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    TT has a post describing it somewhere....search snowblower chain....aw heck...I'll just post his diagram. TT gets the credit for this......
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    6 layers milling around the yard. (my harem as the wife calls them) and in the spring we get 50 to 75 broilers, depending on how many we have contracted to potential buyers. And this year maybe, some turkeys again. Some of you may recall, my last foray into turkeys yielded 2 23# wild turkeys and 2 domestic turkeys 1@ 36# dressed and 1@ 48# dressed. Needless to say, we had alot of #@!$%# turkey to eat . Pat
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    Opening the hood is easy.. or will be.. Just flip the lid on the battery box, disconnect the quick release battery leads (ok they only turned up in the post yesterday and have not been fitted yet), then quickly unwind a couple of "finger friendly" bolts and the whole box will lift off.. easy eh I'm curious about the quick release battery leads and the finger-friendly bolts -- more photos when you get a chance? :thanks:
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    Out of all my tractors the Economy is my favorite when it comes to a worker. It is not near as smooth as the horses however the pull and push power is really a cut above the horses I keep thinking about doing a restoration on it but then again I like it better the way it is- a worker!
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