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    We've all had them....a hitch pin stuck in the tranny. Usually end up sawzalling the hitch off leaving the cut pin flush with the trans housing. I was talking to my son about his engineering class (way over my head in most cases) but one thing stuck in my mind. He was showing me how he can calculate the stretching of steel when pulled. So....I had this one pin in a 14 8 speed that I had cut as previously mentioned. I drilled a 1/2 hole through the core to all but maybe 1/2 inch from the end. I inserted a 10 X 1/2 inch bolt and whacked it out. My theory was that I was actually pulling the pin out decreasing the diameter ever so slightly instead of trying to push it out causing compression. I removed it from right to left thinking the larger tab would take the abuse better than the small tab. Well it worked......so it may be worth a try for somebody else too..... If this has already been covered previously just ignore this post....
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    Actually, all you have to do is take off the brake side plate off of your 5003 and swap it on your 5010. You will have to cut your own gasket. Kero-pak 12" x 36" x 1/32" tan gasket material available at Auto Zone.
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    greetings. i'm pete and i just bought a somewhat restored work horse gt1600. the previous owner painted it red so now it looks more like a 416-8. i've always appreciated wheel horse tractors but never had enough land for a riding tractor, but we just bought a new place in december with 3 acres. so now after all these years i finally have my own wheel horse. i did look at a lot of tractors before chosing this one, lot's of cases/ingersolls, a few allis chalmers and a few old cub cadets. my father in law really wanted me to take his restored '48 farmall cub, but it's just too big and heavy, the land we bought is rather soft and a cub would destroy it. once i saw this horse i just had to have it, it runs really well and has been well taken care of. it was owned by a wheel horse fan. anyway, great forum, glad to be here. here's a "happy as a kid" 40 year old on his new horse:
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    I finally got rid of my little S-10 and got something a little bigger to pull my trailer with. I think it'll haul my horses with no problem.
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    I have this very talented friend of mine who hand drawn one of my Wheel Horse tractors. It came out awesome he spent over 15 hours drawing it out of color pencils!! He's making me 4 Wheel horse tractors in one picture next. I told i might sell this one for him. Let me know what you guys think!!
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    Just got done plowing 6 inches of snow. Another 10" plus coming tonight. We've had nearly six feet of snow in the past 6 weeks or so... Uncle!
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    Thanks steve good idea seems to be the easy way out of this. thanks henryg
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    Well yes, i know that some people is "sensitive" about that. I'm not at all against Pontiac engines and have had it earlier but it would cost a lot more money to build a strong Pontiac engine and it still wouldn't be better.
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    Dany, do not worry about the voltage at Bolt F. When F is grounded by the regulator, the generator produces full output - should be over 15 volts at full engine speed. When F is not grounded by the regulator, the generator produces no power. A good test to see if the generator is working is to use a jumper wire to ground the F terminal when the engine is running. The voltage on the battery terminals should rise above 15 volts. Remove the jumper when the test is complete. Chuck
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    Joe, It was $125. The guy I got it from could have sold it 3 times before I got there, but he spoke with me first and held it for me. Great guy, so I gave him his asking price which I was prepared to do anyway, But $44 for that piece of steel is crazy.
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    Hi guys, guess I never got any pictures of my early 56 rj35 up after I got it finished to make me happy. Its definitely in need of a paint job and I plan on putting it on the list of tractors waiting, but here are some pictures I took today after I got it out and running from being stored up on the racks this winter. there are quite a few I kind of got carried away. ~Jake
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    Makes sense. There's another one to do here, waiting in the basement Bob.
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    Thats just it never really wanted one, dont know if I like them or not. Lol! I think I'm too big long legged for one. I am 6' tall and the L-107 in my avatar is my most frequently used WH. She is easy to get on and off and will do just about anything I ask her to do.
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    The hoist worked. I used a nylon strap and pulled it up with ease. Thanks guys....unless someone else knows a better way I am satisfied. Actually I think this should have been explained in the manual. A balance point is exactly in the right place. I will try to post pics.
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    Other than using my 520 for snow and mowing work I will also use this 633 for mowing, towing the wood cart and clearing snow under a foot.
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    Yes; I leave the weighted tires on all year, it's too much work to change them, twice-a-year. For some tractors I have two sets of tires, one light/wide for the summer mowing and the other very heavy & with chains for Winter Plowing. (10psi Summer, 20psi Winter). My 416 tilling tractor has had the same weight and tiller on it for the last 8 years, all year (80# RimGuard in tubes, 50# outside Steel plus 30# inside Steel weights, = 160# per rear tire), no flat spots, holds pressure perfect (plus the fronts at 60# each) for a total of 440# added weight and the tiller stays attached all year also. All that extra weight makes tilling just perfect, nothing slows it down and I have not noticed any problems, I just hope I never do get stuck.
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    Absolutely wonderful work of art. Your friend should do a limited edition of prints for each tractor drawing so he can keep the original and sell signed prints that members could afford to purchase. Say 50 or so prints numbered and signed by him. I would be a buyer for sure. Man do I wish I had that kind of talent. Thanks for sharing
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