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    Have known about Red Square for a long time. Even visited here a few times and read some posts. Probably recognize a few of you from mytractorforum. You can probably tell what tractor I have by my handle. Just bought a 1995 520 H. Don't even have her home yet. I'll get some pics up soon. Joe
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    I have made a home made exhaust ready for my c141 when its done, i dont want to burn off the new paint on the newly sprayed hood. . its made from a diposable argon gas bottle and some steel pipe i had laying about and a lot of welding and grinding. i have tried it on my c121 for the sound and its about the same as the original exhaust.
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    To all Red Square members, My wife and I can not thank you enough for your support, Help and tremendous patience with us over the past four years. We have decided that the best way to say thank you was to offer all RS members a 15% discount on all online orders placed through our website store for this entire year. Just make sure you enter the code word ( RED ) in the promotion code box when you sign in or register during the checkout process and your order will be reduced by 15% Email or PM me with any questions if you have problems checking out. thank you all again for your continued support
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    Hi Guys Me and my brother has just started and create frame to a snow plow as it is impossible to get one like that here in Norway so I post some pictures here .. More pictures etc. coming soon .. :thumbs2:
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    WoW! Hello everybody!! Real nice welcome! Craig, story behind the commando is......I pulled into a......uh.........J.D. dealership (am I aloud to say that name here?) and it was sitting outside next to the building. It really was loveat first sight, seriously. I thought it was the best looking little tractor I'd ever seen. And, it looked like it could be used as a minesweeper it was built so heavy. I went in, talked with the salesman. Yes, it had just been traded in. Yes it was for sale. I made the deal on the spot and took her home. That was over ten yrs. ago and other than change the oil and air cleaner she's just the way I bought her. I just did get arouhnd to changing belts this past summer. Best running piece of equipmet I own. Joe
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    Hi hydro, yes i did a bit, i got some stub axels and turned them down on the lathe then bored them out to slide over the original ones which i had shortend, then drilled two holes in each one and knocked in two roll pins to hold them in place, then some weld to hold them in, then finally welded the two together...
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    After many attempts, and alot of cutting and welding i think i have got it to look alot better, and this is how it will stay.......
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    Here is my sons 74 B-100 auto we redid a few years ago, it has the wrong engine in it (8hp), but I think this winter we are going to rebuild the orig. 10hp With his first thropy
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    Thanks for the comment's guys.. it's funny to create it hope it will work too some uppdates on the parts..
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