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    C/L find today, 2nd owner had it for the last 25 years thinking it was an 854, but based on the K-161 and one piece fuel tank...I'm thinking it's actually a 701...hard to tell, wrong seat, steering wheel, incorrect belt guard...anyway to confirm with numbers, or photos, either way? My guess is based on the motor, but I supposed that could've been swapped too at some point. Anyway, it's a running tractor that came with a couple attachments, a working rotary mower deck that's pretty quiet...but riddled with cancer. A front reel mower and mount that he's never used. A snow blade and rear axle mount. Extra set of rims and turfs. Also a brand new Carlisle turfs on the tractor mounted on what I think are virtually new Cub rims. Smoked like a chimney on initial start up, but he said it's been sitting unused for the last two years. Started it up here after I got home tonight, smoked for a minute and cleared right up...even engaged the deck and mowed the back yard real quick before putting it away...looks like a brute, but actually the motor seems pretty strong, and the tranny shifts as it should. I probably paid too much for it but considering the buck fifty I gave for the package...over all...I'm pretty stoked. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1rEs0Y05pE&feature=youtu.be
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    17 hour demo tractor restored
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    17 hour demo tractor restored
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    That 520 does not have the gear reduction steering either. I agree with Sparky except on the blower. I feel they are a $125 boat anchor . 1500 hours scares me and I would stay away at that price since a new Onan is big bucks to replace/rebuild. Just my 2 cents...
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    I still have to modify the exhaust heat shield to fit and there are a few other things I'd like to do. Here is a quick video of the Burban in action. Lovin the foot throttle!
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    ...was "known to local law enforcement." Yeah... that's usually not a good thing. http://motleynews.net/2012/08/03/lmao-vermont-man-upset-over-mj-arrest-uses-tractor-to-crush-7-police-cars/
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    Correct...that's what I'm saying Kelly. For it to be '62 or later the correct tank on this tractor should be of the two piece design...top, and bottom, with a seal in between. I think. '61 and 62 both have a one piece tank with a removable face plate, '63 and '64 have a 2 piece tank (top/bottom) and a non removable face plate. Great buy!!!! I would have been all over that for that price :handgestures-thumbsup:
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    this my heard of wheel horses their is a bronco 14, c121, b80, c81, commando 6 charger 12. and some i ant sure of. been collecting for couple of years now. they sure are nice little tractors built tough.
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    Err, Wow! That's so far from stock I'm speechless. Although, it looks like a very interesting mod. Does it have traction going to the front wheels? I like the FEL. Not sure how he powers it, but would like to know. BTW, there are several D-180 pics in my album. Please feel free to review them. I believe that the others in this thread have pictures in their albums also. They should prove pretty useful. I can send you a copy of a D-180 parts breakdown if you like, but from the looks of your tractor, it might not be of much help. But at least you can get an idea of where your tractor started out from.
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    Anyone else think the guy looked a little Content and Satisfied in his mug shot?
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    Amp draw isn't an issue, because it will only be for 30 seconds at a time max. Your engine's starter draws far more than that, and just as these would- draws that from the battery. But, 30 seconds is a LONG time to raise a FEL. You may want to ask some of the loader owners here how much stroke they use on their FELs.
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    Does dual pipes qualify?
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    We are heading up sometime in the morning bringing the kids rat rod ,a c160 worker and an 855 barn find see you tomorrow i hope and a cart
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    17 hour demo tractor restored
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    17 hour demo tractor restored
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    Darren - you are a great exmple of why Red Square is as amazing as it is. Thank you for taking the time to help me!!! I see exactly what you are talking about. If you have the chance, I would love to see a pic of this piece installed on an actual deck, but this is awesome. I will buy this part and I am sure this is the reason why it is not sucking the clippings up as good as it should. Thanks again!
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    My wheel horse in the back 40. Rj58 3616 could not find any munbers on transmission. I have painted the wheels and seat Sherwin Williams antique white.
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