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    Is this what you have in mind?
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    Hey guys, this is how it plays in Cleveland....
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    I recently repainted my older 12 foot duranautic. I cleaned it really good, then used white wall cleaner and scotchbrite. I ended up buying an acrylic enamel (automotive) paint. I also used rusto gloss black on the bottom. I do not keep the boat in the water rather on a trailer. It came out pretty good. I sprayed it. Only did a clean up job, not a show boat. 3.bmp
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    All I know is I was born in Penna. raised in Ohio and live now in Michigan.... And I still love the Browns, OSU, and anybody else who is kicking the crap out of that G-D team from Ann Arbor, or Pittsburgh for that matter. :angry-soapbox:
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    Without chains, you are just a fat lady on ice skates. No traction, no action!
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    Have a great and nice day tomm.. Cheersssssss
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    If the scotch brite pads are working for you then roll with it. I generally use 220 grit paper on an orbital sander. The last boat I restored I decided that I would try paint stripper on it. The boats original paint was totally trashed and just butt ugly. The stripper took everything off and there were no nasty side effects. I cleaned it real well with soap and water. I didn't paint this boat, I polished it out to a mirror shine. If I recall Lund boats aren't painted on the bottom, which is good. I don't use Zinc Chromate paint when I'm priming an aluminum boat. It is nasty stuff. I use Duplicolor green self etching paint like SOI recommended, its good stuff but its nasty enough also. The Rustoleum brand self etching paint is garbage. If the bottom of your boat isn't painted I wouldn't paint it.
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    Don't make me break out the Heavy Artillery!!! BRAT POWER IS RIGHT!!!!
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    True story: About 30 years ago a bunch of friends and I went to a Bills -Bears game in Buffalo. We took an old motor home and along for the ride we had a genuine bear rug. As we drove on the NYS Thuway we were getting passed like crazy so we had the bear head in the side window and one guy was making the bear wave it's paw. We got lots of looks. We put the bear rug in a big bag and brought it into the stadium. The ticket guy says "what's in the bag" and we replied" a bear" We opened the bag and the guy about crapped his pants. During halftime we draped the rug on top of one guy and he walked around the stands trying to get on T.V. After the game we're tailgating and put the rug back on the same guy. We went walking around and came up to another motorhome with a big side window. The guy sneaked up to it and there was an old guy inside eating. He about had a heart attack. He finally came out side and gave us all his beer! I love going to Bears/Queenie games in Buffalo. I sit on the visitor sideline as close to the bench as possible and really let them have it. I had Jared Allen really pissed. I kept calling him Jarhead. :)
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    Steve, can we get that wine by the barrel? It's along season. Or maybe we should consider a trade....
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    Hi Matt, I'm a bit of a 'Jack of all Trades'. I like to try my hand at anything practical, and thanks, the 'Ole Red Lady' is looking much tidier now it's nearly complete. Massey, Thankyou, and for taking the time to look in. Hi Martin, Thanks, Yes the new Support Bracket has done the job, so strong and stable. The Fender does not rock or twist as much and the full width rubber pad spreads the load. Those Toro Rubber Bumpers are nowhere near as good as the originals. Hi Neil, Well I'm afraid I will be working it and getting dirty (it's what they're built for), but I will take a lot of care with it and keep it in tip top condition (like most of my things). Ok, I assume you have some space down ther for another Tractor . I've seen the allocated Horticultural Area for 2013 at Ardingly, twice as big and on a slope, so if you come to this one, you'll see it (or them) there. Hi Ian, Thanks and yes , always take care of the little details....fewer problems to come back later and bite you. Welding......taken to it like a duck to water!. If I see 2 bits of steel laying around , I have to weld them together . The Tyres are Duro 23 x 10.5 x 12. They aint cheap new. I was lucky and got these N.O.S for £75.00 the pair .On 7" Rims, there is an inch overhang either side and the diameter is 22 1/4"......I promise I'll be down to see you very soon for a Coffee. So I have to say Sorry guys, but I have no Pics for you yet, but I'll get some soon... .......My excuse has been that... She Lives !!! . I've been nervously connecting the Fuel Lines and priming the system, checking everything twice (except I failed to tighten the Fuel Tap Gland nut up and had a fuel weep). Wheeled it out between the rain showers and fitted the Gear Lever. She fired up before the Starter could spin it 2 revs, a cloud of black soot that was in the muffler cleared immediately and it settled into a very nice sounding high idle. Ran it for 10 mins to cure the VHT Paints, charging system working fine. Let it cool, then just had to take it for a ride around the Block. Steering is great, gears are all there now.... I'm So relieved. I have a permanant grin like a Cheshire Cat now, First Full Kohler rebuild and Tranny repair and it's looking good so far. Lots of Engine tinkering and bits to make yet. Lots of goodies received in the Post over the last week as well, So I promise the next post will be bulkier. Thanks All. Regards
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    I have started working on my '46 Clinton 700A, and looking at its similarities to the Briggs N it's not hard to see why Clinton was sued by Briggs for a bunch of patent infringements. -Mark-
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    Jake, a good question. It does present itself as a little "excessive", doesn't it? I have included two pics showing the internal "mapping" of ignition switch contacts for a switch used in the 520 tractor. In the RUN position, please note the 12 volt power is not yet being sent down the "S" terminal to the starter circuit. When the ignition switch is turned to the START position the "S" terminal and the "I" terminal are both powered with 12 volts from the battery. (click to enlarge) From the schematic above #8 is always hot if the battery is connected to the tractor #6 is always hot if the battery is connected to the tractor #1 is always hot # 2 is hot when the ignition switch is in the RUN position AND in the START position #4 becomes hot when all the safety switches are satisfied - this gives the switching relay the POTENTIAL to pass power to the Start Relay if all the safety conditions are satisfied Operator turns ignition key to START # 3 goes hot and # 4 STAYS HOT # 3 going hot pulls in the contacts on the switching relay (green contacts) and makes # 5 go hot. When #5 goes hot, the Start relay coil is now energized (the purple contacts close) Closing the Start relay (purple contacts) sends power thru to #7 and powers the Solenoid (blue contacts) Blue contacts close ( # 8 powers thru to # 9) which applies power to the Starter motor and engine now cranks. I question the need for the Start relay - It is probably an additional safety feature someone felt was needed. It may have even been a marketing ploy as in "our tractors are safer than your tractors." Who knows!
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    Step 1-Start tractor and partially run up ramps. Step2- Remove seat and steering wheel. Step 3-Push tractor in, place front wheels on top of mower deck and deflate tires. Then secure tractor by using ratchet straps attached to floor. Step 4- Pack everything in using blankets to protect the paint. Step 5- Head for home,take tractor to baseball game with son, and show friends and relatives. Start conversations with "Hey,betcha don't see this in a minivan!" 2 days later ,unload van! Wait a few months while you try to figure out how to make an interesting post (hopefully)on forum! :)
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    Ha Ha, you got too much time on your hands.
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    I have the correct pulley if you need one, send me a PM
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    Bore the pulley out a bit and use a trantourque. http://www.fennerdri...ntorque_gt.aspx no key no problem!!! Available from that lazy bearing store that is closed at 12:00 AM on a Sunday.
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    We had a record snow a couple winters ago and this is me plowing with ags liquid filled with RV antifreeze and wheel weights. It took a lot of back and forth but it got the job done w/out sraping the sealer off the asphalt.
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    http://www.rubbertirechains.com/ Other members have hada good results.
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    Thank you, R jenson Those are nice Tractors & Trophies. Thank you for sharing. Its good to see family involvement. The garden tractor pulls are a great way to have family fun and get to know great people. Winning money is cool to, unfortunately we don’t have that in the club. Here are a few pictures of my puller. (Rusty) not pretty but it gets the job done. Nora is seven years old and the first youth puller to drive Rusty. Nora’s Mother and Grandmother had a great day watching her pull. Jeff
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    Engine mods will depend on the class and and the pulling club's rules. One thing that helps the cubs is the availability of aftermarket driveline parts. You can get any gear combination you would ever need. Both of my transaxles have 4 forward gears and no reverse. One has 18, 19, 20 and 21 tooth gears with a 16% overdrive that gives them the same ratio as 20 through 23 tooth gears, the other has the same gears with a 26% overdrive, effectively making them 22 through 25 tooth gears. Both rear ends are using a 7 1/4" Mopar carrier and axles (shortened). Another big thing they have going for them is they're shaft drive with a clutch. There are also a lot of aftermarket clutches available, a VW Beetle clutch can be modified to fit also. The belt drives lose horsepower due to the friction of the belts on the pulleys. I started with a Wheel Horse and was beating the other belt drive tractors with it, but couldn't compete with the cubs. I tried to talk the club into adding 2 more classes, a belt drive 14 hp, and 16 hp class, but they weren't interested so out of frustration I built a cub pulling tractor. I've been the points champion in the class with that tractor for the last 2 years. I think they wish now that they would have let me have my belt drive class.
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    I got my new ID tag, and decals in the mail today, and WOW. They look fantastic!! Here are a couple pics. Matt :flags-texas:
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    Our club doesn't give out trophies, just an envelope with cash in it. Here's my puller: ' And here's my "trophies" from last season and so far this season:
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    Though Waylon and Cash are my Country guys its real hard to pinpoint my Classic rock band but Steve Miller is no doubt right at the top. Growing up in the 70's in a family of seven kids I heard it all. My two older sisters on one end of the house cranked up Elton John and Disco. My two oldest brothers on the other end of the house cranked up Steve Miller, Boston, Led Zep, Allman Brothers, Electric Light, Super Tramp, you name it. Middle brother Dave cranked Elvis and Styx in the 80's? WTH Dave? Dad listened to Cash, Waylon, Neil Diamond and Kenny Rogers. My bed room was right in the middle of all of this and to this day I love all of it, yes, even some of the disco! One of my brothers must of listened to this tune at least ten times a day back then. I never get tired of it!
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