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270H 72106 Electrical issue

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My 1999 270H with 48” deck is having an issue getting power to PTO.   Checked PTO with jumper to battery and it worked fine and I’ve actually been cutting grass using the jumper for awhile.  I checked power from PTO switch to PTO and there is none.  I checked PTO switch and it appeared OK but I replaced it anyway and still no power to PTO.   Then checked brown/tan wire leading to switch and there is none.   Could the issue be the NMIR module and is there a good way to check it.  If bad, where is the best place to get a replacement and do other brands/models have NMIR a modules I can use.    Also, would suppling battery power directly to PTO switch and bypassing NMIR result in switch working.

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I would go back to the wiring diagrams you can download and follow the pto ones to see what is working and what is not.


Since you had the transmission out one of the switches associated with it may be the problem.

Yes there is way to check the NMIR already provided earlier.

Isolate the problem before you waste hundreds on parts you don't need.

To find the earlier posts click on your decvt79

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