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    I posted earlier with month with an electrical question and SOI set me on the right path. At that time I promised I would post some pictures, so here is one of my herd in its current state. Left to right... 1988 520-H with 48" SD deck - runs great, 770 hours, everything works - including the dirty air filter sensor! 1986 312-A with 36" RD deck - runs great now that charging system works! - Thanks SOI! Just needs a new front decal. 1984 C-165 8 speed with FEL - just rebuilt the K341 - no bance gears any more!- my absolute favorite - this one is being buried with me. 1976 A-90 - 4 Speed - deck is off for welding - picked it up for my girlfriend for $50. Hey, she wants to mow the lawn! Can't say no to that. Also have Single stage 42" snow blower, Wheel Horse Dump Cart, 48" Blade, 44" RD deck, weights chains, etc.. I picked all of these up in various states of disrepair - had a lot of fun bringing them back to the way they should be. Although I used to be a Wheel Horse "wrench" in a past life and have owned Wheel Horses for years, I just found this site over the winter. This site is the best resource I have experienced for ANYTHING on the net. The people here clearly want to help. Glad to now be a member. Next project will definitely be a round hood. Need to expand my storage area first. Also, I've got to find an electric or hydo lift kit for the 312A. Oh yeah, believe it or not, that one armed FEL works great. It comes off and bolts right up to all three "real" tractors in about 45 miutes - in proccess of making an articulated reverse digger bucket for that single arm. Thanks for all the help and best regards to all, Jack
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    Don't ya just hate it when your nuts get caught between a crack and a hard spot!!...(couldn't resist it Bill) :ychain:
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    MOLES!!!, My old girlfriend had a big one on her face, after I told her to pluck the hair out of it because it tickled my nose when I would kiss her, She Left Me.. If I Only had A Brain..
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    Wonder if that would work on my supervisor at work? With all the crap that comes outta his hole, it would be nice if he didn't come back. :teasing-poke:
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    Well I finally have gotten around to learning how to post pictures - was surprised at how easy it was. I've had this tractor for about 4 years now, its a bit harder to get Wheel Horse down here in the south. My family is from NY State and I started using them about 25 years ago whenever we would go for a visit. Was able to pick this up off of Craigslist and its been a good worker. Been getting a lot of rain here on the weekends but I was finally able to get out and till this past weekend. After a few years there got to be too much WH stuff in the garage so that we couldn't get both the cars in so I had to build a shed.
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    Ok all you experts out there. I have been assaulted and completely out smarted by the lowly mole. The little ba%^ds won't go into my traps. They don't like the poison peanuts or the poison worms. Whenever I set my traps they tunnel around them. I think they are related to that gopher from Caddyshack. At night I know they are having secret meetings to talk about me. They are sitting around drinking mole cocktails and giggling their a$$es off. I have alot of woods around me so I don't Know if I can get rid of them. The cats won't touch them and I think they are paying off the dogs. There could be some Mole shaped C-4 creatures coming soon. :thumbs:
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    Hey everyone, Got another horse today. One of my dad's friends ended up dropping a c120 off at our farm when I was at a baseball game last night. It is a c120 8 speed if someone could tell me the year from the picture of the serial tag that would be great. It runs great just needs a few things fixed on it and it would be a great. Motor runs perfect on it. Came with a deck and a blower. Blower looks perfect but deck needs some work. Here are some pictures. Jake the blower serial tag deck needs work
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    picked up two snap on torque wrenches on ebay just recently. never had a dial wrench before and ive got to say i like using them. one is a late 1990s one and the other from what info i can find is mid to late 60s. both work fine and seem to be as accurate as anything else i have. both of them are within a inch pound of each other as well. the newer one was tested last week and seemed accurate according to the weight and length i used. the older one i got in the mail today. not sure if i will clean it up nice or leave as is. easy to dismantle to clean the body up, just not sure if i want to go to the trouble. i polished the dial lens so i could read it a little better. heres a few pics of the old one, the chrome plated top is scratched pretty bad, but overall its in reasonable condition, and if i get the urge to do the cast aluminum body i can throw it in the vibe at work to get it nice and shiny.... anybody use these wrenches? opinions on dial vs click type? ,
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    I found it's bigger brother prototype...
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    I gotta say something here(no kidding?) I have a C-165/8spd and a 520h. If I had my way, my 165 would have hydraulics AND the 8 spd. The 520 is an awesome machine (don't get me wrong). But, the hydro drive is good for mowing. Even with Matt860's conversion to pedal control, I don't think it would be good for garden work. I like plowing with the 520 cuz it has tons of power. But, it sucks holding the hand lever and then watching the plow or having to cheat it cuz of slippage. If it were a standard tranny And hydraulic I could put her in gear and go. And then pay attention to the implements. I do want to rig up a separate hydraulic pump that will drive off the PTO and make some sort of lift system that would work. By the way, mowing with the 520 absolutely rules. I can really go with it and never run short of power. And, oh yeah. The 520 is a pig, PERIOD. It uses twice the fuel the 165 does and its only 4 hp more. But, you know what they say. There is no substitute for cubic inches. If you want the big horses, you gotta feed them. :greetings-clappingyellow:
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    David Ralph, Lane Ralph and Don Redding are all attending this event. My brother and I are taking two wheel horse tractors and my uncle Don Redding is taking a very special -custom 317 John Deere. I just finished working up a poster for the exhibit, I will be taking my Lane Ranger Red Square Member banner, my Wheel Horse Flags, my Wheel Horse Banner and checkered canopy for those that may want to look us up at the extravaganza. I think we will be taking two RJ's for easy transport . The extravaganza is free to exhibitors. Our understanding is they are expecting between 600 and 800 lawn tractors for this show. Saturday and Sunday highlights are filled with a parade of lawn tractors! Here is the link to the SIAM Club website: http://siamclub.hypermart.net/
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    Ok, here is the step daughter on here first pull. She pulled 77 1/2 inches in the 900lb class.My Son pulled in the 800lb class 66 inches.we got rained out before we could put on the lug tires, oh well till next time.....
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    That reminds me of the move Uncle Buck
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