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    Just thought i would show you what i was doing most of the winter. Fabbed it up for the local corn maze to pull the kids around.
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    Brought this one home on Saturday, a friend gave it to me because he didn't have time to mess with it. He found it in some guy's barn, he got it for free too. It hasn't run in 5 or 10 years. The hood's a little beat up, tires have good tread but one side needs a new tube. Very dryrotted. My friend rebuilt the carb, but never put it back on. The reason the original owner parked it was the radiator leaked. The worst part of the day was jacknifing that little trailer into my '00 GMC that I've only had for 2 1/2 months... oops?
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    I never in my life seen Semi- trailers flung in the air like that. You would think they were toys. We are fine here but spent some time in the bathroom with a flock of dogs. Just a miracle, it seems there were very few injuries. Thanks for all your concern. Jim @ Dee
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    i use 30 wt non detergent in tractors dont have oil filters and detergent in with the ones that have filters i use about any 30 wt i can get because there all the same u just pay for the flashy labeling on the bottle and all the advertising u see in the papers and tv thanks
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    Well, I've done it now. Bought a greenie today at auction. Photos from the auctioneer's site... It's a 1989 John Deere 332 diesel with JD weights, three point, and rear PTO. The clock only shows 778 hours. And as a bonus, it has some kind of funky radio screwed to the hood. I like diesels and wanted to land a 330/332 for a while. This wasn't cheap, but was less than half of what I expected to pay for one of these. A few horses are going to have to go! Steve
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    don i took photos of the belt guard, but my computer won't import them right now, i said i put in a louvered pannel but what i put in has 56 1/2 in square holes 8 across 7 high starting right behind the pto where the guard is single thickness. it looks factory, 100% mig welded , & metal finished ,primed & painted. i have enough of this metal to do at least 30 belt guards. i have a 516, & 2 520 s that are curently not running & i am going to put the pannel in these guards,and if there is interest i will sell them on an exchange basic to help out members who dont have my fabrication skills. let me know if any one is interested, Jay
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    Installing one of Doc's kits here.
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    Glad you were not hurt. I'm also glad the tractor didn't sustain any major damage. I know loading a tractor even a small one like a Wheel Horse can have its challenges. I always try to back up the ramps, and drive forward down the ramps. Backing up the ramps will prevent flipping over backwards. It keeps the center of gravity in the right place.
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    Sounds like it will be a very Beastly looking Horse! Sorry I can't help with your question, but I'm sure someone who can will chime in shortly. Matt :flags-texas:
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