could handle 3 of them.....Maybe 2.....You were talking about the gal, right?
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    I've pretty much retired my old round hood from work as well. Primpin it up for the show now. These are the last pics of it workin.
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    I'm laughing---i was just on ebay looking to see what's available.Have already saved links to pictures. Ha Ha !!!!
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    Well these very rare 1955 RJ35 Owners Manuals have been on Ebay for several months. They weren't listed as RJ35 manuals but the seller used to have a pic posted of the inside of the manuals and I could see that they were the early RJ35 parts breakdown. After awhile the seller took off the pics of the inside of the manual and just had a pic of the front of the manual. I took a chance on it and I made the seller an offer for all 4 of the manuals he had left. It took him a couple days to respond but he finally did and he made me a deal on them all! 3 of these are the original manuals with the staples holding the 2 pages together. One of the manuals is one sheet with no staples holding them together, there is marks where the staples were but the staples have been removed. Also the engine listed is a 3 1/2 horse power but no Manufacturer's name is givin. There is also a gas tank stand shown but no gas tank is listed in the parts breakdown info. It also shows the solid lift arm. Cool stuff! KJ
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    Change the filter (probably already did this), fill the tranny to full, and jack the rear up. Place jack stands under each axle housing. Start the engine and let it run a while. The charge pump will do its job of filling the lines. Push the DCL forward and then reverse a few times. Run the lifts up and down a bit. Shut it down and check the oil level in the rear. Fill to full again. Take it off the jack stands and give it a shot.
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    For the past 6 years I have been telling customers how much help they can get if they register at RedSquare. and now that I have the bug and a couple tractors I am so thankful for the quick response to my questions which quickly got my beast roaring through the grass that I got to thinking . We have some very knowledgeable Horse-A-Holics on here who are real life savers. Or Horse Savers I guess. so I thought we should have a badge for those who always seem to respond rapidly to many calls for help. so here's A Badge for our RedSquare EMT members. Of course you will have to get your own Ambulances.
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    New battery off the shelf and the big kohler comes to life. ​ Smoked up the shop a bit but not bad after 2 years of sitting. Took it for a test ride and found the hydraulic lift to work fine so I engaged the deck and gave it full throttle. Running strong so down with the deck and start tearing up grass. Decided I better ride up to the station and put some fuel in the complimentary replacement tank. (thanks again Sorekiwi, Your a lifesaver) She started right back up so decided to mow the whole property. the seat is a bit hard for my old keester and too far forward. Also need to check the air in the tires and grease and adjust the steering but all in all it was a total success. Got to see if the charging system is OK next. then clean some mice nests and degrease the engine. It apparently has a leaking seal but the oil is right on the full mark. I could not believe what I found when I took the old cracked tank out. Photo later.
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    I like what you've done with the dash. Given me ideas.
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    Greg, Welcome! I was hoping you'd show up here. If you and "the boy" get into these little red tractors like the rest of us you'll be spending a lot of time on here and you'll love it. Your wife...probably not so much. Anyway, for the rest of the RS clan, Greg and I work together. So he's been putting up with my dissertations and rants about Wheel Horses for a while now. The 100 series RER's really haven't caught on with most collectors, but they were really an amazing little rider. They have a very tight turn radius and reportedly mow quite well with their single bladed 30" deck. My favorite feature is the storage bars on the back that let you stand the thing up into a corner of your garage in less space than a push mower. I used to own the tractor Greg has but never had time to mess with it. The PO told me he was mowing with the thing before I bought it. I brought it home, hooked up a battery, and nothin'. I looked in the manuals section and didn't find one for this tractor, so if anybody has a copy of the owner's manual for this thing it should be easier to sort out what's wrong. It could be something as simple as an ignition switch or way more complicated. But there isn't a whole lot of wiring on this thing, so tracking it down is certainly in the cards. Funny thing is, the guy I bought it from lives in the same neighborhood as Greg does. Strange coincidence! Anyway, Steve
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    The surgery took a little over 3 hours and the doctor said that there were no surprises. He made an incision inside my mouth and around my eye lid as to leave virtually no scar. The bones have been placed back to where they are supposed to be, and secured with some titanium screws and plates. I'm still quite swollen but my face is back to looking symmetrical. Unfortunately, the double vision is not fixed Today I have another appointment with a Neurotologist today to see if he can help with the facial paralysis. From there we're getting more doctors lined up. I have to say that I have the best neighbors on the planet. To make things easier for my family, they put their names on a calendar and take turns making a dinner for us 5 times a week. At first we thought that this wasn't necessary, but it has REALLY turned out to be so great because we are often being asked to go to doctors last minute, spend a lot of time on the phone speaking with people and there just isn't time to cook. These people are amazing and we're so grateful that they're here for us. Thank you all for the supportive comments, thoughts and prayers.
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    I like to use a stiff putty knife. You can tap on the edge of hit with a hammer if you need to. Just work around the perimeter tapping as you go. Joe
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    Karl, I'm so glad to hear you are doing ok, this could have been much worse, I know look who I'm talking to, your a very lucky man, someone must be watching over you, take your time and do everything the Dr. says, I hope you have the best of luck with your recovery, I think highly of you, for all you have done here for us, if there is anything we (I) can do for you, please feel free to ask.
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    A true decorated survivor, here's the little Tecumseh that could. Yet another flawless peformance from the old Techy today.
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    Here are a few pics from the Riverview GT Show
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