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    Every year with a few tweaks I post this just before Christmas. I hope you all enjoy! Dedicated to all the members of Red Square world-wide and our families.....(with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore!) ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all ‘round our house, Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. My tractors were parked in their new shed with care; I felt very blessed just to know they were there. Our dogs were both nestled all snug on our bed, While visions of Milk Bones danced round in their heads. My wife in her PJ’s had gone off to snooze, While I’d settled down for the late evening news. When somewhere outside there arose a dull roar; It rattled the walls, it shook the whole floor! I ran to the door and flung it wide open, To see what the heck had fallen or broken. The yard light shone bright on the new fallen snow, Where nothing had crashed, no damage did show. When what to my wondering eyes did appear, But eight Wheel Horse tractors! Why now, and why here? They pulled a large trailer piled high front to back, With parts and attachments, an impressive stack Of motors and trannies and tires and blowers, And hoods and fenders and belts and some mowers! Then even more tractors appeared on our street, They came two by two in ranks very neat. RJ’s and GT’s and B’s, C’s and D’s, With numbers and letters of every series. Their engines did thunder, their hot exhaust rose, The air filled with laughter and hearty “Ho! Ho’sâ€! Though I did not know all the drivers by sight, Their banner, “Red Squareâ€, waved proud in the night! As quick as they’d come they slid to a stop, Then a man dressed in red ran straight toward my shop! I could see that he carried a very large sack, It bulged and it sagged and it ‘near broke his back! He winked and he grinned as he switched on the light, Then pulled the door shut to hide from my sight. “This can’t be realâ€, I thought to myself, “I’m too old to believe in the ‘jolly old elf’ â€! He was gone but a moment, then quickly came back, His stepped seemed much lighter, and so did his pack. He signaled ‘thumbs up’ with a mischievous smile, Then boarded his wagon, climbed back up the pile. Atop this great load, with white beard and hair, The man all in red hailed the drivers by pair: “Now Karl, now TT, now Ian, now Bill, On Chuck, on Steve-o, on Mike, on Will….†“We’ve far to go boys, let’s keep up the pace, Don’t spare the ‘Horses, we’re in quite a race, We’ve thousands of homes to visit this night, Our work must be done before it’s daylight!†I started to step out to say a “Thank you!â€, But this man was fast, and so were his crew! They all punched their throttles, their engines did scream, The herd quickly vanished as if in a dream! I now think ‘twas Santa who commanded this fleet, Atop his red wagon in a 520 seat! His words echoed long after he’d gone out of sight, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!†If a herd of red tractors should come to greet you, On the night before Christmas, a jolly red crew, It’s our friends from Red Square who’ve cleverly planned To get more seat time giving Santa a hand! *** *** *** *** *** *** May the Holidays be filled with peace, love, happiness and contentment for all of us, May the Lord as you may choose to define Him in your life bless and watch over you, May the memories of those who have left us remind us of how precious life is, and May 2013 be filled with peace, prosperity and good health for us all! Duff :thumbs:
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    Normally, we don't exchange any gifts with our neighbors. Through out the year though, we exchange favors when the need arrives. Recently, I lent my 12 foot utility trailer to one neighbor so that he could haul his tractor and leaf vacuum to his relatives house to pick up leaves. I never expected anything in return. So last night, I am sitting watching the Raven devour the Giants and a knock come on the door. It is my neighbor and his 5 year old daughter, bearing gifts. In the first box was a freshly baked pineapple upside-down cake, and in the other was this. Needless to say I was surprised. He knows my passion for the horses, and could not have gotten me anything better.
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    Messing around with themed, RedSquare holiday screensavers today. Free for the taking, if you like...thought you might enjoy. :text-merryxmas:
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    The only thing I get from my neighbors is a hassel. Merry Christmas to me, LOL! Cool shirt!
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    I just performed an experiment a couple of weeks ago. I had a transmission that I was going to tear into and fix anything that was wrong. I drained the oil (it was in good shape...not like yours). I turned the input pulley of the transmission in each gear by hand to determine if anything seemed amiss...it seemed OK. I then put in about a quart and a half of diesel fuel and ran the transmission on my work bench (using an electric motor with a fan belt). I ran it in each gear for about a total of 30 minutes, the speed of which I estimate to be around full throttle. I then drained the transmission and took it apart. The gears, bearings, shafts and casting came out clean as a whistle. There was still a small amount of sludge layered on the bottom of the casting...which wiped right out with a couple of rags. Of the 7 transmissions that I have opened in the last few months, this was the only one that did not have internal problems. The others have had broken or disintegrated bearings, chipped axle gears, chipped bull gear etc. I feel that if I had used the method above on these transmissions, I would have caused more damage and would have inferred more cost. As it is, these transmissions are "averaging" around $75 to $100 apiece to fix and replace broken gears and old seals. There is no labor included in this cost, just cleaners, rags, parts and oil. In conclusion, flushing does clean out a transmission, it also loosens everything and throws it around. It does not fix things that are broken or cracked. I still recommend splitting the transmission, if you really want to know it's condition. Only then can you guarantee yourself another 60 years of service. Kelly is right about members not feeling comfortable tearing down one of these transmissions, but I have been able to help walk people through the process by using posts, PMs e-mail and good old fashioned phone calls. Actually, I think the hard part of doing one of these trannys, is dropping it from the rest of the tractor, the second hardest thing is the cleaning of the inside...electrolysis (if needed), soaking gears and blowing and wiping down, wire brushing, etc...not really hard to do, but may be labor intensive. Putting it back together is a piece of cake and very satisfying. Taking that first ride on the horse when you are done...priceless. :)
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    Here is a project that I am working on. I know that it is not a Wheel Horse, but I thought that it was just too cool to get thrown away. It is a Craftsman FF20 that was made around 1983 and was supposed to compete with the John Deere 400. It has a 20 hp Onan engine, an Eaton 1100 hydrostatic transmission, and a two-speed Peerless rear end. The rear tires are 26x12x12 and the front tires are 18x8.5x8. Here are some begining photos: Here are some photos of where I am at so far: I am trying to find two of the parts that were missing when I started. They include the plastic side cover for the engine and the perforated steel grill. I am hoping that someone on here either has one that they would be willing to part with these pieces or know of someone that would. Please send me a message if you can help. Thanks, Dennis from Minnesota
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    For some time I have wanted to biuld a clone of the 1954 RJ Prototype tractor on the cover of Mike Martino's 2nd Edition and also feachered in the very early 1955 RJ ad (my avatar). I looked for about a year before finding what I felt was the perfect RJ in order to base the project on. What I started out with was a ruff condition 1955 Cable Steer RJ35. It was missing the hood, engine, seat, original front rims and most of the cable steer parts. It did although have the veri drive, belt guard and rear drive intact. Some of the parts which I had to make in order to clone the Prototype correctly was the fiberglass RJ hood, pilot steering wheel, most, if not all of cable steer parts and speed selector items. Posted below is a pic of what I started with and the biuld of the fiberglass RJ hood. If you click the below link you will be forwarded to my YouTube Channel (VinsGN) documenting the project. There are 11 parts so far starting with the basic overview of the tractor to the biuld of the hood and the fabrication of the pilot steering wheel. http://www.youtube.com/user/VinsGN/videos?view=0 Subscribe to my Channel and follow the biuld. Thanks Vince
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    Cash jacob schnider was born at 1253 on 12-20-12 he was 7.6 pounds and was 19 1/2 long me and my wife are very happy. Now time to start saving for a lawn ranger
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    Spray silicone on my blades as well as the blower. Cheapest product on the shelf. Some spray under their mower decks as well. :)
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    That was great, we really enjoyed it here in our house. Merry Christmas to all
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    I believe Clement Clark Moore would be pleased. Merry Christmas Duff, and everyone on Redsquare. :)
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    I will be bringing it to the show in June. I don't know about the tight white jean though. I say put on the white jeans, find some boots and walk around the show with a microphone and talk to people. That would confuse a few folks no doubt. :thumbs:
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    i have 50 lbs on each wheel and another 150 hanging off the back plus my 240ish works well i think i'm adding front weight too just not sure if it will be tombstone, cast weights for front rim or the front weight accessory
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    Quick update, after playing around with it I got it to latch in. As was suggested it was slightly crooked in the tractor and once aligned it took some force but went it nicely. Thanks for the help guys, need to charge the battery and I'll be ready for the supposed 3"-6" we have coming this week.
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    Mmmmmm! Butter flavored Pam, on a single stage Snow thrower, 6 inches of cold, powdery snow...smells like Victory! or at least bacon and eggs! :D
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    Woo Hoo! I did it! Went out to a local OPE dealer today and got the Tecumseh carb kit and a fuel filter, and picked up some fresh, non-ethanol gas.. Since the carb kit had a new main jet, I just used that rather than the old jet. and it also had the needle valve, which I needed becauseI lost the original one yesterday.. I pulled the pin on the float to get the needle valve attached to it with its tricky little wire harness, (had to come inside a few times and check the internet to figure out how the little wire harness attached) Got the needle valve in, put the new gaskets/rings on, put on the bowl and the main jet.. came back inside to check the internet again, to get the "starting position" for the jet.. hooked the gas line back up, got gas flowing through the tube.. gave the carb a shot of starting fluid..and it started! But ran about 2 seconds and sputtered out..damn.. took the bowl back off 3 or 4 times, fiddled with the float valve..(gas wasnt getting into the bowl) Came back inside yet again to check the position of the bowl..yep, had that wrong.. finally, after about an hour all told, she fired up and ran great! Thanks for the help everyone! much appreciated.. I am officially no longer afraid of carbs! Scot
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    Well done, what a wonderfull poem! Merry Christmas to you and to all other RedSquare members. My best wishes to all in 2013 and happy "horse" hunting! P-J from Belgium. :text-merryxmas:
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    I will be bringing it to the show in June. I don't know about the tight white jean though. :ROTF:
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    Got it running and its charging well.
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    Ty duff. Merry Christmas Square Heads! May all be blessed this year. The Grace of God shines down on each of us every day.
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    Apparently the horse doctors are all saying your horse needs a Kerosene enema. MC to all.
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    Very nice. Merry Christmas to you and your family too.
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    Hei Folkens vi Ønsker dere en riktig God Jul..med en klassisk norsk jule sang fra Lars med familie.. Hey Fellas, we wish you a Merry Christmas whit a classic Norwegian Christmas song Lars with family .. here is the original song..
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    Merry Christmas Min Norsk venn. Hop feit fyr skiter en haug med gaver ned chiminey ditt!
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    as allways well done duff,merry christmas,to you and everyone else
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    God bless all. And Merry Christmas.
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    Thank you for this Lars. It is very special to me, as it makes me remember a relative who I have not seen in many years. She is of Norwegian decent. Her parents were both from Norway. I shared this on my facebook page in hopes that it will reach her. Merry Christmas to you and your family my friend. :)
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    Hopefully, Santa brings the rest of the outfit.
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    Thanks Bob, but I set this up the same as many other garden tractors I have looked at, I understand what your saying, but all Case tractors are set up like mine, all the P/S simplicitys are and many more, I think the main reason in the video it was throwing dirt was the ground was very wet.
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    OMG!!! Steve!! You'll have to cheer for the Packers against the Queenies!!! :laughing-rolling:
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    Merry Christmas every one eric
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    i can't say it enough how you need to keep the fins clean and clear or you will have problems lol. and yes the block is almost saying "see i told you so" hahaha
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    Theres no issues with loading the rims in my opinion Steve, it doesn't load the axle or the axle bearings and seals. I've never seen a 50 pounder that would fit inside the rim tho. I have 50#'s on the outside and 25#'s on the inside of my rims. Mike........
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    might sound funny but cooking oil or pam will work.
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    Kevin, Ditto to what the other guys have already said, especially about doing a search to get more ideas and reasons why people do things the way they do. One thing I've seen mentioned in other threads, but haven't tried for myself yet, is that there's a section of the transmission that doesn't drain completely if the tractor is level. You should raise the front end of the tractor, either by jacking it up or driving it onto ramps.
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    Here is the first test drive, I'm glad I put a seat and footrest on it, it turns pretty tight, the tri ribs dig in with little to no sliding, I need to adjust the hydro so it goes faster forwards, and I think the next thing up is a throttle control, right now it's wide open or nothing, but at least it's up and driving I'm pretty happy, I'm a week ahead of schedule, the plan was to test drive it by weeks end.
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    here's mine still haven't put chains on the snowblower maybe this afternoon
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    That's great stuff. about $31.00 at Advance Auto. Take the hair clean off of your carcass. If I get within 5 feet of the stuff, my wife will know it and make me get undressed outdoors! :jaw:
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