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    Probably gonna ruffle a few feathers here but this reminds me of a little kid on a playground taking all the toys and not letting anyone else play with them...I have plenty of rare stuff just as most here do but I don't go to a want ad and tell someone I have a bunch but none are for sale HarleyFX I have a complete ready to install one pictured below that I will ship to your door for FREE!!!! Send me a pm with your address and I will get it in the mail. I sell a lot of WH parts but I also give away parts to other members here on redsquare it just depends on the part and how many I have.
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    I have been kind of laid back the past few years on buying Wheelhorses. I have settled into what I really like: currently posses: 520-8 96' 314-H two C-161-8 .....and several attachments to go along with these tractors. I have been on the look out for a newer 60" deck for about 2 years. And for whatever reason I have not found one, nice enough, close enough, or at the right price. I had a 3 day work trip to Indianapolis last week. While sitting in the hotel room on Tuesday night surfing craigslist I stumbled onto what I thought was a typo. 1996 520-H with 680 hours, 60" deck, 36" tiller, 48" dozer blade with 520 completing kit for $700. The challenge at the time was that it was located in WV, about 7.5 hours from where I was. Unlike ebay where you can "buy it now", I figured someone would pounce on this deal, so I decided to go to bed. Two days later I left Indy at 12:30pm, and I decided to call and see if anyone had bought the tractor. He mentioned that someone was supposed to pick it up tonight, but he couldn't get it started. I told him that I would be interested in it, running or not, since my main reason was to get the mower deck. I told him to keep my phone number and if the person didn't want it I would come and get it. About 2 hours later he called back and said the guy didn't want since he couldn't get it running today. He had bought an new Onan ignition control and still couldn't get it to start. I told him I was still interested in it and he said he would sell everything for $500, I never suggested a lower price he just offered. I told him I would come and get it tonight if that was okay with him. (Too many times I have let ones like this get away when someone else swoops in and buys it before you get there). I told him that I wanted it and I would be there at 9pm to pick it up (4 hour one way drive). I got there at 9 and picked it up. He told me that 3 people had called that evening wanting to buy it before I got there!! Everything was a little sun faded but in pretty decent shape. Got it all home at 2:15 am and realized I had drove about 11 hours that day.....I was beat!!! The cool thing is it had all of the necessary parts for operation of the attachments. So many time you get a tractor and certain parts are missing.....but the rear lift assembly, idler pulleys for the tiller and belts were all there. Not sure what I am going to do with the 520 yet as I have yet to work on getting the motor running, but at least it won't matter since I got it at a steal to begin with. Thad (Ohio)
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    I had no idea you have this many round hoods Neil! That is a very nice collection you have going across the pond!
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    Wow that's really helpful. If you find a used lighter be aware that the knob unscrews from the element section so you can replace a rusty or broken element. I've bought a new element from a local auto parts store such as Autozone.
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    Another great idea shared here that I probably wouldn't come up with on my own. Added this to my to-do list. In the mean time for those of us without studs, instead of lifting the tire onto the hub and having to align all the bolt holes, then trying to insert the first bolt while holding the tire up and pushing the rim against that shallow hub circle, typically just to see the tire slip off and drop before getting the bolt started, my father years ago showed me the following method: Jack the axle so the hub is about 1 to 4 inches higher than the tire rim's center hole, then roll the tire next to the hub until any single rim bolt hole aligns with any hub hole, turning the hub slightly by hand if needed, then screw the first bolt in while the tire is sitting on the floor. The tire won't be centered on the axle yet. This works even if the bottom hub hole aligns with a side or top rim bolt hole. The tire can be up to 5 inches behind or in front of the axle when one of the holes will easily line up, as long as the tractor isn't jacked too high. The bolts are long enough to start the threads while the rim is standing slightly away from the face of the hub. Screw the first bolt in roughly 1/3 depth, then lift the tire by rotating the hub until that first bolt is up top and let the tire hang on that bolt. The rim then centers itself on the hub circle so you can push it against the hub face. When that first bolt is at top, all the other holes are self aligned and the weight of the tire is held by the top bolt making the other 4 bolts easy to start. Wyatt
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    I was thinking it was pretty nice what we had going in the shout box before the glitch happened. I was hoping that we could put it back together here before Christmas. I know I said ..."7 horses running"
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    I finish dressing up my 68 Raider,New deestones(antifreeze filled to top),125# s apiece lead filled weights and a modified class 3 hitch with 100# s pinned to it and none,nothing,c'mon!
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    I still haven't got another to fix up yet, but I have picked up a few more antique Briggs engines. It seems like they're multipling like rabbits every time I turn my back! This one is from a Bolens Power Ho. I bought this one because its gas tank has a thu rod fuel shut off, which none of my other Briggs engines have. It also has the the long S bend pipe going to the air filter. Upon opening it up, I found it had alot of rust pitting on the deck of the block, paticularly around the exhaust valve, including some on the head gasket sealing surface. Strangley enough, the cylinder was beautiful with no rust at all, or ridge. I gave the cylinder a quick hone to break the glaze in the cylinder. I took it to the machine shop to have it decked, and the exhaust seat cut. There is still some pitting on the deck, as I told them only to remove enough to give me a cleand head gasket sealing surface. The gas tank was pretty rough too. I had to open it up, so I could remove the dents, and rust. I had to replace the threads for the gas cap as well. I then resoldered it back together, and primed it. I now have the long block assembled, and painted. I know its not , but its what I've been up to lately. Matt
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    Ok so i was at a auction back in the spring time and i happen to come upon a Commando V8. When i first saw it I told myself "i need to own this." More or less the fact that it was named the V8. i figured it would have a 8hp vertical techy on it.... WRONG!! i pop the hood and a KV181 is staring me right in the face. It was complete, had compression, a beautiful mower deck, head lights, and even the correct wheel horse seat. But the KV181 had me wondering. Me being the collector of orphans and oddballs tractors said "this would fit right in." So long story short i pick it up for 60 bucks, quite the score in my eyes. I get it home and start to play with it and quickly realize why these were such a dog motor. No points, a totally different carb, the starter fills up with water very quickly if left uncovered and over all just a bad design. But!! it runs and runs quite well. i was just seeing if anyone else has one or knows anything about them.
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    To all the awesome Redsquare members I have sharpened my pencil and will be offering the 2 sizes of Redsquare Calendar banners at very low prices. the 2.5 ft. x 5 ft. Banner is listed at $38.50 each plus shipping and the smaller 30 x 14 inch is only $15.00 Dont forget that you can use you REDRIDER discount thru the 14th of this Month These Prices are good through the end of Jan 2013 and at that time I will discontinue them until next years Calendar comes out. the idea of these banners is not to make profit for our business but only to cover time, material and shipping cost Also I am going to number each one of the large banners .ie Limited Edition # 01 thru ? thank you all for your help over the years in developing the graphics needed to refurbish these great tractors and Merry Christmas to all.
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    Congrats on the score! I appreciate your attempts at self control. Too bad it didn't work! I have a C-165 black hood I'm restoring/fixing currently. The only things I can think of with these black hoods is the Hi/Lo shifters. If someone tried to shift on the fly, the fork for that is delicate and can break! Check the condition of the rubber motor mounts too. If the motor jumps around too much, You may need to replace them. Also if you want to add a rear lift you should have a rock shaft over the tranny. Looking forward to more pictures! Joe
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    yep, gotta say i really like those blackhood tractors as well. my c125 8 has really grown on me........ and i have to agree that they definitely look a whole lot better with a steel fender, either the later one like you have or the c1x1 series.....
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    we are not suposed to have these in nc. i just got my workhorse 800 running tonight with the new carb from wheelhorsejunkie we need to trade! nice horse van. jay
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    Thats awesome!! glad to see someone young appreciate the hobby, and always gotta love the rat rod theme going. i have a few i put together like that.
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    and thank you to you terry for all the time and effort you put into making the decals and graphics what they are....... ive looked over your shoulder on a few occasions and see the time you spend on some of the stuff I've had you do for me. its very time consuming..........
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    Once a year each of my workers get a full power wash from top to bottom. If there really bad in the engine area, I will remove some of the tins to get them really clean. Then they get blown off and the oil changed, new are cleaner, grease job. If there is anything else that it needs that is warn out, it get replaced. On the nice ones get pampered and a bucket and sponge bathed, rinsed lightly with a hose, then waxed.
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    I think we need a "dislike" and a "no thank you" button. :)
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    Except for the Browns...it was a disgusting day in the NFL :)
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    Nothing like sitting next to your horses at one of the pioneer or steam power shows. Usually only have a handful of Horses there. Always have people come up and start talking about Wheel Horses that they have had, or better yet, that they have and want to sell. A woman came up to us at the LaSueur show in Minnesota a couple of years ago...said her husband had about 20 horses that he wanted to get rid of...he was getting disabled and could not keep up with it anymore. It is a great way to spend a weekend, and they come to you. :bow-blue:
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    "and maybe an old go kart out of another. I would really like to get an old Bolens" Matt Great work on the engine. I've had a few old Briggs like that. Had that exact engine on a Bolens Super Hoe w/sickle bar mower. It still ran great but sold it a year or so ago. Below is a pic of a home built gocart built in the 60's that I recently picked up. Near as I can figure, the Briggs is a 1962 Model 5S. The sheet metal is just galvanized tin with a 50's Chevy hub cap for the nose. Bought it from a guy who's dad had built it for him. Having trouble finding a non-keyed, 5/8" shaft, variable speed belt drive centrifugal clutch for it. Those engines are pullin' little suckers. Tom B
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    Craig, is that the 702 that you stripped the hood down on? That 702 is looking pretty good if it is! The 520 rims and tires look pretty cool on there with the fenders and tool box removed.
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    ...when you see the holiday arts and crafts come out. :occasion-santa:
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    The vikes beat the Bears???? Worse things have happened :handgestures-thumbdown:
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    I have gotten a few using the local AM radio classifieds a lot of farmers use it and they usually have a lot of stuff sitting around their acreages.
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    Fountains Of Wayne - Stacy's Mom:
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    Also painted the decks with valspar IH red And coated the undersides with teflon paint designed for gravity wagons Will see how well it works and for how long have to finish sandblasting and painting a few parts then i can assemble them and await decals from terry :thumbs:
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    Got both decks sandblasted And welded up some cracks
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    I use Krylon Primer and Krylon Gloss paints for all of my colors. I have had great results. Others say they didn't, so it's personal preference I guess.
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    Thanks guys it's a big help, I may try to pick up another rear end and rebuild it and change them out. I will rebuild the one I have now, later. I just got her done to use this winter.
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    A video short from the shop http://youtu.be/j3aeIdvj3a0
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    I downloaded the calendar this afternoon and was so impressed with the pictures I had to create a banner for my shop. You can not imagine how many of my customers who come in the shop ask what a Wheel Horse is. Now I can show them what all the decals go on to bring these American Icons back to life. Problem is it is a big banner. 2 1/2 ft x 5 ft and I am running out of room to display it. But I will find a wall. LOL Great job on the calendar :bow-blue:
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    or that all time best seller "Colonoscopy and you" from Annals of Proctology volume 3, Sept 2011
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    Then the purple dinosaur in Illinois, steveasauras fell off of his rickety ladder and broke his hip. I found out thru this forum he was going to be laid up for a while and in a lot of pain. I had never met Steve. but I could tell by the way he was being harassed by forum members that he must be a great guy! Mike, "I just have to fold the napkin like this.......Owwww! papercut! papercut!" Calender? :rolleyes:
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    Hi Refracman .... How about the story on JONES WHEEL HORSE, in Waterville.(Toledo suburb)..Supposed to have been the largest Wheel Horse dealer in the Nation ! I still have a tractor with his decal..."Anything on trade that doesn't eat!".
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    Averie's favorite... My little girl!!!
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    I'm doing all I can over here, to put NY on the map too.
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    I'm pretty sure it's Indian for "great guy"
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    We've had the technology to replace good ol Steve since the 60's :)
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    The end of an era....sad to see technology has finally gotten around to replacing the ol' Stevasaurus.
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    That pic of Lars tractor by the river is so cool.... On the last page Justin has dated 2010 on his signature thing... Not sure if this is something to worry about or not.
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    Tankman, Here in CT we like our horses, Wheel Horses of course. It's hard not to trip over them, they are everywhere!
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    well .. Claus (Santa) .. I wish all my friends here a Merry Christmas and best wishes for next year. good health, lots of money etc etc and many horses ofc ... I have two wishes to santa .. first wish: I would love to have another horse. round hood 701etc second wish:i want to go to the big show that would have been awesome.. Lars (Close to the north pole ..)
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    but I think it would work a whole lot better if the blower was down on the ground. -BK
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    finally after soaking with PB all week i held the deck up by the pulley in my hand and gave the top of the spindle a whack and they came right off will sandblast the shells this weekend
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    Black Flex WH Key and Wheel Horse LOGO Key Ring/chain . . . . Soft Flex Black Rubber Grip Key with Logo: $5 @ .. May mix & match the key fob colors. (Same WH Flex Key as used in late 70's). Soft Flex Wheel Horse Head Logo 'Keyring' & chain: $5 @ or 3/$10 . . Available in basically any color, or two-colors; same price. Prefer personal check or m.o. over PayPal (or just add their 5% service fee): + $3.50 shipping. Combine orders to save, contact me for multiple items shipping costs. GlenPettit@WheelHorseForum.com . We make all of these grips and key rings ourselves. Colors: Red, Green, White, Blue, Pink, Orange, Tan & Florescent For PayPal transfers, use: GlenPettit@WheelHorseForum.com Glen Pettit * 1541 N. Michigan Road * Eaton Rapids, MI 48827-9225
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    I had a bunch of ingots I got from my uncle. I made a set of rear weights last year they were 80lbs each. This year he had some more lead left over so I got it and made these.
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