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    I picked this up about a week ago. I purchased it knowing the transmission had a problem. Upon taking the tranny apart this is what I found. Last night I bought a parts tranny from Fireman for next to nothing. Thanks Jeff! I picked up some new bearings and seals today and I made my own gaskets. Well, here she is, tranny works perfect and the K90 runs mint. Here is a video and pic of the bad gear.
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    It's like plumbers talking about pipe or tube....I do agree with the engine and motor annology. Good luck getting that grain to the elevator in a pickup:) I'd try a gravity wagon.
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    I use ortho on the lawn and use the hose applicator for concentrate with dial adjust. It works well. In a drought or very dry situation the weeds won't absorb it as well because they are going somewhat dormant. They slow their metabolism down like a bear hibernating. That is why they stay green when your grass isn't. If it doesn't work, wait for rain and treat a day after. They kind of wake up to grab what they can. Beat em at their own game.... It works.
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    I would guess that it was probably a C-120 to start like others have said. Nice looking machine you have by the way. Welcome to RedSquare....you definitely found the right place to be. Oh by the way.....I grew up in Waterford. Clarkston is a beautiful area. Enjoy the new tractor.....who knows that tractor may have been sold new from my dad. If it has any dealer tags on it, let me know.
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    Thank you everybody for the advice on what to look for. I will take all this in considertion using the trusted divide and conquor method. An update for tonight is right before dark I drove it around for about 20 minutes on differing terrain. What stood out is the rougher the terrrrain, the worse the problem is. The bogging got progressively worse as I went from driving on asphalt to dirt road to a driving it across a field. I can see where any one of a combination of two or more of your suggestions are causing this. Probably the next thing I will check is the points and checking the key switch for loose wireing. Actually this is very challenging, and I'm kind of enjoying how its testing my troubleshooting ability. GWGDOG thank you for your suggestion regarding the plugged muffler, but that may be the last thing I check as I don't see where this would apply to my situation given what I noticed today. I will be so happy to get this tractor finished mechanically, and working with a dozer blade on the front. OK just for fun; One of my co-workers came in my office today and announced her WheelHorse 312-8 has a mower deck with some bad cracks in it. She is thinking the mowing deck is too far gone to repair. She knows I am crazy bout WheelHorses, and so I told her if her husband would be willing to sell it, I would like to be the next owner. Overall it has been well taken care of. And....... I have a nice 48 inch side discharge deck sitting under the shed that will mount right up to it. I literally could roll it off the trailer here at my house and be cutting grass in 30 minutes :)
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    I'm a fan of Synthetic oil, I change the filter each year and top the oil off, after a few years I will drain it, I found in the cold winter temps my hydros don't labor when starting, the oil flows like it should, not like syrup, and I can buy 5qts of Mobil ! at Wal mart for $26, good reg oil is $3.50-4 a qt so it's not that much more. But with that being said, a oil change and new correct filter is best. no matter what brand or type you use, but I can't say use ATF over motor oil, I use what it calls for, just my brand and type.
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    Glad to see this puller is still around, looked it over the other year at Columbus. It's one sharp tractor!
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    Best time to spray weeds is going to be when plants are dry. Spraying wet weeds dilutes your spray and makes it less effective. Here in MI it's still a little cool and takes longer for the weeds to die. So for best result hot dry weather. My two cents Jeremy
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