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    It's been along time since I pushed all my horses to the side and even thought of selling out because of lack of time and other personal issues I had to deal with the last year or so. Thanks to TT all that changed this past week with a pm from him telling me about an auction of personal items of a deceased man from Shamokin, Pa. which included a 753 and attachments. Me and a friend of mine headed out about 8 a.m. and the auction started at 9 and by the time we got there the auction was already started with little time to look the tractor over really good. The original auction ad had stated a 753 with front and rear plow and a wheel horse snowblower was being auctioned seperately. At about 10:30 the auctioneer told everyone to take a few minutes and look at a few of the tractors there (only one was a wheel horse) and anounced that the wheel horse items which included the snowblower would auctioned as a package. The opening bid started at $200.00 and dropped all the way to $10.00 before I made the first bid (did you ever get that feelin' you were gonna steal it) and then all hell broke loose. I had one other bidder that just wouldn't give up and it end up costing me $275.00. I talked to one of the neighbors of the old guy that owned the tractor and he told me it had sat many years in a shed behind the house and by all the dust and dirt on it I could believe it. Here are a couple of pics Rear wheel weights Snowblower Rear plow For all those who were wanderin' what ever happened to my 701, here it is pretty much unchanged from last time I posted Special thanks to TT, Stevebo,and Brian (buckrancher) who kept me motivated to stick with the Wheel Horse hobby.
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    Hello All, my daughters 10th birthday is next weekend..... she wanted to combine Halloween (her favorite holiday) with her birthday party so we set it up to have a bunch of her friends over and go to the towns halloween party etc.... Here is what I decided to go as and figured I would make a fool outta myself and send a pic sitting on what I think Vader would prefer to mow the death stars lawn with.... Tony
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    Yeah, my mother-in-law lives in Bayside Queens. It's not part of the evacuation, but she's really close to the shoreline. Hope that they don't evacuate her, as we're the closest relatives. :naughty:
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    Tried loading this in the new "instructional section" but did not load??? Ok, lets try here. Start by removing tire from tractor, lay out chains with cross connectors down as to not puncture tire side walls, remove air from tire, much as possible. (see pix # 1,2 and 3) Next set tire on chain and wrap chain and attach one side, side with tightening lever bar.(see pic #4) Flip tire on its side with the J hook part of chain up, tighten chain as tight as possible.Then flip tire over and tighten adjuster side as tight as possible.(see pic 5 and 6) Stand tire up, adjust chain evenly and fill with air.(pic # 7) My tire recomends 10 psi, I added 15 psi to tighten the chains more. Install on tractor and your done, this took me about an hour but I also installed my home made wheel weight brackets and weights. (pic 8,9 and 10) Hope this helps.
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    here's a few photos (i hope) of a 701 i'm rebuilding. got it last spring from a shed it had been in for years.
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    I wanted to add some weight to the wheels on my D160 for traction the winter, will be adding chains also, so I took some measurements and cut some pieces of steel and started fabricating. This is what I came up with.Will hold up to 65# on each side and only sticks out as for as the snow blower is wide. Just something I threw together tonight. Seems to work. Hopefully I wont be snagging anything?
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    Very calm here too. Slight sprinkles while I was testing my NEW GENERATOR but other than that there's just a breeze.
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    I believe they are rarer than the HL-5 kit but not as desireable. In my opinion they are very cheaply made. Search the forum for HL-22 there are a few threads about them.
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    happy birthday jake!!! :ROTF:
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    Denny, I know where I'm sendin' my 701 to get finished. Great job, my friend.
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    My charger 12 beater setting in garage with blade and chains on now. But, can't get it out with others in way. GT14 is with blade too, but no chains or weights, not sure it can do much that way. Couple of shots!
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    :hbd: Jake and many more to come. :party:
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    I bet he didn't leave his shop all day! That kid must be like he is in a candy store with all of his new round hoods! Happy birthday Jake!
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    Happy Birthday Jake!!
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    That's one good lookin' "belt guard", I can't even come across a local anything, great find!!!
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    Doc, you are going to need the FORCE to mow that lawn with that horse...no deck on it. :) Excellent picture. Looks like you are on the Forest Moon of Endore.
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    All that's missing is a couple of kids playing in the yard, dad smoking his pipe and the mom serving iced tea! :)
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    I recetly bought these two wheel weights from Chuck McColley (wheel -mule on Red Square) at Scott Mehlberg's Meet and Greet. I wanted to put some weight on the back of this RJ in order to try out the original snowplow I bought from Scott this coming winter. Thanks Chuck -they look and work great on the RJ! Here are the photos after painting and installing on the tractor. You can also see my real cheap but easy to install front red caps (taken from two Nestle FAT FREE Hazelnut coffee creamer bottles) with a lining of foam packing film! I will make sure to post some after i get the snowplow/dozer blade installed and operating in the next month or so.
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    I was supposed to be replacing deck rails on a beach house in Rehoboth, Delaware on Monday and Tuesday. I think I will reschedule. Might be a little more than rails come Wednesday. Even where I live, 150 miles inland from the coast, sustained winds of 75 mph are predicted. Remember all those leaves that I pictured in a previous post? They are from 80 foot tall oak trees surrounding my house. I hope my trees like me.
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    A teenager now, with more smarts (not to mention, more tractors) than many of us old guys. Happy Birthday Jake. Wish you many more (birthdays & tractors).
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    Happy birthday buddy!!
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE :happy-jumpeveryone: :woohoo:
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    Happy Birthday Jake.
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    Just oil um up real good, and slip the sherbert to her herbert. ~Duke
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    Happy Birthday Jake! :occasion-cake:
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    I second that, just clean it up check for any marring or scuffing that may have occurred but very unlikely with only 8 or so hours on it. If it's without any imperfections put it together.
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    Today was a good day at the auction i won this wheel horse for $80 and it runs. First of I hate auctions because everybody comes and bids high on junk and they think getting a good deal.I only went because a good friend asked me to.The auction started out slow and it took 4 hours in the cold wet rain to come around to this Hidden Wheel Horse behind a bunch of other tractors. Of course the local scrapper guy was there moping up all the unwanted steel. He was bidding against me and i wasn't going to let him take this little guy get away from me!!! So i won and have to pick it up Sunday or Monday. I didn't even check what model it was i know i just wanted to get away from the scrapper guy! It seems like thats my thing lately saving Wheel horses from a scrapper/scrap yard lol. Thats the 4th Wheel horse in 2 months.
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    Woooo hoooo I tied for first this week......... But wait........that means all you guys came down to my level. Welcome to the bottom boys!
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    Clean it up and use the rings you have.
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    I think that 8 hours is essentially still breaking in. I would do nothing. Sent from my MB520 using Tapatalk 2
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    HI guys, finally got one of the rj58's going that I got this summer. I plan to keep this one all original. The motor has been completely rebuilt and it runs great. if you wonder why the hood does not sit right the hoodstand somehow got bent. We'll have to try and bend it back sometime. Its pretty much done besides that and it needs a kill switch hooked up, and I need to find a set of matching wheels. Here are a couple pics and a very short video. ~Jake click this link for the video. http://s1229.photobu...nt=DSCN0520.mp4
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    i got out on bond this morning lol.
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    As it turns out this engine had numerous little issues that all added up to make it not run in the beginning and then run run lousy when it finally did start. Here is the list in progression of what we found- 1) the wiring had 2 errors in it one kept it from running at all and the other made it run lousy- lesson --never assume anything-ever- about anything 2) the coil produced a weak spark causing it to fire but not continue to run. replacing the coil got it running. 3) The throttle shaft had too much side to side play - we installed a brass bushing from here. http://gardentractorpullingtips.com/carbfuel.htm#adjustfuelmixture you all probably know of this site but wow it is GREAT! and great people too. 4) replaced the main high speed needle in the carb. Ours was worn bent and something inside that would not dissolve. These are the main items that got it purring again. We also replaced the condenser,push rod, points. and head gasket along the way. While it wasn't keeping it from running the head gasket did have a leak in it so it was good we pulled it and flattened the head and the top of the jug. We also re-set the valve clearances. So this morning was the final test. It was 27 degrees here. It sat out all night and when I turned the key it started in 1 second. A smooth running engine is a beautiful thing indeed!
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    I mow em, and mow em, and mow em. Then next spring I will mow em, and mow em, and... ^_^
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    Tim, Years ago I was out brooming off the vehicles as they were left out all night and then started scraping my window and MJ came outside with a couple big cups of warm water and threw them on her windshied and started her car. I told her that she shouldn't do that cause the window will crack! That was 30 years ago and she's been doing it ever since with no ill effects. Im not sayin it can or cant, but I also think of all the car washes I see running in the middle of winter and I never see them have cracked windows. I will be carefull. Well as I said Ive been wiring. Yesterday I worked on the control box for the chucker. Tonight I did alot of wiring and Installed it I think it turned out pretty good. I took it for a spin when it was dark and my neighbor Dave accross the street lowered his blinds when I turned on the strobe and hit him with all 4 front lights. All I can say is they must be working. Next will be the chute control wires and the windshield washer setup. Terry did a super job on the Control Box Decal. I added the right lower Square switch which is the washer fluid button after the fact but being its close to the wiper switch it all coincides. Heres some Pics. ~Duke
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    Well you might like to use one of these.
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