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    It's as if they put a lot of thought in the tractor and none in the grill. It's like the drawings have got to be in by tomorrow I wonder if any one is still at work. I will call. No one there but the janitor. Hey, Ralph (janitors name) could you draw a grill on a sheet of paper and put it in the folder with D series wrote on it and drop it in the interoffice mail? Of course Ralph thought he meant a grill that you cook hotdogs on. And that is the story of how Dora got her ugly face.
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    Here are a few pics of a real rj25 taken at Mentone a few years ago
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    I would pefer the patina & once its paint its gone. also I dont think you can recoop the cost of the paint when you sell it. As far as the market a user would pefer paint. that would depend on the model but still dont think you can add enough value to recoop your paint.
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    Cleaned up but, I wouldn't paint. List items a new owner should know; i.e.: oil change, air cleaner, mechanical "pointers" for maintenance. I would run a background check on the potential new owner. •Does the new owner have a comfortable clean stall for the Stallion? •Uncluttered shop space for Red's maintenance? •Attendee? Farm shows with Sons? Grandsons? •Enough lawn so everyone can "exercise" the parade Horse? •Cleanliness? Is a potential new owners tool box clean and up to date? •Might the new owner pass the Red Square muster? There must be more but, the above is only my top five items to verify when selling a Great Stallion! Perhaps a potential new parent might be wearing a USMC T-shirt? :smile:
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    i wouldnt paint them either. your money would be better spent on fixing anything that isnt quite right. i would rather buy something that is a bit low on the paint end but has better mechanicals or doesnt look like half of the parts are falling off the tractor. do they start and run good? any oil leaks that are easy to fix? steering tight? belts good? oils good, tune up etc etc........
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    Martin, Funny you should ask. It was warm when disassembly took place. However, I am now working on the theory that since my crankshaft was at room temperature, and the bearing had been out in the unheated garage, there may be an expansion/contraction issue. I have the bearing sitting on the stove as I type. I am going to allow it to get hot, then return to room temp. Once both items are at the same temperature, I will try again.
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    Just got back from a hundred mile one way wasted trip for that D-180. It looked pretty good in the pictures but up close was another story. When the seller noticed I wasn't impressed, he told me he has had 15 calls in the last two days and no one was going to get it for the price he quoted me if I didn't take it. Then he said he had turned down an $800 offer for just the tiller( looked like somebody painted it with a brush long ago). Needless to say he still has it and I came home with an empty trailer. You find a good one every now and then but mostly overpriced stuff yyou have to spend a month or two getting right.
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    How is this for the rear rim detail Steve? I also went ahead and painted the front letters to match the letters on the engine. I'm gonna order decals from Terry on Monday and when I put them on this one will be officially done! Now what am I supposed to do with myself?
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    Well I fail 4 out of 6 of these qualifications.... Does that mean I have to sell all my Horses or I just can't buy any more?????
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    so...what time are you leaving tomorrow to go get it? think you'll get any sleep tonight. i know i was like a kid on christmas eve the night before i went on the journey to pick up mine. i get addicted to machinery very quickly (old aircooled vw's, newer water cooled vw's, vintage radio control, modern r/c helicopters, planes and race cars, surplus rifles, and now wheel horse's). i'm already planning a new shed to house my soon to grow collection of implements and more then likely more tractors.
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    I agree i also wouldnt like to sell to some one who is gonna part em out! just my 2 cents
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    I picked up a few more pieces yesterday, I still need to get the pedals and footrests painted and installed then finish painting the footrest mounting bar before I can start reassembly.
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    It pretty much depends on who you are trying to sell to doesn't it? By painting and adding new decals you increase your buyer base. You include the people who would like to have a classic GT but don't have the time or skill to DIY one. They are tired of buying these new tractors at the big box stores only to find out after three years they start falling apart. Then there are the ones with the "mine has to look better than my neighbors" people. A lot of that is caused by ego and the spouse I suppose but the fact remains, they feel better if their tractor looks good. I can't really see the point in eliminating those who haven't been doing the stuff we do for these tractors. Look I don't completely disassemble a tractor and rebuild everything and I don't claim to. I fix these tractors to be used and look good too. I have sold a few that haven't be refurbished mostly because I haven't had time to get to them before someone wanted them. I have a friend who has been buying and selling farm tractors for years. About 6 or 7 years ago after he saw a tractor I had painted and started thinking about it. Now he doesn't paint every tractor he gets but maybe one or two a year and it makes a difference when it comes time to sell those tractors. If you were not as deeply into this, would you buy the first tractor or the second one that is the same tractor?
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    I would rather buy a clean tractor than a painted up one because for some reason I think I am paying for a paint job. If you start taking the thing apart to paint you may find this to fix and that to fix because you are an honest sort and before you know it........I'm rambling again.....
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    A good Qxy/Acetylene torch works wonders for roasting marshmallows and wienies!! :)
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    And yet, another poor soul sucked into the fray. Seriously, I don't think you guys did enough to save him. You all fully well know it starts with one. Lord help us all. . Welcome to Red Square. You will love the tractor. Good Luck with it.
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    i use ag tires on my mostly flat drive with no chains, works good for me eric ps i do have wheel weights on all of my workers
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    Nice collection Jake, I really like that 401 dualie ya got there
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    That is just priceless Ryan. There once was a woman who begot, Three kids...Nat, Bat and Tat. It was fun in the breeding, But hell in the feeding, When she found there was no *** for Tat. Sorry
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    Yeah, good luck with that...I'm still waiting on these two to procreate.
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    Couple thousand. Actually are very collectable and to the right person several hundred dollars.
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    1st gear gives you the most Wheel Horse seat time! Life is already too fast.
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    I agree with all the replies especially Boovuc, I gave my father in law a '98 265-6speed I repowered with a 20 hp kohler twin, he can blast through the thick, deep, spring grass, with a 48" SD running circles around my C's with 42" RD decks. We need to remember that a garden tractor will never be a lawn mower. The round hoods, the named, the no names the B, C, D, 300, 400 and 500 series are TRACTORS, that have the ability to accept a finish, belly mower attachment. they can mow grass as well as work a garden, maintain driveways, pull, push, lift, dig, and operate a host of other attachments available for home or work requirements. That in my opinion is the beauty and allure of these TRACTORS. Don't you love it?
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    I think you have to look at apples to apples. The Wheelhorse is a garden tractor and not a grass mower. That zero turn is meant to do one thing and one thing only and that is to mow grass. It has a much higher RPM at the deck verses the Wheelhorse. Even if you tried to mow at the zero turn's speeds, your lawn would look like a nine year old's haircut from another nine year old. If your time is valuable to you and cutting grass is the equivalent of a root canal, then you'll need to get a grass cutter. My neighbor's Wheelhorse 260 series tractor runs rings around all my WH garden tractors. But his tractor sits in the shed late Fall through late Spring. Mine have the blowers and plows. Versatility verses doing one thing and one thing really well. That is your pick with any garden tractor I'm afraid.
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    Oh well with me its not so much about how fast I can mow. I have an Ariens zero turn if the clock is an issue. Actually I really enjoy seat time on a Wheel Horse. The time spent cutting grass (for me) is a therapy session. It takes away the stresses of my job and this faster paced world we live in. Its actually kind of healing. It would be cool to have the Power/Speed/Effective Cutting, and all that at WOT in high gear dialed in but its not crucial for me now. However I can see out to the day when I may have to purchase a faster more powerful mower. Maybe one of those Dixie Choppers (I like the sound of that). They are advertised as the Worlds Fastest Lawnmower.
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    I will enter my 56 RJ35 when I bought this tractor she had just been thru a flood for the seond time in six years the poor girl was 10 feet under water this time after a complete and total rebuild
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    I'm gonna put my pair of 55's up. The Ride-Away Senior and Ride-Away Junior. The big brother and little brother together.
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    I will volunteer to be the first to post a candidate. It is a very early production 1955 RJ35. Before and after pictures. I did a complete restoration on this one as it was just too far gone to keep original. Motor was redone by Charlie Pitcher and runs sweet with about 5-10 hours of run time. Pictures were taken prior to the lift lever fabrication.
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    Chain Guard for a 1961-1964 LMR-301/304/307/3072, p/n: 2541 Here's one of the manuals (LMR-307): http://www.mywheelhorse.com/graphics/file/...-64_LMR-307.pdf
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    More pictures of my C-105 These are the patch job on the deck. These are after I got deck back on tractor. That is my helper in this one I got this all installed today.Tried it out for about an hour,the mower worked perfect gotta give myself some attaboys. Chas. :thumbs:
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